Cat & Krista's Capture

by encased4fun

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© Copyright 2012 - encased4fun - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; drugged; kidnap; bond; tape; bagged; balltie; gag; captives; lingerie; teen; nc; XX

This is my my first attempt at writing a fiction story, let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more.


Her small wrists tugged furiously against the leather straps. It was really quite exhilarating to watch. After months of careful planning everything worked out perfectly and my new sex toy was exactly how I wanted her. She, of course, was not as satisfied with the situation as me and I couldn't blame her. Being kidnapped and tightly bound doesn't exactly ease the mind. Under normal circumstances I almost believe she would enjoy the tight bondage, but being forced to watch the horrible fate of her sister had thrown her into a panic. Her sister Krista was a year older and although I did enjoy playing with them together, I couldn't resist showing the younger sister, Catherine, exactly what I had in store for her.

I first came across Cat using the 'local search' feature that Twitter conveniently offers. It allows anyone with interest to browse tweets nearby - and includes a GPS coordinate of where the tweet originated. It isn't hard to identify someone's home by a large group of tweets from your person of interest. Cat was kind enough to provide a clear (and in my opinion sexy) picture, her real name and the name of her high school in her profile. A quick search of her latest tweets revealed her favorite TV shows, music, after school job and the sports team she was a part of. Gymnastics. How I love the way girls look wrapped tightly in leotards. Cat was just what I wanted.

Just to be sure, I stopped by the music store she worked at in the mall to see her in person. She was very easy to spot. The young, perfectly shaped blonde stood out. I'd guess that she weighed 90-100 pounds. She was wearing a tight lime green tank top that showed her tight belly and looked nice on her small, ripe tits. Her straight leg jeans were very low cut and I got a good look at the top of her orange panties as she bent down to arrange some boxes. They looked like boy shorts, which isn't my preference - but I planned on dressing her to my taste later anyway. She helped me pick out a few CDs. I was sure that she was the one and it was time to prepare.

My home was carefully selected to be secluded enough for me to carry on my extracurricular activities without having to worry about neighbors hearing screams or strange noises throughout the day or night. Once I had Cat safely in my house, there was no chance of rescue or escape - and since I didn't intend on keeping her above ground for more than a week there was essentially no chance of her ever being seen again, or me being caught for that matter. So, the only real risk was abducting and transporting this sexy little doll.

I followed her for a week to learn her patterns and identify any bottlenecks or vulnerabilities in her schedule. Unfortunately, she was fairly popular and usually traveled with several other girls. Her short walk from her friend's car to her front door didn't give me a chance of snatching her. Then on Wednesday, a magical tweet came through 'Parents out of town ALL week, party at my place Friday'. It was tempting to reply, but I decided to tell her in person that she would miss her party.

Thursday was gymnastics practice. With her big party Friday night, I anticipated that Cat would come home from practice, finish her homework and go to bed early. I find it easier to enter a house and prepare when no one is home, so I arrived around 8 (30 minutes before Cat would get home). It was dark already and I parked down the street. The car that I drove was a black toyota corolla, one of the most common cars on the road. The license plate was freshly stolen from an elderly person's car in an assisted living facility. Typically, they drive once or twice a month so it would be quite some time before it was reported stolen (if they even noticed - you know how old people are). I took a look around, grabbed my bag of supplies from the back seat and quietly ran around behind Cat's empty house. Cat didn't have a dog, motion sensitive lighting, or a house alarm. Maybe her parents wanted her to become someone's sex toy, or maybe they thought deadbolts were secure. In case you're wondering, deadbolts are laughably easy to defeat. Using a tension wrench and a rake pick I was able to unlock the back door in about 15 seconds, and just like that I was inside without leaving a trace that I had entered.

Cat was due home soon and I had some preparations for our first meeting - I went straight to her bedroom on the second floor. It seems that my Cat was a bit messy and left her clothing all over the place. I found myself admiring her small bras, panties and of course her colorful and stretchy gymnastics leotards. This was going to be fun. I stuffed my favorite items of hers into my bag and laid out my supplies in the spare room and waited.

She was home. I snapped out of my trance when I heard the car door shut outside. I could hear some laughing and then the familiar sound of a key sliding into the door and a deadbolt unlocking. Things don't always go as planned, sometimes they're even better.

"This party is going to be killer"

I recognized Cat's voice from our encounter at the music store.

"You're just excited about getting laid you dirty slut"

There were two of them, both about the same age.

"Shut up Krista I've only had sex with one guy and that was two years ago. Mom and Dad never leave the fucking house and Brandon's parents are always home too"

Sisters. Wow. I don't know how I missed that, but luckily I had plenty of duct tape.

"I need to rinse off in the shower. Check out what I scored for the party - its under my bed"

I heard Cat walk by and move into the hall bathroom, closing the door behind her. Another figure unknowingly walked past me into Cat's room. The water began running.

I moved quickly from the shadow and into Cat's room, syringe in one hand and a pair of Cat's panties in the other in case I needed to muffle a scream. I was welcomed by a very nice ass. Krista was bent over looking underneath the bed. She was wearing shorts that said 'PINK' across the ass. The waistband had been rolling down, causing the crotch to be pulled up tight against her little pussy. She was slightly larger than Cat (it looked like she weighed about 110 pounds). I couldn't see her face yet, but it was time to strike. Positioning myself behind her on my knees I reached over her left shoulder holding Cat's panties and slammed them against her face. At the same time, my right hand injected the tranquilizer into the right side of her neck. Her body instinctively jerked backwards shoving her butt right into my crotch. There were a few muffled yelps and very welcome thrusts followed by silence.

I listened for the water in the shower, still running. The tranquilizer was a powerful sedative and based on Krista's weight she would be unconscious for 3-4 hours, which gave me plenty of time. I took a moment to roll her onto her back and brush the hair out of her face to see what she looked like. I couldn't help but grin, they could pass as twins. Excitement began to surge thinking of all the possibilities. The water shut off, time to refocus. This hobby does not leave any room for error - one mistake and it would mean some very difficult to answer questions from some very angry people. I slipped back into the shadow of the bedroom and readied my syringe for Cat. She came walking past wrapped in a pink bath towel wringing out her hair.

"You didn't smoke it without me did you?"

Cat let out a faint yelp and slumped back into my arms. I lowered her slowly to the floor next to her sister and removed the towel. Her body was great. I looked her over and was pleased so see that she was shaved. That would save me trouble. I dislike body hair. Ideally I like to transport my girl as quickly to the safety of my home as possible. But tonight I had two, and I didn't snatch them from the side of a dark road or an alley - we were squarely in the middle of a residential neighborhood in suburbia. The best time to move them would be later. It wouldn't hurt to prepare them for the trip though, I left the room and returned with my supplies.

I cut Krista's clothes from her body, being careful to leave her bra and panties intact. Most men prefer to see women naked, I prefer them to be clothed in specific ways. Krista was kind enough to wear a thong, that made me happy. Her purple thong was tight, with a thick band that sat low on her small hips. At the back a thin, but very substantial band split her ass checks and disappeared between her legs. It joined the front section of her thong and held it very nicely against her pussy lips. I tugged upwards on the back and watched her camel toe become more pronounced. The girls would remain sleeping for the entire trip, but to aid in transport it helps if they are kept in a small and easy to handle position - plus I enjoy binding girls tightly.

I rolled Krista onto her stomach and laid her arms at her side. Her tits squashed against the floor under her weight. Using the roll of black duct tape from my bag, I wrapped it around her right hand making it into a little black fist. Then, her other hand followed suit. I looped a thick zip tie around her left wrist and pulled it snug. Then, I slid a second zip tie through the small space that was left and snugged it around her right wrist. For good measure, and because I'm a bit sadistic I looped one around her upper arms, just above the elbows, and pulled it until her elbows were touching. The plastic cut deep into her tender skin, it looked a bit painful and I was quite sure that her tits were being smashed even more. I zip tied her ankles and thighs together in the same way.

Then, I rolled her over onto her side. She really did look great with her arms pulled back, breasts pushed out and purple thong pointing straight down her tightly bound legs. I almost wish Cat was awake so she would watch her sister slowly becoming a helpless sex object - but there would be plenty of time for that in the days to come.

Krista needed to fit in the heavy mail bag that I brought for transporting, so I pushed her knees up into her chest and ran a rope just behind her knees and around the back of her neck to hold her legs up. I used a bit more duct tape to wrap around her ankles and lower back, careful not to obstruct her wonderful thong from my view. To finish her up, I used a dirty pair of Cat's panties (the ones she had just taken off after gymnastics practice) to gag her. I pushed the panties, inside out, into Krista's mouth and then fastened a ball gag to her head. I have tried many types of gags, and although many are effective I prefer ball gags with a full head harness. The way a girl looks when her head is locked in leather straps and buckles is very appealing to me. Krista was no exception. I used my digital camera to take a few keepsakes.

Cat was next….

To be continued… This is my first attempt at fiction/writing. If you have any interest in the next part of this story please let me know.


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