Carol's Cellar Cell

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2007 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; susp; cell; stuck; M/f; F/m; bond; latex; toys; cons; X


Carol Smith looked at her husband with disdain. They had bought this wonderful big house with a large cellar. Her husband is heavily into bondage whereas she cannot see the sense in it.

John had just told her he wanted to turn the cellar into a cell where she could chain him up and lock him in until she saw fit to release him. Carol wanted nothing to do with it. But for John, bondage was just a prelude to sex. A form of foreplay! It made sex that much better once he was free. He told Carol once that he would like her to tie him up and rape him. Use him at her will. But Carol would have nothing to do with it.

The cellar is peculiar in that it goes through a doorway under the stairs. But to all intents and purposes, it looks just like a cupboard. To get to the cellar, you have to lift the heavy hatch and clip it back. Then the stairs are visible and you go down right under the house. It used to be used as a wine cellar as it kept everything at just the right temperature! It was as soundproofed as you could get. It could be used as a recording studio! It had an air vent that led straight up to the roof!

John had put some bars across part of it and a heavy barred door that locked with two locks. The locks closed automatically but you needed the keys to open them. Sometimes he had told Carol he was going into the cellar, but she never followed him. John had put an extension to the telephone in the cell just in case he got into trouble. It also had the answer phone in their so any messages would be heard while he was in the cell. The phone and answer phone was on the wall within the cell!

This bondage caused a lot of friction and although she loved him, she could not take part in it herself. John had bought her a slave girl’s and a schoolgirls’ outfit, but she had never worn them. To her, sex was natural and no stimulation was required. But John was getting more and more restless.

He had even started to stay out late and once or twice had not even bothered to come home! Carol was sure he was seeing someone else. So she had to start thinking fast! She had to get him back

John was at work and so Carol started to investigate the cell. Perhaps she should try out bondage. She would have to look and see what she thought!

Carol opened the door to the cellar, lifted the heavy hatch which was a struggle for her and latched it back so it did not close on her. She proceeded down the stairs. It was clever what John had done. The cellar light would come on when the hatch was lifted and stay on automatically for two hours, although he had put an over riding switch in to turn the lights off straight away at the top of the stairs.

She looked around. There was the phone and answer phone right in front of her on the other side of the bars within the cell! The keys to the cell door are hanging up on the hook facing the cell door. These would be just out of reach of anyone in the cell. Just enough to torment the prisoner that their escape is so close and yet so far away!

Carol took the keys and opened the cell door. On the wall were some chains and manacles. There were some on the floor for the legs as well. But what intrigued her were the chains hanging from the beam in the ceiling in the middle of the room. They had manacles on them and there were the corresponding leg manacles to make sure the legs were held wide apart as well. The ones against the wall held the legs slightly apart.

But it was the chains hanging down that attracted her attention. They went up through some hoops and down across the room. One went to the left side and the other went to the right side. One the other end of the chains was some heavy weights. They were prevented from pulling the manacles up by some pegs in the chain links just in front of the hoops. One these pegs John had tied some string. The idea as she saw it was that John could fasten the manacles on his hands and then pull the pegs out. This would allow the heavy weights to fall and he would be spread-eagled to await his fate at Carol’s hands.

She looked around, saw the gags he had bought, tried a few out, and even fastening them behind her head. She found the one that she was most comfortable with and put them all back.

On each of the walls were mirrors so the prisoner could see what they look like from all angles.

Hanging the keys to the cell back on their hook, she closed the door and went back upstairs. She shut the hatch and closed the cellar door. Now would she have the nerve to let him tie her up?

Days went by and Carol kept looking at the cellar. She even stood against the wall and put the manacles n her wrists, but did not close the as she would not be able to get out. She tried the ones on the middle off the room, but of course as they were held down, they were just at her shoulder height. And she could lock them and release them as she had the keys in her hands.

The days went to weeks. John was staying out longer than ever. Carol had to act now.

John went to work in a chirpy mood that morning. Carol put it down to the heavy sex session she had given him last night. Now she had to work fast in thinking what she was going to do. John should be home at six. He had never stayed out late two nights on the trot. He was out late last night, so he should be home on time tonight.

The day dragged by with Carol getting more and more nervous! She decided to go through with it. She wrote a note, “I have a surprise for you! Look in the cellar!” and left it on the kitchen table.

Going to the bedroom, Carol got out the skimpy schoolgirls outfit and the slave girls’ outfit as well. This consisted of a tiny bikini and some see through pantaloons. She decided she would wear this outfit for him.

She opened the cellar door and lifted the hatch. The lights came on. Closing the cellar door, she realised there was no way to open the door from the inside. Now she had to go though with her plan.

Her heart beating fast, she shut the hatch behind her. She heard the catches click shut. Now she was trapped.  

She went down the stairs and into the cellar. She opened the cell door and put the keys back on the hook once more. She stepped into the cell and closed the door behind her. The catches dropping home sounding like a roar of thunder to her.

She took the gag she preferred and fastened it into her mouth. She realised that she could not do the hand manacles up that were fastened to the wall as they chains would not allow each wrist to meet. It had to be the ones in the centre of the cell. The leg manacles were fastened onto her legs holding them wide apart. Her sex was now available to John and the world. She fastened the hand manacles around her wrists and tossed the keys just outside the cell door.

Her heart beating faster still, she had one last thing to do. She grabbed the strings and pulled the pegs out of the links. The weights dropped and her hands flew up. She had not thought the length of the chain was set for John, so she was pulled slightly tighter than he would have been. But now she saw what he saw in bondage! She felt freer than ever before. The decision to have sex or not would be taken out of her hands. Wow! This was great. Pleasurable feelings flooded into her.

Carol looked into the mirrors and saw a helpless damsel struggling to get free before some evil wicked man came and helped himself to her body! Now she was getting into the mood of it. She could feel that feeling of warmth starting to rise up.

But she thought that by now, John should be home. It must be six o’ clock by now! Time dragged by and Carol was getting bored. The lights suddenly went out. It had to be seven at the earliest. Where the hell is John?

Suddenly the phone started to ring. Carol could not answer it. The answer phone burst into life. “Hi Carol. Well it has not worked out has it? I need my bondage and I have found someone else. I am leaving you! You can have the house! Throw my clothes out as I will not be back! Goodbye love! Have fun. Oh I think you should destroy the cellar as someone in future might get trapped in it!” “Click” the phone call stopped. Would John return? That was her only chance of escape!

Part Two

In the darkness a struggling body was writhing against the heavy chains, hopelessly stuck for all time and never to be found. Just whimpers and murmurs of “mmmmph” could be heard in the darkness!

Carol struggled and tried to pull on the chain. But the weights were too heavy for her and she gave up. She realised that even if she had managed to lift the weights, she could not get the manacles off. She is there for all time, struggling until the end and whimpering about the state she had got into. If only she had not tried to please John! He would now be the cause of her death.

Tears ran down her face. She knew she would never be found and that her case was hopeless. She struggled some more in vain, but eventually gave up and thought about what would happen to her. Would they one day knock the house down and find her outstretched skeleton? Would John decide to sell the house and call round and find her dead body in the cellar? She knew that anybody buying the house would not hear her if she were alive and while they were walking about enjoying themselves; she would be dying just a few feet below! They would never think about a false floor in the cupboard under the stairs!

For hours she pondered her fate. Her make up was ruined with the tears running down her face. But there is nothing she can do. She can’t even wipe her eyes and they are sore from the crying.

She found the strength and will to struggle some more. Why, she did not know. She knew it was hopeless. But for some strange reason she found it a turn on. She was getting rather damp between her legs. Perhaps she could have one final orgasm this way, although it would not be as nice as when John gave her one! But she gave up on that idea.

Just when she tried to go to sleep, a voice came over the telephone. “Having fun? You sexy beast!” It was John. She tried to scream, but the gag stopped her. Would he come and investigate? Please, let him come and find her. That all she asks. He can have the house! “Please John, come back! Release me. Let me out!” she thought!

The light went on. She saw John enter the cellar. “My, you have got yourself into a state!” He laughed at her predicament. She tried to scream again, but the gag stopped her!

“I have been watching you from the moment you stepped into the cell. When the lights went out, the cameras I have hidden were automatically turned to an infra-red and low light cameras. I have been watching the whole show all the time!” Carol grunted!

“Oh you never found the cameras? If you look at the beams at the top of the walls, they are very tiny cameras. Can you see them now?” John asked.

Carol looked and nodded she could see them. She went to call him a bastard, but all that came out was “oo asard” John laughed. He went behind her and started to massage her breasts from behind. He run his hand over her pert bum and eventually reached around and allowed his hand to wander into the bikini bottom and massaged her sex. Carol felt the warmth swell up inside her. She soon wanted him to take her. But John was more than happy to allow her to stew for a while.

He stopped what he was doing, closed the cell door once more and walked off leaving her frustrated. He came back with a chair and put it down outside of the cell. He sat down watching her. “This beats any program on the television any day!” he said with a mocking laugh!

“Please keep on struggling! This is getting me mightily turned on!” Carol could see him rubbing himself through his trousers. “Why doesn’t he stop that and come and take me!” she thought, “I can’t stop him!” Carol was well onto the way of being prepared for entry. She was the wettest she had ever been. Her love juices flowed more than they had ever done!

John just sat there looking at her whilst rubbing his now tensed groin. Carol’s struggling was getting to him. He could take it no more. He unlocked the cell and entered it. He walked up to Carol, pulled down the pantaloons and bikini bottom, undid the gag and gave her a big kiss. Carol tried to pull back, but he held her head with on hand while guiding his member into her body with the other.

Carol did not want to but for some reason she found she was helping him by moving her pelvis forward as best she could. John took his hand away from her head and she pressed it harder to his face. She felt his hand that had been holding her head push firmly into the cheeks of her bum and he was now inside her. A few thrusts and they came together. That was the first time that had happened.

John pulled the weights back up and put the pegs back into the chain links. He released Carol and they both went up naked to the shower. They showered together and had another session. That was something else they had never managed.

Carol was beginning to realise that bondage had in fact released her inhibitions and now she was free of all the “must not do that” mentality she used to have.

After the shower, Carol put the slave girls’ outfit back on and cooked them a meal. All through it she was calling him “master” instead of John. John played up to it. At one time he put her over his knee and gave her a sound spanking. Carol was getting wet again!

But the inevitable happened and Carol asked why he was going to run off with someone else, and why he had been stopping out late!

“I was not going to run off really. I noticed that the gags were not put back where I had put them and realised you had been in the cellar. So I installed the cameras to catch you. I have been getting home late because I have been watching you while at work through the internet. I have not been seeing anybody else! I have been putting in the overtime for this!” He went into the hall and returned with an envelope! He threw it on the table and Carol opened it. It was two tickets for a three week cruise around the Caribbean . That was always Carol’s dream. She looked at it and threw herself at John and gave him a kiss. She turned the lights out and dragged him up to the bedroom.

The next day, the Saturday, Carol woke up first. John was still fast asleep. She showered and put the schoolgirls’ outfit on. Then she crept downstairs and started breakfast. Once it was ready, she woke John who was startled to see her in the short pleated skirt. He lifted it and saw the matching knickers!

John followed her downstairs. He agreed to clean the place while she went out shopping! “You are not going like that are you?” Carol replied she was not going to, but she had a better idea for him. They went into the cellar and Carol got John to take a step ladder with him. He asked why but she told him he would find out. She ordered him to strip. She fastened him into the position where he stood and placed a gag in his mouth. Now she pulled the pegs out of the chain links and the weights fell once more. They hit the floor and John was stretched, but not as much as Carol was.

She got the step ladder, placed it by the hoops in the ceiling and climbed up it. She let her weight fall on the chain and when she was happy that John was stretched, she put a padlock in the chain link and hoop securing it so John could not pull at it.

Now she repeated this on the other chain. John was too busy getting a good view of her bum in those tight knickers with the elastic fitting snuggly around her thighs. The skirt was too short to stop him looking! 

Once she was satisfied, she said she was off to change and go shopping. She gave him a peck on the cheek and told him to enjoy himself as best he could. She closed the cell door and hung the keys back on the hook. John heard the flap close.

Two hours later, the light went out! Where was she for crying out loud? He struggled, but where she had put the locks in the chain he could not pull on them. The hours dragged by! Now he was beginning to see how she felt!

But he could not get an erection out of it. Nor any sense of increased sexual response. Not even thinking about it stirred him into action.

But the light came on, so John knew Carol was about to enter the cell. She entered wearing the tightest latex one piece outfit imaginable. It seemed to have a zip down the front, starting from the waist and underneath her!

On her legs were some knee length latex boots that strapped up tightly. These made her walk nearly on tip toe and she knew what he was thinking and told him the heels were six inch heels.

Her head was covered by a latex mask. All he could see of her was her eyes, nose and mouth. In her hand was a cat of nine tails whip. John murmured. She went behind him and told him “Be silent slave! Now I am the mistress! You are a worthless worm and mean nothing to me! I could leave you here to die if that takes my pleasure!”

Carol gave him a few gentle lashes on his back and bum with the whip. She tormented him rotten and eventually he got an enormous erection and she was fighting to hold herself back as well! But she could not wait any longer. She was as wet as the day previous. She removed his gag, pulled the zip down under her and climbed up on him.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and putting her arm around his neck she used the other hand to guide him into her. She rode him to a crescendo that she had never had before. John came at the same time!

Afterwards Carol left him there and went back upstairs and put the slave girls’ outfit on once more. Now she came back and washed him down thoroughly. “A slave should always wash her master!” she said and paid special attention to his manhood. John was starting to get that familiar stirring once more. But Carol stopped. “Now you see what it is like to be left frustrated!” She left the cell, closed the door and watched from the seat John had sat on looking at her!

John called out to her to let him go and she delighted in climbing up the step ladder once more to release him! John followed her up the stairs, carried her over his shoulder to the bedroom. Carol told him to stop but he replied, “A slave has not right to tell her master to stop! I am the master now!”

He threw her on the bed and the two made love like they had only just met. Bondage had given them both the freedom to express themselves and took turns in tying each other up. But John surprised her with two things.

The first one came a few days later when he tied her to a post in the back garden. She was worried in case the neighbours saw her. But the second one came just before the cruise! She was packing her clothes and John told her she had forgotten something and held up her slave girls’ outfit. “In case they have a fancy dress party!” he said smiling. But Carol knew the real truth. This was confirmed when she packed his case and saw the handcuffs in it!


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