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Storycodes: M/f; bond; incest; teen; chain; naked; basement; conditioning; diet; mittens; mast; oral; punish; cons; X

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 5: Transgression

Clair was as busy the following week as a usual school week. She had several clubs, softball practice and new to the scene, she and Fred had started dating. That had caused some family discussion, but Jill defended her maturity to Bob and so, a 10pm curfew was set along with a limit of no dates on school nights unless it was a special event, like a school play or something.

Monday was Jill’s usual night to clean the upstairs and she was already hard at it when Clair headed out for a spirit night at school with Fred, duly approved by Bob and Jill. Fred picked her up and they were almost halfway to the school when Clair realized she didn’t have any tampons in her pocket, and it was almost time, so Fred turned around, with a little lighthearted kidding, and headed back to the house.

Clair knew her Dad was on the computer, probably playing games and she didn’t really want to explain why she had come back anyway, so she entered the house quietly and tip-toed up the stairs and into her bathroom.

She froze at the sight before her. Cleaning supplies were laying around the floor, but there was her mother, laying in the bathtub, her legs splayed open obscenely, eye’s closed, two fingers of her left hand in her vagina and the thumb of her right hand furiously rubbing her clit. Clair was so shocked by the scene before her that she didn’t think, she just screamed “DAD!!!!!!”

And then all hell broke loose.

Jill jumped about a foot, looked at Clair, grabbed for the shower curtain to cover herself and only succeeded in pulling the shower curtain down with a loud metallic clanking.

Bob could hear Clair scream, even through his gaming headphones, thought she was hurt of being attacked or he couldn’t imagine what, then he heard the loud metallic clatter of the shower curtain falling. He made it up the steps in about 4 bounds, adrenalin pumping and burst into the bath almost pushing Clair down in the process.

Then they all just looked at each other.

“What the HELL happened,” Bob shouted out of breath.

“Mom was… she was all… I’m late, I gotta go!” and Clair grabbed some tampons and was out the door.

Clair practically ran into Fred on the driveway. Even he had heard her scream and was headed in the house to see what was wrong. “What was THAT?” he asked.

“A RAT” was all Clair would say.

Bob would have liked to talk to Clair, not because he needed more information, he was pretty sure what had just happened. Bob would have liked to talk to Clair to make sure she was OK.

But for the moment, he had to deal with his slut of a wife.

“You will clean this mess up, finish cleaning, and then kneel at the top of the steps until I come and get you.”

“Bob, I’m really sorry I never meant to involve Clair and I…”

“Quiet, there is nothing you can say right now that won’t get you into even more trouble!” and Bob spun around and went back downstairs.

After closing out his game he went to the basement. Jill knew the rules, masturbation carried the penalty of wearing “The Mitts” for a week, but Bob decided this event required at least two weeks. In addition, Bob decided that he and Clair would have to clean the upstairs bathroom and make the beds for the next two weeks because he wasn’t letting Jill out of the basement for all that time, even to clean. The other cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, etc. could wait for a few weeks. And he had one other punishment in mind for Jill.

Jill had never finished her cleaning tasks so thoroughly or quickly in her life. She trusted Bob but still, she was horrified by her daughter’s reaction, really worried that Bob showed almost no emotion at all, and also deeply ashamed. Ashamed that she had shocked Clair, ashamed that she had succumbed to her own need, and ashamed that she had broken Bob’s rules and no doubt disappointed him.

Bob, although still a little worried about Clair, was beginning to see the humor in the whole situation. Oh, he was disappointed in Jill, and he would play that to the hilt, but he was more than a little surprised it had taken so long. He had let Jill go for weeks without an orgasm and he knew how desperate she was getting. When they had used ‘The Program’ earlier in their marriage, Jill had usually failed after just a few weeks. But her previous transgressions involved trying to sneak one in late at night and hope Bob wouldn’t notice when he reviewed the video. And the video back then was much lower quality than today. But Bob usually knew even before looking at the video because of the dried, milky fluid on the mattress the next morning. He couldn’t help but wonder if Jill had gone longer without cheating this time simply because they were getting older and neither of them was quite as ‘randy’ as they were ten years ago. Oh well, he was still planning on having some fun with her need this coming weekend. Clair would be gone to a softball tournament so he would have lots of time.

Clair was very quiet on the ride to spirit night and Fred, wise beyond his years, decided to just drive quietly. Clair couldn’t stop replaying the whole scene in her head. In replaying the event over and over she wondered why she had reacted so negatively. She wondered why she didn’t simply get her Tampons and leave. I mean, why should she care if her mom broke her parents silly sex rules. Why should she care if her mom rubbed one off. And she was supposed to be out, she shouldn’t have seen that whole scene at all. But she did, and no matter how much a teenager may rub or jerk off themselves, they really don’t want to think of their parents as sexual animals. It was just the shock of just how lewd her mother had looked in that tub.

Did she overreact? Did she owe her mom an apology? Clair knew about ‘The Mitts” and how much her Mom hated them, was her Mom going to hate her now? And when she thought about what her Dad was going to do to her Mom, was probably doing right now, why was Clair getting wet? She needed to stop thinking about this or she would have a wet spot on the back of her slacks that even her letter jacket wouldn’t cover. And then she pictured her Mom grabbing the shower curtain in panic, pulling it down, then trying to cover herself. The absurdity of the whole scene just washed over her while also remembering that her parents loved each other and her. She started laughing out loud, a deep rolling laugh that caught Fred completely off guard with the sudden change of mood. He was really beginning to wonder if his girlfriend was bipolar when Jill said, “It’s OK Fred, Mom just did something really stupid that made me really mad for a while, but I just realized how ridiculous it was and I’m OK now.”

“Your Mom’s home from the weight loss center?” asked Fred.

“Oh Shit” thought Clair, “I shouldn’t have let that slip.”

“She’s still in ‘The Program’ but we talk.” Clair answered without really lying, “Someday I’ll tell you all about it, but it would be better to let Mom or Dad tell you, it’s their life.”

“And when will that happen,” wondered Clair quietly as she contemplated, when and how such a conversation would occur and how Fred would react. Clair suddenly realized that she wasn’t wondering IF the conversation would occur, and that made her smile. She felt confident that she and Fred would build a life together.

Once Jill’s allotted time for cleaning was up, Bob headed back upstairs. He found Jill kneeling at the top of the steps, sitting on her heels, knees apart, head down, classic Nadu position. Neither of them said a word while Bob went and inspected the bathrooms. He was positive that Jill would have done the best job of her life, and she had, but ritual had to be fulfilled. When he was finished inspecting, he returned and unlocked Jill’s chain and simply said “Basement!”

As Jill entered her space, she could see the Mitts already out and sitting on her metal army bed springs. They were sitting on the springs because Bob had removed the mattress, “Oh Shit” thought Jill.

“You know the usual sentence is a week in The Mitts, but because of the trauma caused by the WAY you chose to break the rules I’ve decided to extend your sentence to two weeks.” Proclaimed Bob.

Jill just looked at the floor and a tear rolled down her eye.

“And, as you’ve probably figured out, I’ve decided to remove your mattress. I haven’t talked to her yet, but I’m going to let Clair decide when you can have it back, so I’d start thinking about how you’re going to apologize to her, if and when she ever comes down here again!”

Now Jill started to cry in earnest as Bob had just hit the thing Jill was most worried about. Jill’s reaction surprised Bill, he wasn’t sure what he expected but he was more prepared for bargaining or even an argument about the extra week, not crying?

“Jill, do you want out?” he asked quietly, “do we need to end The Program?”

“NO,” shouted Jill as she stared at Bob through her tears, “Just put the damn Mitts on, I deserve them!”

So Bob put each of Jill’s hands in the thick, leather, sandpaper covered Mitts, buckled the attached cuffs around her wrists and inserted a padlock in each buckle. He then attached the two cuffs behind Jill’s back using a metal clip. As he unzipped his pants, he ordered his lovely wife to her knees, “If you want to apologize, you need to use your mouth, but not your words.” After all, this whole situation was making Bob incredibly hard, and just because his wife couldn’t have an orgasm, didn’t mean he couldn’t.

Jill went to work immediately and almost too aggressively, Bob had to remind her to slow down and use her tongue. After he quickly dumped a load that surprised Jill with its volume and speed, he told her “Go stand in the corner with your nose on the wall and stay that way till I bring the rest of your dinner down.” Jill did as she was told without comment and Bob went back upstairs.

While Bob prepared Jill’s protein shake, Jill did a lot of thinking. Why did Bob come so damn fast? Did getting mad at her turn him on? OR perhaps he wasn’t actually mad, hmmm. Would her daughter come and see her? Was Clair mad? What did she think of her mother now? Why had she reacted so quickly in calling her father? And why did she come back to the house anyway?

When Bob came back downstairs, with Jill’s dinner in a large flat bowl, Jill was still standing in the corner. Bob placed the bowl in the middle of the floor and as he was leaving said “When I’m gone you may eat.” Jill was shocked that he had left her hands cuffed behind her back, he had never done that before during dinner. She knew it was awkward but not difficult to lap her dinner and water when she could prop her elbows on the floor. She had no idea how she would accomplish it without her arms. Jill waited until the door closed and then looked at the bowl. Yep, same shallow metal bowl they had used years ago. She got down on her knees and tried leaning forward. Her hair fell in her shake, “oh shit” she thought, that won’t get washed out for several days. Perhaps if she had been a few years younger and as flexible she might have accomplished this position but her back simply wouldn’t bend that far, and her knees were killing her. Eventually she worked out laying on her side then rolling her face over the bowl. She could hold her head out of the bowl for several minutes at a time, rolling back on her side when her neck muscles got too tired. It took a long time to suck and lap her dinner out of the bowl, but she was hungry and knew better than to leave anything in the bowl. If she left some of her shake Bob was likely to announce that, since he was obviously giving her too much he would cut down on the next meal.

After dinner, Jill’s face and hair just felt gross. She tried to grab some toilet paper with her mouth, lay it on the floor and wipe her face but that wasn’t very effective and then she had trouble picking the toilet paper up with her mouth and putting it in the toilet. Jill had a very restless and uncomfortable night as her shoulders became increasingly stiff, and she just couldn’t find a comfortable position. She gave up on the wire springs of the army bed almost immediately, especially since with her hands behind her she had to lay on her stomach and the wire springs cut into her breasts and belly. She tried the floor but that was cold and hard. She eventually got a few hours of fitful sleep sitting on the floor leaned up against the wall.

Clair came home by curfew and in a surprisingly good mood. The Spirit Night included a big bonfire, and someone had arranged a junk car that everyone painted with their rival High School’s colors. Everyone took turns smashing the painted car with a sledgehammer while the band played. She and Fred drank hot cider and talked and talked. When Fred took her home, she really wasn’t looking forward to talking with her Dad and hoped to just slip upstairs and go to bed. But Bob was waiting up for her, of course.

“Hea kid, you doing ok? You want to talk?”

“Yea dad, I’m fine, I had a really good time tonight, it was fun.”
“OK, well, um, you know about The Mitts, right?” “Yea Dad, I know.”

“Well, um, I also took away her mattress.” Bob said slowly, not sure how to get into this with Clair.

“And, um, I also left her hands cuffed behind her back.” Bob added.

“Um, OK,” said Clair, “seems a little harsh to me but whatever you guys do… “

“One more thing,” Bob continued, “I’ll go down in the morning and uncuff her, let her use the toilet and hose her ass off.” 

“DAD,” Clair exclaimed, “Do you not understand the concept of TMI.”

“OK, point taken.” Bob said, “But I just wanted you to know that I told your Mom you would decide when she gets her mattress back. It’s up against the wall in the outer part of the basement, so you can give it to her whenever you feel like she’s apologized sufficiently or when you’re not still mad at her.”

“Dad, I’m not really mad at her and I’ll probably just give it back to her tomorrow afternoon after school.” Clair said slowly. “It was just a shock to see Mom so ‘graphicly’. Kids don’t like to think of their parents as sexual beings. Yes, I know you guys ‘do it’ and yes, she’s chained up naked in the basement for heaven’s sake, but seeing your Mom,… you know. But after I thought about the whole scene, I actually had a good laugh, it was pretty ridiculous.”

“Yea, I get it,” Bob said, “I’m not really mad at her either, and I had a chuckle myself. For the record, every other time we’ve done “The Program, she’s failed the masturbation rule a few weeks in, so I wasn’t surprised either. She was pretty upset, mostly at herself and at your reaction, so I would talk with her tomorrow afternoon. And for the record, I gave her the option of stopping The Program and she emphatically declined. I’m just glad you’re OK, and whatever you decide to do about the mattress is OK with me, just don’t unlock the mitts unless it’s an emergency.”

“Night Dad.” “Night Clair.”

Clair had a lot to think about, her wonderful evening with Fred, her mother, her dad, her life. In the middle of the night, she woke up with a start and realized her fingers were busy! She remembered the wonderful dream she was having before she woke. She and Fred were back at the Spirit Rally sitting on a bench. Fred was holding Clair’s cup of hot cider and giving her sips as they talked. Clair’s Letter Jacket was thrown over her shoulders both because it was cool and because it hid the handcuffs that connected her wrists behind her back. It all seemed so natural, and she was so incredibly wet! Her dream didn’t bother her at all, but she did wonder if it would bother Fred.

Clair did visit Jill, as usual, after school the next day. As she entered Jill launched into her pre-prepared apology speech and was so intent on getting it all out that it took her a minute to realize that Jill was already carrying her mattress into the room. She stopped mid-sentence.

“It’s OK Mom,” Clair said, “I’m OK, it was just a shock and I’m sorry I got you in trouble with Dad.”

“Oh Honey, I deserved it. And I realized how I would have reacted if I walked into the bathroom and found you in that position, I mean, I think I’m pretty open minded about sex and I know you masturbate, at least I hope you do! But still…" Said Jill.

“OK, so… Good?” Asked Clair. “Yep, Good… except for these damn Mitts.” Exclaimed Jill, and they both had a good laugh.

“Do you think Dad would care if I rinsed that crap out of your hair?” asked Clair.

“No, I don’t think so, and while you’re at it could you hose off my tush, I had to pee earlier today and, you know, can’t wipe.”

“And I suppose,” Said Clair with mock disgust as she headed for the hose, “that this is going to become a regular part of our afternoon visits for the next week.”

“ummm, actually for the next two weeks, Dad doubled my sentence.”

“Well shit, that sucks for you.” Said Clair.

“Language young lady.” Said Jill in mock sternness as they both laughed at the absurdity of a mother, naked and chained in a basement, in leather mitts as punishment for masturbating, scolding her daughter for saying ‘shit’ and ‘sucks’.


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