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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

The projects with the Schwartz Iron works continue as measurements are taken and the Cell designed. Enjoy.

Chapter 14: Cell, The Order

It was the third of the following month before Jenni could schedule a visit. When she showed up at Jill's front door, Jill was excited to get her fence project started.

“Hi Jenni, any problem finding the house?” Jill asked.

“No problem at all, and it’s Jerri.” Jerri replied, “Guess who lost the election this month!”

“Oh,” Jill realized with twins you couldn’t make assumptions.

“And this is Helen,” Jerri added, pointing to the girl behind her. Helen could not have been more than five feet tall; she only came up to Jerri’s armpits. Helen had a cute, attractive face and bob haircut dyed purple. But her figure was stocky with no breast to speak of, large hips and stocky legs. She was wearing the usual Schwartz uniform of denim overalls and despite her height, she was the one with the tool belt and Jerri was carrying a tablet. 

“Let’s see what you want,” Jerri said, getting down to business.

Jerri and Helen measured the fence line, measured the gate width, discussed the designs Jenni had sketched out.

“If you want any changes to the design of this decorative gate, I can get Jenni to make them in her cell,” Jerri said, adding, “and do you want us to tear down and remove the old wood fence? We’ll do it if you want, but it’s not really our thing.”

“I think her sketches are perfect and my husband agrees,” Jill exclaimed enthusiastically, “and we have a handyman that can take that old fence out. I’ll get that done.”

“Did you want us to look at where you want a cell and work up a price for that as well?” Jerri asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, I haven’t talked to Bob about that yet... but since you’re here, come inside.”

As they walked into the basement from the back yard, Jerri was studying everything. She noted the size of the basement door because that would determine how they would fabricate the cell. She looked at the power panel to see if there was enough power to run a welder. She looked at the wall dividing the basement, at the support posts, including the one with the chain attached. She looked at the exercise equipment. When she got to the alcove with the small sink and toilet she exclaimed, “Oh, that’s nice, beats our camp toilet.” Helen agreed.

“OK, this wall is load bearing, so we don’t want to mess with that. And assuming you want the cell behind this door, there isn’t room to put a freestanding cell like ours in the middle here, plus that support post with the chain on it would be inside the cell.” Jerri explained. “So, I’d suggest attaching a U-shaped Cell to extend the alcove. That will give you a 10 deep X 8 wide cell with mostly cement walls, but the front part of the cell will be 2 ft deep by 8 wide bars. We can drill and bolt them solidly here and here. That will save you money on the bars and put the toilet and sink inside the cell.”

Jerri further suggested an electronic lock. Basically a 1,600 lbs. hold strength electromagnet like those used on commercial security doors. “Helen can wire that up to your fire alarm system and a home automation system. It can be programmed so if the power fails, the fire alarm or burglar alarm goes off, the cell opens automatically. Helen’s a wiz at that kind of stuff. And your husband can use a cell phone app to control the lock from anywhere in the world. I see,” Jerri continued, “that he already has cameras in here so that’s good. We always have someone around the shop but for this cell I would strongly recommend an automated lock.”

Jerri had one other refinement she thought Jill would like, “We can make a rail system out of I-beams and bolt it to the ceiling, The I-beam would run from the back of the cell over the toilet, to the area by the exercise machines. We put a roller carriage, very strong, on the I-beam with a chain hanging down just long enough to reach the ground. We’ll cut a clot in the bars above the door so the roller and chain will go though. The basic idea is that your collar can be chained to the trolly. When the cell door is open, you can pull the trolley over to the exercise machines along the I-beam.”

“That sounds incredible,” Jill said, “but why, once out, would I go back in my cell?”

“Because you’re told to?” asked Jerri?

“My kink doesn’t work that way in my head,” explained Jill. “I need to know I’m totally controlled, totally helpless. That’s a large part of what turns me on.

Helen turned and whispered something to Jerri. Helen seemed to be deferring to Jerri.

“You tell her, it’s your idea and it sounds doable to me.” Jerri responded.

“Well,” Helen said confidently, “I was thinking since the rail would be bolted to the wood joist up there, it would be insulated. So, we could put a charge on the rail and if the carriage used metal wheels, the charge would go all the way from your collar to your feet and ground. Sort of like the floor of your cage Jerri.”

“Yep, that would work,” agreed Jerri. Helen continued, “and we could put a button, or better a motion detector that can tell if you’re in the cell. I could wire it into the home automation system and program it to know what time you’re supposed to be back in the cell, with the door locked. If you’re not, ZAP!”

“Ohhh, Bob’s just got to buy this for me!” Jill gushed. “Please get me a price quote for the fence, gate and the cell, just as you described it as soon as you can.”

“I need to confer with Helen and run some numbers, but I should email you by tomorrow night.” Jerri said.

“I’ll even add pricing for a range of optional accessories, most of which we keep in stock.” Jerri added.

“Ohhh, like what?” Jill asked.

“Just be patient Jill, I’ll even send some photos of my sister or I modeling them, and you can try to guess which of us it is.”

“You don’t mind if I show my husband?” Jill asked.

“You are adorable, do you know that, Jill?” was all Jerri would say and she and Helen left by the back basement door.

The quotes came, as promised, late that afternoon. The fence and gate were very reasonable, Jill thought, but then Schwartz had competitors in Birmingham that worked as far south as Chain, so the market set the price on that type of fencing. And Bob had already basically given his permission for the fence, to match the Tesla he was buying as his promotion present.

The Cell was another matter. It was expensive since it involved building much of it custom, and assembling it in their basement. And Bob hadn’t been to Schwartz Iron Works, he hadn’t seen the cell or talked to the twins and Jill hadn’t mentioned it to him at all.

Jill fantasized about meeting Bob at the front door, kneeling, naked, with her hands cuffed behind her back, one of his leather belts in her mouth. That was a hot fantasy, but this was a decision the two of them needed to make. It involved money. It involved making modifications to the house that, if they ever sold, would have to be removed. And finally, it involved a change in Jill’s submission. All of that needed to be discussed openly and without Jill trying to sexually coerce Bob.

Jill did her hair, put on a dress that Bob liked, with no underwear, and a touch of perfume. That wasn’t stacking the deck too much, she hopped. Besides, he would know she was up to something when she wasn’t wearing shorts and a tee when he got home.

When he came in, Bob commented that she looked very beautiful. He knew she was getting the fence quote today and decided that it was more money that Jill was expecting so she was going to encourage him to stick to his word. He already decided that Jill could have anything she wanted, his position was as much due to her support of him as any skill or effort he had put in. Jill deserved it.

After dinner, they moved to the den where Jill already had the e-mailed materials printed and laid out.

“OK, how much?” Bob said, pretending to be concerned.

Jill handed him the Fence and Gate quote. He looked at the concept drawings and nodded, then looked at the estimate. Bob looked up at her with a quizzical look on his face, “Damn, this is about half of what I was expecting.” He exclaimed, “let’s do it!”

“Oh, thank you Bob, it’s going to look great, you’ll see! Now look at this.” And Jill handed him a stack of papers. There was a photo of the cell at Schwartz’s with one of the twins kneeling in the middle. There was a drawing of the plans for Bob and Jill’s basement cell. There was a diagram of the track and chain system and a description of how it and the electric locks would work. Finally, there was the quote. It started with just the Cell with a padlock and showed add-on prices for the electric locks, rail system, and finally the shock system and automation.

Jill, sitting on the couch next to him, realized she was holding her breath.

Bob looked at it all without saying anything or asking questions. Then he went back to the cover photo of the cell, “Where is this and who’s the woman with the funky hair?”

“Just like a man,” thought Jill, “all that information and all he wants to know about is the woman.”

Jill proceeded to tell him all about Schwartz Iron Works, starting from who refereed her and their reputation, to the design of the fence, to her tour of the living quarters. She explained the twins, the employees, the company meetings and even the employee benefits. The only thing she left out was how turned on she became while watching girl/girl action through the bars. She could tell him that later, she could tell the whole story was getting him excited enough; his pants were starting to bulge.

“So, the chain isn’t enough for you anymore?” Bob asked with a smile. He had already decided, based on how excited Jill was about this, that he would agree.

“Bob,” Jill answered, “I love everything you do to me, you know that, but there was just something about that Cell, a real Cell Bob. Steel bars, heavy lock, solid Clank when the door closes. It took my breath away. Can I have it please?” she asked almost like she was asking to keep a stray puppy.

“Jill, my only concern is that’s a lot of money to play for a day or two every so often.”

Jill understood Bob’s concern, she had thought the same thing. Bob traveled more often since his promotion. He was frequently gone three to five days at a time visiting and training at field sales offices. Ever concerned about safety, Bob wasn’t going to lock Jill in a cell and then leave town, even with all the safety precautions. What if she had a health emergency? Or there was an emergency with Bob or Jill’s parents. No, they only played when Bob was home, and that was frustrating to Jill.

“I understand,” Jill said, dejectedly. “It’s a lot of money.” And she gathered up the papers.

Bob took them out of her hand, found both quotes and signed them both.

Jill was confused for just a second. Did he realize he had signed the whole Cell quote, all the options and everything? She looked at his face and he was smiling.

“How can I deny my ‘captivity slut’ her very own prison cell.”

Bob continued, “Jill, I probably don’t tell you this enough, but everything I am, everything I accomplish, everything I earn is because of your love and support. If this is what you want, this is what you get!”

Jill lifted Bob’s favorite dress off over her head in one fluid motion. Then she started pulling his pants off with his help. She mounted him Cowgirl style right there on the couch. In addition to a Fence and a Jail Cell, Bob was afraid he was also going to need a new couch. Jill rode him until her legs were jelly and Bob had exploded into her. Well, mostly into her. If you look very closely you can see where Jill never completely got the stain out of the cushion. So worth it.


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