The Challenge

by rojo

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The Challenge
by rojo

My wife and I have been married almost eighteen years. We live in a small two-bedroom apartment. The spare bedroom is basically our computer room.  One late Saturday afternoon, I was cruising bondage sites when my wife snuck up on me.

"Well, look at that. ", she said,

I was very embarrassed. I liked to hide my cruising. Over the years I had asked my wife to tie me up many times and she had always refused. 

Lately, she has been getting very sexual. It is almost as if a shell has been lifted from her personality. She has been gaining new friends, including a woman named Carolyn, who has legs almost 4 feet long and shapely as they come. A redhead with naturally curly hair, to boot. 

I had always told my wife of my desire to try to be an escape artist. She always told that that was a rather strange desire. I had, when we had a few drinks, told her of a game that I wish she would play with me…there would be one hundred feet of nice ½ inch cotton rope. She would be given two ten-foot sections with which to start. Using these, she could bind me in any way, and I had 10 minutes to get untied. If that did not happen, she could add two more sections of rope. This continued every ten minutes until I was either loose, or until she let me go. She thought that this was very strange.

You have to understand that my wife is very attractive, even thought she doubts it herself. She is size 6 with legs that very few women have. Wearing some heels and a short skirt with dark stockings on the sidewalk is an invitation to an auto accident. Her health had been failing for the last ten years or so, but doctors have found the cause and titrated the correct medication so that she is feeling very frisky and energetic. Lately, she has noticed that guys are checking her out. Before, this embarrassed her. Now, she is enjoying it now. Frankly, so am I. (I always wanted to go out with her wearing little more than a 15" mini skirt and a tight top with heels and watch the guys drool. She can definitely have that effect is she so desires.)

Yesterday, I came home and we had a couple of beers and sat in the hot tub. On our way out she asked me if I was still interested in my game. I laughed and said sure, knowing that she was just leading me on. 

Today, she told me to give her five minutes and then go into the spare bedroom. My jaw almost hit the floor!!! There were 15 pieces of rope there. I turned around with my mouth open and my wife was standing at the door wearing a very slinky satin gown. It was very obvious she had on no undergarments. "Aren't magician's assistants supposed to look sexy? That's what you told me. It distracts the audience."

I know I was distracted. When she told me to put my hands behind my back I did it as if I was in a dream. "No! No! Put your palms together", she said. "I can't just tie them the way they are." The next thing I knew, there was ten feet of rope around my wrists holding them very firmly. The cords went around my wrists one way and with cinch wraps between them running perpendicular to the original bindings. Then, they were tied off, with the knots above the bindings away from my fingers.

"How's that?"

I awoke from my stupor and joked with her about her skill. I also noticed her gown was definitely distracting, being slit almost to her hips! I almost asked if I could kiss her feet. 

"Now turn around."

I did as I was requested. My wife pinched my bare buttocks and reached around and fondled me. I was definitely getting excited. 

"Well, there seems to be some distraction that is affecting the escape artist. Perhaps he will not get away." She said this in a louder stage voice. "Put your elbows together." 
She started wrapping my elbows together just above the joint with rope. This was loosely cinched. "Have fun, I'll see you in ten minutes. If you don't get loose, you're buying dinner."

I struggled for what seemed like an eternity, working up quite a sweat. I had no luck. My confidence was rapidly disappearing. I had maneuvered all around the room, flailing my arms the best I could and could not loosen any of the bindings. I could not even find any of the knots with my fingers.

"Please turn around and we'll see how well you can move. Walk over here." Have you ever tried to walk with an erection? Your testicles rub against your thigh and you get slightly more distracted. "Please turn around, let me see your elbows." They were wrapped behind my back, with some of the bonds going around my chest, but the most of them pulling my elbows back. I had gotten nothing loose.

My wife then proceeded to put rope around the back of my neck. She stood in front of me and crossed it across my chest, around my back, crossing my stomach and then bringing it back over my wrists. There was still almost ten feet of rope left on that piece.

"I cheated, I used a twenty foot piece, not two tens", my wife said.

The rope was then wrapped twice around each thigh, wrapped around my wrists again, knotted there and then tied in front by my stomach. 

"Ten minutes was it? I'll see you then. She turned off the lights and left me standing there. I couldn't move. I tried to get to the knots restraining my hands and was completely frustrated. If I was lying down perhaps, but this was impossible. I gained only about ½" of movement by stretching my hands. I was definitely ready to say uncle. I was panicking. The lights came on suddenly and there was my wife grinning.

She looked great in that gown. If I could get my hands loose I would love to grab her. In fact, it was almost all I could think of. My skin was starting to sweat and I was at complete attention. She bent over in front of me and said, "I am changing the rules somewhat…I will put on two pieces of rope and I am getting a bath. "

She started by knotting around my legs above me knees. Once, twice, three times around. The rope was then guided between my legs, wrapped to cinch it tight like my hands, and tied, tightening those bonds. The knots were hidden between my legs. I had just lost all real mobility. Then my wife had me kneel. She calmly tied my ankles together. "Just so you don't run away." Again the lights went off. I couldn't move at all and I knew I had lost. I struggled, I really did, but she did too good of a job. I rolled, I grunted and actually found the knots for my feet and was just starting to collect my wits from the panic that set in and started on the knot when the lights went on again. 

My wife smelled terrific! She had put perfume on. I rolled to where I could see her and all she had on was a corset that barely covered her nipples, heels and thigh high stockings. She lay down by me and asked if I really wanted to be distracted. I knew what she meant. She placed her pubic hair close to my mouth and invited me to bring her to orgasm. I crawled the three feet to her in what seemed like two hours. I licked and sucked for all I was worth. I hoped then she would let me up. She stroked herself while my tongue made ever faster darting moments. I could feel her shake from her release and she lay still for a moment.

 "Ten minutes must be up by now. You know you're starting to make too much noise" Suddenly some panties were placed in my mouth. These were held in pace by some of the rope. "I hope the escape artist is not too distracted by the smell of the panties", she chuckled. I could tell she worn them while masturbating very recently. It was not fair. I was very distracted. More rope was wrapped around below my knees. There was no way I was getting loose and she was enjoying it! Suddenly, the phone rang.

"Carolyn, yes, come over in about a half-an-hour, Chuck is going to buy us dinner." She knew I could hear what she was saying. She also knew I had the Hots for Carolyn. I was very attracted to her.  I had to get out now. I struggled, I groaned. I mewed into the gag. Nothing helped. Then I heard my wife say, "…wear that low-cut white top. Chuck will go wild if he sees you in it and has to sit with you at a restaurant next to you." I couldn't believe my wife told her that! I trusted her with that information and here she was going to tease me with it. All I could do was make nondescript noises against the gag. 

My wife came in and told me I was taking her and Carolyn out to dinner, so I had better get moving. Next, rope was attached to the rope at the back of my neck, round around the rope holding my elbows together, pulled between my thighs, over the rope around the front of my waistline and yanked towards my feet. "Now kneel," she said as she attached the rope to my ankle bonds. Then, she pushed me over and had me roll on my stomach.

The rope pulled against my already sensitive and hard penis. All I could think of was getting myself off. Not out of my bonds. My priorities had changed! "Oh! I better finish getting ready if Carolyn and I are going out. I'll be back in ten minutes. She came back in a tight little skirt I bought for her she never wore before and a long-sleeved bolero that had fingers holes for the middle fingers. It barely covered her corset.. I shuddered and moaned. "Do you like my outfit? I wore especially for you, but you aren't ready to go." All I could do was moan some more. Thoughts of cleaning her heels with my tongue passed through my mind, but my tongue couldn't get free. Two more lengths of rope were brought forward. The first went around my calves and was cinched very tightly. 

The doorbell rang and my wife left the room. She left the door open. Whoever came to the door could see me. I tried so hard to move and hide. All I could was barely move ¼ inch on the floor. It was Carolyn and the door was open!

"Where's Chuck, I thought he was coming with us…and don't you look hot tonight girl! He doesn't know what he is missing." Oh yes I did!!! All I wanted was to taste touch and lick. I knew what I wanted. There was just one slight problem.

"O, he's tied up tonight." My wife giggled. I rolled a little and moaned. It was the best I could do. The next thing I saw was 4" heels and the bottom of a long skirt. I tilted my head and saw that Carolyn, the redhead had on a green velvet skirt that must have been 60% lycra, it fit her body to her knees so well. Certainly, no panty lines. "Is he ever? Do you know what you're missing?" 

I did. 

"He'll get out, he claims he's an escape artist." My wife was being a little sarcastic. "But I do have twenty feet of rope left, any ideas?" As I looked up I saw my wife still had on the same stockings and no panties. I am sure when she goes out others will notice too. I really tried to get loose.

"Scared of a little more rope? Where should it go, Carolyn? I'll let you place, while I finish."

She rolled me on my side slightly and saw my erection. "Oh, that…it's his distraction. He claims all good escape artists are used to distractions."

My wife left the room and Carolyn closed the door. She got right down next to my face. I definitely was obsessing about her cleavage as she spoke. "You know, you are attractive to me. What Anne doesn't know is I like to tie guys up. Look what I have here."  She used ten feet of rope on my elbows, pulling them tighter. The last ten feet of rope were cinched around my arches and cinch wrapped between my feet.. Carolyn then made sure I could see here ass and bent over in front of me. "See what you could have if only you could touch me. Not tonight. I am going to get Anne really drunk before we come home. I may make love to your wife in front of you, or do you think we could pick up some guys and do the same. Can you get loose?"

My wife opened the door soon after and said, "Hon, I have your credit card. We'll be at Mimmi's. Don't be late! And thanks for dinner, I guess you're buying." Carolyn just chuckled.

"Oh, by the way there is a knife by the table in the living room."

The last thing I saw before the lights went out was my wife's luscious ass in a short skirt walking away from me and Carolyn's legs sliding out from the back slit of her skirt, as she kicked the escape knife my wife left for me under the sofa, as she headed for the door.

All I could do was moan.  


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