Car Trouble: Part I

by Rebecca Pearl

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© Copyright 2005 - Rebecca Pearl - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; bond; nc; X

Car Trouble: Part I by Rebecca Pearl

The nights back and forth from school to home, a forty-five minute drive for Claudia had started to wear down on her car. It was after her nine o'clock class had ended that she was half-way from her journey home when her tachometer raised to the red level that it wasn't supposed to. She pulled the car over immediately and parked it. Shutting off the engine, she heard a soft hissing noise and black smoke seeped out from under the hood. The smell was strong in oil and fluids that made it difficult to breathe. She didn't want to get out of the car, but she had to, for the smoke was coming through the vents. 

Stepping out of the car, seeing as she had just started the fall semester, she was thankful that it was cool outside and not unbearable like it had been for quite some time. Being that she had been coming home from school, her attire was the uniform for that all girls school. It started with rather uncomfortable shoes that buckled around the feet, then long white stockings that came up to the knee, with the embroidered emblem of the school she attended. Next was the skirt; plaid colors of crimson, white, black, and some goldenrod striping within. Her shirt was white button up, with the emblem of the school on the left breast pocket, and a tie was loosened around her neck, matching the same plaid of her skirt, then a jacket, which was in the car was black with plaid lining in the pockets and on the inside, with emblem of the school placed on the left sleeve of the jacket. 

She stood downwind from her car, and the smoke that was ever-rising out of the hood, and couldn't imagine what the problem was. Claudia walked over to the passenger side of the car and reached into the glove box for her emergency car phone. Trying to turn it on, she found that the batteries were dead and the charger was gone, because she loaned it to her friend some time ago.


The worry was spread across the almond hued face of this nineteen year old doll. Her tresses in a light chestnut brown were half pulled back into a ponytail and then soft curls were about her shoulders. Her bangs came down along the sides of her face, and sometimes getting in the way of those bright baby blue eyes. Her body was in fair shape from the aerobics classes that she took. In high school, she was in cheerleading, but she decided to take up her academic scholarship as opposed to the cheerleading scholarship. It was more money in the long run that she saved by making that decision. Claudia was a very private person, having emancipated herself from her parents when she was sixteen years old and lived in her own apartment with a roommate on occasion, but nothing serious. All she could hope for at this point that someone would stop. She climbed into the driver's seat and placed on her four way blinkers and waited outside of the car. 

After about ten minutes of waiting on that winding road through the mountains, she would have her hopes answered when a truck started to slow down and meet up with her car. The semi didn't have a shipment it was carrying, and so it was easy enough to the gentleman on the inside to stop. The trucker inside, Kevin, noted from just his lights those legs of Claudia's and felt this as an opportunity that he couldn't pass. Climbing down from his rig, his form crossed over towards the girl, who greeted him politely. 

"Thank you for stopping, would you be able to call emergency road service for me? My phone doesn't seem to be working." 

The trucker gave her a very warm smile, he couldn't have been older than twenty-eight, and he was well-kempt in appearance. He had upon his form some black jeans and a button down shirt with the ends left out, beneath that was a white undershirt and his boots were black steel toe with the lacing all the way up past his ankles and tucked under his jeans. Long hair went down past his shoulders but was back in a low gentleman's ponytail and his lips parted to speak, having a goatee around that area that was well-groomed. 

"Of course, stay right here, I'll call in through my radio." He stepped away and couldn't contain his excitement to see a young girl on the side of the road that could be taken advantage of. He would take that advantage for his own. He climbed into his truck with his desire aching as it did when he first saw her legs in the headlights, and now, it was growing within him.

He picked up the dispatch and held it to his lips, but didn't speak into it. He turned up the output so she could hear some garbled noise, but nothing that she would be able to make out for certain. After a few moments, he climbed down from his truck and walked back over to her again. 

"I'm sorry, I tried to get help out here, but they said they wouldn't be able to send anyone until morning." 

Claudia sighed disappointingly, with perhaps the slightest of tantrum in her form as she dipped her body at the knee in a simple bounce that showed how upset she was. Kevin delighted in this little gesture, but tried to withhold his smile from showing as he spoke to her again, "Is there anywhere I can drop you off? I'm sure that you don't want to stay out here all night." 

Claudia gave him the warmest of gazes and a soft smile, "Really? You wouldn't mind?" 

He smiled now, full fledged, and didn't think Claudia would question it, "I don't got a passenger seat for nothin", darlin"." That Carolina drawl was brought out of him, and she smiled softly in return. 

"I would appreciate it. Thank you so much, Mr..?" 

"Just call me Kevin, and what would be your name miss?" she had an accent, a Midwestern accent that couldn't be ignored by him with the eloquence that she spoke with. 

"My name is Claudia, pleasure to meet you." 

He smiled and snaked his arm around her shoulders as he led her to the cab. She didn't notice how cold it was until his arm came around her and she shivered noticeably. 

"I have some hot chocolate made in my truck, why don't I get you some of it while you collect whatever belongings you want tonight from your car?" 

He let go of her shoulders then and she thought that was a good idea. "Alright, I'll be a few moments." 

She hurried back to her car and reached over into the back seat gathering all of her school items. He watched her for a moment, until he tended to his matter at hand, getting her a drink of hot chocolate. He had pills to help him sleep, which was necessary seeing as he didn't have a normal biorhythm from being on the road all the time. He crushed one of his small pills into a fine powder and then swept it from the small counter into her drink. He stirred it with a spoon while in the back of his cab, which held a cot, a small microwave and toaster oven and a sink with cabinets. He poured himself a mug, and then proceeded out of the truck towards her at her car. She set down all of her books as they were heavy, and he offered her the drink. 

"Let's have a drink first before we get going on the road. I'll tend to your belongings before we depart." 

She took up the offered mug and took a drink of it. Since it was smooth and not overly hot, she took a few gulps of it. Easing down with an exhale she smiled towards him. "Thank you, this is very good." He smiled in return, "You're welcome. What school do you go to?"

"Oh, I go to an all-girls school around here. I received a scholarship from them and decided to take the journey from the Midwest to Carolina to attend. If I lived on campus I wouldn't be commuting so far, but it is cheaper to commute than to live there." She took another long drink and finished the hot chocolate, setting the mug to the trunk hood of her car. He finished his own then and took up her personal items, making two trips to and from the truck. 

"Give me a few moments I need to clear off the seat." she nodded and leaned against her car, waiting patiently. 

But after a few moments, she started to feel her tiredness succumb her. A brief yawn was stifled and hidden by her, not wanting to be rude and sleep in his cab if she could help it. After about five minutes, he came back to her. "It should be ready now. 

She nodded and staggered a little when she eased from the support of the car, feeling more tired than she anticipated she was. He took hold of her shoulders and feigned concern, "Are you alright?" 

However, on the inside he was excited to see that it was working so well upon her. He helped her up into the seat, and she buckled herself in with her eyes heavily gazing out the windshield. When Kevin finally climbed in, she glanced over towards him, "Forgive me, but I think I need to rest. I live in Asheville, so just wake me when we get there." 

He nodded softly and with concern he placed a hand to her shoulder, "If you'd like, Claudia, I have a cot back there that you can rest on." She shook her head and eased herself into a relaxed slump on the front seat. "This will be fine. Thank you though." It wasn't even five minutes down the road and she fell asleep. Kevin noted this and waited another fifteen before he finally pulled over and parked the semi on the side of the road. 

He started in on her first by releasing her from the seatbelt. He found her body to be soft and malleable, and her slumber so deep that she fell forward into his arms, in which he carried her to the back and lied her chest down onto his cot. He had on him a pair of police-issued cuffs and placed them around her wrists behind her back and her ankles were treated to a like pair of cuffs. Then a chain with smaller cuffs on the end, normally used for thumbs or toes was wrapped three times to draw her ankles forward to her hands in a hog tie before the ends were cuffed to one another to hold her in place. Removing the casing from his pillow, he twisted it around and tied a knot in the middle and drew it between her lips and tied the fabric underneath her chestnut hair. 

When he had finally finished, his eyes had to do several takes making sure that she was real and that he had this young woman in the back, on his cot and bound to his desire. He stroked the back of her smooth thigh with his hand and lifted that skirt up just enough to see white panties covering that small and taut backside. He gave a gentle squeeze to her right cheek and then eased away from the cab and into the driver's seat. Pulling out from the side of the road, he passed the exit for Asheville and continued on that road waiting for the hours to pass for when she would wake up.

to be continued...

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