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Storycodes: M/f; bondage; cons; X

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Carol Bound
by CJ

This experience happened a few years ago with a old friend who I have since lost contact with. Her name is Carol and we were both in our mid 20's at the time and had been friends since high school. Carol was about 5 ft 8 in tall and had "impressive" breasts. She was also very flexible from many years of yoga which you'll see paid off in the story.

The whole thing started in a restaurant where we were finishing off a delightful dinner.
"My life is boring," said Carol. "It's so damn predictable that there is no excitement left in it."
"Then do something about it! Do something you've never done before. Take a risk. It's the only way to add spice to your life."
"Do you really think I can change this dull life?"
"Absolutely, you just have to come up with something new. What can be so hard about that?"
"Suggest something then, be wild!"
"How about sky diving?" I suggested.
"No way!! You'll never get me jumping out of a plane! Think of something else risqué but not dangerous."

How about bondage?" I innocently suggested. "You can start of slow and if you like it you can build it up."
"I'm going to need as partner, no? Where do I get a partner? It just couldn't work. Besides who says I'd even like it? Being tied up does not fit in my top ten favorite pastimes."
"How do you know your feelings before you even try it? And if you are looking for a partner to try it out, I'd be happy to help." I replied.
"What makes you think I'd let you tie me up anyway?"
"Do you trust me?" I asked.
"Well yeah, I guess so." Carol replied after only a moment's delay.

"So you trust me and you would like to try being a captive... admit it... it's likely a hidden fantasy in many women, the idea of being helpless until the Prince comes to rescue you." I could see she was warming up to the idea.
"... OK, I'll try it just to get some excitement into my life. Let's head off to my place before I regain my senses and realize how stupid this is." carol said almost pulling me out of the bar.

As I drove us over to Carol's place, she began asking questions that told me she was really uncertain about this and perhaps even a little scared. I tried to calm her worries by assuring her that I wouldn't do anything she didn't want. She just had to say the word and the scene would end.

We arrived at her place and she immediately disappeared down into the basement, only to return in a minute with several lengths of rope in her arms that she dumped in the middle of the living room and said "Now what big boy?" She was putting in a good effort to be positive about this new wild turn for her live.

"Let's start simple," I said. "Take one of your dining room chairs and sit down in the middle of the room."
Carol sat down, I took her hands placed them palm to palm in front of her and began to bind her wrists. I tied them off fairly tight and left a length of rope hanging from the final knot.
"This isn't very challenging," she said. "I'll just pick at the knots with my teeth. You're not so hot with the bondage techniques after all.... Even this will manage to be boring in my life."
"Not so fast young lady" I retorted. "Put your hands in the air." As she did, I took the extra length hanging from her wrist and pulled it down her back and fastened it to the back of the chair, leaving her elbows pointing at the ceiling. "Is it that easy now?" 
"I guess not," she said in a humble tone.
"Yup, you're pretty caught." I said smugly, coming around to the front of my 'helpless' maiden. I stepped in front, leaned over and tried tickling Carol under her bound arms, innocently asking "Are you at all ticklish?"

In a split second her right leg came flying up slamming into my balls sending me flying across the room in agony. Immediately she tried to apologize explaining that she was extremely ticklish and her kicking was just a defensive reflex. Meanwhile I was curled up in a ball barely able to move and she sat there bound to the chair with no way out but me untying her. After several minutes I struggled to my feet and hobbled over to Carol and began untying her wrists. Once they were loose enough for her to finish herself I began to carefully walk to the door, politely saying good night and heading out. But Carol called me back in a rather lonesome voice,
"No please don't leave. I'm really sorry about what I did, it was totally un-necessary. Please stay. I kinda liked being tied up and I was sort of hoping you'd tie me up again tonight."
"My balls can't take another shot like that. They really hurt. I should just go home and go to bed."
"Please stay" she was nearly pleading. "Tie my legs first, tie me really tight so I can't possibly kick."
"You'll let me tie you as tight as I want, in any way I want?"
"It's the least I can do to make it up to you" she said in a rather sexy voice. "I deserve to be punished."
"OK, but I call all the shots."
"Yes, master" she said in her most submissive voice.

I asked her to stand in the middle of the room and I tied her ankles together firmly, cinching the rope tightly between her ankles. I did the same thing just above her knees too. "That should prevent any kicking this time," I said with a smirk. "How flexible are your arms?"
"Very flexible" she said. "I'm still doing yoga and a bit of gymnastics."
I took her right arm and twisted it up her back. It went so far up her fingers nearly touched the back of her neck. 
"Does that hurt?" I asked.
"Not really" she calmly replied trying to keep her balance with her legs tied tightly together.

"Well, for this next part I need your arms to be bare" I said. She began to roll up her sleeves, but I said I needed them bare right to the shoulders. She smiled a crocked smile and said, "Good planning. Tie my legs together, make it impossible to go upstairs to change and then say you want my shirt off."
"You agreed, I call the shots."
Without making a big fuss about it she said "OK" and pulled her shirt over her head revealing her 38" breasts caught only in a lacey front closing bra.

"Very pretty. Now put your hands high up behind your back." She really was quite supple, but she couldn't hold them up as high as I could pull them myself. We needed to find a way to hold her hands high up her back while I tied them in a reverse praying position. I saw a coat hook high up on the wall and asked Carol to jump over to it. Her breasts really bounced while she bunny-hopped across the room. I had Carol face the wall and I tied short cords around each wrist and twisting her wrists high behind her back, tied the other ends to the hook over Carol's head. I asked her if she could put her hands any higher up her back and she bent her knees slightly and that pulled her wrists even higher up her back.

I tied her wrists together with her palms facing in and then began neatly wrapping the long rope around both arms starting at her wrists and wrapping around toward her elbows. The loose end of the rope was neatly tucked in between her arms. Each turn I made sure the ropes were neatly side-by-side and her arms were tight together. Each turn brought her elbows closer together. About 3/4 of the way to her elbows she made a comment about the ropes being quite tight. 

I assured her that they were not as tight as the ropes around her legs because this rope was not cinched. 
"It's not too tight for you is it?" I asked.
"I'm not complaining yet, but it sure is testing my flexibility. Are you nearly finished back there?"
While she was talking I had made 4 or 5 more loops around her arms and was very close to her elbows. I said I would have to stop at her elbows and that would take only another loop or two. She seemed relieved. Truth be known, her elbows were already right together. Once I tied off the end of the rope, I removed the ropes that attached her wrists to the hook and helped her to stand straight saying, "That, my dear is called a 'reverse prayer' or sometimes a 'hammerlock', and you wear it very well. Let me help you to the middle of the room again." And she did another bunny hop a few feet over to the middle of the room.

"Can I see what my arms look like behind my back?" asked Carol. I found a large mirror hanging in the hallway and used it to help her see behind her back. "WOW! Before tonight I would have told you that was impossible! Are you sure I still have circulation to my hands?"
"Can you move your fingers" I asked. She was able to easily wiggle her fingers, so I assured her that her circulation was fine.
"I'm pretty helpless like this," said Carol. "No, let me rephrase that, I am completely helpless, legs bound tight and arms trussed up like I've never seen before. I guess I'm completely at your mercy. Now what are you going to do?"

"Well I could test the bow on your skirt." She wore a wrap around skirt that was held on with just a sash tied in a bow at her waist. I pulled the bow out as she tried to tell me that just the bow was holding in on, but she was too late. The way she was bound all she could do was watch the skirt settle to the ground.
"So that's the plan, get me naked" she said. Go ahead, don't let me stop you, like I'd be able to in this condition."
"I hadn't really thought that far ahead, but if you request, I'd be happy to comply." I said with a grin and proceeded to un-clip her bra fastener between her breasts and I pushed the halves of the bra back on top of her bound arms. 

"Very pretty. I have to do something to these big boobs, how about making them even bigger?" With that comment I grabbed another small coil of rope and wrapped it around the base of her left boob. They were even wraps, side-by-side, and just about as tight as I could tie them. The tight rope made her tit swell. "See? I can make big tits look even bigger" and I proceeded to do the same thing to her right breast. While I wrapped the rope around her breast I asked her to hold the starting end with her teeth and she did. As I wrapped it seemed to me that she was trying to pull her end even tighter. 

When I finished the wrapping, I took her end from her and tied them off.
Carol said, "I've had my breasts sucked, chewed even pinched, but never anything like this! This is incredible!"
"Does it hurt?"
"Not really, but they feel really puffy, sort of like tight balloons."
"Well if they don't really hurt, then we'll have to try something else." and with that said, I found some string and tied a piece tightly around each of her swollen nipples.

"Now that's beginning to hurt", Carol admitted.
"Oh? But I'm not finished" I answered as I took both strings from her nipples and pulled them together so that her nipples were almost touching and tied off the strings.
"Ouch! Now that hurts!" Carol cried out.
"Don't worry, you'll get used to it in a few minutes... maybe" I said with a grin and sat back to admire my work.

"So how long are you going to keep me like this?"
"Well, we still have a good part of the night and my balls still hurt."
"This torturous position more than compensates for your poor cock and balls!"
"You're in a very poor position to be making any nasty comments. I think you need more punishment. How about a bottle hanging off your tits?" I said while I tied a large glass bottle with a large neck opening to the strings that pulled her nipples together. Then I began to slowly pour water into the bottle. I figure the bottle held about 1.5 liters of water and as it was slowly filling, her nipples were stretching more and more.

As the bottle neared 3/4 full, Carol said "I don't think I can take any more tension on my poor nips.Can you stop now, please!"
"We're almost there," I said as I headed back to the kitchen to refill the water can I was using. Once I had filled the bottle Carol's nipples were stretched 1.5 or 2 inches, maybe a little more and she was showing obvious pain. I had left the water running in the kitchen and the noise of it was all that was needed to make Carol have to go pee.
"OH no! Quick untie me I have to go pee right now!" said Carol.
"Well then go, I'm not stopping you. The bathroom is just down the hall."
"How am I supposed to get there?"
"You hopped before, hop again" I said.

"This is really going to hurt" she said and tried to take one hop. The bottle full of water bounced with her hop sending such pain through her nipples that she screamed for the first time. "I can't take this pain, please untie my poor nipples, leave everything else, just give them some relief, please, or I will pee right here on the carpet!"

It was clear that her nipples were in a lot of pain, so I cut the string holding the bottle and cut the string between her nipples. Although the strings were still tied around her nipples, Carol seemed very grateful and quickly proceeded to hop toward the bathroom. As she got to the bathroom she called for me to come over. "Could you pull down my panties, please" she said.
"I thought you'd never ask," I said with a grin. 
"Now you are as close to naked as I can make you," I said pulling them down to the rope tied above her knees.
She didn't say a word, just plunked herself down on the toilet and let go a good long pee. Then I wiped her. She didn't even ask me to pull up her underwear again, I guess she figured I wouldn't. 

As she bunny hopped back to the living room she said, "I guess we're done now. Can you untie me?"
"I can think of a few more things to try. Let's see how long you can endure the hammer lock, OK?" As I was talking I was taking another rope and tying it very tightly around her waist four turns. "Your waist is smaller than I thought," I said with a grin.
"It's smaller than I thought too," she grunted through short puffy breaths.

I tied a big figure eight knot into the loose end of the rope about 4 inches from her waist and then past the rope between her legs and up her back and tied it off on the ropes wrapped around her arms. I went around in front and figured that the bulb knot was not quite on her clit, so I tightened the crotch rope just a little more then I said, "Try to move your arms."
"Oh! That's quite a sensation!" she said as the slight movement of her arms rubbed the knot into her clitoris. She kept moving her arms as much as she could and started to get really excited until she started to loose her balance. She would have fallen flat on her pretty face if I hadn't caught her.

I laid her on the living room carpet saying that it would probably be safer if she was lying down. But she looked far too comfortable just lying on the floor so I rolled her onto her stomach and took the end of the rope wrapped around her ankles and tied it to the top of the rope that wrapped her arms. By the time I was finished her feet were just inches from her arms making this a very tight hog tie. Before she could complain about anything being too tight (at this point I figured everything was too tight), I said that I had to go to the bathroom and headed out the room.

I stayed in the bathroom about ten minutes and as I returned Carol was in the throws of a self-induced orgasm. I watched in amazement. When she had finally recovered I asked her how she liked her ropes. She said, "That was my second orgasm since you headed off to pee, you know!"
"Maybe I should leave you like this then."
"Please! At least for a little while" she said and began to excite herself to a third orgasm.

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