Captured Couple

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/mf; M/m; F/m; capture; bond; pony; gag; collar; hood; oral; chastity; nc; XX

Rod and Diane have been married for 10 years. Diane is 32 years old and has been the perfect housewife, always supporting her husband. Diane is a petite woman 5 foot 3 inches, slim body and silky, red hair. Rod has also been a good husband, with a good career yet a secret job which he could not tell his wife about. Rod works for the government as an agent that investigates foreign criminals and spies. His job was very rewarding, highly paid but also very dangerous since many foreign spies would want his government information and even get revenge.

It happened very suddenly, both Rod and Diane were abducted from their home and taken to an unknown location. The abductors want revenge since Rod’s investigation put several of the abductor’s family into prison. Rod and Diane were both stripped naked in separate rooms. Rod’s handler Greta, an attractive 60 year old blonde, prepares Rod with strong ear plugs, a ball gag, a dark hood and ties his hands behind his back. Rod is over 6 feet tall, very muscular, handsome and possesses a huge 9 inch cock! Greta is enjoying fondling Rod's body as she places a collar and leash on him. She leads Rod out of the room to meet his wife who also has her hands tied behind her back and is only ball gagged.

Both Rod and Diane are on leashes being held by the handler. Rod cannot see or hear anything, but Diane quickly snuggles up against her man trying to hug and kiss him but unable to. Rod can smell Diane's perfume and knows she is next to him. Greta grabs Rod's cock and strokes it. Diane is furious seeing another woman touch her man's cock! Greta is now playing with Rod's balls and Rod believes it is his wife that is touching him.

Greta says to Diane, "Your husband is a hunk, I love his muscular body and especially his huge cock."

Diane can do nothing but watch as her husband's cock grows larger in another woman's hand and she hears her husband moaning.

Diane begins to cry as she sees her husband cock throb and shoot a stream of cum.

Greta says, "I'm going to enjoy training your husband as one of my pony-boys. I can't wait to ride your stallion of a man!"

Diane is screaming through her ball gag and looking at her husband with concern.

"Your husband will be trained then auctioned off as a stud pony-boy. Many women including myself would love to own him and there are some men that would enjoy using him as well!"

Diane can not believe what she is Pony-boy?

Greta then pets Diane's pretty red hair, "This will be the last time you see your husband and his huge cock."

Greta then grabs Rod cock and gives it a quick suck, "Mmmmm he tastes good!"

Diane glares at Greta again.

"Oh, you don't like another woman sucking your man's cock? You know your husband might be owned by a man? But don't worry about your husband's fate, I would worry about your fate and your new life."

Three strong, ethnic men enter the room.

One man says, "Is she ready, the set is ready to go?"

Greta says, "She is almost ready to go with the three of you. Poor sweet Diane, you are going to be a porn star. Men are going to gang-bang you, over time hundreds of men will shove their cocks into your sweet pussy, your mouth and your virgin asshole."

One of the larger men is handed Diane's leash. Diane tries to resist as she is pulled away from her husband.

Greta says, "Don't worry about your husband, when he is in his stable getting fucked by another stud we will allow him to see some videos of his prim and proper wife getting fucked by many strange men."

Diane is pulled away by her leash as she sees Greta’s hands all over her husband. Diane cannot believe her husband will become a pony-boy and herself a porn star.

Greta's last words to Diane are, "I'm going to ride your husband's huge cock tonight as you are having all three of your holes filled!"

One year later

Rod is adapting to his new life as a pony-boy. Rod was lucky that an attractive, older, married woman bought him and placed him in her stable with the other pony-boys and pony-girls. When Catherine first saw that hunk, Rod, on the auction block she knew she had to buy him, although she promised her jealous husband that Rod would become her showcase pony-boy and not her sex-toy.

Rod stands in his small stall with his full pony gear on. Black high heeled boots, a long, blond, horse tail that has a huge butt plug on the other end, a horse bridle, large paws that makes his hands useless, a large red satin bow tied around his cock, a metal slave collar and metal cuffs on his wrists. Catherine enters the stable wearing the most elegant clothing, this time it's a knee-length black, leather skirt, a cream, silk, ruffle blouse and black, high-heel boots.

Catherine grabs her pony-boy's leash and admires her sexy stallion, "My, my, you are one sexy beast."

Catherine stares at Rod's erect 9 inch cock, "Mmmmmm...I would love to ride that amazing cock of yours but my husband would not approve."

Catherine takes a moment to feel her pony boy's muscular body and holds his 9 inch cock. Rod comes to life and gets excited when his horse cock is touched. Rod's vision has been altered, he can no longer see long-distance, only close up. Rod's collar also prevents him from looking down. Rod's paws have also been chained to his collar, preventing him from lowering his hands or arms.

Catherine then reluctantly let's go of Rod's cock and says, "I have two surprises for you, my sexy stallion."

She leads Rod into a room in the stable that has a TV and DVD player. She presses play.

"You are going to love this new porno and the sexy porn star...your wife Diane, but her new porn name is Pleasure."

Rod gets close to the TV and sees his beautiful wife dressed in an elegant outfit...classy skirt, silk blouse, little gloves, a pretty hat and sexy heels. Then the next scene is Pleasure now getting fucked by 2 large men in every hole and Rod sees that his wife is enjoying having sex with these strange men.

Rod is crying as he sees his wife is now living a new life without him. But what Rod does not know is Diane was given a special serum and injection near her pussy that makes her constantly horny and the need for her pussy to be fucked! Diane now cannot live without having a cock deep inside her pussy and the taste of cum. All of Pleasure’s porn films feature her as a classy, proper woman, well dressed but her clothes are always ripped from her body somehow.

Catherine pets her pony boy, "OK enough of this, I'm going to show you the other surprise.”

She leads her stallion by the leash and he has no choice but to follow his owner. They arrive back into the main part of the stable where a man is waiting there. Catherine now treats her pony-boy as just a beast and not as a human.

Catherine greets the well-dressed man, Steven.

"So this is the sexy stallion that you told me about...he is a stud!"

Catherine now hands Rod's leash to Steven and Rod is now uneasy with this. Steven quickly fondles the poor pony-boy's balls and there is nothing he can do about it.

Rod is glaring at Catherine for allowing a man to touch him, then Steven disappears from his view. Then Rod's cock is being a man! The pony-boy begins to back away but Catherine is holding the leash tightly preventing him from getting away. Catherine is playing with her pussy as she watches a man suck Rod’s huge, horse cock! Catherine whispers something to Steven and I'm forced to lay down on the floor. Catherine licks her lips and gets on top of my cock. She rides her stallion up and down. She is moaning as my huge cock fills her wet pussy.

After she is done fucking her pony boy, "This will be our little dirty secret, we can't let my husband know or he might kill you!"

In the coming weeks Catherine takes every opportunity to suck Rod’s huge cock and to have her pussy filled. Over time he’s developing feelings for his lovely owner Catherine and gets excited when she is near him...petting him, stroking him, touching him and fucking him...he’s falling in love with Catherine!

One morning Catherine is heading towards the stable to get her pussy fucked by her pony-boy, but she sees her husband in the stall next to him.

He is very upset, "I know you have been fucking this animal" as he holds and jerks the leash.

Catherine is speechless and has no excuses. Then she sees his once proud, huge cock.

"What have you done to my pony-boy's cock?"

Rod’s crying as he can feel the small chastity device that has been locked on.

The jealous husband says, "Yes, I have locked up your precious sex toy for good and I sold him to Steven."

Rod quickly thrashes, hearing that he has been sold to a man! He looks at Catherine for help.

Catherine says, "Yes dear, I'm sorry for being unfaithful."

Steven shows up and my leash is handed to him. I'm led away from the woman I was beginning to love. I can only stare at Catherine as I'm led away from her by a man.

Steven says, "You are going to enjoy your new life with me as my sex-pet. I like seeing your cock in chastity...I think I will leave your cock locked up!"


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