Cassandra's New Start

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2001 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cons; X

This story is the property of the author. Download or repost it if you like, as long as it's free . It contains adult themes, including bondage, submission, and spanking, which may offend some people. Please do not read this story if you don't like that kind of thing.

Cassandra was 26,  and had been married for two years. She enjoyed sex with her husband Michael, but she had never told him about her fantasies of being tied up.  Somehow, she couldn't imagine him understanding, and she didn't want him to think he'd married some kind of pervert. Since she was a little girl, a warm wave of excitement would wash through her when she played cowboys and indians with her friends and the boys roped her to a tree, or when the heroines in TV shows like Charlie's Angels were bound and gagged by the bad guys.

When she got older, she would fantasise that men she found attractive had kidnapped her and were holding her captive so that they could use her body for sexual experiments, tying her down and making her orgasm against her will. She had tried telling a couple of her boyfriends about her desires, had played with scarves and blindfolds, but their games could never match up to her imagination.

Recently things had started getting out of hand, though. It began when Michael had set up internet access on their home computer. One day while he was at work she had started surfing & stumbled upon a website selling leather restraints. That was just the start. From there she learnt about a new world of domination and submission. She realised that her 'fetish' was shared by hundreds of other people. She read stories on the web that made her so wet and excited she would spend all day in a state of arousal. 

She began masturbating more, sometimes tying her ankles to the bedposts with the belt from her bathrobe and imagining that her hand moving on her clitoris was really her husband's.
In her new, wild fantasies, her husband found out her secret and decided to teach her a lesson, binding her helplessly, gagging her, blindfolding her, bringing her to the brink of orgasm and making her beg for release.

She imagined Michael using different types of vibrators, nipple clamps and gags on her, dressing her in rubber and latex outfits that exposed her bottom and breasts and pinned her arms to her sides. The stories she read fueled her own appetite, and her curiosity. What did a clover clamp look like? How did an inflatable dildo work?

Michael remained unaware of his wife's growing obsession. He did, however, notice her increased appetite for sex & her heightened response. He started coming home from work earlier so that they had more time in the evenings for extended sessions in bed. Cassandra needed more, though. It was time for her to take the next step. She had to find out if Michael shared fantasies like hers. She decided to go & buy some of the toys she had read about, and hide them in the bedroom. Her pulse raced when she pictured him finding a pair of handcuffs  in his underwear drawer.
Would he be turned on?

At the bookstore she found a magazine filled with pictures of big-breasted women with rope tied tightly around their breasts and between their legs, accompanied by stories of rape and torture.
The contents were too violent for her tastes, but in the classified section she found just what she was looking for. "The Rubber Rose Adult Toyshop - by appointment" wasn't far from her house and boasted a large selection of bondage accessories, outfits and equipment.

Having found the right place, she then had to wait for several days before she could embark on her naughty expedition. Some freelance editing work came up that kept her busy for over a week, working day and night. When the job was over, Michael surprised her by saying, "Cassie, why don't you go out shopping tomorrow? It's time you bought some new clothes."
Cassandra was thrilled. "Honey, you are so sweet. I think that's just what I need."
She nearly choked when he said, "And... why don't you stop into.. er.... Victoria's Secret, or something, as well, and get something to wear in the bedroom."
He gave her a mischievous grin. If only you knew where else I was going, she thought to herself as she blew him a kiss. I hope you'll find my other purchases exciting too.

The next day Cassandra felt so nervous she could barely concentrate as she drove to the Rubber Rose. She had dressed carefully for her outing, wearing a plain black cotton dress that showed off her long, shapely legs and her narrow waist. She had brushed her long blonde hair into a shining cascade and wore it loose. Strappy black sandals with small heels completed her outfit.

In her mind she was imagining different outcomes to the evening ahead that were quickly making her  panties wet. Suddenly she realised that she was very near her destination. She found a parking space and walked towards the three-story house. The man on the phone had explained that for reasons of discretion the little plaque by the doorbell read only, "Dr Lenoire - Private Consultations." 
She had laughed when she'd asked him what kind of doctor he was, and he replied, "Doctor of Engineering, my dear! But I have other interests too & I hope I can help you find what you are looking for."  She felt at ease with him as they chatted on the phone & she knew had found the right place.

She rang the bell with a shiver  of anticipation. The door opened to reveal a man with salt and pepper hair down to his shoulders, wearing blue cotton slacks and a white shirt. He was about 50, she guessed, in good physical shape, with well-defined features & navy blue eyes that beamed into hers. He looked like someone she would want as her psychologist, or even her gyneocologist, she thought with a smile.
"My dear! Come inside, you're right on time!" said the man, ushering her inside. "You may call me Doctor, and shall I call you Cassandra, Cassie or Cass?"
"All my friends call me Cassie," she replied as she followed him down the hall.

What a strange place, she thought as she looked around. There were pictures all over the wall, prints of oil paintings that she recognised from art galleries around the world. All the subjects were women.
Doctor noticed her interest and said, "I may be a doctor of engineering, but I prefer to study the female form now that I'm retired. "
"You're retired?" Cassandra was surprised. "You don't look old enough."
Doctor smiled. "Most people underestimate my age by at least ten years, not that I mind of course," he said. "But I did retire a few years early in order to devote more time to my hobby, as you will see. Now, here we are, through this door please..."

Cassandra followed him into a dark room filled with things from her darkest fantasies. Leather, latex & rubber outfits hung against one wall, and there were racks upon racks of leather straps and chains which she immediately moved towards. Doctor put a restraining hand on her shoulder. "Not now, my dear, there's something else I need to show you first. Come this way."
She entered another room as dark as the first, with a mirrored ceiling. This one was empty, however, apart from what looked like a massage table covered with black leather, with cuffs attached at each corner. She turned to Doctor, who gestured towards the table.
"Please, make yourself comfortable," he said.
"But I didn't come here for this!" croaked Cassandra. She turned to the door and found to her dismay that there was no handle.  She was trapped.

Doctor clapped and shouted "G, B, D and F, come in!"  A door on the opposite wall opened and four men walked in. As they moved towards Cassandra, Doctor said, "I knew when you called me on the telephone that you would be the perfect model for some of my creations." She struggled as the four men grabbed her arms and legs & lifted her off the ground.
"Let me go!" she cried as they carried her to the table & strapped the cuffs onto her wrists and ankles, leaving her lying on her back with her arms above her head. She thrashed around but it was futile. She was now helpless.

Doctor leaned over her and smiled. "I know that you'll enjoy this sales demonstration, my dear. I can tell that you're already very excited. I promise that you won't be hurt. And don't worry about my companions here," he said, gesturing to the men who hovered nearby. "They are my trainees in a very special art. They are already quite experienced, as you will find out."
Cassandra continued struggling and screamed "Let me go, you bastards! My husband will come and find me and you'll all be sorry!" Doctor shook his head and sighed. 
"It seems that a gag will be necessary to protect our ears. G, would you go next door and choose a suitable one, preferably with a blindfold too.

G was back in a flash, holding something that looked like a bridle and grinning. "Yes, that's one of my favorites, too," said Doctor. They all gathered round as he held up the contraption & prepared it for use. Cassandra looked at her reflection in the mirror above and felt a familiar fluttering in her groin. How could she be horny at a time like this?
She groaned as the Doctor clicked the collar part of the gag around her neck. Then the men held her head and forced her jaws open as Doctor pushed something rubbery into her mouth that hooked onto her back molars and pinned her tongue down. 

The smell overwhelmed her as the leather was pulled up over her mouth and nose, and then her eyes! She tried to shake her head to dislodge the mask but they held her tightly, and she felt straps being pulled over her ears and tightened across her forehead. There was a final click then she felt them let go. She could breathe through her nose, but her mouth was sealed with leather, her jaw kept tightly shut by a strap under her chin that hooked over her ears, and her tongue was held immobile. She could turn her head just a little thanks to the restrictive collar, and she was in total darkness.

"Are you comfortable my dear?" asked Doctor. Cassandra tried to scream but the only sound that came out was a muffled grunt. "Good! Then we'll continue."
Doctor gave instructions to his trainees as they carefully undressed her, releasing one limb at a time to ease her clothes off her body, then strapping it firmly back into the cuff . Something cold and slimy was smeared over her pubic hair &  she recognized the smell of depilatory cream. She bucked her hips in protest but two pairs of hands held her pelvis down while every hair on her pussy was enveloped in the cream. In a few minutes she felt them wiping away all her fur. Her pussy was now smooth and naked, and completely exposed.

Cassandra was so turned on despite herself that she could feel the juices dripping from her sex. One ankle at  a time was released and firmly held as tight, soft, leathery material was eased up her leg to the top of her thigh. Doctor was talking in a saleman's patter as he instructed the men in how to put on the outfit. He said that he had developed this material himself and that it had the texture of leather but with micropores for breathability.
Next they released both her arms, and sat her up. She managed to get one hand free and grab at the face mask but they quickly captured it before she could find a way to remove it. Doctor laughed and told her that even with both hands free it was impossible for her to take off as it was locked at the back. The men laughed as well. One of them commented that he liked to see a beautiful woman struggle, and they all agreed.

They held her arms out and forced them into tight sleeves. Cassandra pushed her hands in, but quickly tried to pull them out again when she got to where the holes should have been and found them sealed. The material was too tight and clingy, though. She tried wriggling her fingers but the material welded them together, rendering her hands useless. She felt a touch at the small of her back, then a zip was pulled up to the back of her neck, pulling material snugly against her torso. 

Next, a strap was attached at the tops of her arms and tightened so that her shoulders were pulled back and her breasts thrust forward to poke out through a wide slit in the front. They held her arms to her sides and folded her hands over her leatherclad belly, then she felt a gentle tugging which moved from the tops of her arms, all the way down to the tips of her fingers, then back up the other side. She tried to move her arms but they were completely immobile, as if they had been welded to her body! My god, she thought, this is insane. What can they have  planned for me after all this elaborate preparation?

Now they returned to her legs, straps were attached to the tops of her thighs, and then to her ankles, cinched in tightly so her legs were folded with bent knees. Then cuffs were attached just above her knees. She was rolled onto her side and felt a cord being knotted through a loop in the middle of her back. The cord was pulled round either side of her body & attached to each knee cuff, then she felt them being roped in tighter and tighter. Cassandra tried to fight against the cords, but the men were too strong, and they soon had her knees level with her chest, pinned back on either side of her breasts.

"Now, let's give her a little peek at our handywork!" cried Doctor, & started to unzip part of the face mask, which allowed Cassandra to see through a narrow slit. She was dazzled at first, but then she focused on her reflection in the overhead mirror and groaned in dismay. She looked like a depraved version of batgirl. Her blonde hair flowed out from behind her black leather face mask. She was clad from head to toe in a black leather outfit which left her breasts, crotch and bottom bare. And of course, the worst part of it was that she was trussed up like a turkey, with her arms laced to her body, her tits thrust out and her thighs parted and pulled up so her pussy, arsehole and buttocks were completely exposed.

She tried to scream in protest as Doctor zipped her mask back up again and said, "I'm sorry that you boys won't get to play with her yourselves right now, but as I explained earlier, we've been preparing her for a special client. But we'll put her in the  observation room, as I'm sure he won't mind you watching from behind the glass."

Cassandra felt herself being lifted by several pairs of hands. She was carried a short way, then placed on a soft surface. Doctor whispered in her ear; "I'll give you some time to get used to your bonds before sending in your visitor. I think it's important that you come to terms with how completely, ahhh,  powerless  you are to stop anyone doing whatever they want to you."
Just to prove his point, he reached down and firmly squeezed her left nipple. Cassandra tried to twist away but to no avail. "Delightful, my dear. I must go now. Do enjoy yourself."

She heard a door shut and she realised that she was alone. Her nipple throbbed from Doctor's pinch. She had to get out of here before this mysterious visitor arrived!  She began to wriggle about, trying to loosen the straps that held her in this defenseless postition, but she couldn't even manage to roll over onto her side. There was a fan or something that was blowing cool air on her crotch that made her pussy feel even more exposed. She imagined the men watching her through some kind of two-way mirror and enjoying her pointless attempts to escape. The thought, however, made her groan with both despair and excitement.

It seemed like ages that she lay on her back, desperately trying to get free, to no avail. Even more frustrating was her body's response to this situation. She was so turned on that the wetness was flowing from her pussy down between the cheeks of her bottom. God knows what her visitor would do to her when he saw that. She felt a wave of humiliation wash over her. 
Suddenly there was a creak. 
Somebody had come into the room!
She froze and listened. There was silence for several minutes and she decided that nobody was there when a voice whispered, "I"m looking at your pussy."

Her immediate instinct was to pull her legs together and hide herself, but of course when she tried, she just wobbled her feet about a bit. She wanted to plead with whoever was there to let her go, but she could only whimper and moan through her gag. Her visitor remained impervious to her plight and was silent for several minutes. She felt her cheeks burning as she imagined his eyes feasting on her most intimate places. She flinched as she felt his hands on her thighs. They roamed slowly over her body, stopping to test each of her bonds. He grunted in satisfaction. Then he spoke, again in a whisper. "I have a feather."

That was it for several more minutes. Then she felt something touching her arsehole so lightly it was almost imperceptible. The feeling became more intense and she began whimpering again as he tickled her mercilessly with the feather, running the tip slowly round her vulnerable little rosebud. This went on for what seemed like hours to poor Cassandra, and she could do nothing to protect herself from his gentle torture.
Finally he stopped.

"I want to see your pussy wide open to me," he whispered. She felt him attach clips to her labia in two places on each side, then thread a lace round the backs of each leg, tying it tautly it to the clips so 
her lips were spread apart. She could feel his breath on her moist cunt.
"You're very wet," he whispered. "I want to see where your juices flow from. I want to see inside you."
Cassandra nearly leapt out of her skin when she felt something cold and hard touch the entrance to her vagina. She moaned and wriggled as much as her bonds would allow, but the cold steel slid easily into her canal. She felt it move deep into her, lubricated by her own juices. When it was in as far as it could go, she felt it begin to widen. Her internal muscles tried to force the intruder out, but the man's hand held it firmly in place.

Suddenly she realised that this instrument was just like the one her gyneocologist used when she had a cervical examination... except this one felt much longer. The man expanded the instrument until the pressure on her vaginal walls was almost too much for her to bear, then he stopped. It was wedged tightly inside her and although he had let go she could not push it out of her pussy.

"That's better." The man whispered. "Now you are open to me." Cassandra had never felt so invaded before. She could feel the man's breath as he blew into her gaping pussy, making her nerves twitch and her muscles try to contract. She felt his hands between her legs again and the steel, now warm from the heat inside her, slipped out. Next she felt him pressing a rubber ring over her left nipple. There was a loud whoosh and she felt her whole nipple sucked firmly into the ring, which stayed in place when he let go. He swiftly applied another to her right nipple. She could feel the pull all the way down in her crotch. The pressure was not quite strong enough to  hurt, but it had made her nipples harden immediately, and they felt ultra-sensitive.

She felt his whispering breath against her ear as he teased, "I have one of these little suction cups left. Guess where I'm going to put it. Somewhere really sensitive would be best, don't you think?"
Cassandra heard the whooshing start again, and then she felt the rim of the cup descend lightly over her clitoris. This time, however, he did not press it down against her skin. Instead, he held it just above so that air rushed over her tender bud, which was pulled upwards by the vacuum.

The feeling was so excruciating that Cassandra couldn't stop herself writhing desperately, trying to get away even though she knew it was impossible. He kept the cup in this position for a minute, &  just as Cassandra thought she would pass out, he planted it firmly against her swollen clit. She would have screamed, if only she could. She felt as if her lifeforce was being drawn out of her, the pleasure so intense it bordered on pain. Oh god, oh please, please, please.... she begged for release in her mind, which was translated into an unending, wordless whimper by the gag which rendered her tongue useless.

The man wobbled each suction cup in turn, making shocks of sensation spark through Cassandra's body. The opening of her vagina was suddenly parted by something rubbery, which was slowly forced inside her. It was so wide she felt that she would be torn apart. He eased it further into her canal, twisting it as he pushed it all the way in. Her mind reeled at this assault and her internal muscles screamed as they were stretched wider that ever before.  She had never been filled like this, and her eyes watered beneath the facemask as she screamed silently into the gag.

He gave her a minute to acclimatise to this new invasion, but then the assault began again. This time, Cassandra felt the tip of the man's finger touch her anus. It was slick with lubricant, and he pushed it into her constricted hole and spread the gel around. He then pulled her open and inserted the tip of a dildo. As he pushed it in past her sphincter muscles, her pulled out his finger.
She tried to relax to lessen the discomfort, but her body was unused to this feeling. To make it harder for her to deal with, he didn't just push the dildo in. Instead, he pushed it a little way in, then pulled it nearly all the way out, then in again a little further, then out again, then in again, deeper and deeper into her ass with each push. She was completely mortified as she lay there, unable to stop the invasion of her delicate back passage. Finally, the dildo's progress came to a halt, resting deep inside her, stretching her anus wide, and she had a minute to get used to the violation of her virgin passage. He attached a strap to the back of her outfit that ran up between her buttocks and slit, and clipped onto the front just below her belly, holding the dildos in place.

"Ahh, what a beautiful sight," whispered her tormentor, from somewhere between her legs. 
She imagined him sitting back in a chair, gloating in satisfaction as he surveyed her defenseless body that had been completely violated in every way. This thought caused her cunt and ass muscles to squeeze tightly around the dildos, and her nipples and clit to throb. Moaning helplessly now, she tried to fight her own excitement. She would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her cum. She cursed her traitorous body, but she could not curb her horniness.
As if he had read her mind, the man whispered, "You can't fight it. I'm going to make you cum stronger and longer than you ever have before. You may as well give in." Cassandra continued to fight the impending orgasm, and after two more endless minutes, he sighed. "Maybe you are stronger than I thought," he whispered, "but you won't be able to resist this."

With a click, the two dildos inside her began to undulate, churning into her deepest recesses. At the same time, the suckers over her nipples and clit suddenly increased their pressure and began to vibrate wildly. She tried to scream as she felt the wave of pleasure inside her growing and expanding until every nerve in her entire body was screaming for release. She approached the peak of her orgasm but somehow it receded, remaining just out of reach and drawing her further into the sensation.

Cassandra's mind soared miles away, unable to deal with the severe force of the pleasure, into a dreamworld where she spiraled high in the clouds, surrounded by an invisible entity that held her aloft, spreadeagled, prying open every orifice with a thousand unseen mouths, sucking and licking, overwhelming her totally.
She was brought back down to earth with a *smack*, as the man shouted, "Come for me now, slut!" and his hand slapped hard against her defenseless bottom. Her orgasm began to wrack her body. With each slap of her buttocks another wave rolled over her, shaking her bound and helpless form, her bonds making her feel each surge more intensely. The pain and humilitation of being spanked only increased the incredible power of the orgasm.

Gradually, her body began to tire and the force of the orgasm started to ebb. The man continued to spank her until her shudders had almost stopped. Then he turned off the dildos and the vibrators, and just stroked her bottom for a few minutes, crooning, "Shhh! There, there, good girl, you liked your spanking, didn't you.... Sshhh..."
Cassandra became aware of a whining sound in her ears that had started when the spanking had begun. She realised it was coming from her own throat, and she made herself stop. The man pulled the dildos out of her gently, and released her clit and nipples from the suckers. Her pussy and breasts were still humming with the residual vibrations of her orgasm and she felt suddenly empty when the dildos were gone.

Cassandra realised that the man had spoken in a normal voice for the first time since his arrival.
His voice was very familiar to her, but before she put two and two together, she felt his fingers pulling at the zip over her eyes. It took a second for her to focus, and then she recognised the face of her husband Michael smiling at her.
"Surprise!" He grinned down at her. "You should be more careful where you keep your dirty magazines next time, honey. I knew exactly what you were up to. I've been waiting for you to pluck up the courage to make an appointment here for weeks, and Doctor promised he would call me if you contacted him. He's such a helpful man, isn't he?"

Cassandra felt a million different emotions at once: relief that she was in safe hands; anger at her husband for keeping his identity a secret; nervousness at the implications of this development. Michael had obviously enjoyed having her bound and helpless, as she could tell by the size of the bulge in his trousers. What would happen now in their relationship?

She wriggled and squealed at him to ungag her and set her pinned body free, but he just laughed.
"Now, now, honey, do you really think that I can let you go now, while you're all cross at me for playing this little trick on you? I think it would be better to wait till you calm down. In fact, I know just the thing to help you get a better perspective on the situation."
Leaving her eyes uncovered, he walked to the end of the bed. He looked up and met her eyes in
the mirror. "I took some time off work, Cass, and I made a deal with Doctor. We're going to stay here all week and he's going to train me. This is just beginning!"

She watched in the mirrored ceiling as he knelt on the bed between her legs and bent his head to her crotch. She began screaming silently through the gag as she felt his lips lock onto her clit and his tongue flick out to meet it's swollen tip, her screams becoming gasps of pleasure, as he licked and sucked her towards another mindblowing orgasm.

To be continued...