Carol's Summer

by Carol-Jane

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© Copyright 2001 - Carol-Jane - Used by permission

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Here's my first story.  Exciting to think I'll be published! add my address at the end of the story ([email protected]) and my pen name should be carol-jane. The story is in the third person, but it's really a tale about one of my summers:)

Carol's Summer

It was a hot summer; Carol wore a halter-top style dress with thin strings that tied behind her neck.  A large ribbon bow gathered what would have been a very loose dress at the waist.  It had been very hot that week and on a whim that morning she decided to wear no underwear.  She didn't do this very often, but it wasn't the first time either.  No ladders today.  The outfit covered well enough, but was also cool, just what the day called for.  Carol was 16 and had large firm breasts, if she ran they would bounce a lot, but other than that the design of the dress held them very well.

At Bill's house the 'gang', five teenage boys and Carol, often gathered in the afternoon because both his parents worked and they had air conditioning.  Today they were fooling around with a pair of handcuffs bill had bought the other day, not very expensive but they did indeed lock.

The boys urged Carol to give them a try.  At first she declined but after a bit of badgering from the guys she relented.  She was a bit of a flirt with the boys, that's why she was so often with the five of them, she got a lot of attention, and she liked the attention.  Bill clipped them onto her wrists in front of her.  The excitement of being a captive caught her almost immediately. 

The cuffs were indeed secure and after a few minutes she asked for the key and Bill gave it to her.  Unfastening them was a bit of a challenge because the chain between the cuffs was so short, but after about a minute of fumbling she was successful.  She was a little disappointed when the cuffs fell off.

Then the challenge was made.  The boys bet that she could not escape from the handcuffs if they were behind her back.  Carol could rarely resist a challenge, partly because of her personality and partly because she never wanted to be seen as weak in front of the boys.  So instead of simply refusing, she started to discuss the bet.  She must have access to the key for one thing.  The boys asked for a short time out to discuss the bet between them.  They were back in about 3 minutes and Bill headed into the basement to get soft drinks for everyone.  A simple nod on his return told them that he had all that was needed.

So they started negotiating.  She would have the key, tied on a string around her neck.  Her hands would be handcuffed behind her back and, to be sure she wouldn't escape before getting the cuffs off, the boys would tie her legs together.
Carol said, without committing, "You said 'bet'.  So what's the bet for?"
John said "$5. And we'll all kiss your feet if you escape"
Carol said, "That's not fair.  If I have to put $5 on the line each of you have to too."
John replied, "So you want us to put up $25 against your $5. You call that fair?"
Carol said, "We all risk the same.  Take it or leave it, and cash on the table, right now or forget it forever." 

Carol was getting bold because she figured they didn't have money on them.  If they couldn't come up with the money she figured she would have met their challenge, they would have failed and the issue would be dead.
John pondered for a few seconds then said, "You're on little lady."

Carol didn't expect that, now she was caught, they accepted her challenge so she could not back down without being seen as a wimp.  Stay cool she thought, they probably don't all have the money.  Holding up the facade of coolness, she pulled a 5 out of the pocket in the front of her dress and laid it on the coffee table.  "There's mine, now where's yours?  You know I'll just pass the cuffs under my feet and they'll be in front, easy to open."
Bill pulled out a five just as fast and said, "You'll have difficulty with that short dress of yours."

Then it hit her, she wasn't wearing any panties!  "Let me go home and get changed, I'll be 2 minutes."
"No way." said Bill, "You made the bet, and the bet stands... Unless you're chicken!"
The other three dug into their pockets, two of them came up with the cash, but the third only had $4.50.  "Too bad" said Carol, "If you aren't all in then neither am I."  Wow was she relieved.
Pulling out a $20. John said, "That's OK, I'll give him the 50 cents." he put the bill on the table and gathered change.  John checked the total on the table - $30.00.  "All bets are in, let's get started."

Carol maintained her facade of coolness and continued to say it would be a cinch to escape.   She knew she could pull her legs up and get the cuffs in front.  She was really uneasy about not wearing any underwear and that the boys might see her.  Perhaps, she thought, if I kneel I can still get the cuffs around and under my feet without showing my butt. 

Trying not to show her uneasiness she asked, "What if I can't escape?"
John said, "We'll give you 1 hour.  After that we'll free you, _after_ we collect our bet."
It horrified Carol to think she might be bound for an hour.  "Give me half an hour, if I can't get out in 30 minutes, I'll never get out." she said hoping to reduce the term.
John was quick to agree.

"So let me get this straight", said Carol.  "You are going to tie my legs together, with rope?"  Billy had slipped away down stairs and was coming up with about a 25-foot coil of rope, which he held out to show.  "OK, with rope.  You tie the key around my neck with a string..."  Billy displayed a ball of string in his other hand.  It was very light string, very easily broken.  "Right.  And you handcuff my hands behind my back.  Then I have 30 minutes to free myself and you guys do nothing but watch.  Is that it?"
"It couldn't be any simpler." said John.
Carol looked at the clock; it was 1:30, plenty of time before Billy's parents came home.  She took a deep breath resigned to the idea that she had come too far to back out and said, "Close the curtains, I don't want anybody looking in, and lets get started."

The younger two boys closed the curtains and Billy cut off about 8 feet of rope from the coil. John took a short piece of string and tied the key snugly around her neck.  She stood in the middle of the room and they wrapped the rope tightly around her ankles about 6 times.  Then Bill cut off a second length and they started with a second rope just above the knees and below the hem of her dress. Carol tried to object.  "The ankles is enough to keep me from running."
John said, "You agreed that we tie your legs.  We're just tying your legs."

Carol did not like this.  The rope around her ankles hurt, but she didn't dare let the boys know.  As she was pushing them away with their second rope she knew she had to come up with something fast.  Immediately it came to her, make them an offer that they would refuse, which would get her off the hook.  The only thing she could think of was money.  "You guys toss another $20. In the pot and you can tie my legs as much as you want."

John was getting really excited about this tie up scene and he wanted it to go on, so without even thinking he said, "Deal."
"Where are we going to get another $20?" said the youngest kid.
John dropped all the money that he had picked up as change from the table and looked at Billy.  Billy happened to have another $5 in his pocket.

"You're short 50 cents", said Carol.  "And you said deal so if you can't come up with the cash the WHOLE deal is off because you guys couldn't live up to your end of the bargain."  This was better than Carol had hoped, it looked like the whole bet would be off, she would be out of this bondage trap and the fact that she had no underwear on would remain her secret.

John looked at the other three; he knew one was broke already.  The other two pulled out a quarter each saying it was their emergency phone quarters.  "I see this as an emergency" said John.
Again Carol lost the opportunity to get out of this whole mess and ended up making things worse for herself.  But she saw no way out.  At least there was more money on the line now.

The second rope went tightly around just above her knees, her flesh bulging out over it.

A third rope went around just below the knees.  John and Billy let the younger 3 tie this one, but they couldn't tie it as tight, so they wrapped the rope around itself between her legs and pulled that tight.  That really cinched the rope tight.  Carol cringed at the pain, but tried not to show it.  It was becoming a silent contest to see if the boys could make her hurt to the point that she would give in.  There was no way she would give them that pleasure.

Trying not to show the pain Carol said "Look; I can still move my feet" moving her bare feet slightly apart at the toes.
"Then we'll tie your big toes together too." And they took some of the string and lashed her big toes together.  Her toes almost immediately began to ache.  She said, "That hurts guys." Though she tried not to, it sounded like she was pleading with them.
"Can't take the heat," said one of the young ones.

In defiance of his words she said, "I can take anything you can dish out." Can't show weakness, she thought.
Carol said, "With all this rope you should give me an hour to escape."  She said this jokingly trying to maintain a lightness in her voice.
"Deal" said John immediately.
"I meant it as a joke." said Carol.
John said "The last time I said deal you said a deal is a deal.  You made the offer and I agreed, so it's a deal."
Carol was caught by her own trap, again!

Billy tried to tie another rope around her thighs, under her dress, but Carol immediately screamed "NO!"
John motioned to Billy, not to push it.
She was still standing but finding it a little difficult to balance.  "Let's get moving before my legs go numb, if I take an hour, I won't be able to feel my feet."
She was half scared about the circulation in her legs and half teasing them, she still figured she would be out of there in 10 minutes and $40 richer.

"How about a gag so we don't have to put up with your babbling for the next hour" they asked.

This was her last chance to get out of this whole thing.  None of them had any money left and John was always so quick at making the deals all the time she banked on him biting fast and then not being able to come up with the money.  Quickly she took her chance, "Shutting me up with a gag will cost you another $20."  She crossed her fingers hoping for the deal that would do them in.
John looked at Billy "Still have the $20 from your birthday?"
Billy said "yeah."

And before Carol could say anything John said, "DEAL!"  All the boys cheered and Carol's heart sank.  She was caught again and in a few seconds she wouldn't even be able to negotiate with a gag on.

Billy ran up stairs and was down in less than a minute. He slapped the twenty on the table. They took her own scarf from around her neck for the gag.  All that she could do now was mumble.  There was absolutely no escape now.  If she could, Carol would have kicked herself for the mess she was in, but the only way to go was forward, so she motioned for the handcuffs.

They took her left arm, clamped on the cuff, and catching her completely by surprise twisted it up high behind her back.  It felt like they were trying to break her arm.  They heard a muffled scream from Carol.  Then they tried to join it up with her right wrist by having her right arm come over her shoulder and behind her head.  But her joints simply wouldn't bend far enough to reach to fasten the other cuff; the chain between the cuffs was too short.

One of the guys said "Damn! We should have checked to see that the cuffs would reach.  There goes the plan... and $60 too!"
Billy said, "Most of it's mine and John's so just shut up."
Carol pulled her right hand free from the guys and pulled off the gag to talk again.  She tried to act confident.  "Now I see your plan, hands behind my back like that would have surely kept me, too bad your cuffs don't reach."
"We'll use rope instead," said another guy.

She said "No way.  The deal was handcuffs and the only way I can see you doing it is the 'normal' way. Now you can either cuff me now or end the whole thing, it's up to you."  Carol was giving them a chance to back out, her real last hope.

While all this discussion was going on, her left arm was held twisted high behind her back and one of the little guys was carefully tying one of the strings from her halter top onto the chain of the handcuff.  The discussion had distracted her and she had no idea this was happening, but this was all part of their plan.

The guys admitted to Carol that their 'plan' would not work and figured they had lost the bet, but figured they should at least enjoy her squirm.  Carol still didn't realize the full extent of their plan.

They decided to go on.  No escape for Carol.  They retied the gag and then twisted the right arm high behind her back to meet her left and closed the cuff around her right wrist.  Carol tried to object again but nothing came through the gag.  Why were they holding her hands high behind her back?  In a moment she would find out.

The kid who tied the halter-top string to the handcuff nonchalantly pulled the waist ribbon on her dress loose saying, "What does this do?"  As the two ends of the ribbon floated to the front of the dress, the dress loosened around her waist and now hung from her neck.  Now all that held it up were the strings tied around her neck.  The horrifying thought rushed through her head that they could very easily untie the neck string too!

But before that thought could sink in John said "Before I let your arms go so you can perform you great escape, I must warn you that one of the strings from your halter top is tied to the cuffs, and if you drop your arms that pretty bow behind your head will come untied."
With this announcement he let go of her arms and started the timer.

Carol's eyes nearly popped out of her head.  She stood in front of 5 guys, legs bound tighter than she thought possible (her big toes were beyond the point of aching from the string wrapped around them), she was gagged, hands handcuffed behind her back and finally just a little string tied to the cuffs was keeping her clothed.  She slowly dropped her arms and felt the bows start to undo.  They weren't going to remove her dress; they were leaving that for her to do.

They had her.  If she remained motionless she would lose the bet, for her that would be only $5.  If she began her escape her halter-top would come untied and she would be naked in a second.  She really should have worn underwear!  The boys still didn't know she had nothing under the dress.

Option 1 was impossible anyway because she would never be able to hold her arms high behind her back for an hour, and with all the tight rope around her legs, her legs would go numb and she would probably fall over.  Her legs were already throbbing.  She tried to mumble through the gag, but it was no use.
The boys sat quietly waiting for the beautiful breasts to be displayed and she stood rod straight in the middle of the room tightly bound and gagged.

Only one way out of this she thought, might as well let everyone enjoy it.  She had to play along with the whole thing.  If she started to cry or something like that she would lose the guys' respect forever.  As she thought about her helpless situation, the idea of being gagged and bound naked in front of a bunch of guys started to feel exciting.

She slowly dropped her hands.  The bow behind her neck popped lose.  The lose string slid over her shoulder and her right breast was almost exposed.  The boys cheered like they would have at a ball game.  But the string tied to the cuffs was still over her shoulder holding the dress in place.  She would have to pull the string off her shoulder to let it fall.  She had to squirm for about two minutes trying to get the string off her left shoulder.  About half way through her struggle her right breast popped right out of the dress.  Another cheer from the boys.  Carol was embarrassed when her breast was exposed, but she knew there was a lot more to come.  She was putting on a show.

Finally the halter string passed the corner of her shoulder and Carol tensed.  She wasn't ready for this, how could she be ready for this.  Her dress slid down off her left breast and quickly floated to pile on the floor.  She was completely naked in front of 5 teenaged boys.  The boys were dead silent for a moment; they never expected to see the blonde hair of her mound!  Wide-eyed and mouths open, they were stunned.  Carol tried to mumble something through the gag which broke the silence then they cheered louder than ever!  A naked woman with big bouncy boobs stood bound in front of them, incredible!  Their relationship was changed forever!

She sat down the floor and started squirming to get her cuffed hands under her feet and in front of her.  That didn't take long.  She grabbed the string holding the key around her neck and yanked.  The key went flying.  All she heard was a tinkle as it hit the hardwood floor somewhere behind her.  The boys cheered again, she may indeed be cuffed for an hour!  She pulled the gag out of her mouth and asked "Are any of you guys going to help me find the key?"

John said, "Remember, we don't do anything, we just watch."  All the boys laughed.  Carol got back up onto her feet and began to jump to the back of the room.  Her breasts bounced like rubber balls.  First she jumped to one chair and looked under it then to another.  She was half way around the room before she realized Billy had his family's video camera trained on her!
"Ah! Come on guys that was never part of the deal!"
"It was never mentioned in the deal so I guess you're right, it wasn't part of the deal, but we never said it wasn't allowed either."

Carol started hopping toward Bill to try to get him to stop, tits bobbing all over the place.  As she got close he would dodge her and head to the other end of the room.  After trying to catch him twice Carol realized all she was doing was giving Bill good photo opportunities. So she settled down in the middle of the room and started working on untying the ropes.
First her throbbing toes.  She was able to break the string and take it off quickly. Then she started on the rope around her ankles.  She was still dragging her dress on her cuffs and it was getting in her way so she chewed at the knot around the chain and quickly had it off.  She gathered up her dress and threw it at Billy who was still running the camera.
"That looked great through the camera, like you are having fun.  Are you having fun, Carol?  We're having a great time."

"This is truly an experience!" said Carol sarcastically.  "We'll have to do it again some time!" she said giving a smirk to the camera and she went back to work on the ankle rope.  Once the knot was out it came off fast, but the rope cinched just below her knee was harder.  Whether the young boys realized it or not the knot was behind her legs which made getting at it with her cuffed hands very difficult.  She had to put her hands behind her legs again to work on the knot.  About five minutes later she was finally unravelling the rope.  One rope left, the one above the knee.  As she went to work on that one she asked Billy if he had another key for the handcuffs because he'd have a lot of explaining if his mom got home and found her naked and handcuffed in their family room.
Billy said "I gave the spare key to John for safe keeping."

Carol looked up at John and saw the key in his hand.  "Oh good, I'll just finish this last rope first." In two minutes the last rope was lying on the floor.  "OK, I'm finally finished now give me the key."
"Come and get it," said John.  As she approached John tossed the key to one of the other boys and so began a little game of monkey in the middle with a boob-bouncing Carol as the monkey.  All the time Billy tried to keep Carol on camera.  Finally, one of the kids slipped and Carol caught the key and quick as a flash unlocked the cuffs.  She walked straight into the camera saying "Bye everybody."  She picked up her dress, put it back on retying both bows and collected her bet.  She finished by bending over lifting her dress and showing her ass to the camera saying "This is the END guys."

It was the end for that day but hopefully just the beginning of a whole new set of games.