Caught and Cuffed

by Jxx

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© Copyright 2010 - Jxx - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; naked; panties; mast; caught; F/m; cuffs; hum; foot; cons/reluct; X

I had only been in the house 10 minutes; I wouldn’t need much longer to finish off what I came there to do. Let me explain where I was....

I was in Katie's house, she is my neighbour and bloody hell I thought she was hot! Not attractive in the conventional sense yet she carried a definite sex appeal that no doubt plenty of men had noticed along with me. A police woman aged 36, 5’4 tall, ample 38c breasts, shoulder length natural blonde hair, pretty face and a superb natural curvy figure, that only just boarded onto chubby. I moved next door to her 5 years ago and straight away I had the hots for her, I would have asked her out but she had a boyfriend back then, that relationship had led ultimately to marriage and recently divorce.

I wasn’t breaking in, I already had a key so technically I don’t think I was breaking the law. In the past I had called by to walk the dog, do a simple DIY job or just check everything was ok while she was away, at her invitation of course.

Over the years I had had many secret fantasies about Katie, that’s how I found myself not only in her house but in her bedroom. Of course the temptation to peek in her lingerie draw had been far too great for me. Opening it excitedly it soon became apparent that Katie enjoyed an ‘interesting’ and erotic taste in lingerie. No tired old grey pants here, neatly folded up was row after row of lacy thongs, flimsy g-strings, daring corsets and sexy bras. I was heaven and being careful not to disturb them too much, I soon brought out a skimpy red satin g-string that had caught my eye. There wasn’t much material to it all, just a small triangle that would barely cover her pussy with thin strings meeting at the back where it would cover nothing of her curvy arse, the item would leave little to the imagination, but my imagination was now running riot how Katie would look wearing it.

With my mind racing I could not resist any longer and I quickly removed all my clothes. Soon I had the garment wrapped around my hard cock and was in bliss, feeling the soft satin against me as I happily wanked away, eyes closed imagining how fantastic Katie would look wearing it, far too content enjoying my activities to notice the sound of the front door opening and steps approaching from downstairs. I had no idea at all how long Katie had been there watching me, but with the sight of me naked and happily wanking away with her knickers around my cock didn’t leave me with much of an explanation to offer when she finally made her presence known with a slight pretend cough. I was just about to shoot my load at the time!

I quickly dropped her knickers on the floor and covered up my hard cock with my hands the best I could in a desperate attempt to hide my obvious excitement. Katie was stood before me, hands on hips with a look of shock on her face looking directly at me. She was wearing her police uniform, white shirt under her black anti stab vest, black trousers, boots and patrol belt that contained various pouches and equipment. Her blonde hair was tied in a practical pony tail. She had a look of sheer amazement on her face.

She was the first to break the long silence…"You fucking pervert, you fucking dirty little perv!"

I attempted in vain to make some eligible response but all that left my mouth was a few stuttered useless words, my face had gone as bright red as her knickers that now lay on the floor by my feet. Standing about 10 feet away from me she looked at me straight in the eye and told me how she was on patrol close by and called home to check her post, apparently she was waiting for an important letter. I had been caught, there was no way I could even attempt to talk by way out of my predicament, I just had to wait and see what action she would take.

She moved swiftly and assertively towards me, "Turn round perv!" she ordered me. I did I was told.

Moving in behind me, she next ordered me to place my hands behind my back, I did so, and half expecting what came next. With a swift forceful move she pulled out a pair of rigid police handcuffs from her belt, the type with tough black plastic between the metal ratchets. I offered no resistance as firstly I felt one cuff tightly closed around my right wrist followed almost instantly by my left wrist, securing my arms helplessly behind my back. She took a step back and admired her work in rendering me restrained.  I managed to get my thoughts together and asked if I was being arrested.

"Don’t be fucking stupid, arresting a pervert playing with my underwear and taking him to the station? I would never live it down, evidence exhibit A a pair of my red knickers, I would be the butt of so many jokes, no I’m going to have to deal with you myself".

Holding me firmly by the shoulder she spun me around so I was now facing her. She took a step back seemingly admiring my predicament. Despite being caught I was still highly aroused and with my hands helplessly handcuffed behind me I was totally unable to cover my still erect cock.

"Not very big is it?" she asked me while chuckling.

Maybe I was mistaken but it seemed to me she definitely enjoyed having me under her control and was getting off on the power she now had over me. While she was facing me I tested my restraints, I had played tie up games with girlfriends using silk ties and novelty handcuffs, when I had done that I always had the feeling I could remove them if I needed to without to much effort. The handcuffs that now held my hands firmly behind my back were much different; obviously the real article and my wrists were not moving free off them.

I tried not to panic and Katie must have realised I was trying to get free from them because she pulled out a key bunch from her belt and showed me a small silver key saying, "You will need this to remove them, and I’m going to keep it safe for a while!" with a wicked grin appearing on her pretty face, she began to look me up and down, telling me that the handcuffs I was now wearing were designed to immobilize even the most dangerous criminals and the strongest of men, even if I did have the key then the rigid cuffs were designed  that hands could not reach the keyholes and so I still could not remove them.

Her wicked grin got slightly larger as she said, "Well I have to get back to work, I’ve still got my shift to finish, but before I go you can help me clean my boots".

I was confused by this, not knowing what she meant, but it quickly became apparent.

"On you knees perv!" she ordered me.

I didn’t move fast enough and quickly she grabbed the plastic part of the handcuffs, effortlessly moving it high in the air, that move forced me to bend over, my head dropping down towards the floor. At the same time she had kicked my feet away from me and my body only had one place to go. I landed on the floor hard, stunned how much control she had over me while I was handcuffed. With me now on the floor she gave me another swift kick, this time in my ribs. I’m sure she could have kicked me much harder and it was just a demonstration that she was in control.

"Let’s try again perv, lick my fucking boots", she ordered while looking down on me laying helpless on the floor. I had no choice but to comply and began the humiliating task of using my tongue to clean her police issue boots. She obviously enjoyed the control she had over me and laughed as I set about my task.

It didn’t take long till she seemed satisfied and I was ordered to stand up again. Doing this simple task sounded easy but with my hands still handcuffed behind me it wasn’t. I got no help from Katie and instead used the edge of her bed to steady myself as I came up to my knees the best I could and then finally stood.

"I’m going to have to leave you for a while now, don’t go anywhere while I’m gone will you!" she chuckled, knowing as well as  I did that I was totally helpless and in her control.

She had almost left the bedroom before she returned, picked up her satin g-string and waving it on her finger in front of me she told me, "As you like this so much then I’ll leave it with you". As she said that the garment was placed over my face so the small piece of triangle material covered my nose. "Well what a pathetic sight you look", I was told. She then left the room turning only to offer a smile and artistic wave, "Bye perv". I heard her walk down stairs and the door close behind her as she left.

The minute I heard that door close I began to frantically twist my wrists in the steel handcuffs, trying in vain to free them. Frustratingly  twisting one wrist and then the other before pulling against the cold steel that I felt holding my hands together helplessly behind my back. Nothing worked, as hard as I tried it soon became very apparent they she had put them on very well and the handcuffs were not going to be removed without the key. I cursed myself for being in this position. How had I managed to get not only caught but restrained like this? And if that wasn’t enough I had a red satin g-string stuck over my face. I was totally and utterly helpless. Under the control of Katie and I had no idea when she would return or what she would do to me next.


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