The Carters of Bangbridge

by Paultt

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Storycodes: Solo-M; discovery; Sbf; chain; shackles; basement; D/s; punish; oral; gag; collar; bdsm; spank; tease; mast; denial; cane; discipline; sex; climax; cons; X

Chris Carter opens the door their kitchen. “Alice I'm home!” he calls putting his lunch sack on the table.

The silence of his house is not unusual. His wife's car is parked outside so she should be about somewhere. Unless she had walked to the village shop or the pub, he hoped not the pub as she had a worrying drink habit.

She didn't get pissed often but when she did her mouth often got her into deep trouble, but now with all the shit that was flying around since the discovery of the dumped chemicals that had leaked into the local river, Alice's dads disgrace was really eating into her.

The selling of the family home was the last straw and Alice had fallen out with her sister, and now things were looking bad with her half brother Adam. He and Alice had decided she needed to be controlled and looked after. They had been together for a few years and they was doing okay money wise. His blacksmiths business was thriving as more people bought the small holdings and turned them into riding stables and livery yards.

Going upstairs he noticed a pile of clothes on the bathroom floor and pool of water in front of the bath.

“Oh shit what's she done now?” he wonders as he pulls his shirt off over his muscular arms.

He dragged his jeans off and stepped into the shower.

No rush he thought, making sure he cleaned his cock well he dried off and walked naked down the stairs moving to the kitchen. Pouring himself a coffee and making sure the door was locked.

He would hate either his mother or Jennifer, his mother-in-law walking in what was about to happen. The scandal in the village might be hushed up by his family but his mother was the village gossip running the CIA-A branch from the community shop.

Unlocking the door behind the curtain he made sure he had the key in his hand as he closed it behind him. Walking down the wooden steps into the small cellar he turned on the light. Hanging up the key he walked past the shelving to the only door. Opening it he looked down, he caught his breath she was so beautiful. He still couldn't believe she loved him instead of the rich boys she mixed with at her private school.

Alice was kneeling naked, facing away from the door with her head bowed down looking at the floor. Both wrists and ankles contained by shiny metal manacles with a small length of chain between them. He had made them for her, the wrist ones fitted her perfectly as did the ankle ones which had only a two link chain between them as she liked to have to work at moving anywhere. Her neck was enclosed in a wide collar and her waist was indented by the thick steel belt, its chastity part shining in the cold light where it dispersed between her buttocks.

He moved to her side and admired the curve of her breasts as she turned her head to look at him. Her lips bulged round the strap of the gag. Its inflating tube dangled between her luscious breasts both her nipples rock hard in the cool of the cellar.

The gag indicated her crime, “Oh Alice what have you said this time, and to who?” he asked as he stood in front of her.

Her eyes looked at the black board on the wall. He stepped up to it and read.

“Your slave has been bad. I have need of your correction. 6 of your best for being awful to my sister Kate. 6 for being awful to mum. 6 strap for being awful to Adam!”

“Oh Alice. You have been bad!” he smiled down at her his hand taking hold of her pony tail pulling her head back so her eyes look up him.

Her wide stare of worry and guilt doesn't make much of a impression on him.

“We have been here before my pet.. haven't we?” she tries to nod and winces as her hair tightens on her scalp.

“I sometimes think you do it just for my attention. He reaches down and lets the air out of the gag. Unfastening it and easing it out of her mouth thrusting his erection deep into her still open mouth. Her skilful tongue and mouth soon brought him to orgasm.

Swallowing his sperm she looks up at him with wide eyes as he asks, “Confess now or later.” she looks at the floor and he nods picking up the gag off the worktop that ran down one wall of the cellar. Holding out to her lips she opens up easing her jaws apart.

Once he had buckled it tight Chris sighs and helps her to her feet holding her as she steps towards the wooden vaulting horse. The whole family disgrace thing was eating at his wife badly and the near break up of the partnership had hit her hard. As he eases her over it so she is bent over at the waist, he wished he could get her spoilt older sister bent over this for a couple of hours. She needed this and hell of a lot more.

Moving to the front of the horse he pumps the bulb on Alice's gag a few times before trapping it between her breasts. Thus if she bounced up and down too much with it under her the gag inflated more, both encouraging her to keep still or making her quieter as it filled her mouth.

Unclipping her crotch piece from the belt he eased it from between her legs. Uncuffing her wrists and ankles he pulled them out and down to the base of the horse. A ratchet strap from her collar to the bottom of the horse made her arch her back a little to save her crushing the air bulb to her gag.

Standing at her side his calloused fingers stroked her shoulders and back down to her buttocks.

“Oh Alice what shall I do with you!” he sighed. She had done so well for the last few weeks until Kate had come home from South Africa. Now she was relapsing. Her furious phone call to him earlier about her sister moving into her grandmas house and slagging her room colours off should have tipped him off to this set back.

She mewed as his fingers dipped into her folds drawing out juices and using it to lubricate her arsehole as he pushed a finger into it slowly frigging her. His hand dipped and his middle finger pushed into her pussy working her with his usual expertise. Her gasps around the gag telling him when to stop.

Slapping her left buttock hard with his hand, then 5 more times each a little harder, he watched her skin go pink then red. Moving to the other side of her he repeated it on the other one. He had heard the bulb inflate a couple of times and smiled as he looked at his wife's bulging cheeks. Reinserting his finger and continuing his teasing he edged her up to another climax before walking away.

She watched him return with a flip flop in his hand. “Shit I must of pissed him off!” she thought, he knew she hated that more than the belt.

Squeezing her eyes shut as if that would halve the pain, she squealed into the gag as he used it at the top of her buttocks. This was not on her list so she didn't know how many she would need to suffer.

The sting of it burned as he worked his way around each mound of her bum, until with 3 hard strokes to the top of her buttock. Her cheeks burned bright red by time he had finished and although she hadn't made a sound, her tears trickled down her face.

Grabbing the cane off the hooks on the wall he stood behind her and gently touched it across both cheeks. Drawing his arm back, his first one slashed across the base of her arse near the join at the tops of her legs. Her whimperer echo's across the empty space. The next one moved up it bit and four more followed. He gently felt his way up each ridge running into the groves.

Alice's sobs quietened down as he gently rubbed cream into her hurting bottom.

“Master Chris I am so sorry!”

“How many times have I told you to be nice.!”

He stands behind her and rubs her shoulders running his warm hands down her back, needing her muscles, working deep into her core. She starts to relax, and with her still held in place he unzips and thrusts into her wet pussy. Her groans and moans grow as she takes his trusts. Each thrust getting harder.

Reaching under her body he pulls her breasts out from underneath her pinching hard on her nipples, he waits until she starts to come and the speeds up spurting in her.

“Oh god Chris. I promise i'll be good!” she groans.

“I bet you don't!” he gasps in her ear. Thinking I hope you don't.

Que music. Dum dee dum dee dum..

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