Charlene's Introduction to Slavery

by Darkblood

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Storycodes: M/f; mind-control; bond; armbinder; collar; gag; vibe; dildo; electro; nc; X

I had known Charlene since we were teenagers. Even after 15 years she was still looking good. Years in her youth as a gymnast had toned her body to a perfect shape, from her legs, to her tight behind. Although she was small on the chest size, this did not diminish her sexiness. Piercing green eyes and naturally pouty lips helped in this regard.

We’ve know each other so long that we would talk about anything, but it was always the talk about sex that stuck with me the most. At first I always thought she would be on the vanilla side of sex. By no means a prude, she never struck me as the kinky kind. But as we got older and closer as friends, I learned about her more unconventional interest.

I was always honest about my interest in bondage and BDSM in general, so much that I let her know about the meetings in the community that happened sometimes. This is when she asked if she could tag along sometime. Back then it had surprised me, so much so that nothing really came of it. I always regretted it, what could have been.

Since then of course we talked more deeply about our preferences, how she had bought disguises, and handcuffs and rope to play with her then boyfriend.

She never said it out loud but part of me knew she was curious about that world and about me, but she always hid behind the excuse that we could never do anything as we were such close friends. I never pushed further but kept asking questions to find out as much as I could about her sexual preferences.

One day, she texted me to tell me that she had lost her job and found her boyfriend was cheating on her. She asked me if she could stay with me until she got back on her feet. I had been lucky a few years back to come into some money, enough that I owned my own 2 story house with a basement. So I had room to spare. I of course accepted. And I also knew that this would be the moment where things would change.

Since I’ve gotten my lucky income increase, I’ve been studying and learning many different things, just for the fun of it, but not actually getting a diploma. I had also renovated part of my basement in order to have it more BDSM friendly. I’d added black padding to the walls and ceiling, along with eye-bolts everywhere for convenience. I’d also stocked it with different bondage equipment, from a sawhorse to a wooden saint-andrews cross. I had gags, floggers, vibrators, buttplugs, collars and cuffs.

Most of these items were back when I had a girlfriend who was into BDSM as well, but much like Charlene, I had also been cheated on and that was the end of that. But now I had a potential new pet to play with, if I played my cards right...

I started to plan immediately after having told Charlene about my spare bedroom. First I had to get the necessary items. See I had been studying about psychology and engineering, more specifically conditioning. First I had to order a special drug with a name too hard to pronounce which was often used to help aggressive patients in mental institutions and some MDMA. When mixed in the proper amount together, these drugs had not only the effect of rendering a person suggestible but also would increase their libido. I’d also bought some wireless earbuds and set about recording what would become my new slave's subliminal soundtrack.

By the time Charlene showed up at my house, I had a pretty good idea of the next steps that would be necessary. She of course was distraught, so my plans would have to wait.

That evening we talked and complained about our exes, and drank until late in the night. By the time we had finished all the alcohol, we were both ready to sleep. When she went to the spare bedroom, I pressed play on the special tape. At first she was surprised and asked what that was, I advised that the rooms had speakers so that we could play either music or relaxing sounds to better sleep, in her case it was the waves of the ocean, at least at first glance. I had of course used a program to insert the subliminal coding in the tape. I wasn’t sure how much of the effect would take place without the drugs, but it was still worth the try.

The following 2 weeks went by fast, mostly us talking and sometimes having drinks in the evenings, while during the day she would go out to try and find a job. One night, while I got up to go to the bathroom, I got intrigued by a sound coming from Charlene’s room. I approached as quietly as I could and placed my ear on her door. Whatever doubt I could have had before dissipated when I listened in. There was no doubt that she was playing with herself. The image itself brought a rush of blood to my member. I resisted the urge to barge in. I had to believe the subliminal message was having its effect.

The next day packages arrived for me; this meant the next step is ready to go. I went to my bondage room and prepared the mixture to the perfect amounts. In the next few days I would see if the conditioning would take full effect.

I made sure to limit the narcotics to only once a day, slipped in her drink or food, whatever was convenient. After the 3rd day, Charlene did something she had never done before, she opened up a conversation about sex without my prompting!

“When was the last time you had sex?”

“I’m sorry?” I replied.

“I’m just curious, you know? I haven’t had sex in what feels like the longest time...” she said looking away as if remembering something.

“Well, if I’m being honest, must be a couple of months... haven’t really been going out ya know?” I said.

She then bit her gorgeous pouty lower lip, still looking away... almost as if lost in thought.

“Maybe we could, you know...” she started and didn’t finish. But I had a good idea of where she was going with it, I just wanted to hear her say it.

“We could what?” I urged with a smirk.

She turned and looked into my eyes with those great big green eyes and said the words I had been hoping to hear for the past 3 weeks: “ We could fuck."

I stood there a moment, I knew what she was getting at but I never thought she would have said it so bluntly and directly... not that I minded.

It would seem I had taken too long to reply as she decided to get closer and kiss me passionately. I immediately returned the kiss back. Her left hand started to explore my body, from my shoulder, over my pectoral muscle, down my abs and finally to settle on my penis, over the pants. She started moving her hand up and down, as if to make sure I was fully erect. Little did she know I already was as she was wearing a pair of white short shorts that accentuated her ass and legs. Over her breasts she was wearing a camisole without a bra.

She stopped for a second from stroking me to undo my pants button and zipper. She went straight into my boxers, grabbed my dick with conviction and started to stroke it.

“I want you inside me, I am sooo wet for you" she whispered in my ear in her most sultry voice.

At that moment I had to resist fucking her then and there, instead I took her hand out of my boxer, kissed her deeply and told her: ”Wanna try something?"

She hesitated only for a second before nodding her head. I stood up and went to the basement, into my bondage room. From there I grabbed a leather collar, an arm sleeve, a red ball gag, some locks, a leash and a vibrator. The vibrator was 7 inch long and 1 1⁄2 inch thick, with a remote control and fresh batteries.

When I went up the stairs I was feeling a bit of trepidation. This would be the test, if the subliminal messages hadn’t done the trick, this might make her run away. I knew she had already been tied up by previous lovers, but to the level I was planning, I don’t think so.

I put everything down on the living room sofa. She looked at all the equipment and locks with awe. I also noticed that she had started to rub her thighs together. Success! She was turned on by the sight of the bondage items!

“Do you want to try it? I know you once told me that it interested you, but we never talked about it more" I said.

“Fuck yes!” she said loudly and with a big grin on her face.

Good, I thought. Once I have her all trussed up, the next step will be easy.

I asked her to turn around and to hold her hands behind her back. With still the same devilish grin, she complied. I slide the armbands over her arms, criss crossed the top leather straps around her chest, making sure to frame her breast, but doing my best not to touch or brush them. She kept trying to move her chest towards me but I dodged away and moved behind her. I tightened the leather straps over the sack, over her elbows and wrist. Tight enough that she could not move much, but not enough to block her circulation and hurt her.

She started to fake struggle, testing her bonds. She bit her lip again, still smiling and closed her eyes and let out a slight moan.

She truly was enjoying her predicament. I meant to keep it up. Next I lifted her hair and placed the collar around her neck. This collar had black leather on the outside and soft red leather on the inside. The collar was about 2 inches wide and had an opening on the buckle that would let a lock through to lock it in place, which I did. It had a D ring on the front of shiny silver. I could see goosebumps forming on my little slave's skin. Judging from her slight smile and closed eyes, this was a shiver of excitement.

Still holding her hair up, I moved the ball gag in front of her mouth, without any prompting she opened up her mouth and took the red ball in. I quickly buckled it behind her head, tight enough that she couldn’t spit it out, but not enough to hurt the side of her mouth and cheeks. This buckle also had a locking option and I made sure to lock it slowly so I could see her excitement build.

I noticed then that she was still rubbing her thighs together. I knew I wasn’t going to get any resistance from her, she was clearly in bliss. I clipped the leash to the D ring in front of her collar. For my personal satisfaction, I had her follow me by pulling on her leash. She followed easily, willingly even. Making sure to sway her hips to be as sexy as possible while losing control by the second.

“Isn't it fun to be my little sexy slave?” I asked with a mischievous grin.

“Mmmmmm" was all that could be understood from behind her red ball gag.

I walked her back to the sofa, where the last item was waiting. She saw me grab it and I could see her beautiful green eyes light up, she even started moving her pelvis slightly forward.

Instead, to add a bit of degradation, I turned her around,had her bend over. I removed her short shorts and little black thong. I made her spread her legs from her bent over and vulnerable position. I could see her sex glistening with her pussy juice.

“Incredible" I thought, this worked better than I could have dreamed!

The vibrator clearly didn’t need any lubrication, so I slowly started to penetrate her with it. With every inch she produced a long and hungry moan. My erection at this point was almost painful. I wanted to fuck this girl so bad by this point, but I had to stay focused if my plan was to fully work.

Since I had always found her super sexy in those white short shorts, I had her move her legs back together and I put them back on. When I closed the zipper and button, she groaned as her shorts pushed the vibrator deeper inside her. She turned her head to look at me and her eyes were full of lust.

“Plmmmf fmmmk mmm" came from behind the gag.

“I’m sorry, I can’t understand you" I teased. I knew what she wanted, but I wasn’t done quite yet.

I stood her back up by her leash, close enough so our faces were inches apart. She was a 5 foot 8 tall woman, so since she was barefoot, my eyes were just a bit higher than hers. With her leash on my hand, it really gave a master /slave feel. I clicked the vibrator remote to low pulsation. She moaned into her gag and made pleading eyes as she started to rub her thighs again, clearly trying to get more stimulation. At this point I was bringing her closer and closer to climax, but made sure to deny her that release. This was both for fun and as part of my plan.

Her moaning intensified as she couldn’t find release. I had her walk around the living room by the leash, knowing this would move the vibrator inside of her. This had the desired effect of intensifying her lust. From behind her gag Charlene kept trying to talk, but it all came out as moans and grunt. But it didn’t take a genius to figure out that she was literally begging for me to make her cum.

I had her hooked now. Time for the final part.

“it’s hard to make out with that sexy gag in your mouth, but are you asking me to make you cum?” I teased.

“Mmm hmmm" she moaned behind her gag, emphatically nodding her head.

“Then let me strike you a deal" I said ominously while slightly increasing the dildo’s vibrations.

She moaned again, closed her eyes and nodded again.

“OK, then follow me my little slave" I mentioned as I pulled her by the leash towards the basement. By the time we had reached the bottom, she was panting like a bitch in heat and she knew she looked like that.

I stopped her right at the door to my makeshift ‘dungeon’.

“I’m guessing you must have been wondering what I’ve kept hidden behind this door?”

Her great big green eyes looked at it curiously and she nodded.

“This is where we will strike our deal, where you will decide the next steps in our fun adventure“ I said while winking.

I opened the door and pulled her by her leash inside. I brought her to a stop in the middle of the room, where I had her kneel and locked her leash to an eyebolt on the floor. I then went and closed the door.

Her eyes were opened wide with amazement at all the paraphernalia I had accumulated in the room. I imagined some of them might have looked daunting, even scary, but we’d get there when we get there.

I came and placed myself in front of her, placing her head at my crotch level. I looked at her intently, committing all details to memory. In this position, she had no choice but to look up at me in a very submissive position. Her eyes were still pleading, even in this change of circumstances and clear loss of control, she still wanted, no, needed to cum.

“So as you noticed, I am still very much into the BDSM scene. However since my ex I’ve never found someone who shared my love for bondage and submission. Until now that is. You see I have been looking for a willing sex slave, someone who enjoys bondage and being told what to do. To be submissive to me and to please me for the hope of a reward in the form of orgasms.“

I paused to let her take it in. At this I increased by one more level the toy in her love tunnel. I had never seen Charlene with such a lustful stare.

“So, given that you can stay here as long as you want, I give you the option to become my sex slave. If you say no, I’ll fuck you, make you cum, multiple times if possible, untie you and call it that. However if you agree, I want you in 100%, no half measures. So what do you think?” I gave her my best reassuring smile and waited.

“Hmmm mmmf mmmm" came from behind her gag, she had closed her eyes and started humping the air, trying and failing to get her so desired orgasm.

After a few moments of this, she opened her eyes looking so hot from her kneeling position, looked up at me, then straight at my crotch and started to rub her face on it, moaning louder, drool coming out from around her gag. Her shorts, since she had no underwear started to look wet in her crotch area. I instantly understood her choice. I undid the leash from the ground and pulled her to her feet.

I brought her over to the leather saw horse, bent her over it at the waist and tied the leash at the bottom, keeping her in the bent position. I removed her sexy shorts and pulled out the vibrator from her now soaking wet pussy. I then tied her ankles to different legs of the sawhorse with silk white rope. This kept her legs separate and her pussy open and available.

I couldn’t hold on much longer and I entered her in one stroke. This caused her to gasp behind her gag and to resume moaning. I kept moving in and out, in and out, raising my speed to match her hip thrusts, making sure to always fully enter her with my veiny dick. She kept moaning and groaning faster and louder, still not making a coherent sound until both of us came at the same time. I stayed all the way inside her, making sure all of my cum was inside her. I slumped on top of her, and she slumped on the saw horse, panting, sweating but with a smile behind her gag.

I grabbed the vibrator again, and as soon as I removed my dick from her hot and wet vagina, I put the vibrator in to make sure my cum did not come out. She gasped as it entered her as I had made sure to put it all the way in. I untied her ankles, and put her shorts back on. Next I undid the leash from the ground. I unlocked her gag and removed it.

“Thank you, that was hot," she said.

“Remember the choice you made slave, you are to address me as Master or sir from now on. You will obey all my commands or be punished. Follow my instructions well, and you’ll get pleasure beyond your wildest dream. Do you understand?" I said in my most authoritative voice.

She looked into my eyes, bit her lips, then looked down and said: ”Yes Master, I understand.“

“I will now untie you, but you can not touch the vibrator in you and you will keep the collar on. I want you to go to your room and get all your sex toys and costumes you have and come right back here. Understood my little slave?” I said in a menacing voice.

“Yes Master" she replied in her most subdued voice. She then left the room, almost ran out actually. It was several minutes before she came back with a bundle of clothes and a box. During this time, I had prepared her next piece of bondage.

I looked in the box first. Inside there were 2 dildos, one vibrating, 9 inch long and 1 1⁄2 inch wide, and the other just a simple purple dildo 8 inch long and 2 inch wide. There was also some rope, handcuffs (cheap ones with the easy release) and surprisingly a small jeweled butt plug. As for the clothes, most of it was pretty classic, schoolgirl outfit, sexy nurse uniform, etc. But one did catch my eye and was perfect for what I had in mind. It was a spandex catsuit with openings only for the hands and head. It also had a very interesting feature in the form of a zipper at her crotch area.

I put away the rest of the things and ordered her to get undressed and put on the catsuit. She complied, even if it was difficult to do with the vibrator inside her. She managed to put it on and even zip up the back. I then went and got her a glass of water, which I had spiked with the drug cocktail. She drank it all in one big gulp, licking her pouty lips. I then ordered her to turn around and bend over. She did it with a “yes master."

I unzipped the crotch zipper and removed the vibrator. At that moment I saw my cum ooze out of her. I used a wet wipe to clean her pussy up. I then lubed up 2 protrusions that looked made of silver and put one in her ass and another in her still sopping wet pussy. She resisted a bit for the anal invasion but pretty quickly relaxed and it went in easy. From these dildos were wires coming out of them. I zipped up the crotch opening, making sure the wires were out by the back of the suit.

Charlene at this point was panting again and moaning slightly. I guided her by the hand to a leather covered chair that had multiple straps on it. Once she sat down, I got to work. I strapped her ankles, knees, hip, chest, wrist and slightly higher than her elbows. I added bondage mittens to her outfit, locked with little locks. She was truly, verily, stuck. Without me, she had no way out. I then produced the wireless warm-ups and put it in her ears before placing a bondage hood on her head. I had to make sure to tie her hair into a ponytail and got it out of the top of the hood. The hood was black, like the spandex catsuit, it had openings for her eyes, 2 little holes for her nostrils and for her mouth.

I then explained that her training started now. At this she gave me a quizzical look. Before she could say or ask anything I inserted a penis gag into her mouth. This gag had straps that went around her head and had a hole in the center of the penis shaped gag. At this she started to struggle a bit, but I calmed her down with a little sush, telling her that all was going to be OK. At that, I added a leather blindfold over her eyes and added the last strap across my new slave's forehead, securing her head to the chair.

I then made sure to connect the wires to their respective electrical boxes. These boxes I had designed to work in tandem with the recording she was to hear. The recording was of my voice giving her the slave’s instructions. The plugs would vibrate and bring her close to orgasms at each instruction and at the end would demonstrate punishment by sending an electrical shock in both her ass and pussy.

I turned everything on, including the recording. I stayed a while watching her wriggle and moan, trying to hump her hips for more stimulation, but to no avail. I then connected a tube to the hole in her penis gag. The tube itself was attached to water that was spiked, but at half the regular dose she was receiving.

I made sure to place a camera directly on her that would transmit a feed to my cell phone. I then left the room, closing the door behind me. Muting the groaning and moaning from my new slut toy.

After all of this, it got late so I showered and went to bed, masturbating while looking at the live feed of my new slave being trained downstairs. I fell asleep dreaming of the next things I’d do tomorrow, knowing that Charlene was no more and she was now my willing sex slave.


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