by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; bond; gag; tease; chast; revenge; fantasy; cons/reluct; X

Justin opened his eyes slowly, silently staring up at his ceiling. Vaguely, his sleep-fogged mind became aware of something, causing him to wonder why he couldn’t move.

“I bet you’re wondering why you can’t move right about now.” Startled by the sudden voice, Justin glanced around, catching sight of a statuesque redhead standing beside the bed. Luminous green eyes watched him, while a cold smile played on full, sensuous lips.

“Nothing to say?” Justin’s eyes turned to the new voice, seeing a slim, raven haired Asian woman on the other side of the bed. Somehow, the fact that two women, both naked, were in his room didn’t seem as important as the fact that he really couldn’t move.

“What’s going on here? Who are you, and why can’t I move?”

The redhead sighed dramatically. “How soon they forget. I can’t believe you don’t remember me.”

“See, Cassie?” The Asian woman nodded her head. “I told you he wouldn’t remember.”

“Cassie?” Puzzled, Justin stared at the redhead. “Cassie? Cassandra?”

“You do remember,” the redhead crowed.

“But you don’t exist.”

“Of course I exist,” the redhead retorted. “You created me. The classic bitch who always gets what she deserves.”

“And,” the other woman added, “the helpless innocent, who winds up becoming an uninhibited bondage slut.”

“Mary?” Stunned, Justin tried to rise, but his body refused to move.

“Yes, Mary. We’ve got some things to discuss.” Frowning, the woman placed her hands on well curved hips. “For one thing, do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good boyfriend when you’re a bondage slut?”


Mary’s frown deepened. “What? Do you expect me to just sit around in limbo, waiting to see if you do anything else with me? I need something, and, thanks to you, prospects are dim.”

“Speak for yourself, dear,” Cassandra said. “I’ve been having the time of my life.”

“Of course you are. Sexy, scheming bitches are always in demand.”

“But you… were…..”

“I was what? Enslaved to Brad? He got tired of me months ago. Besides, after all the things you did to him, what do you expect? The burglar. The blackmail plot. Oh, and that tribe of horny Amazons. After all of that, poor Brad decided he’d had enough of women. Actually, he decided he’d had enough of sex in general, and especially bondage sex.”

Justin tried to shake his head. This couldn’t be. Cassandra, Mary, Brad, these were all characters in stories he’d written. How could the two women be here now?

“This isn’t possible,” he said slowly. “You don’t exist. You’re just characters I created in mmmmmmmph!”

“I told you this was pointless.” Glancing at Justin, who continued to try to force words past the gag that had suddenly filled his mouth, a muscular blonde moved to the foot of the bed. Beside her stood a smaller blonde.

“Damn it, Gladiatress, we were talking to him,” Cassandra complained.

“And he was saying nothing worth hearing,” the muscular blonde replied.

“I’d like to hear some things,” her companion said. “Like, why does the sidekick always have to be smaller than the hero?” She glanced toward the woman beside her. “And with smaller tits, too?”

“Poor Glenda,” Gladiatress smiled. “If I were you, I’d be wondering why I had to wind up naked and bound every time we go after a villain. I spend half my time getting you untied.”

“And the other half doing the tying,” Glenda smirked. “Off duty, of course.”

“Of course. I can’t be enjoying that sweet little body while we’re working. Not the kind of thing a heroine does, you know.”

“Back to the point,” Cassandra scolded, turning her attention toward Justin. “You created us. As long as even a single copy of our story exists, as long as someone remembers us, we exist. Our world may be fictional, but it’s real enough to us. But we’re stuck with the stereotypical crap you write into our characters. I’m always working on some scheme that backfires and leaves me a helpless slave. Gladiatress has to be the perfect hero type, meaning she can only have fun with Glenda when nobody’s looking. And poor Mary can’t even have a decent orgasm unless she’s tightly bound.”

“And what about Wendy?” Mary demanded. “Are you ever going to let her out of that sarcophagus? It’s been, what, almost two years since you wrote her in there?” Mary’s nose wrinkled. “Even in a fictional world, that’s a little bit too long to go without a bath.”

“Enough.” Justin’s eyes widened as Gladiatress leaned over the foot of the bed. Reaching down, she gently stroked his cock, slowly bringing him to full erection. Once he was suitably hard, she attached a cock ring. “Maybe this will teach you to treat us with some respect,” she said as she straightened up.

“You created us,” Mary said. “That makes you responsible for us. The problem for us is, we’re nothing more than objects to you. We’re just things you can throw some rope or chain at to make your story a little bit kinkier.”

Justin’s gag suddenly vanished. “Look,” he said slowly, “I’m sorry, alright?”

“We don’t want sorry,” Cassandra replied. “We want what we deserve. We want you to go back and write us into something a little more reasonable.”

“But how can I do that?”

“Haven’t you ever heard of sequels?” Cassandra asked sarcastically. “Let me learn from my mistakes and be……. Damn, I hate to say this. Let me be a better person, someone who isn’t always winding up a slave.”

“And let me find someone I can have normal sex with,” Mary added. “Of course, there can still be occasional bondage. I wouldn’t want to get rid of that entirely. But I would like to have normal sex now and then.”

“And,” Glenda spoke up, “how about letting me rescue her now and then. Let her be the one tied up. I’m tired of being the helpless pawn.”

“I’m tired of hiding,” Gladiatress spoke up. “Let us have our relationship openly. What’s wrong with an openly lesbian superhero pair?”

“And get Wendy out of that thing,” Mary added. “Hasn’t she been in there long enough? Oh, and find a nice girl for Brad, someone he can have sex with who doesn’t want to tie and torture him all the time.”

“I will,” Justin vowed. “I promise.”

“See that you do,” Cassandra warned. “Otherwise, we’ll be back. And we may bring Brad with us. He did say he might be interested in trying anal sex.” At this, Justin’s eyes widened.

“I swear!”

“We’ll hold you to that.” Suddenly, the women vanished, and Justin found himself staring at the ceiling. Slowly, almost surprised to find he could move, he brushed one hand over his eyes.

“Damn, that was the strangest dream I ever had.” Justin stretched, one hand drifting slowly down his body. Suddenly, he froze.

“Sequels,” he said softly. “Gotta write some sequels.” Gingerly, his fingers explored the cold metal encircling the base of his cock. “Maybe then they’ll come back and remove this.”

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