Chain Ladies Tea Society

by Budman

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Storycodes: F+/m+; chastity; cons; X

Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and .

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Chapter 4 – Ultimate Chastity

As the Sunday afternoon gathering of the Ladies Tea Society of Chain Alabama wound down, Dee, their newest prospective member asked her sponsor Julie about something she had heard earlier.

“So, tell me about this ‘ultimate chastity thing?” Dee asked.

And Julie had proposed taking her to meet the inventor who was sitting just a few tables away.

“Dr. MacDougal, do you have a minute?” Julie asked an unremarkable middle-aged woman with frizzy brunette hair.

“Certainly Julie,” Dr. MacDougal said as she broke off her current conversation, “and call me Bel, short for Belinda but I prefer Bel.” She said with a smile.

“As I guess you heard,” Julie explained, “I’m sponsoring Dee here and she just asked me why some of the men here aren’t wearing chastity devices and yet don’t seem to get erections, she’s heard the ‘Ultimate Chastity Device’ mentioned several times and is curious. I told her you would be far better at explaining than I am. If you have time of course.” Julie was obviously showing a lot of respect for the woman before them.

“I just happen to have some brochures here in my purse. Have a seat right here and I’ll explain it to you.” While Dee sat down, Bel asked Julie, “And when are we going to schedule that Will of yours for surgery.”

“Oh,” Julie said apologetically, “we still need to save up some money, we just got our youngest through college you know.”

And Bel unfolded a brochure and started what reminded Dee or a college lecture.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you or your husband in my practice Dee, but I’m the head of the urology department at the hospital. Mrs. Wainwright and I were having dinner one night and she was complaining about how long it was taking for the Prince Albert Piercing I had done on one of her ‘servants’ to heal. As you may know, even the best, steel, custom made chastity cage is only partially effective. Men, especially ‘growers’ can manage to work their flaccid penis out of the cage with some work and lube.”

“What’s a ‘grower’?” Dee asked.

“She’s just getting started in dominating men.” Julie explained.

“Well, the important thing is she’s not afraid to ask good questions!” Bel continued.

“Mens’ penises can broadly be segmented into ‘growers’ and ‘showers.’ A grower’s penis is normal sized when engorged but can all but completely disappear when flaccid. A shower’s penis is always at least an inch or two long even when completely flaccid.”

“Ah,“ Dee giggled, “then I have a grower.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Bel continued, “except that it can be hard to keep a grower in chastity.
So, as I was saying, Mrs. Wainwright and I were talking about the months it takes for a Prince Albert to heal.”

Bel could tell from her expression that Dee was about to ask what a Prince from a century ago had to do with anything, so she explained. “A Prince Albert piercing is a ring, placed into the urethra and out the bottom of the penis. The ring, once its healed, can be used to inescapably lock a chastity device on the penis so that it absolutely cannot be pulled out. There are other types of piercings that can also assist in chastity, but the Prince Albert is the most common.

Dee had SO many questions, but she decided to wait till she could consult Dr. Google. Instead, she asked, “Isn’t that uncomfortable? Doesn’t that make it hard for him to pee?”

Bel looked Dee right in the eyes with a completely passive expression and said, “Who cares?”
But after a few seconds she continued with a smile, “Yes, Prince Alberts can have complications that’s another reason we developed Ultimate Chastity.

So, as I said, Mrs. Wainwright and I were generally discussing all the drawbacks to mechanical chastity devices and a light bulb went off in my head. Earlier in the day I had been treating a male child whose testicles had not descended from his inguinal canals and I think that’s what gave me the idea. I know that’s ‘doctor speak’ Dee but basically men have these two tunnels on either side of their penis that go up into their abdomen. At birth, these contain the testicles to protect them, but they descend into the scrotum normally within three to six months. After the testicles descend most men don’t notice or even know they have inguinal canals.”

“But,“ Bel continued her lecture, “these canals can be widened with stretching and use. Gay men sometimes engage in what is called muffing or intercourse by using one or both canals. It occurred to me that we could put a package of electronics in these canals.”

“Wow, I had no idea!” Dee exclaimed.

“Most people don’t.” Bel said. “So, I have a brilliant sister in California who works as senior electronics engineer for one of the major cell phone companies. She is also a dominant. I called her and we talked almost all-night discussing possibilities. A few days later she called back to say our ideas were possible and she was ordering parts to start a prototype. Her boyfriend is still wearing the results of that first prototype which took over a year to perfect. We are currently on version 2.4 of the UCDm or Ultimate Chastity Device Male version. We don’t have a Female version, but we wanted the name to be clear. We now have them made in small quantities in a plant in Thailand.”

“But what does it do? How does it work?” Dee asked anxiously.

“I’m getting to that, hang on girl!” Bel replied laughing.

“So, I’ll give you an owner’s manual to read but here’s the high-level explanation. There are two cylinders each about 2 inches long and an inch in diameter made of surgical grade stainless steel. One cylinder contains batteries and a charging circuit, and one cylinder contains the highly miniaturized electronics package. There are also these very special wires, wires that can measure if they are stretched, that are implanted under the skin along the sides of the penis. And there is a metal mesh bag that is placed around each testicle inside the scrotum. All of this is done with two ¾ inch incisions on each side of the base of the penis.”

Dee was leaning in, fascinated as Bel continued. “The electronics package contains a bunch of circuits adapted from the cell phone and medical industry. A tiny processor monitors and controls the entire device. The processor can detect even the beginnings of an erection when the wires on the side of the penis start to stretch. The device uses a TENS-like circuit to put a painful but not harmful charge either into the penis wires, the mesh around the testicles or both. That charge can vary from a mild warning tickle to a charge that will drop him to his knees screaming!”

“Oooo!” Dee said, getting excited, “So if he gets an erection, he gets shocked and it goes away!”

“Oh, that and SO much more.” Bel explained. “Once we started designing, we just kept adding features. For example, with the right frequency and voltage into the penis wires we can CAUSE an erection, and for some men even an orgasm they can’t control. And of course, we added Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so that the device can be programmed and controlled by cell phone.”

“OH, so that’s why our pegging victims were able to have an orgasm!” Dee exclaimed.

“That’s right, the ladies simply used an app to give the device instructions to allow an orgasm. But there is much more. The device must be charged every few days. So, there is a charging loop embedded under the skin of the belly just under the belly button. Couples are given a belt for the man to wear at night any time the charge is getting low. If he doesn’t charge the device, It always keeps enough reserve charge to make his life hell until he does charge it.”

“OK,” Dee asked, “but what happens if we each go to work and I’m out of Bluetooth range?”

“Another good question. “Bel said, “The device remembers its commands until it’s given new ones by the app. Communications are encrypted and require iPhone authorization, either face or password. The device can also be paired with his phone and if his phone is on the internet the device can be controlled anywhere in the world. With this setup he can be in Australia and you can be in Chain and you will be notified if he gets an erection and the device is taking corrective action. You can also be notified if he, say, doesn’t charge it on time. And you can just randomly shock the shit out of him just because. Trust me, it’s fun!”

“This sounds great!” Dee exclaimed.

“Oh, I’m just getting started,” Bel said. “The electronics include motion sensors and position sensors as well as a GPS receiver. It also contains a new type of micro sonar that can tell how far the device is from a hard surface like the floor or ground. The motion sensors are the same type that phones use to tell if your phone is vertical or horizontal, if you’re walking or jogging, etc. But since these sensors are embedded in the man’s body, we can tell the position of the body and the height of the crotch area from the floor or ground.”

“OK,” said Dee, why did you put that stuff in?”

“Think about it Dee, You want to put your husband on his knees, and you want him to stay on his hands and knees all day. The device can tell if he’s horizontal and face down and how far his waist is from the floor so he can’t fool the device by laying down. Want him to lay on the floor until you let him move? It can make him because it can tell if he’s horizontal, face up and flat on the floor. Want him to stand all day, it can do that too.”

“Cool!” Dee said.

“But there is so much more we can do. Want him to run a certain distance at a certain speed every day, the UCDm can make him do it and punish him if he’s slow. Want to make him lock his office at work where you can tease and deny him every day at lunch? The device can do that. It can detect where he is with GPS within 40 feet, can stimulate his penis, then when he’s been erect for a few minutes, start the pain and ramp it up slowly till the erection goes away. And it could do this again and again until his lunchtime is over, or until he calls you, or whatever you wish. And everything is controlled, programmed, and monitored by a really great app. In fact, we put more money into the development of the app than in the physical device itself. There are so many features it was hard to make the user interface easy to use but we found an amazingly talented group of women programmers in Thailand that really had fun working on this app.”

“All that sounds amazing,” Dee said, “but I’m betting it’s really expensive!”

“It ain’t cheap, that’s why Will and I are having to save up, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it.” Julie said.

“Neither my sister nor I are making any profit on the device but since we are making them in small quantities and since we need an outpatient surgery suite, an anesthetist, and a recovery room to implant the device, there are some expenses. However, we don’t have even one unhappy user, at least among the wives. I did have one husband beg me to remove or disable his device but of course I reported him to his wife, and I haven’t heard a single complaint from him since!” Bel laughed.

“As I said, I’ll email you an owner’s manual, I just ask that you not share it with anyone but your husband. If anyone is interested, just have them contact me.”

Julie and Dee thanked Dr. MacDougal. They had talked so long that they were almost the last to leave the Tea. On their way out, Dee made sure to thank Mrs. Wainwright.

“Thanks SO much for letting me come to the Tea, not only was the food and tea delicious but I learned so much. I have a lot to think about.”

“You’re so welcome my dear, “Mrs. Wainwright said, “I have a feeling you’re going to be a wonderful addition to our community. Just be sure to let Julie guide you in what you share with your husband and when. Guiding a male into our clutches must be handled gently, dear, and Julie has lots of experience. Trust her wisdom!”


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