Caught Staring

by Tankpoet

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Storycodes: F+/f; D/s; therapy; fantasies; hum; punish; wedgie; torment; tease; toys; public; toilet; foot; sweat; mast; climax; cons; X

I’d never really been bullied, as far as I recall, there was nothing worth mentioning that went on at my high school. But, the idea of a group of hot girls humiliating me, giving me wedgies, making me touch things that were disgusting and generally treating me like trash had begun to take a hold on me over the years and now, at thirty, I wanted to experience it.

I suppose I should put in the obligatory self-description here. I’m tall for a woman – 175cm and thin at only 60 kg. I have long legs, medium sized breasts and long wavy brown hair. I have an olive complexion too. My name is Maxine and in case you hadn’t worked it out yet, yes, I am attracted to women in a sexual way.

I began to see a therapist about it. She was just a bit younger than me and newly qualified as it turned out. She was truly gorgeous too. Bright red hair, ivory skin and piercing green eyes. Long legs, perfect arse and breasts and tall too – 172cm at a guess. She wasn’t completely certain that this was what she wanted to do with her life either as she found most of her clientele boring. My fantasies though, seemed to evoke something within her.

I’d been seeing her for about a month when she accidentally let her guard down about what effect my fantasies had on her. I was lying back on her couch, my eyes closed as I described a dream from two nights before where three of the secretaries from my office had trapped me in the toilets and given me a wedgie that connected my panties to my bra before emptying the rubbish bin on my head and sticking me upside down inside it, leaving my legs kicking comically in the air.

I opened my eyes and saw her, zoned out in her chair, lightly playing with herself under her skirt.

I gasped and she came to. Her eyes narrowed at me and a nasty streak I didn’t know she possessed came out in what I think was a bid to cover her embarrassment. ‘What are you looking at?’ She snapped at me and I quickly averted my gaze.

‘You will forget you saw that or I’ll make you regret it you pathetic freak.’ Her words were unexpected and should have been hurtful, except, they exactly mirrored the beginning of a previous fantasy I’d told her about and they had the same effect in real life as I became instantly aroused.

‘What’s the matter? Nothing to say?’

‘I’m sorry, I-I d-didn’t mean to offend you.’ I began to stutter in excitement and fear that I was misreading the situation.

‘Stand up and face away from me.’

I raced to comply and again when she ordered me to go into the corner to reflect on my nastiness and press my nose there. I could barely breathe through my nervous anticipation as I silently recalled what came next in my fantasy.

My blouse was quickly undone and discarded, exposing my aqua blue bra. I felt my skirt get lowered and two delicate hands grip the waistband of my green panties.

A breathless whisper in my ear ‘this is what you get for watching, you naughty girl,’ and my panties were sharply yanked half way up my back. The pain and the pleasure instantly mixing so that I struggled in just the right way to rub my moist, engorged clit on the tight fabric.

Another yank and an animalistic moan escaped my mouth.

A third pull and my bra was being undone. The stretchy fabric of my panties were quickly threaded through and the clasp redone so my wedgie was maintained by my own undergarments. I tried to straighten and the combination of being already worked up from telling my fantasies and then having this one quickly acted out sent my body convulsing to the floor in a massive orgasm.

I think I blacked out with the intensity. When I was next aware of my surroundings, she was standing over me with a satisfied sadistic grin on her face whilst I just lay in the foetal position, trying not to rub my wedgie against my over-sensitised sex.

‘That was fun.’ She was speaking to me but it took me a second to process it and respond.

‘Wow, I-I never knew it could feel that intense. Thank you.’

‘You know,’ she twirled her hair nervously around one finger as she sought a way to bring up something that was on her mind, ‘it doesn’t have to be over… if you don’t want it to be.’ The sudden shyness of her proposition seemed almost comical after the wickedly domineering manner she had just used to control me. ‘I really enjoyed that and if you like, I think I know a couple of other people who would be into it too.’

Despite what I’d just gone through, my pussy began to gush again. I couldn’t get my yes out fast enough.

‘In that case Maxine, you’re not to undo your wedgie until you get home. I want you to find a white blouse and something that resembles a schoolgirl’s skirt. White panties, bra and knee socks too. Put your hair up in pigtails and meet me at this address’ she handed me a note ‘ in two hours time. Ring the doorbell when you arrive then walk down the side path to the back yard.’

I nodded my assent, put my clothes back on over the top of my now very uncomfortable wedgie and left – my mind racing with the possibilities…

Two hours later and I was walking down the side path as instructed when a figure loomed out of the shadows in front of me and blocked my path. She looked like a real-life barbie doll in an identical outfit to mine. ‘Watch where you’re going nerd!’ She tripped me up and I fell face first into a mud puddle which had to have been deliberately created as it hadn’t rained all week.

Two others joined her as she pointed and laughed and I recognised my therapist, Emily, as one of them. Both were in identical school uniforms and the other woman was a pretty brunette with a great arse. Soon all three were laughing and pointing, calling me nerd, geek and loser.

My panties were soaked and it had nothing to do with the mud puddle. I heard Emily tell the blonde – Natasha – and the brunette – Ashleigh – to grab me and follow and the grabbed me under one arm each and dragged me around the back of the house, indoors and into a toilet.

They teased me about how dirty I was the whole way in and once there, Emily lifted the seat and said ‘let’s at least wash her filthy face off.’ The other two snickered as the forced my struggling face towards the bowl and the toilet water below. As much as I desired this, it scared me too, this loss of control and having my head go under water was frightening for other reasons as well.

But, there were three of them and they were far too strong for me so my head was eventually hovering just centimetres above the water as Emily counted down from 5 and pushed the button to flush.

Instantly, my nose and mouth were filled with the disgusting water and my eyes were plastered shut. I could feel the water moving around me as my hair became stuck to my face. It only lasted seconds but it felt like forever as my breathing got slowly back under control. I realised my head was no longer being held down and I looked around to see three grinning faces and gulped.

My panties were a sodden mess as they stood me back up and Ashleigh held my hands behind my back so I couldn’t resist as first Emily and then Ashleigh slapped me and called me a nerd.

Emily then produced a whiteboard marker and wrote something across my forehead before spitting in my face. Natasha spat too and then Ashleigh spun around and commanded that I open my mouth which I reluctantly did before spitting in it.

I was then spun to face the mirror and saw the word ‘loser’ written across my forehead.

I began to cry. Anyone watching would have thought that I was truly distressed by all this, but, my flooding pussy was still giving me away.

I was once again frog marched, this time towards the front door where a row of coat hooks sat beside it.

Natasha grabbed me and bent me over as Emily gripped the waistband of my panties and pulled.

I moaned. This time there was no ambivalence about the message behind the moan either, it was one hundred percent lust. I couldn’t help it and tried to reach for my aching, abused sex but, Ashleigh grabbed both my hands and pulled them behind me again.

I whimpered in frustration as my panties were pulled higher and barely noticed as my arms were lined up parallel behind me and tied forearm to forearm.

I was then lifted onto one of the hooks so that I was supported solely by my wedgie.

One by one, they pulled off their panties which seemed somehow to be almost as wet as mine.

Ashleigh balled hers up and forced them into my mouth.

Natasha used her g-string panties to tie them around and hold the panties in.

Emily then stepped up and slipped hers over my eyes before whispering ‘and a little present and sliding something cold and vibrating into my panties.

Without warning, something cylindrical and tin was tipped over my head and all sorts of squishy sensations ran down my body. It took me a second to realise that they’d emptied the bin over my head.

The vibrations in my panties combined with the feelings of the past hour or so I’d been here began to get to be too much for me and I climaxed loudly, even with my gag in place.

Then I felt hands lifting me down and removing my bonds. A glass of water was held to my lips and I drank eagerly.

I looked up at my three tormentors and smiled. ‘Thank you, that was better than I’d hoped.’

We talked for a bit and then Natasha and Ashleigh left – holding hands, I hadn’t picked up on that one earlier!

Emily looked at how exhausted I seemed after my experience and told me that she wasn’t going to let me drive home. ‘The question is, do I let you shower, lend you a nightie and let you up in the spare room? Or do I leave you as you are now, restrain you somehow and make you sleep on the floor?’ My mouth dropped open as I tried to process what she was saying even as my pussy began to moisten again.

My mind was racing with the idea that this gorgeous woman would treat me like this and so it took a few minutes for me to process the fact that she was actually giving me a choice and waiting for my answer.

I should have thought longer, but, my hormones were firmly in control so I meekly sank to my knees and offered my wrists for binding.

‘I thought so, you horny slut.’ Emily grabbed a roll of duct tape and swiftly bound me at my wrists and my elbows. My already stretched panties were once again pulled upwards and taped to my elbows. I moaned in incoherent appreciation as my submissive lust clouded my mind. My ankles were then taped together and connected to my wrists.

She put me on a little trolley that she must’ve fetched from her garage and moved me into what I assumed was her bedroom and laid me out on a conveniently placed tarpaulin – she must’ve planned for this in advance I realised.

She squatted down and her voice was beside me right ear – ‘I’m not going to gag you in case you become too distressed overnight. If you need to be released, say ‘red’. If you say your safe word though, know that you will be punished severely. Also, I will not be releasing you simply to use the toilet so hold it in or you’ll get it even worse!’

Emily then went and got herself ready for bed, turned the lights out, said good night and went to sleep. It took me a little longer as I tried to stimulate myself on my wedgie, but, eventually I drifted off to horny dreams of being used and humiliated by my gorgeous tormentor and her friends.

* * *

I woke up to the sound of the toilet flushing and complete disorientation as my sleep-addled brain attempted to work out where I was and why I couldn’t move. A twitch from my arms that shot straight through my wedgie into my dripping pussy brought the whole adventure back into my consciousness and I began to try to get off again.

I was at it for a while, slowly building up when a chuckle from behind me caused me to stop in my tracks.

‘How naughty of you, playing without me.’ Emily’s amused expression belied the harshness of her words. ‘I will have to punish you for that, but, first it’ your turn in the bathroom.’ I was quickly cut loose using a pair of scissors and directed into her en suite to use the toilet and shower.

I came out to find a fluffy bathrobe and a note on the bed:

‘Take your time, breakfast is ready in the kitchen whenever you are.’

My stomach reminded me how long it had been since I’d eaten so I threw on the robe and rushed down to find Emily in the midst of making sausages and eggs. I tried to offer to help, but, she ushered me to the table and made me sit down to wait for the delicious smelling fare that she was so busily preparing.

I gave up and shrugged, sitting down as directed whilst we had a mundane conversation about how nice a day it was outside and how good it was that the weekend was finally here and we didn’t need to go to work today.

Emily finally finished and sat down, a plate of breakfast in front of each of us making my mouth water.

‘Since it’s Saturday,’ she began, ‘how would you feel about a little shopping trip?’

‘That sounds nice, where are we going?’ My mind was thinking about how I needed a new blouse and skirt to replace the ones we ruined last night.

‘Well, I was thinking that we could go a few towns over so nobody knows us. We could invite Ashleigh and Natasha too and we could buy you some fun outfits to ruin. If you were in the mood, we could even have a play before we came back…’ she bit her bottom lip nervously as she finished and stared at me as if I might say no – as if there was any chance of that.

I couldn’t agree fast enough and Emily loaned me some clothes to wear until we had something for me picked out. We drove to where the others lived together – around the corner as it happened – and all bundled into Natasha’s car for the trip over. On the way we talked like normal friends and I learned that Natasha was a medical receptionist and Ashleigh was a kindergarten teacher.

We spent about three hours shopping for outfits for me to wear none of which Emily allowed me to pay for, most of them either really nerdy or totally slutty and then stopped for lunch. Emily handed me a bag with one of the outfits in it and said to go and get changed then come back to the food court to meet them. I hurried off and discovered that she had given me one of the slutty outfits – a tight pink top that showed off the swell of my breasts and a really short purple skirt that barely covered my panties. Apparently we were ready to play now…

I emerged from the toilets where I’d changed and quickly found all eyes on me as I walked back to them. As I got there, Emily dropped her keys and sweetly asked if I would mind getting them for her. I bent down and Natasha gave me a big wedgie in front of the whole food court. So this was their game, I thought.

I stood up as if it was nothing and we went and grabbed some food before finding a table. This time it was Ashleigh who dropped her napkin and once again, as I bent to grab it, Emily pulled my panties up nice and high.

And so it went on. All day, the girls dropped things and every time I bent down to get them for them and received a hard tug on my panties as a reward. By the time we were ready to leave, I was a gooey mess of arousal and my panties were more or less permanently wedged up my backside. I was also feeling so submissive that I think I would have masturbated right there in the busy shopping centre if they’d ordered me to.
We got back to the car and Emily and I got into the back seat. I was ordered to kneel on the ground in front of her and her sweaty foot was thrust into my face. I didn’t need to be told what to do, this was another fantasy I’d told her of many times. My tongue emerged of its own accord and began to lick her sole. Up and down, long sweeping motions that removed the salty sweat from her foot. I then took each toe in turn into my mouth and sucked on it, savouring the flavour.

I must have gotten so caught up in my task that I lost track of where we were because half way through her second foot we stopped at Emily’s house and I was ordered out on my hands and knees. The driveway was hot to the touch as it had really gotten warm through the day and by the time I reached the house I was sweating profusely.

The door was locked so I knocked and a note was slid underneath telling me to crawl around the back through the doggy door. My hands and knees were hurting from the concrete but I knew I had no choice so I turned and started off.

As I passed the lounge room, I glanced the window and saw all three of them exercising vigorously in skimpy outfits and my heart started racing again. Sweaty women are a huge turn on for me and Emily knows this. Ashleigh caught me staring and the three of them all began pointing and laughing at me crawling around the path.

I eventually reached the doggy door and pushed my way in to find the heater on full blast. I had no other instructions so I crawled in to where they were exercising and waited on my hands and knees.

Emily spotted me and exclaimed loudly ‘It seems I don’t have any clean towels so you’ll just have to use Maxine’s tongue I’m afraid.’ My hand then began creeping towards my soaking pussy and I tried to discretely slip a finger inside. Emily spotted me and smirked though – busted!

A few minutes later and Emily was in front of me ordering me to lick the sweat out of her armpits. I dove in immediately, my finger now working overtime as I hungrily lapped up every bead of sweat under her arms. Ashleigh and Natasha walked over and together with Emily began calling me names ‘slut, freak, sweat-pig, dumb, whore.’ The combination of stimulus got too much for me and I came so hard I blacked out.

When I came to, they were all standing over me looking concerned. Emily’s face broke into a huge smile at my regaining consciousness and she planted a huge kiss on my lips.

‘Wow.’ Was all I could say to that.

‘You had me worried and I don’t actually want anything bad to happen to you.’

‘I know’, I said, ‘I like what you’re doing to me though and I think I’m beginning to fall for you.’

‘I love you too.’ Emily looked embarrassed that those words had just come out but, I just felt elated and grabbed her for a passionate kiss.

‘I want you to move in and be my submissive. I could lock you in chastity and trap you in the house each day as I go to work. I could make you humiliate yourself whenever Ashleigh and Natasha came around and whenever else I liked. I could even order you to get a tattoo saying ‘Emily’s Bitch’ across your arse. The possibilities are endless, what do you say?’

What else could I say? I said yes…

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