Caught by the Balls

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cons; X

She was good that one. I had seen her hanging about near the centre of town. "Do you want to do business?" she had asked me. 


I said I would. "At the moment it is too hot around here. Meet me down at the old pier at 10.30!" I told her I would be there. It was only in 15 minutes time.

I walked to the pier and took several turns to ensure I was not being followed. It took me all of the 15 minutes to get there. There was no sign of her.  


"Down here!" I looked around and saw no one. "Down here!" the voice said again.


I looked down and there she was below the pier. I went down and joined her. There was lots of rubbish lying around including and old heavy wooden railway sleeper. I asked how much and she said it varied. I asked what she did. "Bondage, blowjobs, full sex. Whatever turns you on dear!"


I had never experienced sex while in bondage so I agreed a price and she did not seem that happy with what I offered. She argued for more, so we haggled for a price. "Strip!" 




"Take your bloody clothes off. The quicker we get started, the quicker we get done and there is less chance of being caught!"


I took all my clothes off and neatly put them in a pile on an old blanket she had laid out on the ground. Now she guided me to the other blanket. She went at it like a tiger and left me weak at the end of the session. "Now we do it again, but this time, I will tie you up! You will enjoy it even more! Put your hands behind your back."


I did as I was told. She handcuffed me. Now she put a gag in my mouth and locked the strap up so I could not remove it. She jingled the keys in front of me.  From her back she produced what looked like just one half of a pair of handcuffs. But this had a long chain on it. I tried to ask her what she was doing, but the gag stopped me. She clamped the cuff firmly around the base of my testicles and penis. It was uncomfortable but not painful.


She went to my jacket and removed my wallet. She looked at my credit card. "Okay buster, what is the pin number?" She removed the gag and I said I would not tell her. When the cuff got squeezed to the next notch I was ready to tell her anything. I gave her a number, but not the right one. She put the gag back in my mouth and dragged me by the chain on the cuff to the heavy wood railway sleeper. She found a piece of metal that was screwed to it and wrapped the chain around it and locked it with a padlock.


She said she had me by the balls. God help me if the number was wrong! I tried to call out to tell her, but she had already gone too far to hear my voice against the gag. 


She returned with the huff!  She squeezed the cuff up another notch. "Trying to be clever huh!" This was painful. She removed the gag and I gave her the right number. "If this does not give me the money buster, you can say goodbye to your balls!" She locked the gag back on, stormed off and returned with the money. "A lousy "200. That is all I can get. I will get another "200 after midnight. Plus the "300 you were carrying in your wallet. That makes a fair price. I have to pay for the cuffs and chains!"


I watched as she rolled up the blanket we had had sex on and the one with my clothes in it. She was rolling it up with my clothes inside. She took them leaving me chained to this sleeper stark naked. She undid my handcuffs and jingled the keys once more and put them on a ledge about 20 feet away. The she walked off and left me.


My hands were free to get the key, but I stepped over the chain so it went between my legs and found that by stretching my arms, I was still 3 feet short. What a torment. And there was no way I could drag the sleeper. I tried. I was frightened that the chain and cuff might rupture me.


The clock struck midnight and all went quiet in the streets. The wind changed so I knew that the tide was coming in. I also knew that where I was standing would be completely covered by the sea at high tide. What I did not know was whether I could climb high enough out of the water to save myself from drowning.


I could not call out for help as the gag was still locked on me. I could not reach the keys because the chain was too short. I was well and truly stuck. "Trapped by my balls" as she put it.


The water reached my feet. It was cold, even though it was July. I shivered. The chain clanked. I tried to tug the chain with my hands, but the sleeper was too heavy!


An hour later, it was up around my knees. In the darkness I looked for ways to climb up the piers metal structure. I had to get busy. It was now 2 in the morning and I was up to my waist in water. "Time to get moving!" I thought and went to climb the structure. I would still be alive even if I did have an instant sex change.


Then I felt a gentle tug. Something strange was happening, but I could not figure out what. All I was concerned with was my life and if the keys would be washed away from the place she had put them by the actions of the tide.


Another gentle tug. What was going on? The town hall clock struck 4. Daylight was beginning to break. I was up to my waist in water. But then I saw it. I gave a tug and the sleeper came towards me. It was partially floating. I used both hands on the chain to get to the keys and released myself. I was free.


All I have to do is go to the police station and explain how I got in that position and how I was robbed. I also had to go home at the end of the week as the job I was doing would be finished and explain to my wife what I had done.


I walked through the streets towards the police station naked. I could not find anything to cover myself up. She was good at her job, that one.