The Car Ride

by Annabelle

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© Copyright 2011 - Annabelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; bond; cuffs; naked; gag; public; denial; cons; X

Hi everyone. This is fiction, one of my many little fantasies. But given the chance, just maybe I would try it for real!


I'm sitting in the center of the back seat of a town car, naked, as we drive slowly through the city. I'm sweating, nervous because of my nudity, but that's not all.

My arms are outstretched along the back of the seat, cuffs on my wrists holding them in place. No matter how I tug or pull they won't move, and I can't use them to cover up at all! Not being able to bring my arms across me makes me feel even more naked than just being naked, if that makes any sense. And out here in the car, I feel that way even more!

But it's not just my arms that make me feel that way. Cuffs on my ankles keep them spread too, the cuffs linked by short chains to rings in the floor installed just for that purpose. My legs, spread wide, expose me completely, revealing my slim body and my sex with its neatly trimmed pubic hair to anyone that can see me.

I moan in frustration into the gag I wear, a soft ball of leather that completely fills my mouth, held in by a panel gag that does nothing to stop me from drooling all over myself. My chest and breasts are slick with it, that and my sweat, for the A/C isn't on and the car is very hot in the sun.

I struggle from time to time to close my legs and bring my arms together, but it is useless and I know it. I will remain this way until I am released.

But that won't happen until the drive is over.

So all I can do is sit there and suffer my exposure and the discomfort of my bondage. As we drive along I look out the windows, hoping no one can see me like this. I don't think they can, the windows are heavily tinted and anyone outside the car would have to get up really close to have a chance to look inside. But things look very different when you are sitting bound, spread, and naked with traffic around you, and it is hard for me to believe that the couple in the car not three feet away can't see me while I can easily see them.

And then there are the SUVs, whose drivers and passengers have an even better angle to see me entirely naked. How could they miss seeing everything as we work our way through traffic?

Yet they don't. But the possibility never leaves my mind and I continue to pull at my bondage as I try to cover myself from eyes that seem to look at me yet don't. The whole experience is humiliating and embarrassing... yet, a part of me is also aroused by it all. I'm stuck here, with no clothes, no way of hiding my nakedness, no way of even moving, and it all turns me on so badly I want to scream!

I pull on my restraints because I want to cover myself, but even more so I can touch myself. I want to squeeze my aching nipples and caress my breasts. I want to pass my fingers through my slit and deep into me. I want it all very badly, yet achieving my sexual release is as far away from me right now as is my escape from my bondage.

All I can do is sit here, sweating, drooling, and yes, juicing, as the car works its way through the stop and go traffic of the city center.

No wonder I'm moaning.

I hear a horn blow in the car next to us, and my heart jumps as I look up, afraid that I am finally seen. But it is just someone waving his hands at another driver, and it takes me more than a few minutes to calm down again, and the urge to take care of myself grows even more.

I don't know why this... danger... turns me on so much, but it does. Being helpless and naked is more exciting to me than even sex itself.

Eventually the traffic speeds up again as it thins out. And panting behind my gag I look up at the driver's mirror, to see my driver watching me. I see the smile in his eyes, and I pull once again at my inescapable bonds, embarrassed that he alone is able to see my naked body... and smell my arousal.

After carefully checking the traffic he looks at me again in the mirror and raises an eyebrow. "Do you want to go around again, Miss?" he asks quietly.

I take a breath, then nod quickly, the heat inside me rising even more at the thought of doing it all again.

"Very well, Miss," he says. And just like that, my exquisite torture continues.

And it makes me squirm.

The End

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