Chanelle's Christmas Surprise

by i_am_noone

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© Copyright 2020 - i_am_noone - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; gag; chain; chastity; electro; enslave; mast; cage; torture; urine; cons; XXX

Author’s Notes: Dedicated to my beautiful Mistress Chanelle. W/we have played some of these games but not to the extent here, which contains some wish fulfilment. Just remember the old saying - be careful what you wish for, you might get it! There are some hackneyed plot devices but where would porn be without cliché :) It contains references to Mistress Scarlet’s blog (, which I heartily recommend reading.

This is my first attempt at writing (of any kind) since school. Constructive criticism and comments are welcomed but don’t just say “This is crap” without saying what’s wrong and how you think my writing can be improved.

Author’s Notes: Dedicated to my beautiful Mistress Chanelle. W/we have played some of these games but not to the extent here, which contains some wish fulfilment. Just remember the old saying - be careful what you wish for, you might get it! There are some hackneyed plot devices but where would porn be without cliché :) It contains references to Mistress Scarlet’s blog (, which I heartily recommend reading.

This is my first attempt at writing (of any kind) since school. Constructive criticism and comments are welcomed but don’t just say “This is crap” without saying what’s wrong and how you think my writing can be improved.

I could hardly keep the huge smile off my face as I unlocked the front door – I was going to spend Christmas with my Mistress!

Her card arrived in the post on the 15th. It was by no means a traditional Christmas card: no snow scenes, no pictures of robins or Santa but instead a picture of a stiletto-heeled boot pressing a slave’s head into a bowl of pale yellowish liquid. Instead of “Merry Christmas” the inscription read “If you’re very lucky this could be you.”

Mistress had included a note and a key with the card – 

“You are going to spend Christmas at my house as I have a surprise for you. If you’ve already made plans, cancel them! you will arrive at 07:15 Christmas morning, letting yourself in with this key. DO NOT wake me or you will suffer.

“Make sure you clean yourself thoroughly beforehand – both inside and out. Bring a bag with whatever you think you will need for a two night stay. You may NOT have anything to eat! Drink only a little water.

“Bring me my breakfast at exactly 08:00 – tea, orange juice, toast and two 4 ½ minute soft-boiled eggs.

“There will be a box in the hall with a note on top; follow the instructions to the letter.”

I had been so excited that I had hardly slept since Her card arrived; wondering what was in store for me.

I had been visiting Chanelle (or Mistress Chanelle as I had to call Her) for a few years now. She was a professional lady in Her mid forties whom I had contacted via an adult contact site. She was taller than me at 5ft 10in, with a lovely face, blonde hair that she usually wore shoulder length, legs that went on forever and an arse that I never got tired of worshipping (which was just as well since She frequently smothered me with it). She wasn’t a full-time Dominatrix but also had clients with more mainstream tastes. For myself I was in my late fifties and although I had known since my teens that I was submissive to women, I had married a woman who thought that doggie style was the depth of depravity, on those rare occasions when she was interested in sex at all. I was 5ft 7in tall, overweight, and an erect penis length of just under 6in. My one saving grace was an above average I.Q. of over 150.

Initially I could visit her only rarely, but following divorce and a substantial lottery win, not enough to put me in the Sunday Times Rich List but sufficient that with careful planning I wouldn’t have to work again, I could visit more frequently.

Within the parameters of a Dominatrix/client relationship we “clicked” and became friends, although this did not stop Her from treating me with increasing severity, which She said She genuinely enjoyed. Over the past year or so our “relationship” had evolved into something approaching a lifestyle arrangement. I still had to pay for Her time - as is only right; but instead of visiting Her when I wanted, it was She who decided when and for how long I would be permitted to report to Her. She got the inspiration from reading Mistress Scarlet’s blog and journals; She particularly relished the articles about Mistress Scarlet’s visits to Governess Malice’s “Institute” and decided that in future She would follow a similar regime with me. After starting this arrangement She decided that I would no longer be permitted a safe word. Early in O/our “relationship,” on more than one occasion in the throes of lust I had said that it was a fantasy of mine to be an owned, no-limit slave with no rights and no possible way out of my situation. Her ominous reply was that She would think about how to make that happen.

For the past three months Mistress had kept me in chastity, releasing me rarely and then only after I had suffered considerably for Her amusement. She started with a plastic CB6000S, and then graduated to an all-metal device: this would not allow me to get hard but the metal frame left enough space for Her to torture my cock, with Her nails, applications of Linnex or anything else She could think of.

On Christmas morning I got up at 05:00. After shaving I gave myself two enemas (no matter how often I do this I still hate them), showered, packed a small bag, drank some water (remembering Mistress’ instruction not to eat) and left just before 06:30. This would give me enough time to get to Mistress’ house by 07:15. I guessed that there wouldn’t be much traffic around at that time on 25th December. 

After I got to Mistress’ house I parked next to Her car on the drive and waited until exactly 07:15 before opening the front door. Inside I found the box and note in the hall.

slave, read these instructions completely first.

Strip completely. Put all your clothes and anything else you’ve brought in this box. Leave out your wallet (containing your ID and credit cards), car- and house keys and my door key and place them in the clear plastic wallet. In the box you will find a leather hood, collar, wrist- and ankle cuffs, and a six-inch length of chain, five small padlocks and one large padlock.

Put the hood on - I don’t want to see your disgusting face when I wake up. Tie the hood laces and then secure the hood with the locking collar – make sure the D-rings are at the front and both sides – and padlock it. Then, using more small padlocks, lock on the wrist- and ankle cuffs. When you lock the ankle cuffs, lock the chain to them.

Once you have done all of this, lock the box with the large padlock.

you will not find keys to the padlocks, so make sure you do all of this correctly the first time. If you fuck up I will kick you out when I get up, whether or not your clothes are locked in the box.

after this, make my breakfast and bring it to me at exactly 08:00, together with the clear plastic wallet.

So there I was at 07:55 in Mistress’ kitchen stark naked except for my chastity device, leather hood (which covered the top half of my head leaving small eye and nostril holes with a larger opening for my mouth), collar and cuffs on my wrists and chained ankles (all padlocked on); preparing Mistress’ breakfast lap table.

At exactly 08:00 I opened Her bedroom door, placed Her breakfast by the side of Her bed, knelt and gently shook her awake.

She stirred, opened Her eyes and said

“Is it eight o’clock already? I was having a lovely dream, how dare you interrupt it!”

With that She unexpectedly slapped me hard across the face. It didn’t hurt as much as it might have done because of the hood, but She still hit me hard enough to knock my head aside.

“I’m sorry, Mistress, but You did say to wake You at eight”

“Don’t answer me back, worm. Give me my breakfast, and kneel there while I eat.”

She sat up in bed, affording me a glimpse of Her recently-enhanced breasts (which after I had begged to, She graciously allowed me to pay for) underneath Her translucent blue negligee. After placing the lap table on Her bed I knelt by Her side, waiting for further instructions and growing increasingly hungry from the smell of Her food.

“I can’t enjoy this with you there gawping at me. Go down to my Playroom, secure yourself in the Toilet Box and wait for me!” She snapped.

I crawled out of Her bedroom and went down to the basement, to the area that She referred to as Her Playroom, but that anyone else might call a dungeon.

Mistress lived in an older house, built in the days when houses still had basements. After we had started meeting more frequently I asked Her if She had ever considered converting the basement into a dungeon. She replied that it had crossed Her mind but that She was generally too busy to give it much thought. I told Her that if She wanted I would investigate what would be needed and I would help with the costs if She decided to go ahead.

After a few months Mistress had a working dungeon; She refused to call it that, as she disliked the term, preferring to call it Her ‘playroom’. It had most of the usual furniture and equipment – a St. Andrews cross, whipping bench, cage, suspension hoist, and a plethora of rope, chains, tape, whips, canes, gags, and other implements for bondage and torture. Mistress Chanelle discovered a love of electrical torture and bought several items. Although Mistress said that She loved beating and whipping me what She liked about electrical torture was that She could inflict pain ranging from mild to excruciating with virtually no effort on Her part.

I’d heard of some police stations that had been closed down and were going to be demolished, and after having a word with the contractors I’d managed to buy the bars, doors and fittings to make two cells; one had open bars (think American Western films) with a bed and toilet and several rings bolted to the floor, ceiling and bars. The second was an isolation cell; it was built into a corner of the basement: three sides were of breeze block construction again with several rings bolted to the walls, floor and ceiling (no bed or toilet) and with a similar barred door to the first cell. There was also a solid metal door outside that. When the solid door was shut the isolation cell was virtually soundproof. The lights for both cells were near the basement entrance, well out of reach of the cells. Both cells were about six foot square, with an extra three feet between the barred door and the solid door of the isolation cell.

The Toilet Box was hinged along the rear side, with locking catches and D-rings on each side. It had a plastic bowl with a cut-out where a slave’s neck would go, and a solid lid on top of the toilet seat. The box was raised slightly and secured to a padded board about two feet wide and six feet long. This board had a D-ring for a padlock or carabiner at the end opposite the box, and several wide leather straps with locking buckles along its length.

I opened the Toilet Box, making sure the bowl was positioned correctly inside. Next I padlocked the chain between my ankles to the D-ring at the foot of the board, after which I strapped down my legs – above and below my knees, my thighs (adjusting the chastity device to be on top of my thighs), my stomach and chest to the board. I put my head in the box, closed the toilet seat and lid and locked the catches. Finally, using a couple of carabiners that were on the board, with some difficulty I secured my wrist cuffs to the D-rings on each side of the box. I was now trapped and completely at my Mistress’ mercy (or lack thereof)!

After what seemed like an eternity I heard the soft padding of feet down the steps and across the basement floor. The lid of the Toilet Box opened and there was Mistress Chanelle’s face above me. By way of greeting She ordered me to open my mouth and spat in it. She then informed me that She had a very full bladder and this was the first of the Christmas treats She had in store for me. She lowered Her glorious arse (still wearing Her panties) onto the seat and pissed in my open mouth and all over my hooded face, soaking Her panties and covering me with Her Golden Nectar. After this She lowered the lid and I heard the sound of wet clothing being removed and dropped.

I heard Her move around the playroom, collecting various items. Then I felt Her remove my chastity device, after which She started to wank me. A few seconds later I felt Her hot, wet lips around my cock as She sucked and licked me to full hardness. Mistress Chanelle is justifiably proud of Her oral skills and I thought, This is wonderful, Mistress is going to give me a blow-job for Christmas!

Just before I was about to cum everything stopped! After a couple of minutes Mistress took me in Her mouth again. Once again just before I was about to climax She stopped. Mistress repeated this for another four or five times, each time edging me a little closer but stopping just short of allowing me to climax. By this time I was almost out of my mind with desperation; with my head still inside the toilet box I begged Mistress to let me cum, and crazily tried to buck up-and-down on the board to try to get some form of release. While I was still hard, but not about to immediately ejaculate, Mistress tied something around the base of my cock and I felt something sticky being applied to the head. Next She rolled what felt like a thick condom down my cock; after which She separated and tied my balls – not tight enough to threaten circulation but just enough to keep them apart – and I felt the same stickiness being applied, followed by what felt like two condoms being rolled over each testicle. I realised what She was doing as She had done this several times before. Mistress had stuck electrical pads to the head of my cock and each testicle and looped conductive tubing around the base of my cock, securing all the pads with condoms so they wouldn’t come off. What She did next surprised me; I felt something ice cold placed over my cock. After it had shrunk it felt like She was putting me back in my chastity device, although that felt smaller than it had before.

After this She released me from the board, warning me not to speak, and ordered me to kneel up and put out my hands. Now I could see Her and what She was doing. Mistress was still wearing her nightdress, now covered with a silk dressing gown and wearing slippers. She ordered me to make a fist with my right hand, after which She wrapped black tape around it so that I couldn’t open my hand and next slid a locking mitt over my balled hand which She secured with another padlock. She repeated this operation with my left hand; then said

“Get on all fours like the dog you are!”

i felt something cold being inserted into my arsehole; after which She looped chain around my waist making a crotch chain, passing it from back to front, pulling it tight so that whatever was in my arse wasn’t coming out, padlocking it and passing the remainder down to the chain between my ankles, which She again secured with a padlock. I now couldn’t stand up even if I had been given permission. There were wires coming from the electrodes on my cock and balls and the plug in my arse, which Mistress taped to my left thigh, making sure that the wires were not so tight that the electrodes would be dislodged. Mistress ordered me to kneel up and I felt Her fiddling at my crotch, but I couldn’t see what She was doing. I felt Her attach something to my right thigh; She then attached a leash to my collar and led me towards the isolation cell. I saw that She had moved a cage into the cell, pushed it against the back wall and secured it to the wall. She locked a short length of chain to my wrist cuffs which She also padlocked to the front D-ring of my collar. I couldn’t move my hands below my lower chest, not that they were any use. Mistress padlocked short chains to the D-rings at the sides of my collar and She then ordered me to back into the cage, which wasn’t large enough for me to stand, lie down or even sit up in. She reached in and padlocked the chain between my ankle cuffs to one of the back bars of the cage, and the chains from the sides of the collar to the front corners of the cage. Like this I could just barely reach the front of the cage but I could not back up to the wall. Because of the chain from my collar to my wrists if I rested on hands and knees my face was only inches from the floor. Mistress passed the wires out of the cage and left the cell. In the past She had used all of the items on me many times, but this combination was a first and I was puzzled as to what was coming next.

I didn't have to wait long. Mistress returned wearing rubber gloves and with a bowl and the panties She had been wearing when She pissed on me earlier. She put the bowl inside the cage where I could just reach it and stretched Her panties over my head ensuring that the soaking wet gusset was over my nose and mouth. After this, Mistress produced a harness ring-gag from Her dressing gown pocket which She locked onto my head over the panties and hood with yet more small padlocks. She locked the cage with two large padlocks at the top and bottom of the door.

“I hope you enjoy the taste and smell of My panties, bitch. I wore them for the past three days before pissing in them just now.” Mistress said, with a sadistic smile on her lips.

“The harness gag will make sure you can’t remove them and also let you get the full flavour. you will wait here (as if I had any choice) while I get changed, maggot” She left both cell doors open and walked out of Her playroom.

I was now secured in Mistress’ locked cage which was chained to the back wall of the isolation cell. I had a leather hood covered with Mistress’ dirty, piss-soaked panties locked onto my head with a harness ring-gag; my hands had been wrapped in tape and locked in mitts, my wrists were locked in cuffs that were chained to my collar, which was also chained to the front corners of the cage; and my chained ankles were padlocked to the rear of the cage. There were electrodes on my cock and balls and in my arse. I had no idea what was coming next other than Mistress had surpassed Herself as far as inescapable imprisonment went.

After what seemed like hours Mistress returned, dressed smartly wearing a white blouse, a dark, mid-calf skirt, flesh coloured tights or stockings and black court shoes with a low heel and carrying a coat which She tossed over the whipping bench. Not at all Dominatrix-like. She had never dressed like this before for O/our sessions and I wondered what was going to happen next.

Ignoring my obvious confusion She took the electrode wires and passed them through one of the rings on the cell floor, securing them in such a way that although there was sufficient slack for my limited movement in the cage I couldn’t pull them through the ring. The other ends She fitted to three electro-stim units (which I had previously converted to run from mains via a transformer plug). She plugged these into three plug-in programmable timer switches. These switches can be programmed to come on and off at certain times of the day and are intended for use when going on holiday to turn lights on and off, giving the impression that someone is home. They have another program which Mistress has used several times. They can be set to switch on for as little as one second or as long as ninety-nine hours and also switch off for any duration in between. These She plugged into an extension lead which she fed out of the barred cell door and plugged into a fourth programmable time plugged into a wall socket, with the display covered up.

“It’s time for the rest of your Christmas surprise,” Mistress chuckled with a sparkle in Her eyes.

Mistress continued with increasing enthusiasm as She detailed Her plans for my imprisonment and torture.

“I am going to spend Christmas with my family while you - disgusting little cunt - will remain here locked up, being periodically shocked by these electrical units which are all set to the highest setting. These three timers that the units are connected to are set to turn on and off at various intervals. I’ve attached a condom catheter to your pin-dick and connected it to the drainage bag on your right thigh. I know that you can climax from electrical torture to your little worm but you should try not to because when I return you will eat all of your filth that’s in the condom or bag. The timer plugged into the wall socket will supply power to the other three timers for varying durations over the next day or two.”

Mistress noticed the shocked look in my eyes at this and laughed as She told me -

“My note said that you would be spending Christmas here, it didn’t say I would. Did you really think I would spend Christmas with a worthless piece of shit like you? And Yes – I did say “day or two.” I shall be staying tonight at my sister’s house and if I’m having a good time I shall stay over Boxing Night as well. So you will be all alone, in the dark, until at least tomorrow afternoon and quite possibly the next day as well. you’re such a fat pig that a day or two without food will do you no harm. you will need fluids though, so I have generously filled this bowl with water flavoured with my Champagne. you will be able to suck liquid through My panties, you disgusting little pervert, but drink sparingly because when I get back you will consume everything that is in the condom or catheter bag, whether it’s piss or cum. By now you probably realise why I ordered you to clean yourself out and forbade you to eat – that electric plug in your arse won’t be coming out until I get back!”

Mistress knelt down so that Her face was almost on a level with mine before speaking Her next words, which She uttered with a malevolent relish.

“But it doesn’t end here. Oh No, this is just the beginning! You’ve said repeatedly that you want to be completely owned by and be under my absolute control, and that is what is going to happen. By this time next year you will be my complete, permanent slave - 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year for the rest of your miserable life, which you will live out in pain, suffering and degradation solely for my amusement. I shall have you pierced and tattooed, and I shall brand you myself as my property. You will have no purpose in life other than to serve me, and I will arrange matters so that you will have no practical choice because your only alternative would be even worse.

“In case you hadn’t noticed I fitted a smaller chastity device on you today – consider it my Christmas Present to you. Since you will NEVER fuck anyone ever again you have no need of a cock, not that yours was anything to write home about anyway. In a few months I shall replace this device with an even smaller one, which I may never let you out of. Any orgasms I may grant you from now on will be ruined and only after you have suffered considerable pain.”

While Mistress had been connecting the electrical apparatus and revealing Her plans for me She had been leisurely smoking a cigarette, flicking the ash into the bowl containing my drink. She now spat in my face and threw the still-lit butt into the bowl. Standing up She stepped outside the inner cell and locked the door. She dropped the key into a tin that already contained all the padlock keys, and switched on the wall socket that the fourth timer was plugged into.

Her eyes sparkled with lust as She continued:

“Just think, slave. After I close the outer cell door and turn off the lights you will spend your Christmas all alone chained up in the dark with only my cold piss to drink, being periodically shocked on your cock and balls and in your arse. I am the only person on the planet who knows where you are and what’s happening to you. If you look up you will see a video camera on a small tripod just inside this part of your cell. I shall leave a very dim light on and the camera has a low-light mode. This will provide a live stream so that I can watch your suffering on my phone whenever I wish.

“I intend to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with my family, made all the sweeter by the knowledge of what I’ve done to you. I can feel myself getting wet now just thinking about it. You should be happy knowing that even though you are an insignificant piece of shit you can still give your Owner some pleasure.

“It’s just after ten thirty now, and I have a two hour drive to my sister’s. Merry Christmas bitch!”

With that Mistress took the tin containing the keys, spun on the ball of her foot and stepped through the outer doorway, slamming the metal outer cell door shut. I heard the two bolts being thrust home and the door being locked. I couldn’t hear anything else but a few seconds later the lights went off. It was almost completely dark except for a very faint light that Mistress had left on so that She could watch my suffering on camera. I was completely helpless and totally alone. I could move about slightly in the cage, but I couldn’t move it away from the wall and I couldn’t pull the leads out of the e-stim units.

Thinking about what Mistress Chanelle had promised for my future, and Her obvious relish at the prospect of my suffering, I started to get as hard as I was able in this smaller chastity cage. I couldn’t get my hands to my cock to try and get some form of stimulation. A few seconds later that was the last thing on my mind as searing pain went through my balls. Obviously one of the timers plugged into the mains had switched on.

Over the next I-don’t-know-how-many hours I was repeatedly shocked in my cock, balls and arse. The timer controlling each e-stim unit was programmed differently so that sometimes only one unit came on, sometimes two of them and sometimes all three together, all for different durations. Every so often I would get an all too brief respite when the timer plugged into the wall socket turned off the power to the other three. Mistress had set the timer on my cock perfectly, I came soooo close to climaxing several times but then the power went off just before I could cum.

After a while I was a gibbering wreck. I couldn’t think straight. I screamed with pain through the panties and gag, which was beyond anything Mistress had done to me before. I had no way of telling the time and I had no idea how long I would have to endure this before my beautiful, sadistic Mistress Chanelle would return to release me.


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