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Storycodes: M/f; naked; outdoors; tease; oral; toys; crop; bond; rope; cons; XX

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 12: Backpacking, Spread

Fred admired the image Clair made drying in the sun with the light glinted off her wet skin. She saw him looking, smiled and struck a pose and shook her tits at him, to the extent she could with her hands tied over her head.

Going to the tent, he pulled four of the eight stakes out of the ground and went to an open area of the forest floor. He estimated distances and drove the four stakes into the ground. Clair watched him with interest, and she didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know what Fred had planned next.

When done, Fred took to his hammock again for half an hour while Clair’s body dried in the sun. Well, it wasn’t so much her body, that dried in minutes, it was her hair that took a while. When Fred thought she was dry enough, and before she got a sunburn, he untied her. After all, the sun was shining on skin it hadn’t seen much of and Fred hadn’t thought to bring sunscreen. But before he let her down, he took the comb out of her toiletries and combed her hair. Clair thought it was a sweet gesture even if he did pull a few tangled strands out by the roots.

When Fred untied her, he suggested she might want to use the latrine trench since she might not be able to for quite a while. “Oh, bring the shovel back with you.” He added.

When she returned, he gave her a drink of water then pointed to the ground in the middle of the stakes and told her to lay down. She intentionally did so at a 45-degree angle to what she knew he intended just to be a brat.

Fred didn’t react, he simply told her, “Feel how uncomfortable that is? The human body isn’t made to lie on a hard flat surface. The ass and shoulders take all the weight, and it bends your spine in an uncomfortable angle. I’d suggest you use that shovel to scoop depressions for your shoulders and ass. Keep trying it and adjusting till it’s comfortable because you may be there all night.

“Surely he wouldn’t leave me on the ground all night, he knows so much about sleeping on the ground he must know how cold the ground will get.” But Clair worked hard to make sure her ‘bed’ was as comfortable as possible. She also picked up all the sticks, acorns, and other things that would make the ground uncomfortable.

When she indicated she was done, Fred started tying pieces of rope around her wrists and ankles. She sat quietly and watched. When he had ropes on all four limbs, he laid her on her back in the bed she had dug and proceeded to tie her spread eagle. He adjusted the ropes several times until she was centered between the stakes and stretched taunt.

Fred took his shirt off.

“Nice touch,” thought Clair, “I’ll never get tired of looking at his chest and abs.”

He walked away towards the dildo tree, as Clair now thought of it, and came back with the switch and her little vibrator. He also picked up her sleeping bag on the way back and laid it between her outstretched legs.

“Hold this for me,” Fred said as he placed his dreaded ‘tapping’ switch between her teeth, “I’ll need it later.”

Laying down on his stomach between her legs, Fred started kissing the inside of Clair’s thighs, her belly, nibbling the tendons. After several minutes of this he slowly ran his tongue from her perineum up between her labia to her clit. The effect on Clair, who had been on a sexual high since they left the dorm yesterday, was electric. Her whole body shuddered. Fred kept up a slow, steady, but light stroking with his tongue. After several minutes of this, Fred took a minute to turn on her small vibrator and insert it into her Vagina then went back to stroking her clit with his tongue.

“Oh god he’s good at this!” thought Clair.

Every ten or twenty strokes with his tongue, Fred would take her clit between his lips and suck or nibble.

Clair kept soaring higher and higher. The vibrations inside of her weren’t that intense but just added to what Fred was doing between her legs. Even the promise of the switch held between her lips drove her higher.

Every time Fred could feel Clair’s body start to tense, he would take a break and lay his head in her crotch. Clair wanted to scream at him, but she kept the switch in her mouth and simply moaned her disappointment every time he backed off. But Fred’s back and neck were getting tired, this was a hard position to hold no matter how much he was enjoying the taste and smell of her. Fred added a couple of fingers inside of Clair and pushed the small vibrator hard up against her G Spot. At the same time he started sucking rapidly on her Clit while holding his tongue against the very top of her Clit.

Clair’s back arched involuntarily, she couldn’t breath and she didn’t care. The orgasm exploded out of her and just kept going and going. Fred felt like her vagina was going to break his fingers, it was convulsing so hard. Fred just kept rhythmically sucking and sucking and sucking.

Clair spat the switch out of her mouth, “Stop, stop, stop, it’s too much, please sir!” she begged.

“Kajira was told to keep switch in mouth, Kajira will be punished,” Fred said with a smile.

Despite her post orgasmic fog, Clair simply groaned, not because she had a punishment coming but Fred was doing Gorean again!

Fred went and found Clair's washcloth, cleaned his face and between her legs.

“Which tit would you like me to punish first slave.” He asked.

“Whatever sir wishes.” Clair smiled.

Fred loved the way Clair’s breasts looked when she was laying on her back, perfect domes with those huge crowning nipples. He took the switch and laid it across Clair’s stomach with the tip across her right breast, ending at her nipple. Clair watched him with interest and a little dread, especially as the tip touched her nipple.

Fred held the base of the switch flat against Clair’s stomach then pulled the tip back until it was about six inches above her breast. He stopped to look in her eyes and waited until she looked from her breast to his eyes. Then he let the switch snap down, right across her nipple and lower breast.

Clair thought she was prepared but this was such a sharp pain! She let out a long, slow growl but kept her eyes focused on Fred.

An angry red vertical line was already slowly forming on the right underboob when Fred moved the switch to the left. Clair had expected him to wait and let her anticipate the pain but he didn’t, he pulled back the switch and let it fly immediately. He missed her nipple but that was small consolation. Clair let a small yelp escape her lips then grit her teeth. Did that one hurt more than the other or was it just the surprise?

Fred sat back on his heels and watched Clair process the pain. He also watched another angry red line emerge.

Hopping up, Fred removed his pants and underwear then realized he didn’t have a condom. The sight of his naked butt running to the tent and back was a pleasant distraction from the pain for Clair. Fred was rolling the condom on as he walked back, “What a multitasker!” thought Clair with some amusement, followed by “Thank god he’s finally going to fuck me!”

Fred positioned himself and was about to impale Clair when she said “Uhh, the vibrator sir!”

“Oh yea.” Fred had completely forgotten it was still buzzing away inside Clair which wasn’t a bad thing, it was starting to warm her back up.

After he fished the buzzing little thing out he replaced it with something much bigger.

“Fuck he feels good,” thought Clair as her need to be filled was met.

Fred was glad the both of them had cum recently because he wanted to enjoy this for a while.

Fred laid fully on top of Clair, crushing her. He stretched his arms out along hers and grabbed her hands. He started rocking his hips, pushing his penis in and out about an inch and crushing her clit with his pubic bone.

Fred started to realize he wasn’t going to last as long as he thought. To slow his orgasm, he tried to think about how cold the creek was but that caused him to picture Clair in the creek and he got harder. Fred kept rocking. Clair was moaning and gasping for breath at the same time. Fred was crushing her rib cage and every movement reminded her of the sting on her breast. But her orgasm was also building quickly as well. She felt Fred rock into her deeply, stop, then she felt him pulse inside of her. It was just enough to trip her as well and they came together in the holy grail of simultaneous orgasms.

As Clair finished and started coming down she tried to be a good girl and let Fred relax and enjoy his glow as well. But she couldn’t breathe. And now that the sexual high was draining away she needed to breathe. She tried to buck and heave him off. She failed but Fred got the message and rolled to her side, resting his head on her shoulder and his hand across her right breast. It felt nice. It felt right even when Fred kneaded her breast and reminded her of his handiwork.

After they both caught their breath and relaxed a bit, Fred decided he needed to wash up. But not in that cold creek, that was for slave girls. He reluctantly untangled from Clair, threw the used condom in their trash bag, wiped down and put away the vibrator. He then started building a fire.

It was only mid-afternoon but Clair thought, “Well, I guess I am spending the night here.”

Fred puttered around camp in the nude but still wearing his boots until the fire was going. Then he filled their larger cooking pot with water and put it on the fire. When he untied Clair, she couldn’t decide if she was relieved or disappointed. She had been enjoying the total helplessness, the feeling of her well-used cunt, and the sunlight filtering through the trees onto her skin.

After Clair had stretched, Fred handed her the washcloth, biodegradable soap and pointed at the now warm pot of water.

“Wash me” was all Fred said as he took his boots off and stood.

Clair dipped the cloth in the warm water, squired soap on it and started to wash his arms, his chest (yum), his back, his but, his legs. She saved the best for last, re-soaping the cloth and gently washing his genitals continuing way after they were squeaky clean. Fred took the rag and washed her fluids off her genitals and then dusted the dirt off her back and ass.

Clair dipped the cloth back in the water and realized it was getting very hot. She added some more cold from their water bottle then started slowly dribbling it over Fred, using her hands to rinse the soap off both of them with a minimum of water. Fred took his flannel shirt and dried them both off then put it on along with the rest of his clothes.

“What? It will dry!” he said when he realized Clair was looking at him like he was crazy.

Fred put Clair’s open sleeping bag on the ground next to the fire and indicated they should both sit. Clair snuggled up against him.

“This has been the best weekend of my life!” Fred exclaimed.

“Mine too,” Clair added, “but that sounds past tense.”

“Well,” Fred continued, “I love dominating you, and the sex is decent, “Clair elbowed him in the ribs, “but I also love just hiking and camping with you. There is a waterfall about a mile upstream that I would like us to hike to, then we can fix dinner together, zip these sleeping bags together and cuddle up around the fire. Are you up for that?”

“That sounds lovely,” Clair signed, “BUT, may I please fix dinner and clean up? I’m enjoying the service aspects of this weekend; can we keep that please?”

“Sure, fine by me.” Fred laughed as he hopped up.

Clair realized he was looking up at her boots hanging from the tree limb.

“Uhh, you did have a plan, right?” she asked.

“Well, sort of,” he said as he found a long tree branch that ALMOST reached.

Dropping to his knee, he told Clair to climb on his shoulders. Taking the stick, she was able to knock her boots off the limb.

“Damn,” Fred thought, “Clair’s naked thighs sure felt good wrapped around his neck.”

Fred fished in his pack and pulled out Clair’s sweatshirt. She looked at it, looked at him and raised one eyebrow.

“For emergencies.” He said and tossed it to her.

Clair was more than comfortable naked in the woods, she almost tossed it into the fire to make her point, but it was her favorite sweatshirt. She tossed it back at Fred.
“I like being naked for you. Hell, I like being naked, period.” Clair laughed.

It was a great hike, and the waterfall was just as beautiful as Fred remembered. There really wasn’t a trail up the creek so Fred was constantly clearing stickers, holding back branches, or pushing through brush ahead of Clair. She collected a few scratches and marks anyway. She looked so cute in her hiking boots and heavy socks… and nothing else.

Clair fixed the dehydrated egg noodles and beef stroganoff and this time Fred insisted she eat more than her half. After she had cleaned the dishes and straightened camp Fred fished around in his pack again and came out with two single serving sized wine bottles, some cheese and Clair’s sweatshirt. The sun was going down and it was starting to get cool, so this time she put the sweatshirt on.

Fred pulled the sleeping bag over their legs, and they sat and had cheese and wine and talked. They talked about next semester, they talked about movies currently playing, they talked about their future together. When the firewood that Clair had gathered was almost gone, they realized it was after midnight.

Both of them were tired but neither of them wanted the night to end. Fred finally untangled from Clair and, dragging her bag into the tent, zipped their bags together. They undressed and crawled into the combined bag together, curling up in each other’s arms.

Fred woke first, realizing the sun was well up and warming the tent already. He also realized he had to pee… bad!” In untangling from Clair he woke her and she instantly had the same realization. The fought to be the first out of the tent, almost tearing the zipper to the door, then pranced across the campsite on bare feet. Crouching naked over the ditch, facing each other, they both let loose a hearty stream at the same time. They both went “Ahhhhh” at the same time and laughed.

“What’s for breakfast,” asked Clair as they walked back into the campsite.

“I think more oatmeal,” said Fred with a scowl.

“Well, it might taste better if you eat it off my tits!” smiled Clair seductively.

“Actually, I think breakfast might be delayed, I have a different kind of hunger!” Fred said and Clair realized his erection was growing rapidly. He picked her up by the waist and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel his erection growing as he carried her back into the tent.

It was a half hour later when Fred staggered out of the tent, still naked, and started a fire. Clair joined him and started preparing for breakfast. The morning was cold and Clair had put her sweatshirt back on but after the dishes were clean and she was folding the tent and packing up, she took it off and packed it back in Fred’s pack.

While Clair was packing up, Fred took the shovel and covered the latrine. He then went over to the dildo tree and started to cut off the carved branch.

“Don’t do that!” Clair exclaimed.

“Why? We’re going home now?” Fred said, confused.

“But we might come back some day!” Clair pleaded.

“But what if my old boy scout troop comes to this site again?” Fred asked.

“Well, we might inspire a while new generation of sexual sadists.” Clair answered.

So, Fred left it.

Clair was sad when they reached the tree where her clothes were hidden. She didn’t want to get dressed. There was something about being naked in nature that was liberating. And this place was so isolated that she never once thought about someone walking up on them.

On the drive home Clair wanted to take a nap, but Fred wanted to debrief.

“How are your breasts, Clair?”

“Well,” she answered, “you notice I didn’t put my bra back on.”

“I’m sorry,” Fred said sincerely, “I know I hit them too hard.”

“No Fred, you didn’t do a single thing wrong this weekend. I love you for all the planning and the work you did to make a perfect weekend.”
“What was your favorite part?” Fred asked.

“Hmmm, I think the dildo tree, that was hot. Perhaps if there is a next time you could use the switch on me more. It’s really hot when I can’t move without hurting my cunt yet I need to move to avoid the switch!”

“And the worst part?” asked Fred.

“Oh the cold water, hands down, the cold water. I HATE cold!” Clair exclaimed.

“Check,” said Fred, “no more cold water.”

“That’s not what I said Fred,” Clair said seriously. “I said I hated it. One does not follow from the other.”

“OhhKaaayyy,” Fred drawled, obviously confused.

“Fred,” Clair explained, “I crave being helpless, I crave your total control, I’m learning that pain turns me on too. You need to do exactly what your sadistic mind wants to do to me.”

Clair added, “I’ll smile next week every time I feel those welts on my tits, every time I feel my sore vagina, every time I remember that cold water. I love you Fred.” And Clair closed her eyes and took a nap.

Fred had a lot to think about on his drive home.


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