Carol's Pet Wolf

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2007 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/fm; bond; latex; cage; cons; X

Carol sat there impassively, unable to escape from her situation. Something had to be done now. She struggled but made no headway with the bonds holding her to the chair. She had given up trying to shout through the gag. Nobody came. Nobody cared about her. Her legs were tied to each leg of the chair with her feet off of the ground. Her arms were tied to the back of the chair and thanks to the masses of rope holding her, she was unable to move. She did think that she would be able to move the chair and make a noise. Hopefully someone downstairs might wonder what all the racket was about and come and investigate. But it never happened. She could not move the chair an inch. Not even enough to lift the chair and drop it again.

The ropes that criss crossed her breasts made them stand out. Thanks to the fact she had decided to leave her bra off, her nipples were on display through the sheer cotton blouse. They stood out like organ stops.   The way she had been tied meant her feet were not touching the ground. The person who did this obviously knew a thing or two about tying people up. 

Her short cotton gypsy style skirt had ridden up displaying her stocking tops and her virgin white panties. She had thought of putting on tights and a panty girdle, but as it was quite warm she decided on hold up stockings instead. Now she regretted it. All her womanly charms were on display to anyone who chose to come and ogle her.  A few had. They ignored her pleas for release and a few of them played with her body sending electric shock waves crashing into a crescendo draining all the strength put of her. The women were the worse. They took more time playing with her nipples getting her into a heavily worked up state before they turned the vibrator on. The men went straight for jackpot. A couple of them had pulled her blouse open and sucked on her breasts.   But now they have gone and she is all alone.

Carol had never known who it was who played with her. Each of them had worn a mask and a latex catsuit. This made it far worse. Not to know your tormentor is unbelievable terrifying and yet exciting at the same time. You never know what they are going to do next or when they would do it or even how long they would take to complete the task. She had played around with her friends, but she knew everything they would do to her.   

It started when Carol moved. She had split from her boyfriend and joined what she thought was a singles club. Oh well, she was half right. It was for singles alright. But not in the sense she had imagined. She had got on quite well with them considering she was the newby in town. Everyone went out of their way to get to know her.  She had never met such a friendly bunch before.

From the first few meetings where Carol was rather reticent from joining in, it soon got that she was one of the crowd.   Carol liked this indeed. After only three weeks, Carol was joining them in going for drinks and dinners.

Gradually Carol got drawn towards Matt. He was so kind and gentle and yet he had the muscular build she liked in a man. She even imagined what her children by him were going to turn out like. More important was how it was going to be like when they tried for the children.

It was one day at the meeting someone suggested a game. Everyone put in their suggestion into a hat and whatever came out, that is what they had to do. No exceptions. Carol thought about it. Her idea was that they have an evening where the men dress as women and the women as men. She had been to one party like that and it was fun. Especially when they had to leave the car behind because her boyfriend had drunk too much and they had to catch the night bus home.

The stares he got and his reaction was amazing. Carol enjoyed his embarrassment for some reason. When he moaned about wearing a skirt, Carol had argued that it was okay for a woman to wear one, so not a man then?  Why are women second class creatures then that have to abide by the rules set by a man?

But it was over too soon. They did not take long to reach the stop they wanted. The boy she was going out with at the time, Robert caught sight of someone trying to look up his skirt as he came down the stairs from the top deck of the bus. His face went bright red.

But her thoughts of the past soon faded and she came back to reality. So now she put her bit of paper in the hat.  The paper was stirred and a piece of paper was pulled out. “A victim must be tied up. One male, one female”

All the names were to be put in the hat at the next meeting of the club and whoever was chosen had to be tied up.  Carol was sure it would not be her, so she was not over concerned about not wearing much in the way of clothing. Why she got that impression, she did not know, but she thought that as these people had known each other for a lot longer than they had her, they would not risk tying her up. Come to think of it, Carol had never been tied up before. So she could not say if she liked it or not. But she could not see the sense in it. Why deprive yourself of movement when you need everything free to whip up your partner to a frenzy and reap the results?

The week went by. It was Midsummer’s day and it was to be a full moon that night. The moon was late coming out. But Carol thought nothing of it. It must be a low angle that it would be appearing at. This would make it appear rather large in the sky. Perhaps everyone could go and watch it from the club house.

Matt was there already at the club house when he got there. He looked so magnificent in his white Cotton shirt. His muscles were rippling against the body and sleeves. He had the buttons undone down to his navel. Carol was having a lot of trouble trying to hold herself back from running up to him like a little schoolgirl and lunging herself at him. 

Carol bought herself a drink and waited to see what would happen. Matt was talking to Jim. “Oh go away” Carol thought, but gradually as the crowd gathered, her attention was turned to the activities of the night.  It was pointed out that the moon would not rise until about eleven as it was low in the sky. There were some clouds about and when they broke, the myriads of stars could be seen quite plainly. What surprised Carol was the fact that many of them were wearing latex catsuits. Many of them should not have bothered as they showed all the lumps and bumps.

“Friends, please listen to me!” The chairman shouted out. All went silent and every turned to face him. “Now I have your attention, please let me remind you tonight we are to tie up two victims. But there is a full moon a well, so it would be great if we could start now and select our victims and se if they can escape by the time the moon rises!”

The hat was brought out and all the names went in. Matt said he would like to volunteer to be tied up. Everyone said that was okay by them. But it meant all the men’s names had to be removed. It did not take long before all the men’s names were in a pile on a table. The women’s names were stirred up and the hat was shaken. The chairman put his hand into the hat and pulled out a slip of paper with a name on it. It was Carol’s name that came out of the hat.

Before she could take action, the crowd seized her and stuffed a gag in her mouth. She was carried to the chair and they tied her severely to it. Carol struggled once more, but she was unable to escape. She started to scream against the gag, but they ignored her. The men all positioned themselves so they got a good view of her ample charms. This is where she sat tied to her chair while some of them played with her body. 

Now they started on Matt. He told them to wait as he had some chains in the boot of his car. He wanted to be chained up. There were some other items that needed to be used as well. No one could understand what he wanted, but they just thought he was into bondage and let him have his wish. At least that was the impression Carol got.

He produced a steel muzzle that had a silver engraving on it. Everyone looked at it, but could not decipher the wording that it showed. Matt also brought out some heavy chains. Some of the group were into bondage and remarked that these were far too heavy for mere bondage. Matt told them not to worry. He had used them before. He was happy with them.

They started with his feet. They were tightly chained together using three locks. That is when Matt piped up with an absurd request. “As it is a full moon tonight, I want you all to pretend I am a werewolf and I have a gun here with a silver bullet in it. Pretend to shoot me. It is not a real bullet though. It is only the end in the chamber. Also sprinkle this salt and silver dust in a circle around me”

Everyone looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and carried on wrapping the heavy chains around Matt. The muzzle was put on him and he was speechless once they fastened it. A final heavy chain was taken from his feet to a heavy bracket bolted to the wall. The salt and silver dust was sprinkled around him. Once they were satisfied that the pair were safely tied and chained up, the crowd went and got more drinks and went and sat outside looking for the moon to rise.   Unfortunately, they left the gun on the table.

A few came in and toyed with her body making her extremely frustrated. She was hoping Matt could escape and have his way with her. But the people all walked off leaving her hot with frustration.  

Outside, the moon started its slow assent into the heavens. A beam of light shone its ray straight into the hall were carol and Matt were facing each other. Matt was hit straight on the face by the beam. He started to snarl. His hair started to grow. His jaws protruded and his short and trousers ripped. Some of the chains snapped under the tension as his body grew. Carol was watching all this in horror. She tried screaming, but no one was interested in her any more.   The gag stopped the noise and they were watching the full moon.

She had to escape. She was certain she was going to die. Matt had become a raging beast by now. He howled at the moon which by now was in line with the window. His howl caused the muzzle to snap clear in half. Carol looked at his sharp teeth that stuck out. Saliva ran down the side of his face. Carol tried once more to escape. But she couldn’t budge the chair. Why did she allow herself to be put in this situation? Thoughts ran through her head about how her body will be found or even if it would be found.

But the clouds scudded across the moon and Matt returned to normal. Just as the crowd came in. “Wow Matt, how the hell did you manage that?”

“You know I am an escapologist. You should have checked the chains and muzzle properly first”

The chairman told the girls to release Carol so she could see the full moon, but Matt declined the offer. He had to ask Carol to get some clothes out of the boot of his car. Carol was shaking like a leaf. She could not believe what she had seen.  But she could not leave Matt like this with his clothes in tatters. Nervously she took the keys from him. “It will be alright now. I will explain later.”  Carol collected his clothes and he went and got dressed.

The crowd broke up and went home. Carol was glad to see the sky had filled with clouds. Matt came up to her and offered to buy her a drink in a club he frequented. Carol was not sure, but as there were a lot of people going that were going their way, she went with him in his car. She knew she shouldn’t have, but all in all, this was Matt she was with.

In the car, Matt explained. “Sorry about that. I should have warned you. It only happens on a full moon and even then only until the moon reaches its high point. I volunteered to be chained up because Carol, I am in love with you and did not want to hurt you. The gun was real and I would rather they shot me than let me hurt you. I had to get you tied up and see me at my worse. I could not think of any other way of saying hello to you”.

Carol looked at him; he was paying attention to his driving. Carol spoke next. “So what you are saying is that once a month, I will have to chain you up so you cannot escape and hurt me, that is if we were to become an item”

Matt replied. “To be honest, I have never hurt a soul. I just have to change. It is more scary than harmful!”

Carol looked at him and smiled. “Does everyone in the club know you are a werewolf?”

“They all do. Some of them are as well. But with the stories going round that we kill animals and people, we keep it to ourselves”

“But how did you know my name was going to be picked out of the hat?”

“We all put your name on the slips of paper!” 

“Oh that is crafty. I think you need chaining up a bit more than once a month!”

“Yes please, if you don’t mind”

“Only if you agree to tie me up now and then. Until you changed I was beginning to enjoy being tied to the chair”

“It would be an honour and a pleasure”.

Six months later, Carol moved in with Matt. The first item of furniture she bought was a heavy animal cage. Matt knew what that was for.  It was just big enough for him and he doubted that even he could break the bars when he was transformed. Carol became quite adept at chaining Matt up. Even when there was no need to. It was a few months later when Carol realised something was wrong. “Matt, I know I have chained you up and stuck you in that cage, but how comes you have not become a werewolf lately?”

“Because your love has cured me. True love conquers everything. We don’t tell the world that. We let them have their own fantasies about us!"

Carol grinned at him. “Oh, I think you need chaining up for that! Strip” Matt got the chains and watched as Carol chained him up with love in her eyes. Once he was fastened, Carol growled and lept on him and between them, they both howled in unison as they orgasmed at the same time.


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