A Cautionary Story For Tea Lovers

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2009 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; hypno; mc; sex; cons; X

In and of itself, the room was unremarkable.  Stone walls, stone floor.  No window, and only one door.  Comfortably warm, dimly lighted, it seemed a place that could be easily forgotten.  All of which seemed somehow appropriate to the room’s occupant.

Standing in the center of the room, the woman tugged experimentally at her bonds.  Chains from the leather cuffs on her wrists led up to the ceiling, holding her arms spread above her head.  Chains likewise led from the cuffs on her ankles to rings on the floor, holding her feet spread apart.  A rubber ball, held within her mouth by leather straps, completed her helplessness.  Naked, she could only await she knew not what.

Within her, all was blank.  She had no memory of who she was, or how she had come to be so bound.  She knew only helplessness, and, somewhere within the core of her being, a longing she was unable to define.

She had no idea how long she had stood thus.  Time seemed to have no meaning here.  Thus, she couldn’t have said if it were minutes or days before the door in front of her opened.

The man who entered somehow, by his very presence, drew a response from within her.  She had no memory of ever having seen this man before.  Still, somehow, just the sight of him caused her nipples to harden, while a strange warmth seemed to spread from between her thighs.

He was as naked as she, and, as he approached, she found herself eying his body appreciatively. With no memories for comparison, he was, to her, the ultimate in manhood.  Under his gaze, she shivered slightly, her body responding to his nearness.

Without a word, he approached her and began running his hands over her body.  Her long legs, firm ass, tight waist, her full breasts, no part of her escaped his touch.  And as his hands continued their gentle exploration, she could feel the warmth within her growing, becoming a need she could neither explain nor deny.

Soon he moved behind her, one hand reaching around to alternately squeeze each breast, pinch each nipple.  His other hand slipped between her thighs, stroking softly, as if coaxing forth the warmth within her.  A warmth that slowly became heat, spreading throughout her body.  With no memory, she could not name this heat.  She only knew that it felt good, and she wanted more of it.

Soon, she began to hear soft moans, and was surprised to find that they came from her own mouth, slipping out around the ball that silenced her.  Her body began to move as if of its own accord, seeking greater contact from those gentle hands.  The heat had grown to fill her completely, but she somehow knew that there was something more.  Something she desired with a need that grew with each soft caress.

When his hands left her, her moans became those of frustration, only to die as he stepped before her.  In his eyes, she saw something.  What it was, she couldn’t have said.  She only knew that, gazing into those eyes, she felt safe.  And loved.  Softly, she once more moaned her need.

With a soft smile, he entered her, filling her with a single slow thrust.  The sensations that flooded through her now were so intense, only the chains kept her from collapsing to the floor.  The chains, and his strong arms that were now wrapped around her.

Closing her eyes, she surrendered to the sensation as he thrust into her, slowly at first, then with gradually increasing speed and force.  And with each thrust, the heat within her grew, until she was sure she must surely burst into flame.  Then, just when she felt she could stand no more, he broke the silence with a single word.


At the sound of the word, memory and recognition flooded into her.  Her eyes widened, then closed as her orgasm burst upon her, thundering through her in wave after wave of pleasure.  When it ended, she hung limp in her bonds, barely aware of the gentle hands moving to free her.

“How did you do it?”  Now wrapped in a robe, she curled on a comfortable couch, gazing at the man who had so recently been her captor.  At her question, he smiled.

“It was rather simple, actually.”

“Simple for a master hypnotist,” she replied.  “What, exactly, did you do to me?”

Sitting beside her, he placed one arm around her shoulders.  Almost instinctively, she leaned against him, curling into his embrace.

“Actually,” he replied, “I used a series of commands on you.  At the sound of the trigger word, the first command caused you to remove your clothing and go to the dungeon to be bound.  You were fully aware, but unable to stop yourself from obeying.

“Then, once you felt the gag in your mouth, the second command blocked all memory.  With no memory, your mind became open to every new sensation, making them seem stronger than they would have had you any memories to compare with.  The second use of the trigger word removed both commands, restoring both your memory and your control over your body.”

“Just in time to cum like crazy,” she said, shaking her head.

He smiled.  “Well, you did seem to enjoy it.”

“Enjoy?  I thought I was going to explode!  And what made you pick that particular trigger word?  You know how much I love tea, especially Darjeeling…….”

With that last word, she fell silent, eyes widening as she rose and slipped out of her robe.  Naked, she turned and walked slowly from the room.

Watching her leave, he stroked his chin.

“I think,” he said, musingly, “that maybe I should change the trigger word.  Or recondition her so she only responds to it if I say it.  No sense having her strip in the middle of  buying tea, then walking out of the store.” 

He nodded.  “Yes, I will definitely have to work on that.  Later.  For now, I think someone is waiting to be bound.” 

With a smile, he, too, left the room.


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