by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2007 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; bond; display; hum; costume; toys; reluct; X

Bondage had always been a private affair. Their little secret. Mark was the instigator but Marianne was a willing participant. The scenarios were varied and they used all parts of the house, so when Mark tied her on the coffee table Marianne was not unduly worried. She had her normal rush of anticipation in the knowledge that there would be an orgasmic finale as always. The night was young and she steeled herself mentally for the waiting to come. Hurry was not in Mark’s vocabulary.

He started by placing a piece of spare carpet on the circular table. He had cut it to exactly the right size, which was typical of him. Everything had to look just right. She was made to sit on the carpet with her ankles crossed making her knees splay out wide. She was totally naked but the room was warm. First he fashioned a rope bra, over and under her breasts, squeezing them  so her nipples swelled. Then he tied her wrists behind her, taking several turns and cinching between them to be certain there was no slack. A rope was run around her middle and her hands secured to it  so she was now unable to move them. Her arms were next. Positioning the rope between elbow and shoulder taking it both behind and in front of her he made them completely immobilised. He tied her crossed ankles Her legs were encouraged apart with ropes running under the table anchoring her in place in almost a lotus position. Ropes ran from front and behind under the table. The final touch was a connection from her neck to her ankles which he made to look like a hangman’s noose pulling her slightly forward.

When he had finished she was completely helpless, unable to move from the neck down. He was as meticulous as ever, making sure each knot was pulled tight and then checked for security. The surprise was to paint her nipples with lip stick. It was at this point she began to ponder. The ropes were brand new, white and clean, and this decoration was new, why? She watched him collect up her scattered clothes and carry them out and her heart leapt to her mouth.

“Mark?” She questioned “What are you doing Mark?” He did not answer. “Is someone coming?” Still Nothing. “Mark! Who is coming?” She was now sure. “MARK!”

Mark did not answer. He was meticulously folding a white handkerchief.

“Who is coming?” She was desperate now, struggling and pulling at her restraints, even though she knew it to be pointless. There was no place to hide, and no way to conceal her nudity, or the fact that she had allowed herself to be tied up. Then there was the prospect of being teased and titillated by unknown strangers with little hope of orgasmic relief.

Mark smoothed out the creases in the handkerchief and  then knotted a second one. Marianne did not need to be told what was happening.

“Mark! Answer me! Who is coming?”

“Open wide.” He said firmly. There was little point in fighting him but Marianne was not feeling co-operative.

The knot was forced between her teeth and the cloth pulled tight causing her to grimace slightly. The second handkerchief covered the first giving a more smooth appearance.  Mark stood back to admire his handiwork, a frown came over his face and she watched him disappear out the door. He returned with a hair brush and spent several minutes grooming her. In other circumstances she would have really enjoyed this attention. Mark pressed heavily onto her scalp sending pleasant vibrations through her but the presence of a gag and the knowledge of why he was doing it removed all enjoyment for her. Satisfied Mark put the brush down and made a final inspection. He tweaked each nipple to ensure it was firm and made a brief inspection between her legs.

“A little dry.” He remarked.

Marianne shook herself. What did he expect? This was not a normal bondage session and as yet she had had no positive stimulation. Mark produced some baby oil and dribbled some carefully just above her pussy opening allowing it to trickle down inside her. She shivered uncontrollably at the feelings. He gave a few encouraging rubs to her nipples and pushed his fingers inside her to add stimulation. Despite herself she was getting aroused. Damn the man! He knew her too well!

“I need to get changed.” He said. “But here is an invitation so you can see what to expect.

Heroes & Villains Party

The dastardly Moriarty has captured Marianne and Displayed her Bound  Gagged and naked.
Will you come to her rescue?
Admittance by costume.
6 p.m. prompt

Marianne stared at the card in disbelief. How many people knew? How many were coming? Who were they? Did she know them? Did they know her? What would they think? Gagged she could not even explain or defend herself.

Mark was indeed dastardly. He stood in front of her and did an erotic strip. If she was not aroused before then this was guaranteed to make her. He got right down to his briefs and even flashed his bare bottom at her before dressing again as Moriarty, complete with cape, hat and cane. He even added a false thin moustache. The transformation was remarkable.

“So now my captive.” He said in his best melodramatic voice. “Is any one going to rescue you? We shall see.”

She did not have long to wait. The doorbell announced the arrival of Darth Vader and Princess Leah. Darth was suitably masked but the Princess was dressed as when she was captured, in a skimpy bra and panties. Marianne recognised her as Jackie, her brother’s girlfriend. Which meant that Darth Vader must be........Her brother! She squeaked an ineffectual complaint. Jackie was fascinated by her and spent several minutes examining the tight rope work and touching Marianne in various places.

“Does it hurt?” She asked

Marianne shook her head.

“Good. But I am not sure that I could stand it.”

Andrew, Marianne's brother chipped in with a husky. “We shall see Princess.”

Jackie was not sure how to interpret this comment. There was little time to dwell on things as more guests were now arriving: The Lone Ranger, Xena and Hercules, Fu Manchu, and some she could not identify immediately. Some of the faces looked familiar, some were masked, others she was sure she knew. Reactions to her varied from a complement to Mark on his decoration to a quick grope and titillation to see what reaction they might get. With her movements so restricted and the gag concealing any words she could not visibly react at all, so the interest soon waned.

The initial embarrassment she felt soon changed to frustration as she realised that the party would continue basically without her. She was part of the furniture, a curiosity to view but once seen, she was then taken for granted and ignored. She had just got used to this idea when a voice boomed that made her blush from head to toe.

“Well Mark. I see you have finally tamed her.”

“Dad?” She tried to say. She could not believe it. Her mother was there too. They had arrived as Hercule Poiret and Miss Marple.

“Just like when she was a girl.” Her mother confided to anyone who would listen “She was always tying herself up and hiding under the bed clothes. She thought I did not know.”

Marianne blushed completely again. It seemed her love of bondage was not such a secret after all! For a brief moment she was the centre of attention, but only as an object of derision. She wished the ground would swallow her up, but she was sat immobile and shamed. Even her parents did not suggest that she was freed, or even that her nakedness should be covered. Having been completely humiliated the party resumed. She ran through every emotion from frustration, though pleasure and back again. She was as aroused as she had ever been but no one touched her. She could not stimulate herself and no one was going to assist, especially with her parents watching.

Eventually people started leaving, all except The Lone Ranger, and Spiderman. She could not identify either of them. Mark was still there, of course, but she could not actually see him.

“She’s all yours.” She heard from behind her.

Marianne was shocked. Who were these two?

They started gently enough. Her tits were stroked and gently squeezed, her nipples teased and a palm was pressed against her pussy. She squirmed as much as she could, the attention was a welcome change. The squeezing became a little firmer, and her nipples were pulled with more force. She shuddered with anticipation, unable to encourage or refuse the stimulation. Where was Mark?

A finger probed inside her to find a warm and wet reception. She had been frustrated for several hours, she needed some relief, but the pawing and pulling was for their benefit not hers. Her nipples were starting to ache from all the attention. That would not have bothered her except that someone was fiddling with the ropes on her legs. She felt a release of pressure on her knees, the lassoo was removed and her ankles untied. She looked wide eyed about as her legs were forced apart. The Lone ranger dropped his pants and took control of her legs. Spiderman was sucking at a nipple and the Lone Ranger entered her hard. She was moist, but he was large. She was lying heavily on her arms. He exploded into her long before she had achieved any sort of satisfaction.

The Lone Ranger then left, leaving her at the tender mercies of Spiderman. She now had some freedom, her legs were not tied at all, perhaps she could escape? But where would she go? The door was shut and besides this was her home.

The thoughts were soon academic. She was manhandled onto the floor, rolled over and her ankles tied. Her legs were straight, side by side. She wriggled a complaint but no one was interested. With her legs now together it was obvious that she was not going to get an orgasm soon. This was confirmed by the addition of two more ropes, one at the knees and the other at her thighs.

“Does she suck cock?”

The voice was muffled and she did not recognise it. Mark answered in the affirmative. She shook her head. Why the hell should she suck this man’s dick? A slap on the bottom gave her a suggestive reason. She shook her head again in defiance. She had been tricked into this in the first place, humiliated and used. She was not in the mood for co-operation. He would not hit her again, that was against the rules.

“It seems our captive is desenting.” Mark commented with a hint of amusement in his voice. “How shall we pursuade her?”

“I wonder how long you can keep someone aroused and frustrated?” Asked Spiderman

“Indefinitely I would think. As long as we avoid her clit and G spot she will never reach orgasm.”

“This could be fun.”

Marianne did not agree. She was already highly aroused and desperate for orgasm.”

“First let’s make her a bit more uncomfortable.” Mark decided.

Her ankles we pulled up to her hands and she was secured in a wicked hog-tie. She was bent into a bow shape with every muscle straining.”

She was still gagged so it was not clear whether her shaking head meant stop, or that she was still not willing.

“Are you ready to do as we wish.”

Rashly she shook her head. She had decided that there was nothing they could do to her that they had not done already. She would resist.

“As you wish.” He said firmly. “Now let’s see. I will need my bag of goodies.”

Marianne shuddered. She knew the contents of that bag intimately. Taken one at time the items provided welcome diversions to keep the bondage interesting. If he decided to use them all at once the feelings could be overwhelming.

“We will start with the anal stimulator.” Mark decided.

She tried to close her muscles but it was a fruitless gesture. With suitable lubrication the device slipped in easily and her body was soon invaded.

“We will have to add some more rope to keep it in place but first we can fill her other entrance.”

It was a dildo which was similarly lubricated and pushed up where the Lone Ranger had been. They had to loosen her leg ties to insert it but they just rolled her back and forth like a ball and she was unable to resist them. She gasped as it was encouraged into her. A crotch rope was fashioned and then her legs were re-tightend together holding everything firmly in place.

“And of course nipple clamps.” Mark continued.

Marianne had been expecting this but it did not mean she wanted them. It was not that they hurt, but her nipples were now permanently being squeezed and there was no way to relieve them. There was chain linking the two clamps together, which normally hung loose, but Mark was in a determined mood. He bunched the chain up and used some twine to tighten it against the ropes that still bound her breasts. He then stood back to watch the show.

Despite her severe restriction she was constantly moving and wriggling, unable to find a position that did not put pressure on one of her torments. She cursed through the gag but the words were indecipherable. She was tiring quickly under the constant barrage to her cocooned body.
Without warning the hog tie was cut. It was unusual for Mark to be so heavy handed with his precious ropes. The new freedom did not seem to help, the pressure was constant whether on her back, front or sides. Then she managed to heave herself to her knees. With her back straight and her legs at right angles she was temporarily relieved of pressure to her groin or rear. As she teetered back and forth she suddenly realised that she was in the exact position needed to perform her allotted task. The gag was removed and she stared coldly at her tormentors.

“You bastards.” She spat.

“Give it up Marianne. You cannot win.”

She had to agree. She had been outmanoeuvred at all points. She had allowed Mark to tie her in the first place so she could not complain about that. They had even discussed previously her being presented to others if he so wished. Even now she was having to hold herself upright. She would soon have to relax and endure the consequent renewed attacks to her insides. Spiderman was obviously set on an oral bath and Mark seemed fully in favour. She turned to Spiderman and growled.

“Come on then, show us what you are made of.”

“One bite and you stay like that all night.” Mike warned her.

Actually she quite enjoyed oral sex and was very accomplished at it. Spiderman didn’t stand a chance. Within minutes he had growled his climax and she had swallowed dutifully. He seemed a little embarrassed and swiftly made an exit.

“Now get these damn things out of me.” She demanded. She was not in a position to demand anything really, but Mike was scrupulously fare in bondage matters. If it was not so, she would never allow him to do it. He quickly untied her ankles, knees and crotch rope before slowly removing the offending phalluses. She could not stop the cries as they were eased out of her and collapsed in a heap, her upper body and arms still tightly bound.

“So what about you?” She challenged. “Are you going to fuck me also before I get my relief?”

“No,” he said quietly. “You have done your duty. What do you want? Vibrator, fingers?”

“Your dildo nearly split me in two.” She complained, “I’m going to be sore for weeks. Your going to kiss it better. I want five good ones or you will be sleeping downstairs for the next fortnight.”

She need not have worried. Mike was nearly as skilled with his mouth and tongue as she was. She lost count of the number of orgasms and had to beg him to stop.

After she had had enough time to recover he removed the rest of her bindings giving her freedom for the first time that evening. She left him to clear up while she showered and got ready for bed. She would be happy for him to join her, and maybe, she would even repay him for his Stirling effort. Second thoughts she was too tired. It had been a long evening.



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