Charlotte's First Tease

by Heavensforbidden

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Storycodes: M/f; bondage; cons; X

Charlotte’s First Tease
by Heavensforbidden
Charlotte’s first tease. By Heavensforbidden.
This is my first attempt at writing a story gromet, hope you like it.(most of it is true)

“It depends on what you’re looking for” he said matter of fact. Robert was talking to his new girlfriend about the internet and what sites there were to be found if you looked in the right places. He and Charlotte had been seeing each other for about a week and had made love about 3 times since their first date. If Robert was to categorise their relationship he’d say they were at the ‘discovery’ stage. Still finding out about what each other liked in bed.

“You mean like porn sites. I’ve seen a few. Mostly they ask for you’re credit card before you get to the juicy stuff” replied Charlotte. She decided to tell a small secret. “The best ones I’ve found are the mail order ones. They’ll even send you out a free catalogue if you send them your address. I have about 3 from different sites”

“You’ve received the books from the net? That’s braver than I thought you were” Charlotte was deeper than he thought. 

They were in Robert’s house and were half way down a 2nd bottle of wine. This was turning out better than he thought. The wine must be going to Charlotte’s head if she’s confessing things like this. He decided to probe a little deeper. “What sites did you order the books from?”

Charlotte took a sip from her glass and a deep breath before continuing.”Ann Summers, Westward bound, and a couple of others whose names escape me at the minute”. She set her glass down, and sat back on the couch awaiting Roberts’s response. 

Robert wasn’t quite as shocked as she thought he would be.”Westward Bound, you didn’t warn me that you were into S&M, or that sort of thing”

“Just because I ordered a brochure doesn’t mean I’m into it. I just thought it would be interesting to have a look, since the brochure was free”

During the conversation Robert had moved closer to Charlotte on the couch, and was absently playing with her hair. She responded by moving closer to him, and was stroking his knee with one hand, and toying with her glass with the other. It may have been the wine, or the intimate nature of the conversation, but they were getting closer to one another and Robert was definitely becoming aroused. He leaned forward and lightly brushed his lips against Charlottes, moving away, allowing only the lightest contact of their lips, denying Charlotte the full on kiss she was expecting. It was a game he had played with her before, and she loved it. “I think it would be interesting to find out just how interested you were.” He said it as a whisper. His lips never leaving hers, but never giving her the chance to make full contact with his lips. 

Her eyes were closed and she was swaying forwards and sometimes sideways, losing herself slightly in her own world. His soft deep voice was almost hypnotic, and she was consciously going under, waiting for his next words like they were a drug, a fix she desperately needed.
“You’re such a tease Robert; you can turn me on just with the slightest touch, and the things that you say. It would be interesting to see what you have in mind”

“I think it would be interesting to blindfold you, tie you up and tease you till you begged me to bring you off.” There. He said it. A bit of an eye opener but lets see what reaction we get to that little bombshell.

Charlotte sat back and looked Robert straight in the eyes. Was it his imagination or was she trembling? She bit her lower lip and thought for a few seconds, which to Robert seemed like an hour. ”I suppose you have something to tie me up with in the house do you?”
“Yes I do.” He replied.

Again she thought for a moment. She must be mad, but she was actually thinking about letting someone she barely knew have complete control over her body. This was exciting her and she knew it. She felt herself trembling at the thought and was desperately trying to hide it. “Lets go upstairs” was all she could think of to say, and with that she grabbed Robert’s hand and led him up the stairs to his own bedroom. Once in the bedroom they kissed, and Charlotte fell back onto the bed, with Robert crawling on top of her, the kiss still continuing, and they’re hands reaching for each others clothing.

After a few moments of fumbling Robert took off his own shirt and threw it on the floor, allowing Charlotte a full view of his tanned chest and firm stomach. He was 28, had short brown hair and was quite tall and muscular, the results of hours spent in the gym each week. Charlotte was wearing a tight black dress which was not so easily removed. She moved herself to a sitting position at the edge of the bed, and raised the dress over her head; it too found its way to the floor with Roberts’s shirt. Her back to him, all he could see was the outline of the back of her thong, her back, and the soft shoulder length brown locks of her thick hair. Her hands were in her lap and she turned slightly to look at him from behind. She was coincidently, exactly where he wanted her to be, about a foot away from the bedside drawers where he kept his homemade bondage rope, as he called it. 

He moved closer and sat behind her, his legs one either side of hers. He kissed her neck and caressed her shoulders; it was like a reassurance to her that everything would be alright. “Close your eyes” he said. Again it was a whisper, a soft command but one she obeyed without hesitation. As she did, Robert reached into the top drawer and pulled out a piece of black velvet fabric about 4inches wide and 3 feet long. He delicately wrapped it across Charlottes eyes, and tied it off at the back of her head, firmly enough to make sure it wouldn’t slip, but not as tight as to cause discomfort. After all, this was the part of bondage Robert loved the most. The excitement of the first tie, the rush of power he felt as his girlfriend initially submits to his every whim, knowing full well that in a few minutes he could do whatever he wanted to her, and she would be powerless to stop him.

“You won’t hurt me, will you?” There was a genuine amount of concern in her voice, but she smiled and moved her head in the general direction of his face. Unable to see, she couldn’t know about the smile that crept across Roberts face.

“No, I won’t. I don’t do pain. I do however, like to tease, and torment. And you are going to love it.” He moved his lips so they were touching her ear and whispered very softly “Put your hands behind your back”. As she did so he selected another black strip of fabric from the drawer, this one about 10 feet in length. He divided it in two, found the mid section and formed a loop which he placed both Charlottes wrists into and tightened it. He pulled her palms together and straightened her elbows. She was cooperating with everything, actually assisting him in his efforts to tie her up. She was loving it already, he knew. Her breathing was getting heavier; she was losing herself in another world. He’d seen it before, but never as fast. He continued to wrap the homemade rope around her wrists 4 times, then in a figure of eight around for another two turns. Then using the two ends he split and cinched the rope around her wrists in opposing directions, drawing the ropes tighter, finishing with a knot away from her fingers, and leaving about 2 feet spare for later. Her hands were well and truly tied together behind her back, but that was just the start. Charlotte was probably thinking that she was tied up now, and she was just going to get the fuck of her life, but Robert had other plans. Plans which Charlotte would find out about as they went along.

Robert selected another piece of fabric from the drawer, 10 feet long like before, and after finding the mid section he wrapped it around Charlottes upper arms, just above the elbows, drawing them together slightly, and keeping her elbows straight. After 6 turns he ran out of rope and knotted it. He now needed another piece to prevent the elbow tie from falling. He leaned forward and brought out another 10 foot piece, found the middle and looped it around the elbow tie, drawing it in and effectively knotting the elbow tie that bit tighter. Charlotte’s chest was sticking out further as a result, and he took the opportunity to caress her firm breasts and play with her nipples with his free hand. The result was that Charlotte twitched like she had received an electric shock. She was so responsive! Teasing her was going to be an event to be remembered, and she didn’t know what was coming!

He got back to his rope work. He pulled the two free ends up and over her shoulders, pulling the elbow tie upwards, and making it impossible for it to slip down. The ends then went down across her shoulders and around her back, then round to the front of her chest, crossing over the top of her breasts and back around, crossing at the back and the front again, this time below her breasts and finally meeting around her back, where it was knotted securely. She would notice, and feel this rope with every breath. Her arms were now well and truly tied, her elbows pulled together, and her breasts sticking out demanding attention. Her nipples were pointing out like bullets. Her breathing becoming heavier and heavier. He stepped out from behind her and took a good look at his work. She was beautiful. She looked so vulnerable and helpless, just waiting for his every touch, craving contact from his hands, yet silently waiting. No protest or a sound was uttered from her lips. She was nearly ready. Not quite as tied up as he wanted, but it was time for a little fun. 

He knelt down in front of her, put his hands on her thighs and started to lick her nipples. The right one first. Long slow strokes of it with his tongue. Her head went back and she began to moan. She shifted from side to side where she was sat on the bed and thrust her chest at him for him to do it harder. At that point he stopped and went down to the front of her thong. Biting at her pussy through the soaked fabric and nibbling at her, but not removing the thong at all. It would be maddening for her, and she knew it. Had she the use of her arms she would no doubt be ripping them off and shoving his face right into her pussy, but there was no way. Her arms were useless to her, and as she tried to move her hips forward for a better position he pulled his head away, instead opting to put his finger in her mouth, which she sucked on hungrily, as if to say ” put your cock in here and this is what I’ll do to it”. But that wasn’t in the plan.

He moved his hands over to her shoulders and guided her to the middle of the bed, laying her down gently on her chest with her face turned to one side. He kissed her full on the lips, and her tongue found his. Again, he pulled away and looked at the frustrated expression on her face. She sighed and flexed her fingers, testing the ropes but finding them just as tight as before. The thought did occur to her that he had tied her in such a way that, even if she tried to get loose she wouldn’t be able to. Escape was now impossible even if she wanted to. But strangely, escape wasn’t her top priority at the minute. He was teasing her at every opportunity, and she was becoming increasingly frustrated. Every time she thought he was building her up for an orgasm he would stop, making her almost forget she was tied up and at his mercy until he pulled away, and then she would remember she was powerless to do anything about it herself. That fact that she couldn’t see what he would do next was particularly frustrating, leaving her to her own imagination and fantasy of what she wanted him to do next, and adding to the build up. 

Now she was in the middle of the bed she was expecting him to enter her from behind, and fuck her to an earth shattering orgasm. No such luck. Robert hadn’t finished tying her up yet. He had two ropes left, each 10 feet in length. He divided the first one in half, found the mid point and looped it around her ankle. He then brought her ankle up towards her bottom and tied her ankle to her thigh, wrapping the rope around several times and cinching it together, knotting it to one side. With the other rope, he repeated the process with the other leg, effectively hogtying Charlotte, but with her legs apart. This would make it very difficult for Charlotte to move her hips, and made escape impossible. Indeed any movement other than the odd wiggle was now very difficult for Charlotte, and the confused look on her face meant that she didn’t know why Robert had tied her legs this way. Wasn’t she already tied up enough? Was this now going a bit over the top? Was there more to come?

She sensed that Robert had left the room. Or had she heard his footsteps? Either way she knew she was on her own. She tried to move her arms and flexed her thighs. She was going nowhere. Just then she heard footsteps in the room, and felt Robert get on the bed next to her. There was a new smell in the room, familiar, but, what was it?

It was baby oil. Roberts’s hands were covered in it, and he slid her thong down her legs as far as the ropes would allow, and started to stroke her pussy with his oil covered fingers. Slowly at first, then faster, then deeper. She was going to cum. She was going to explode. The slow teases, the slow soft touches and the build up of tension with the application of each rope was finally coming to an unbelievable climax. She was going to cum and she was going to tell him about it. Now she understood about the ankle ropes, it made it extremely difficult for her to move her hips; she had no control over the speed or pressure of Roberts fingers at all. She screamed at him “faster, harder, don’t stop whatever you do!!”. But it was the wrong thing to say, because that’s exactly what he did do. He stopped. Completely, withdrew his hand and watched as Charlotte growled and buried her face into the bed sheets. “Fucking hell I was almost there!” she shouted, and at that point she made a valiant attempt at escape and struggled like hell against her bonds, but it was useless. 

When she stopped struggling and her breathing had calmed down Robert started stroking her again. Long soft strokes on the outer lips of her pussy with his fingers. Her hips were grinding onto his hand and the bed at the same time, her fingers were stretching out and her breathing was faster. He was lying next to her and he could see the tension all over her body. This time he would let her come, and watch as her whole body fights against the ropes her put her in. She was going to come because he wanted her to. Because he was making her, and she was in his power. His fingers pressed deeper, and harder against her clit, her pussy was swollen to his touch, it wouldn’t be long now. Charlotte threw her head back and screamed. The vein on her neck looked like it was going to burst, Charlottes explosive orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, and she felt like the ropes were the only thing holding her together. Wave after wave hit her, she did fight against the ropes, but they held her in place, immobile apart from her head and mouth. Robert didn’t stop; he kept on riding her pussy with his fingers until he thought she’d had enough. How many times did she come in those precious moments? 3times, 4? He would ask her later. 

He rested his hand on her thigh and gave her a moment to come down. When her breathing returned to normal he took off her blindfold. She looked at him with glazed eyes and smiled. “You fucking bastard” she said “When you untie me I won’t know whether to thank you, or kill you. That was the most frustrating, yet the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had”

“I’m Not finished with you yet” he said, and he mounted her from behind. His erect penis effortlessly gliding into her soaked pussy, lubricated by the baby oil and her own juices. The bondage experience had turned him on so much that it wasn’t long before he was ready to come himself, he felt his balls tighten, and as he ejaculated into her, she had one more orgasm to add to her session, not even realising she was so close again.

After he recovered, he untied her, and they both lay there, tired and spent. Later they would talk about the experience, Charlotte’s first real tie up fuck as she called it, and next time, she wanted to be gagged too.