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Storycodes: F/m; chastity; punishment; machine; remote; conditioning; bond; cuffs; oral; tease; denial; cons; XX

Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and .

But you must read first. This chapter is a continuation of an owners manual for an electronic chastity device.


Chapter 5 – Ultimate Chastity Owner’s Manual Appendix

Sample Usage

Suggestions and example uses of the UCDm

The UCDm can be used as a simple but effective chastity device. In this role, it can prevent a sub from ever having an erection, much less an orgasm, without the keyholder’s express permission. However, if you have carefully read this manual, the UCDm can do SO much more. Below are sample and fictional “Day in the Life” scenarios of subs wearing the UCDm. It is hoped that these provide ideas on how you may use your device.

Keyholder Eve and her husband Adam.

Eve loved her husband, but after twenty years of marriage and raising two children she was feeling neglected. If Adam wasn’t at work, he was watching sports or staying up late, waking grumpy and performing poorly at work. One night Eve came downstairs at 1am to find Adam watching porn and wanking off.

Adam was repentant and declared his love for Eve but admitted that some of the fire had gone out of their relationship. A friend of Eve’s gave her a brochure for the UCDm device, and she shared it with Adam who agreed to the surgery.

Eve puts the UCDm in Chaste mode with maximum pain on Monday morning. Their agreement is that if Adam does his share of the household chores, cooking and dishes, comes to bed when Eve does, gets up cheerfully, and is pleasant to Eve all week, she will turn off the device after dinner on Friday night and they have sex multiple times during the weekend. If Eve is not satisfied with Adam’s performance during the week, completely at her discretion, she will leave him in Chaste mode AND he must provide her all the orgasms she wishes during the weekend.

Adam became the perfect husband for almost six weeks and Eve discovered that their lovemaking on those six weekends was more passionate and enthusiastic than it had been since the Children were born. However, in the seventh week, Adam had a few stressful days at work, stayed up late drinking beer and watching football and, although Eve didn’t think he was watching porn in his chaste condition, did not come to bed with her – making various excuses.

That Friday night Eve made no mention of turning off Chaste Mode but did put on Adam’s favorite baby doll top with no panties after dinner. When Adam started getting an erection and the UCDm turned up the pain in response, he reminded Eve to turn the device off.

“No, dear,” she responded, “not this weekend. Perhaps you’ll do better next week!”

Adam went through the entire stages of grief, he denied he had done anything wrong, he got angry and demanded she turn the thing off, he tried bargaining with her, he sulked for almost an hour but finally he realized that his loving Eve was a stronger woman than he thought she was. He dropped to his knees in front of the couch and started licking her pussy. After several amazing orgasms, Eve decided she liked keeping Adam locked up more than she expected.

Keyholder Venus and her sub worm – a more extreme example.

worm is sleeping, as he frequently does, on the floor at the end of Venus’s bed. He is, of course, in chastity, his UCDm is set to Chaste with maximum punishment level. He dare not move as his position is set to horizontal and flat to the floor although, in her mercy, Venus has not set the face up or face down function so worm can roll over during the night.

At 6 am worm is awakened by level 3 pain in his testicles. Venus has set a schedule for every morning to require him to be in vertical position at 5am. Of course, since he’s asleep, this scheduled function acts as an alarm clock by waking him with the warning and requiring him to quickly (but quietly) stand up before the punishment pain begins. Quickly running to the downstairs bathroom (he’s not allowed to use the master bath), worm brushes his teeth, combs his hair, and relieves himself. All of this must be done in five minutes.

Rushing to the kitchen, worm pre-prepares Venus’s breakfast, starting the coffee, pre-preparing the eggs, laying out plate and silverware. Quietly moving back upstairs, worm enters the bedroom and working entirely by feel in the dark pulls out Venus’ clothes for the day, draws a bath and then gently wakes Venus by kissing her forehead. After helping her shower, drying her off and making sure she approves of the clothes he has laid out, he rushes downstairs to complete breakfast.

While Venus is eating her breakfast, worm kneels by the side of her chair, ready in an instant to get her anything she may need or refill her coffee. He remains completely silent. He doesn’t know about the Toe Button in Venus’ shoes, but he does know that if he is not kneeling, submissive and silent the agony he will feel in his penis and testicles will be extreme.

Following breakfast, Venus takes out her iPad and uses an app that has a list of every chore worm is ever tasked with. She puts a check next to every task she wishes him to accomplish this day and the list is sent to worm’s phone. Then she uses the UCDm app to make sure the appropriate routine is selected for his day. After seeing Venus out the door to her job, worm knows he must get to work quickly to avoid pain from the UCDm. Only a few minutes are available to clean up the kitchen and put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.

First stop is the home gym, the Geofencing function makes sure he’s in the gym by 7:30 am and the Exercise function makes sure he exactly follows the entire exercise routine Venus has recorded, including a five-mile run on the treadmill. Following his exercise regimen, worm is allowed to shower and dress.

Next, worm has errands to run, including the laundry, home improvement store and grocery store. The Routing function makes sure he goes directly to each of these locations and does not deviate from the route. Even a quick detour, perhaps to McDonalds for a shake, will be met with an automatic warning shock followed by extreme pain if he doesn’t get back on the route.

On returning home, worm strips, fixes a meager lunch then starts his list of chores both inside and outside the house. Venus has programmed the Exercise function to assure he maintains a moderate level of activity, requiring him to be constantly in motion for the next three hours while doing his chores, no breaks or rest are allowed, or the Exercise function will warn and then shock him. If he finishes the list of chores before the allotted time is up, he must at least continue to walk around the house to prevent punishment.

Following his chores, worm has some free time, but he may not use the computer or watch TV. Venus delights in interrupting his free time. Depending upon her workload at the office she will occasionally send worm a text randomly dictating positions just to mess with him. Today at 4:05 pm worm received a text that simply said “kneel on your hands and knees in the middle of the backyard. Do not take your phone.” Knowing he only has seconds to assume this position, worm rushes to the backyard and assumes the position. He receives a warning shock just as he is dropping to his knees. He wonders why Venus has told him to leave his phone inside and how long she will leave him here. He will have no way to know if she has turned off the Position function without his phone. He can, periodically, try getting out of position to see if he’s shocked, but he knows Venus will receive a text alert every time he tries this.

Venus focuses back on her work but occasionally uses her home security app (not a part of UCDm) to watch worm. She delights at how his head hangs down dejectedly after his neck muscles get tired. After half an hour she can see the sweat starting to drip off his chest and belly. Using her home automation system (also not a part of UCDm) she turns on the back sprinklers. She clearly hears the squeal through the security camera’s microphone as the cold-water hits worm. Venus is so turned on she contemplates locking her office door but decides she would rather save her orgasm’s for when she gets home.

After ten minutes of continuing with work but watching worm on her phone propped on the desk, Venus turns off the sprinklers. She wonders how long worm will remain in position before testing to see if the Position Function is still on. She leaves work in an hour and hopes he tries before she leaves. It takes about 30 more minutes, but worm does try to sit up slowly. He immediately gets a warning shock and Venus hears her cell phone ‘bing’ with the notification text. She contemplates leaving worm until she gets home – but she does so enjoy being greeted at the front door and he does need time to prepare dinner. At least she now has an excuse, not that she needs one, to punish him after dinner. What fun!

Venus turns off the Position function and hits the ‘come here’ button that will send worm three mild shocks. She knows he will interpret this, not as “come to my office” but as permission to leave position and continue his duties.

When Venus comes in the front door, there is worm, kneeling on the floor in the entryway, naked, forehead pressed to the floor. Her favorite drink is on the side table and dinner smells wonderful. Venus simply says “come” and worm knows to follow her on her inspection tour. They start upstairs where she inspects both bathrooms, runs her finger across the tops of picture and door frames, looks under furniture and, much to worm’s relief, finds his work acceptable. Venus’ comfy nightgown is laid out and worm helps her change, massaging her neck and shoulders as he is trained to do.

Following her downstairs, Venus continues the inspection and, “What the hell is this” she screams. In his rush to get dinner started, worm forgot that he was still wet when he came in from the backyard and there is water on the tile floor near the patio door. As Venus takes her phone out of her nightgown, worm drops to the floor to kiss her feet and beg forgiveness. But before he can even begin, she announces, “The pain will stop when you have licked up every drop!” Suddenly Venus turns on the Punishment function at level 4! The pain in worm’s penis and testicles is intense. All he wants to do is curl up in a ball and scream for mercy. But Venus has been worm’s keyholder for long enough that he knows there will be no mercy. The only way to stop the pain is to start licking. His head is spinning from the pain, he has trouble getting his eyes to focus, his abdominal muscles don’t want to cooperate. But somehow he crawls across the floor, slowly, licking up each of the water droplets.

Venus lets him suffer for almost a full minute after he’s finished, watching him desperately look for drops of water he assumes he’s missed. She is getting incredibly turned on! FINALLY, she turns off the pain and, without comment, walks to the dining room. He wants to curl up in a ball and cry, but he has angered his keyholder and he needs to please her. Forcing through the pain and cramps he struggles to the kitchen to complete and serve dinner.

Kneeling at her side while she eats, worm waits to be hand fed a few morsels from her plate, morsels that tonight will not be forthcoming.

Following dinner, worm cleaned up the kitchen then found Venus watching TV. Before he could kneel at her feet, she simply pointed to the corner of the den next to the TV. In this corner, Venus had used 2 sided tape to attach a position Tag to the wall about three feet up. On the floor in this corner of the den she always kept a baking pan with uncooked rice. worm knew the drill and he hated it. He knelt in the rice, laced his fingers behind his head and stuck his crotch as close to the Tag on the wall as possible. Once Venus turned on the position function, set to keep worm within 1 inch of this tag, warning level 5, punishment level 5. At those settings, worm wasn’t going anywhere until Venus turned off the Position Function and she had several TV shows she liked to watch on this particular evening.

After her TV shows were done, Venus turned off the Position Function and directed worm to,
“get the handcuffs and a beach towel and meet me by the pool.” At the pool, Venus has worm spread the towel on the pool side near her lounge chair then cuff his hands behind his back while she lifts her nightgown over her head and hangs it over the back of her chair. Venus scoots down in the chair and spreads her knees. worm does not need to be told, he drops to his knees and begins to slowly and gently service his keyholder. Having his mouth and nose tasting and inhaling his keyholder is, despite his training, causing worm to become erect. The UCDm soon begins to correct him and he moans and squirms as he continues licking.

After a few minutes, Venus picks up her phone and turns off the Chaste mode on worms UCDm allowing him to become fully erect. Could it be? Is his Keyholder going to let him fuck her? worm’s penis gets even harder at the thought, it’s throbbing now. Venus knows exactly what’s happening, so following her very satisfactory orgasm and a short cool down, she directs worm to lie on his back on the towel which places his still cuffed hands under the small of his back.

Venus has used the UCDm’s Custom Function feature to create a Tease and Denial function. The custom function first turns on the UCDm’s Pain, Pleasure function at a medium pleasure level to stimulate worm’s penis and testicles with the Tens unit. Venus knows that if she leaves worm at this level for more than a few minutes he will come, so of course she has programmed the custom function to only leave this mode active until the UCDm has detected a full erection.

When Venus engages her custom function, worm beings to moan, his penis is as full and erect as it gets, the veins are throbbing along its sides and just as a drop of precum appears, the UCDm switches to Chaste mode, which immediately starts level 4 pain. worm screams, both in pain and in frustration.
“If you can’t stay quiet like you’ve been trained, I can always use level 5 and really give you something to scream about.” Venus laughs.

worm bites his tongue and suffers in silence.

Once worm is completely flaccid the UCDm turns off the pain. Poor worm is so flaccid that you almost can’t see his penis. It has shrunk and withdrawn as if hiding could help it avoid what’s coming.
After a five-minute programmed pause, the custom function again turns on the medium pleasure level. worm tries to ignore it, but he knows that is futile. Within just a few minutes he’s erect and throbbing again. He desperately wants to roll over and hump the pool deck, rub his penis against his belly, anything to get off. But sensing the penis has now reached a full extension, the UCDm automatically switches to Chaste mode and the cycle begins again.

It takes about 10 minutes per cycle, five-minute wait, two to two and a half minutes to get fully erect, two or three minutes for the blood to drain away and the penis to become fully flaccid. Venus, meanwhile, is relaxing in a pool chair reading something on her Pad and occasionally looking down to enjoy worm’s suffering. And suffering he is. After an hour or about six cycles he wonders how much more he can take. Every time he becomes erect, he’s sure he’s just seconds from squirting, but then the pain comes. He wants to cum! He knows that’s not what Venus wants but his mind isn’t logical anymore, and besides, she programmed the function, so if he cums it’s not his fault, is it? It probably would be but he doesn’t CARE dammit, he NEEDS to CUM!

For almost two hours worm suffers. Twelve times he’s become a living flagpole. Twelve times he’s clamped his jaw shut so as not to scream when the pain hits. Despite the cool evening he’s sweating. FINALLY, when the Chaste mode is engaged and worm is flaccid, his Venus turns off the Custom Function and literally kicks him into the pool to wash off the sweat. He’s still handcuffed but this end of the pool is only four feet deep.

“That was very stimulating, wasn’t it worm?” Venus asks. “Well at least I’m stimulated – get over between my thighs and get busy!”

When Venus exploded with her third orgasm of the night she issued simple instructions.

“The handcuff keys are upstairs on my nightstand. Leave the towel you were laying on here. Go upstairs and uncuff yourself then let’s see if you can do a better job of cleaning up your water drippings. Then turn down my bed and wait.

Scrambling upstairs, worm works quickly. His brain is still fogged but he dare not miss a drop of pool water dripping off his body. He uncuffs himself and puts away the handcuffs. He grabs an old towel from the hall closet and dries off, making himself as presentable as possible. While drying his penis and testicles he realizes they are quite sore. Dropping to his knees he dries the bedroom carpet, the hall carpet, the wood steps, the downstairs hall, den and keeps going right out to the edge of the pool. When done he inspects his work as he goes back to the bedroom, stopping at the downstairs bath to drain his bladder. He then turns down her bed then kneels and waits.

After just a few minutes, Venus comes upstairs and walks over to worm.

“Well worm, have you learned anything this evening?”

“Yes Venus, thank you for reminding me to be more vigilant in my chores and thank you for allowing me to serve you. I love you.”

And as worm took his position on the floor at the base of Venus’ bed, Venus set the Position Function on the UCDm to keep worm flat on the floor for the night, turns off her light and says “I love you too worm!”


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