Captured Cougar

by Stealthbinder

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© Copyright 2011 - Stealthbinder - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; ropes; gag; hogtie; susp; outdoors; tease; torment; toys; oral; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Shawn knew her schedule well. He knew she was a successful sales representative and her home was her office. Almost like clockwork, if the sun was out on a weekday morning and she had no appointments, she swapped her expensive tailored business suits for a string bikini and was poolside tanning her fantastically formed body. Hid away from the public view by the private walled-in yard, her swimsuit was often removed to give her entire body a nice even tan.

And at 41 years old, it was even more amazing how fantastic that body was. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear she was in her mid-twenties. A trim and toned body with incredibly long shapely legs, a perfect rounded ass, board flat tummy and big firm boobs which she claimed were all natural. She had long golden blond hair, seductive blue eyes, full kissable lips and a gorgeous face that was devoid of any signs of her true age. She walked gracefully yet sultry like a model on the catwalk, enticing you with the soft sway of her ass, the sweet curves of her body, the subtle giggle of her boobs and a warm inviting smile that got you to do whatever she wanted. She should have been a professional model or a movie star, not just a successful saleswoman, though her assets partly told you why she was so successful. She was every guy’s fantasy woman, even if you were half her age.

And that’s exactly the kind of man Amanda wanted and desired. It was as if the term cougar was invented with her in mind. Since her divorce several years back, Amanda’s taste in men ran young, preferring hard body men in their 20’s to those closer to her own age. Money played little into her desires, for she had plenty of her own. She wanted to be thrilled by men in their prime, at least their physical and sexual primes, and know how to use both to satisfy her never-ending erotic tastes. A guy had to have good looks and a ripped body to get her attention, but once he had it she was like an animal, stalking him till she moved in for the kill. But like a cat, her attentions were fickle and she could easily loose interest in a man once she had obtained him and found him lacking in some area, especially in the bedroom.

And this was Shawn’s problem. Months earlier she had turned her interests to him, and for good reason. Since becoming a starter on his collage’s football team, his body had gone from awkward teenager to toned and fit manhood. Now with washboard abs and fit chest, arms and legs bulked up, he looked great as he jogged around the neighborhood shirtless each morning in shorts and sneakers during his morning runs after returning home for the summer. His face had matured too, clear of acne that plagued him in his teenage years. Amanda noticed that Shawn was no longer just a neighborhood boy but had become a man, and this drew her interest towards him quickly.

The seduction was hardly complicated or drawn out. She often just happened to be outside to grab the morning paper as he jogged past and struck up conversations. Dressed in sleeping attire of satin shorts and spaghetti strap tops, Shawn felt the attractive middle aged woman seemed to be coming on to him. She charmingly commented on his new physique, added some flirting, a soft touch across his bare skin and threw in a little wink, saying they should get together soon. This told Shawn all he needed to know about what she wanted when they got together and took her up on her suggestion. It was all physical attraction and animal lust.

Shawn spent several evenings and many long afternoons in Amanda’s bed, working hard to please the sexy vixen. Screwing twice in 15 minutes was not uncommon for Shawn with any girl he slept with. He responded even better with Amanda and the moves she put on him in bed kept him wanting more. Sexual hookups lasted for hours, screwing her four or five times in a single afternoon till he couldn’t get it up again no matter how well she sucked his cock was common. Amanda was no stranger to orgasms, for she came easily and often when the right technique was used. And she made sure you knew the right techniques, not being shy about telling her lover what to do, where to do it and how good it was being done. Amanda taught Shawn more about making love to a woman that he knew existed and earnestly practiced his new found skills on her to their exhaustion and complete satisfaction.

But for some reason he fell out of favor with the sexy cougar. Each time they hooked up, she had lavishly praised his skills and efforts afterward. But now she hardly gave him the time of day and Shawn had no idea why. She never indicated any displeasure with him but hardly spoke to him when he tried. When he finally got her to answer, she said she had become bored and was looking for something fresh and more exciting. But there still must be some level of interest, for he often caught a glimpse of Amanda looking out at him as he ran by her house each morning or waved as she got her newspaper, but was back inside before he came too close. Shawn felt she was intentionally playing hard to get, teasing him, waiting for him to react in some kind of creative way to earn access back to her superb body once again, but never knew how to get there.

But with football practice about to start the following week, Shawn was having a hard time coming to terms with the idea he may not to get another shot at her for months, if ever. He feared that in his absence the cougar would move on to fresh prey. He was almost becoming obsessed with Amanda, spying on her for the last several days, doing all he could to get her attention and favor back. She knew he was doing it, even flaunting herself and giving him teasing smiles and small waves in his direction, but remained aloof and unobtainable. She was enticing him to do something, or maybe daring him to be more aggressive.

So Shawn decided that if it was games she wanted to play, he could play one as good as Amanda did and even had a few tricks up his sleeve that another woman taught him a time earlier that would add the excitement she craved. So Shawn made his plans and waited for the perfect moment to set a trap to catch the sexy cougar.

That day was today. It was Wednesday, a usual work at home day. The sun was out and plenty warm to tan under, with a slight breeze to keep a sunbather comfortable. Shawn knew where Amanda would be and what she would be doing. Everything was setting up perfectly.

Shawn was already hiding inside her walled-in yard behind a thick bush that provided plenty of cover but allowed him to keep her patio in view. He had his backpack with everything he needed. He felt like hunter, waiting for the exotic cat to step into his carefully laid trap. Just thinking about it got him excited and horny, so his “gun” was loaded and aiming already.

As if on cue, the patio door open and Amanda stepped out of her posh home precisely at 10:00. Dressed in a leopard print string bikini and black strappy high heel sandals, she looked her feline part perfectly as if she was anticipating action today. She carried a large glass of ice water and her smart phone, setting both on a small table next to a chaise lawn chair. She adjusted the position of the chair strait in the sun before she worked her heels off and settled her body into the comfortable chair, facing away from where Shawn hid near by.

Shawn waited several minutes, letting Amanda relax and warm in the sun with her eyes closed. The view he had was great, her hot, barely coved body looking fantastic in the sunlight. His heart raced with anticipation as he slowly and quietly slipped off his shoes and opened his backpack. He pulled two items out and dropped them into his shorts pocket. Waiting till the sun was out from behind a passing cloud, he took a quick look around to make sure no one could see them before slipping out from his hiding place.

Choosing his steps carefully, he quietly made his way onto the concrete patio carrying his bag. After waiting a heartbeat to see if she noticed his presence, he carefully and quietly set the bag down, waiting another heartbeat for response. Amanda either didn’t realize he was there or was doing a great job pretending not to notice. Shawn didn’t care which it was, as long as he could continue to stalk up upon his prey.

He crept forward, controlling his footsteps and breathing to remain silent as a mouse until he was right behind her. He waited a moment, trying to remain calm until a small cloud passed over the sun to prevent weird shadows passing over her. When it did, he moved the last two paces closer, silently counted to three and sprung into action.

In a flash, he leaned in, his left hand covering her mouth from behind while his right held her right wrist down to the arm of the chair. Amanda squealed in surprise, her body jolting at being grabbed so quickly and without any warning. His stalking had been very effective.

“Calm down, take it easy. Don’t be alarmed.” Shawn said quietly into her ear as she squirmed in his grip. Both knew he was much stronger than she and he had her pinned back. Still, looking over her hot and sexy body was all the motivation and confidence he needed to continue. “It’s just me, Shawn, and I have no intentions on harming you. Just relax and listen to what I have to say. Can you do that for me?”

While her hard body was still tense, Shawn did feel her relax some as her head nodded. So far, so good. He snared his prey, but now it was time for the real challenge to real her in. He continued to keep a good grip on her wrist and over her mouth as he proceeded

“I’m leaving next week for football camp, so I’ll be gone soon. But I can’t leave until I been with you once more. I need you so badly that I’m going to this extreme to get it. I promise it will be anything but boring. You’ll find it exciting and a lot of fun, for I got some experience and talents in the area I want to show you. But you have to trust me and do as I say and everything will be great. So, do you want to play my game or not?”

She tried to look up at him as she thought about it. While it was quite scary to have a guy sneak up and attack in you own backyard, he seemed like he was only playing a game and wanted her to go along with it. While she’d been prick teasing him for a while now, hoping he’d try something creative to get into her panties again, this was playing out different than she expected. But he was asking rather than just doing it, wanting her to go along with his game, which meant she could refuse if she wanted. But he did promise to make it fun, which was her goal all along, so why the hell not give the boy a chance. So Amanda nodded her head again, deciding she could trust him and could use a couple long hard fucks today, something Shawn and his overachieving penis was quite good at.

“Thanks Amanda.” He replied as he moved about. “Now, I’m going to take my hand off you mouth, so don’t make a sound, understand?”

Once more, Amanda nodded. Shawn took his hand off her lips slowly, praying she wouldn’t scream. She didn’t, even though he was still holding her wrist down. He moved to the side of the chair and pulled her hand up to the top corner of the chaise chair. From his pocket, he pulled out a short piece of rope and looped it around her wrist. In a flash, her right hand was tied to the chair corner and he was moving to her left.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked, already knowing but feeling obligated to ask.

“I’m tying you up, obviously.”

“Why tie my hands to the chair?” she asked.

“So I can move on to your legs before I teach you a lesson about being a cock tease.” He said as he quickly roped her left hand tightly to the chair. “And I said not to talk. “

“Me, a cock tease? You’re serious about that?” she teased back.

“I’ll show you how serious I am.” He replied as he placed a knotted black bandana into her mouth. “This will keep you from asking me anymore questions or telling me what to do while I finish off your bondage.” He said as he tied it behind her head tightly. Amanda grunted and groaned as he finished her gag, but she would be quiet enough to prevent her from bothering the neighbors, at least for now.

Shawn grabbed his backpack and pulled additional bundles of rope and a camera. Before he proceeded, he slipped her high heeled sandals back onto her feet and buckled the straps around her ankles, just to complete her sexy look. As promised, he tied her ankles to the bottom of the chair, with her feet apart. Amanda struggled against him some, but it was more out of annoyance than resistance, just to make him work for it. When done, she squirmed against the ropes, trying her best to get free, which she expected she would do quickly.

But Shawn had become very good at bondage, having an old girlfriend who taught him everything he needed to know about rendering pretty ladies helpless and vulnerable, and keeping them that way till he was ready to release them. She was a cheerleader who eye his caught, one that had a rather kinky appetite. As time went by Shawn grew more creative and proficient with his ropes and her escapes became a thing of the past, much to their delights. Many evenings the pretty redhead was tied and gagged to a bed, chair or hogtied on the floor naked or, at her suggestion, dressed in her cheerleader uniform while Shawn teased and aroused her for hours till she was mad with sexual lusts. She’d suck his cock and he’d lick and finger her till they climaxed, then followed with a long hard screwing till they were both spent before she would be released or they’d start all over again.

Now it was Amanda turn to be the recipient of his expertise. Deciding to add more to her bondage, Shawn tied a rope around each leg as the top her knees and to the frame of the chair. This kept her legs spread apart and her pussy accessible. He’s show her why he did that in a little while.

“There, you little prick teaser, that will hold you.” He said with a big grin on his face. “At least till I change things up later.”

At first, he left Amanda to struggle in her ropes under the warming sun, just to let her know how futile her efforts at getting free of his rope work was going to be. He didn’t say anything, but stood over her, watching her amazing body glow in the sunlight as she struggled against the restraints he expertly tied on her and listened to her soft grunts and grumbles. She was putting out a good effort to break free of the ropes, which he knew she wouldn’t, but it was sure fun watching her try.

Amanda was not too happy when he started using the digital camera to take pictures of her tied up state. Shawn reassured her that these were for his private viewing while he was back at school and would never show them to anyone. Besides, he needed something to remember this day, since he might never get another chance. Amanda did her best to be a co-operative bondage model, sometimes looking angry, other times seductive, giving come-get-me looks and few with a hint of concern on her face. Other men had taken nudes or semi-nudes of her before, so why not now. She just hoped Shawn was a man of his word.

Though certainly not the first time Amanda had been tied up by some horny stud, this was the most impressive job ever done on her and she quickly realized any attempt at escape was going to be useless. It was a new twist that she wasn’t tied to a bed and a first ever at being gagged. Bondage was not a usual part of her sex games, but had done it enough to know that many guys didn’t wait long to get it on with a woman once she was tied up and helpless. By now, most guys would have her sucking on a stiff cock. But it appeared Shawn had other plans for her, which thinking about it made her squirm a little harder, which in turn had a big affect on him. She realized he had thought this out very well and from the huge bulge in his shorts, she knew he was completely enjoying this too. Well, this sure wasn’t the first time she played a sexual game with a guy, but this time was sure going to be a game with a different twist. So much for him being boring.

After a while, Shawn pulled over the patio umbrella to give Amanda some shade. While he wanted Amanda all hot and bothered, he didn’t want her to have to explain the circumstances under which she got her unique bondage induced tan lines. Some things are best left untold.

“Little warm today, isn’t it?” He said as she took off his t-shirt, exposing his bare muscular chest. He removed his jogging shorts, leaving him dressed in a small pair of briefs, almost like a tight fitting Speedo swimsuit. The massive bulge was even more pronounced, clearly displaying how turned on her captor was. This made Amanda squirm harder, finding her own level of sexual expectation growing as the kinky game moved along. He stood over her, his eyes roving up and down her trussed up figure, drinking in the beauty of the shapely helpless woman below. The anticipation of what he was going to do with Amanda was driving them both crazy with lust.

“You know how fucking hot you look here?” He eventually said. “Even better than I imagined you would.”

To Amanda’s surprise, Shawn pulled his straining cock free of his briefs and slowly stroked it, but never took his eyes off his captive cougar.

“I could stay hard all day just watching you struggle in the ropes while stroking my cock off again and again. Could be fun to see how many times I would need to whack off to cover your helpless body with my cum.” He said.

Amanda squealed and struggled even harder. She shook her head, trying to both tell and entice him not by just waste his enormous, pleasure-giving rod by masturbating to satisfy his own needs. She was expecting a big, heaping dose of his tool to be used on her, and more than one servicing, as he promised.

As good as it would have felt to jerk off and watch his sperm spray all over Amanda’s sexy tied up body, Shawn had better plans that to waste this once in a lifetime chance with just that. Amanda was awfully good at fucking and sucking and he wanted to get plenty of that. It was all a little tease back to her for making his cock hard and wanting all the weeks. But it was fun to watch her panic, and it let him know how much she now wanted a good screwing.

After a few minutes of this erotic play, Shawn put his tool away. “Nah, it’ll be better getting my pleasures from you later and plenty of it too.” He said as he knelt down. “Besides, I’ll have your pictures to whack off to when I’m gone. But I promised you some fun if you went along with my game. You’ve been a good sport so far and I think I’ve teased you enough for now, so I think it’s time you get some needed attention.”

As he said this, his hands were slowing gliding over her body. Soon his hands were working all over her exposed skin. This turned Amanda’s struggles of frustration to withers of lust. Thanks to her prior instructions, he knew what Amanda liked and disliked, and concentrated on only the things that drove her wild without touching the areas still covered by her bikini.

Amanda moaned softly but continually, wishing he’d get to the good stuff soon. He was purposely avoiding her boobs and crotch, getting close but no close nearly enough. She tried to worm her body to get him to move on, but her bondage kept her tightly in place and totally under his control. It was maddening to not get her needs taken care of when she wanted, but she knew this was his game and she his willing but passive subject. Frustration was the name of this game, and well as unrelieved lust.

This was hard for Shawn as well and he soon gave in to his desires. His hands groped her leopard printed bikini cover breasts, which made Amanda groan and squirm harder. He knew she was getting into it when he felt how hard her nipples had gotten under the material. How appropriate it was for her to be dressed in the print with her high heels, a buxom, helpless and captured cougar indeed. Even her moans were like purrs as he squeezed and fondled.

But he didn’t keep them covered for long. He slowly slid the triangles of her bikini top over, exposing her firm heaving breasts to the morning air. He was right for she had no tan lines on her chest, showing she rarely keep covered while sunbathing. Her nipples were rock hard and soon he was not only groping and squeezing her tits but toying with her nipples, pinching and tugging at them as she loved him to do. Eventually his mouth got in on the action, licking, sucking and nibbling on her boobs, driving Amanda wild with hungry lust.

He gave her tits a good long manhandling before one hand moved to her crotch, finding her very warm even through the material. Her hips buck as much as the ropes allowed her to move, trying to get him to give her more of what she needed. With all the noise she was making, she was glad she was gagged so no one would hear but still wanted to tell him to make her come. Now she understood why guys liked to gag their women.

He grabbed at her crotch and even rubbed her though the material for several minutes before his fingers slid under the bikini bottom and finally played with her pussy. Now Amanda went even wilder as the first orgasm of the day closed in. He rubbed her clit and even slid a finger into her moist tunnel, now fully understanding why he had tied her legs open as he did. He wanted complete access to her and she couldn’t prevent or encourage it at all.

Soon two fingers were sliding inside and a thumb worked her clit hard, her orgasm building up the same. She squirmed hard against his hands, his mouth and his ropes, desiring nothing more than to climax. Shawn knew she was close, but kept her from coming, just to amuse himself for several minutes, enjoying the power he had over her.

But when he thought she had waited long enough, he attacked her body furiously. Amanda exploded into an huge orgasm just a moment later, her whole body contorting wildly against the ropes as the climaxed rocked her body, making her cry out into her gag and her pussy walls clamp down onto his fingers. Her orgasm was long, strong and intense, lasting longer than multiple orgasms combined, making her dizzy with pleasure as the orgasm ransacked her restrained body.

When the last waves of pleasure finished rushing through her, Amanda finally settled down and relaxed back to the chair, hardly noticing that Shawn had pulled away and was back to devouring her with his eyes.

Knowing how powerful her orgasm was, Shawn let Amanda catch her breath for a few moments while he took more pictures, this time with her exquisite boobs exposed. When he felt enough time had passed, he untied her from the chair and rolled her over onto her chest. Moments later, her arms were behind her back and her wrists up between her shoulders, tied in place with more ropes around her arms to hold her hands up and out of the way. She’d never been tied like this before, especially when he bound her legs at the knees but not her ankles. Seeing he had a good opportunity, he undid the ties holding her bikini top on at the neck and back and pulled the useless strings away. The gag was left in place as she was help onto her heels, leaving her top on the chair and her large breasts bare.

“You know, you look good in a gag, it suits you well.” He teased as he fondled her exposed tits again. Her nipples responded quickly, swelling under the fresh attention. Within seconds, Amanda moaned softly and her body began to wither on her spiked heels. Amanda realized he was doing all the things she liked done to her. Well, at least he had learned his lessons and was ably putting them into practice, just in a rather unique but still enjoyable way.

But all too soon and to Amanda’s disappointment, the attention to her chest came to an end. Shawn slung his backpack over a shoulder.

“Let’s go inside and continue this, so we don’t draw the neighbor’s attention.” He said.

Taking Amanda by the arm, he led her to the patio door. Amanda understood why he only tied her knees. The rope hobbled her walk, so she had to take very short steps and her high heels didn’t help the process. But it must have looked very kinky, having a hard body guy leading a nearly naked buxom and bound blond woman into her own house for more kinky sex games. Amanda was getting horny at the idea of what was to come next and could feel her breasts swell and her crotch warm in excitement.

She didn’t need to wait long to find out what was next. Once inside the kitchen, with the door locked and his pack on the floor, Shawn slid up behind Amanda and began to grope her restrained body from behind. It didn’t take long at all to go from groans to moans as she teetered on her stilettos while he worked her bound body over. He eventually slid her bikini bottoms to her tied knees to get clean access to all her sex spots. Her firm tits got plenty of attention and his hands grabbed and groped her tight ass and hot pussy. Amanda moaned and groaned, pressing her body against him, feeling his hard cock press against her ass. How she wanted him to bury his cock deep inside and fuck her stupid, but could only grind her body against him to express that desire as his hands worked her up towards another orgasm.

“You’re digging this, aren’t you?” he said into her ear. “You like it that I’m pawing at your tied body all I want. You want me to make you come again, right?”

This was far kinkier that Amanda had ever gotten in her adventures sex life. Securely tied up in her own kitchen, gagged and completely naked except for her heels, she couldn’t believe how turned on she had gotten by this guy half her age and the ropes wrapping up her superb body. Amanda moaned deeply, nodding her head as he slid a finger into her pussy while a thumb rubbed against her clit. Damn this was so fucking good and she wanted more.

“All right, I’ll make you come, since you want it so bad.” He said as he fondled his captive. “But there will be a price to pay for it later.”

His hands attacked her pussy and her tits, fingering her clit hard and fast while squeezing and pulling at her large breasts. Amanda felt another orgasm grow quick and strong as he played with her confined body. It happened quickly and she came hard and long, screaming into her gag as her entire body trembled through another amazing orgasm. Amanda later marveled how a little rope and good firm groping could produce two powerful orgasms so quickly. She realized she had foolishly underestimated Shawn and been missing out.

The captured cougar‘s orgasm was as long and strong as the one she had outside, maybe even longer. When it was over, it had drained her so much that Shawn was literally holding her up on her feet. It took a minute for Amanda’s strength to return enough that Shawn could let her stand on her own again for more pictures before helping her down to her knees.

Shawn walked around the sexy middle aged women a few times while taking more pictures, marveling at her incredible body and how good she looked in his well tied bindings. Amanda was squirming again, the foxy woman looking at her capture as he stalked his captive prey. But enough was enough. She’d gotten some, now it was his turn.

“Now that you’ve come a couple times,” he said as he slowly slid off his briefs, rendering him completely naked, “it’s payback time.” He finished as took hold of his raging cock and pointed it right at her.

He slowly stroked it as he stepped in close. “As horny as I am,” he said as he untied the gag, “it won’t take very long.” Shawn threw the gag onto the counter. “So suck me good and swallow down what I give you.”

“Of course.” She replied as she plunged her lips down his rock hard shaft. Her quick action surprised Shawn, for he expected her to be somewhat reluctant. Instead, she was going at it with enthusiasm, fucking his oversized cock with her mouth. She expertly pumped and sucked his tool, making him groan constantly. He tied to hold back, even thought about pulling out or slowing her down to make it last longer. But it felt too good to stop, so he enjoyed the ride as short but as sweet at it was. They had all day, so why not get off now and enjoy it and still get some more later.

He grunted hard a few times before he took hold of her head and pulled her down fully onto him. Amanda knew the moment had come and he was about to blow, so she started to swallow as the first burst of his cum blew into her mouth. The first volleys just shot right down as she bobbed her head, sucking and drinking down the load he squirted his load into her. As he pumped more in, Amanda kept up swallowing all that he pumped out. He came a lot and for a long time, but she got it all and even sucked out the remainders.

Even though Shawn had just climaxed big, he kept his tool in her mouth. First, it felt too good to pull out yet. Second, his dick was still hard, though not the rock he was a moment earlier. And third, he knew she could get him totally up again, which is what he wanted.

“Get me stiff again.” He told her as he pushed deep into her mouth. Amanda squealed a bit in surprise, but then giggled as she slowly slid her lips over his semi-rigged tool. She’d done the same to him after a good screwing before with positive results, so why not now. After all, a cock that just came can fuck far longer before it explodes a second time.

It didn’t take long for Amanda’s talented oral action to get him back to a fill rigid status. In fact, Shawn knew that Amanda was so good at giving head, she could make in come again in moments if she kept it up. Maybe later, but he had other plans for his dick and her body.

After pulling his tool from her warm mouth, Shawn got Amanda back onto her feet. To her surprise, he grabbed her and pressed his body against her. A second later, his mouth was on hers, hungrily kissing her while his hands grabbed her ass and pressed her bound body tightly against his. They did this for a several minutes, making both partners moan and groan with growing hot arousal. Amanda could see all this bondage stuff was making him as horny as he was making her.

“So what do you do for an encore?” she asked when he pulled off.

“Baby, we’ve only hit the end of the first set.” He said as led her over to the kitchen table. “We’ve got a long way to go before we get to any encores.”

Amanda was confused when he set her on the table top. He retrieved his bag and rummaged through it. He pulled out a white handkerchief and a small but wide roll of what seemed to be black duct tape.

“What are you going to do with me now?” she asked, suspecting what he had in mind

“First, I’ll plan to keep you from asking me any more foolish questions.” He said as he placed the handkerchief against her mouth. Amanda eyes rolled, but she opened her lips and the cloth went it, filling her mouth and making her grunt a bit, warning her not to spit it out. He pulled off a piece of tape from the roll while telling her to press her lips together. The tape was placed across her mouth and pressed down, sealing her lips shut. A second longer piece went over the first, effectively cutting off all speech and reducing her to grunts and groans. A third strip followed for reassurance.

“Second, I’ll get you all nice and open for me.” He said as he removed the rope around her knees and discarded her bikini bottom entirely. Except for the expensive black spiked heeled sandals, she was completely naked. He then spread her legs apart wide. Her right ankle was tied to the leg of the sturdy table. Her left ankle was tied to the other leg a moment later. Having positioned her in the table’s center, this held Amanda’s legs very wide open and well exposed. Again, Amanda was quite impressed how creative this young man was at rendering her helpless and venerable to his will. She was hoping that in this new position, she would soon get that good screwing she really wanted.

He let her squirm in her new position for a few moments, just to make her feel extra helpless as she snapped off more shots on his camera. This time she was a little more apprehensive, having her body entirely naked and bound on display and documented, but was in no position to protest, though it showed. He smiled at how amazing the 41 year old woman looked. Her big firm boobs, her trim body, her long lean legs and her pretty face. This cougar was one hot sexy woman and should boast of her figure. Even her pussy was nearly trimmed and inviting. Too bad he promised to keep the pictures private. He could make a killing on the Internet.

“Now that the table is set, it’s time for lunch.” He said after setting the camera down and stood between her spread and tied legs, taking hold of her boobs once more. “I like playing with my food before I eat.” Amanda moaned again, especially when the head of his cock came into contact with her burning hot pussy. By now, Amanda was more than ready for a good deep fucking and expected Shawn to take advantage of his labors by sliding his fully enraged tool right into her as she sat tied wild and open on the table top. One good trust of the hips would do it.

But Shawn didn’t. In fact, it was his hand that made the next contact on her crotch, rubbing her pussy and getting her hot with lust. He just kept groping and fingering her, making her squirm hard and moan relentlessly. He put his mouth got back onto her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples. He grinned, seeing the reaction on her face and with her tied body, wanting sex but not getting it. Damn this was hot as he tormented his tied cougar as he pleased.

After a lot of fondling and sucking, Shawn surprised Amanda again by dropping to his knees and began to eat her soaked pussy. New waves of pleasures swept though her body as another orgasm surged forward. Shawn kissed, licked and sucked on her pussy till she was uncontrollable in lust and about to come. She thrashed about as much as the ropes would let her, leaning back till her bound arms touched the table. His hands shot up to her erect nipples and large boobs, squeezing and pulling on them till she screamed into her tape gag and violently climaxed again. Her whole body thrashed about, held in place by his restraints as another powerful orgasm rocked her whole body, far stronger and lasing longer than the prior two had.

Even as the orgasm slacked, Shawn hardly let up. Knowing how she could orgasm many times in a row, he kissed around her thighs and hips for a moment before returning to her clit. She came again a moment later, not as hard but still quite pleasurable as it flooded over her bound body. Again and again he did this till she had come 7 straight times, some stronger that others but nearly merging into one amazing near perpetual orgasm. Shawn had been paying attention to her directions on pleasuring women.

At last he stopped, leaving her a quivering mass of flesh tied to the table. She was breathing hard and deep as the revered of multiple orgasms still fluttered around her body. She didn’t have long to rest, for a moment later, Shawn was standing again and pulled Amanda back to a sitting position, with his cock head poking inside the entrance to her love box. New sensations flooded over her as the young man pushed his throbbing rod into her hot pussy.

Amanda groaned deeply, finally getting her wish for his lengthy cock inside. Shawn made long, deep thrust into her, both softly grunting with each stroke. She was soaking wet for all the orgasms, but still burning hot with desire as he plunged into her over and over. But it only lasted for a few moments, good as they were.

“This is good, but it’s not what I really want.” He said as he pulled out. Shawn dropped back down and untied her ankles from the table, taking the strain off her legs. When he stood up, he was holding her legs up under her knees, making Amanda lean back again till she was lying back on the table before he drove his raging cock back into her hot pussy.

Now he was thrusting for all he was worth. Amanda wrapped her legs around Shawn and clamped down with her pussy. This let Shawn grab both her ass and her tits as much as he wanted while he rammed into Amanda as hard and deep as he could.

Moments later, he pulled her legs off him and held her legs up, placing them onto his shoulders as he rammed into her again. Shawn kept changing positions so his impending orgasm backed down yet still having a lot of fun doing different things to the tied woman nearly twice his age. For Amanda, it felt so dirty and kinky, being tied, gagged and fucked all these different ways without any control or input, yet so damn good.

But he couldn’t stop it this time. As he squeezed her oversize boobs and pumped her pussy hard and fast, his orgasm built quickly. Unable to hold it back but with the greatest of effort, he let his cock slip out and glide it over her pussy for a second before his orgasm exploded. His sperm spewed out, his first broadside blasting up to her breasts. His sperm showered all over Amanda’s body, both amazed at how much cum he shot till at last he petered out.

Amanda was both perplexed and disappointed that Shawn had pulled out, choosing to come on her rather than inside. He knew she was on birth control and safe. She loved it when she felt a man blast a large load inside her even though it meant getting sticky and messy, but wondered what good reason he had for not doing it now. She hopes it was because he wanted her nice and clean for more later on.

When Shawn had recovered enough, he let Amanda’s legs down and rolled her onto the table. With her legs together, he quickly bound her ankles together, surprising Amanda when he did. With her hot body secured, Shawn collapsed into a chair to rest for a few moments.

“Sorry to have to tie you up again baby, but I don’t want you going anywhere till I’m ready to move you myself.” He said, then smiled. “Ok, I’m not sorry I tied you up ‘cause you look too fucking hot to let you go. I’ve got more to do with you yet before the ropes come off today.”

Amanda laughed behind her gag and relaxed on the table. Even though she was covered with his seed and he didn’t finish to her expectations, it had been an outstanding screwing, satisfying her for now. Eventually Shawn cleaned her off with a warm washcloth, which had an erotic quality all it’s own, especially when he lingered over her pussy.

Once cleaned up, Shawn made her sit in the edge of the table with her feet hanging over. He pulled the tape from her lips and removed the soaked handkerchief from her mouth.

“Thanks” she said. Her mouth was getting a little dry so he gave her some water to drink.

“So what’s next for me?” she asked. “Some cock sucking, more pussy eating or screwing?”

“Why do you ask?” he said. “You said you trust me, right?”

“Yes I did, and I still do.”

“And I’ve been doing plenty to keep you interested, right?”

“That you have.”

“Then don’t worry about it. Just let if happen.” He said as he untied her legs.

“Sorry I’m being a woman, wanting more and curious at what you are going to do with me.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get more. You do know the old saying, don’t you?” he said softly as he got close to her face.

“Be careful what you wish for, or curiosity killed the cat?” she replied softly with a smile.

“Both,” he replied. “But in your case, it gets the cougar gagged. So if you want it out for a while, don’t ask anymore questions. Let it be a surprise.”

“You think I’m a cougar?” she said with a smile.

“Yeah, a damn sexy one too, but trapped and under my control.”

“I can go along with that.” She grinned as she wiggled.

Shawn untied her arms, letting her stretch her shoulders and work the kinks out a bit before he tied her hands behind her back simply at the wrists. It was only temporary, just enough to reminder her who the boss and what her role was. After grabbing his bag, the two naked figures left the kitchen and move down the hall to the living room.

Amanda’s house was large and expensive looking, with some great architectural features. One of the most impressive features was the two large columns supporting a triple arch that defined the living room space from the main foyer. Over a foot in diameter, both were smooth and solid, and would serve Shawn’s purposes well.

This time, Shawn started with her legs. Standing directly between the two columns, he first buckled leather cuffs to her ankles. Starting with her legs, a long rope was feed through the rings on her ankle straps and to the base of the columns. When done, her legs were spread nice and wide, but not too wide that she would become uncomfortable quickly. He left her standing in place in her heels while he retrieved a wooden chair. Long ropes were tied to the top of each column. After he untied her hands, each wrist received at matching leather cuff and was tied to a dangling rope. She was left standing firmly tied in the classic spread eagle position, only standing and feeling far more vulnerable that she ever did in her life.

He chose to leave her gag free this time, wanting to hear her lots of noise as he worked on her body again. For the next hour, he stood both in front and behind her as he groped, grabbed, squeezed, fondled, licked and sucked on her tits, ass and pussy and more. He paused only long enough to take more pictures of her, from behind and in front, covering all the angles and getting all of her fine assets in the shots. She looked so helpless and exposed, yet hot and sexy beyond belief. She moaned and groaned as he did his work on her, telling him how good it all felt but refrained from telling him what to do. He was in control and was allowed to do as he pleased.

But she did begin to beg to come, which was Shawn’s intention. He wanted her begging to come and to be screwed. She pleased for relief and at last he did, dropping to his knees and licking her clit while his hands teased her nipples. Amanda cried out loudly as the orgasm exploded over her restrained body. He cries echoed through the rooms as she climaxed and came again moments later, not as strong but still delightful in pleasures.

When he tried for a third, Amanda cried enough and pleaded for cock not tongue. She begged him to cut her down and screw her. But Shawn had chosen his bondage positions carefully and was able to screw the long legged beauty without removing her ropes. Standing between her outstretched legs, he guided his stone hard pecker between her thighs and easily slid his tool into her soaking wet love box. Grabbing her ass, he drove into her again and again, making them both repeatedly cry out in ecstasy. All Amanda could do was stand there and take it, but she enjoyed it immensely.

Shawn was able to savor it and make it last far longer this time. While their mouths met often in hard kisses, he preferred hearing her groans and encouragements as he pummeled her pussy with his petrified prick as he rode her hard, hanging onto her ass for both leverage and pleasure. Amanda proved how much she enjoyed it when she climaxed, calling out loudly when she did, but got right back into the screwing action seconds after it finished.

Shortly after she came, Shawn felt his load boiling up. Forgetting all else, he let lust take over and droving into her wildly his only desire was to come. At last, his load boiled over and he climaxed, his load erupting as he came, pumping another load of cum out, this time deep into her hot pussy. He continued fucking her through it, making his pleasures last longer and stronger till he gave out and his marvelous climax slowly waned.

At last, he was done and his limp cock slipped out as cum dripped out. His seed covered his cock and dropped to the tile floor from her pussy. Amanda hung limply in her restraints, breathing hard and coated in perspiration, but with a dreamy, satisfied look on her face. She made soft contented moans, enjoying the afterglow of a good humping.

“Damn, that was hot.” She said at last. Shawn had dropped to the floor, exhausted and perspiration coating him from his efforts.

“Glad you like it.” He replied.

“Mmm, I did. But is that all you got big boy?” she said with a smile.

“How much more do you need?” he replied.

“If you can keep going like you are, so can I.” she replied defiantly.

“That’s good baby, for we’re not nearly done yet.”

Her arms were let down and the cuffs removed. Using a single rope, he tied her hands behind her back with her wrists crossed and palms down. The ropes holding her legs open was removed as were the ankle cuffs. Again, it was temporary bondage, like when she was brought into the living room. He led her over to the couch and helped her to lay down. With her feet together, her legs were tied at the ankles. That was it, enough to keep her in place for a few moments.

“Don’t go anywhere.” He said.

“Very funny.” She replied. Even though she couldn’t get free, she had no intention on running away. She wanted to know what else this boy had in store for her and wanted to get it too. But she did enjoy the brief rest she was getting. Standing in high heels for an hour with your legs spread wide does wear down ones leg stamina, plus it gave her feet a rest too.

Several minutes later he returned, wearing his shorts again. He gave her another erotic sponge bath with a warm cloth again over her crotch and thighs, all the paces his cum had dribbled over. Once clean and worming again from the attention, Shawn laid on the couch next to Amanda and explored her body with his mouth, tongue and hands. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her as he gently teased and thrilled her restrained body.

“You’re making me hot again.” She breathlessly said as he gently sucked on her nipple and softly fingered her clit. “Damn if you’re not making me horny all over.”

“That’s the plan.” He said. “Keep you horny, just like you’ve done to me lately.”

After several long moments of arousal, Shawn stopped his sexual torments and removed the rope from her wrists and ankles. Then with a fresh surprise, he handed her bikini back to her.

“I thought you said we weren’t done?” she asked confused.

“We’re not.”

“Then why this? I had the impression you liked having me naked and exposed for your enjoyment.”

“I do,” he replied with a smile, ”but it’s all part of the plan. And you’re asking questions again.”

“Do you have a fetish for bikinis as much as the one you have for bondage?”

“Maybe I just want the pleasure of seeing you in it once more, and taking it off again later.”

“If that’s what you want, it’s your fantasy.” She said as she put her bikini bottoms back on. Shawn helped her tie the top back on and she was ready for the beach again.

This time, he let Amanda show off her model quality body as he used his camera to capture more images. Shawn was glad bought a huge memory card for it, for every shot was going to be a keeper. At last, it was time to add some bondage. He bound her hands behind her back and took more pictures before tying her legs at the ankles and knees. More pictures followed, but not too many to spoil the mood and let the action cool off. Lastly, he wrapped a long rope around her waist, then feed the ends between her legs and tied it off. Amanda had no idea why he did it or why a crotch rope would be utilized.

He freed her hands but retied her hands in front. Next he made her stand with her back against one of the columns. He pulled her hands around the column and tied them off. Her hands didn’t meet, but it caused her to stand firmly against the smooth pillar. He then further tied her legs together above the knees. Next a rope affixed her ankles to the column at the base, another around her knees, one more wrapped around her slender waist and column and lastly above her bosom. He moved and tied quickly and soon she was totally helpless. She felt like a gratuitously sexy captive in a cheap erotic laced movie, but didn’t question his actions or reasons, even though she wondered how they would have any kind of sex with her tied this way. She only questioned it when a fresh handkerchief was retrieved along with the black tape roll.

“Why the gag again?” she asked.

“So you can make all the noise you want when you come.”

“How would I come when I’m dressed and tied like this?” she ask, wiggled her body.

“Oh, you will, trust me.” He said as he wedged the handkerchief into her mouth and sealed her lips with tape again. “Just not right away.”

More pictures followed, many of which showed her irritation at the young man who had her tied but seemingly inaccessible, especially with the tight rope wedged into her pussy.

As she squirmed in her fetters, she discovered the purpose of the tight rope between her legs. It rubbed against her, especially her clit, getting her aroused again, even with the bikini bottom on. Her irritation at him and her current bondage slowly turned to arousal, getting her warm in the pussy and caused her nipples to get hard, poking at the material covering her tits. Even as he snapped off more pictures, she wished he’d be sucking her boobs or at least touching her instead. Damn if he didn’t know how to get her horny and make her stew in it. The pictures he took clearly displayed her emotions. Then he added one more surprise. From his bag he pulled out a large vibrator and tied it to the crotch rope, pressing lightly against her crotch. He turned it on low, letting it rumble gently against her while vibrating the crotch rope.

“You finally getting the picture that I know what I’m doing?” He said as he caressed her tits over the leopard printed top. Amanda slowly nodded and softly moaned. “Now you just enjoy this for a while. When I feel like it, I’ll let you come.”

Sitting on the near by couch, he left Amanda squirming hard in her ropes as the vibrator worked to drive her restrained body and tormented mind into a fevered pitch of raging lust. She moaned constantly and struggled against the ropes as much as she could, trying to get more stimulation to let her bound body come. But as much as it felt wickedly good and got her passions flowing, it only did enough to keep her steamy hot but not release into orgasm.

She looked over at Shawn, who was watching with a huge satisfactory grin on his face and his hand on his fully erect prick, slowly stroking it as he enjoyed the sight before him. She tried as best she could to explain her maddening frustration with urgent grunts and pleading looks, begging him to let her come. But he was more than content to let her suffer in her sexual torments. After all, Amanda was teasing him for week so she could suffer for an hour. Besides, he was tormenting himself, watching her awesome tied body helplessly struggle in the ropes while slowly teasing his own prick. But it was a sweet torment.

But before the hour expired, Shawn decided he wanted another piece of her ass and needed an orgasm as bad as she did. But first Amanda would get hers. He turned the vibrator up higher and began to grope her boobs again through the bikini. In her uncontrolled lusty state, it was enough to push her over the edge and make her orgasm violently again, screaming into her tape gag as he whole body trembled with delight. Before it ended, Shawn turned the vibrator down, not letting it over stimulate her to become annoying. He pulled her big boobs free of the small bikini top and started fondling her tits and nipples again. As she wormed and moaned as the pleasures worked on her, he slowly turned the vibrator up again and soon she was exploding into a less intense but still amazing orgasm, her cries of joy muffled by the packed mouth gag. He repeated the cycle, this time sucking on her tits as she came once more before he ended it.

He turned the vibrator off and let Amanda hang limply in her bondage. She was worn out for the moment and needed some time to recover. She wouldn’t need long, for the next session would be short yet intense and she could rest after.

With the tingles of the astounding orgasms still echoing through her fettered figure, Amanda decided she had completely underestimated Shawn. Boring he was not and proved he was very creative in giving a woman massive pleasures before taking his own. The man was a kinky sex machine and knew full well how to pleasure a woman over and over again. Too bad he was leaving so soon and hadn’t acted sooner.

Slowly the ropes came off till only her hands were tied. Amanda has regained her strength and her senses. Her hands were freed but bound in front of her tightly. Lastly, the crotch rope was removed. Taking her by the arm he led her further into the living room.

The ceiling of the living room had a couple exposed beams. Shawn led her over till she was standing under one. It took him only one try to throw a rope over one of the beams. Amanda knew what he was going to do when he tied one end to her wrists, but worried how far he would go. He pulled on the free end of the rope, lifting her hands higher and higher till her arms were stretched up straight, but not enough to put any of her body weight onto arms before he tied the free end of the rope to her wrists again. He left some slack in the rope so she could easily wiggle around but not move away from under the beam. He used another rope to bind her ankles together. That was it, except for the tape gag that still sealed her mouth.

Shawn untied her bikini top and discarded it, exposing buxom beauty’s wonderful breasts. She felt so horrifically vulnerable to him groping hands as he stood behind her and squeezed her firm knockers. She had no idea what was next, but couldn’t wait for it. Already she was writhing in desire as she dangled in her restraints, his hands all over her nearly naked body. He was naked again and his oversize cock was grinding against her ass. His hand slipped under her swimsuit bottom and his fingers found her clit again, giving her a hard but slow rub.

Then, he stopped and moved away. She let out a long disappointing groan, now deprived of the attention that had gotten her turned on again. He took more pictures of her, walking around her and getting her from all sides. Amanda pouted and tried to get him to return to her, begging with her eyes to put the camera down and play with her. Shawn did after taking about 20 pictures. He moved before her and took both her nipples into his fingers, rolling and pinching them hard. She groaned again, this time in delight, but was disappointed once more when he stopped.

For a moment, he did nothing but walk around her, slowly stroking his cock. “You make me so hard.” He said. “I could keep you tied up and fuck you all day.” He said as he made another lap round the trussed up cougar.

He then pulled the tape from her lips and removed the handkerchief from mouth. Free of the gag for the first time in over an hour, she didn’t waist time telling him what she wanted.

“Stop teasing me and fuck me.” Were the first words out of her mouth.

Shawn moved hands to her hips and slowly untied her bikini bottom. “If that’s what you want, it’s your fantasy.” He replied as he pulled the material away. His hand returned to her tits, teasing her nipples again. “Don’t worry baby, we’ll get there soon.” He said as his one hand returned to her clit to tease it as well.

But he didn’t wait long to give her what she asked for. He stepped behind and pulled her hips back. She shuffled her feet enough to move back, causing her to bend slightly. He slid his blood swelled cock between her legs and pulled her ass apart, opening her up to his prick. It took a few tries, for she was so wet it was hard to get in properly. But he finally found her pussy and pushed his cock into her hot love tunnel. He forced himself in fully, his entire shaft buried inside and ground his hips into her ass. Amanda responded by pushing back, trying to get every bit of his manhood into her.

“Please Shawn, stop teasing and fuck me, fuck me hard.” She begged. “I need you to do me so badly.”

Shawn began to thrust his hips, making his cock slid back and forth inside the tied woman’s pussy. He took hold of her boobs, groping them firmly as he drove into her over and over, giving her the hard humping she was craving. She made a constant stream of affirming encouragements and sexy moans and groans as his assault on her sex went on and on.

“Yes, make me come. Ram it into me. Make me come.” She called to him as her orgasm grew inside. But to her disappointment, he withdrew from her pussy unexpectedly.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?” she said.

“You’re making too damn much noise.” He said as he shoved the black bandana back into her mouth and tied it off. “Besides, gag talk turns me on.”

He stepped behind and reinserted his cock again, this time driving into her harder and faster. Amanda was reduced to just grunting and groaning around her gag as he held her hips and screwed her madly.

Her orgasm grew even faster now. In a few moments, she was a steady stream of grunts and called out when the orgasm exploded over her body as he pinched her nipples. She bucked wildly as she came, her whole body thundering with another powerful orgasm.

Shawn was unrelenting as she climaxed. He just kept fucking away and soon his moans turned to groans as his climax built. He tried to hold it back, refusing to end the sex but it was impossible. Holding onto her hips, he rammed into as deep as possible and blasted the first shot of his next load deep into Amanda’s hot pussy. It kept going and going as he pumped his ejected his large load of sperm into her. He groaned long and hard as this orgasm was the best yet of the day.

At last, it was over and Shawn kept his cock buried in her. Though growing soft, he was still hard enough to remain in her, slowly gyrating his hips to keep the stimulation going. Amanda was amazed when she felt his cock growing thick again, rising to full length just minutes after his orgasm was over.

“See what you do to me.” He said as he started moving stronger and deeper, making long deep strokes into her. Amanda groaned and moaned and wiggled in her restraints as he gave her consecutive screwing.

But before either could climax again, he slowed and almost stopped. “Sorry baby, but you’re not getting all the pleasures without putting out some effort on your part.” He said as he untied the rope holding her wrists up. He lowered her hands down then helped her down to her knees. This time, he tied the end of the rope to her ankles, pulling her heels up off the floor slightly while keeping her hands stretched above her head.

The moved in front of her, his long, hard and ready cock right in front of her face. “Your turn again, baby.” He said as he pulled the bandana from her mouth, letting it fall to her neck.

Out of the blue, her smart phone rang. Shawn had brought it in, just in case. Both were annoyed, for it meant a business partner or client wanted to talk Amanda, interrupting their erotic play cold. Shawn grabbed the phone and showed her who was calling. She nodded that she needed to take the call.

“This is Amanda. Sorry about that, not at my computer at the moment. Actually, it’s a bad time right now. I’ve been literally tied up all morning and very involved with a huge issue. Can I get back to you later when I’m free? Thanks.” And Shawn clicked the phone off.

“Cute.” Shawn said, amused at her tied up comments.

“I didn’t lie, did I?”

“No you didn’t. Now, let’s get back to the huge issue you’ve been working on.” He replied as he presented his engorged cock to her lips again.

Amanda willing took his large tool into her mouth and pumped her lips up and down the entire length of his shaft. She sucked, licked and orally fucked his cock superbly, giving him a little payback for all the great sensations he gave her throughout the day. Even after all the times he had come today already, he still remained long strong and hard as she worked his cock with her mouth not to make him come as quick as possible, but to let him enjoy a long, erotic blowjob from a grateful woman. She must have knelt on the floor, rocking on her knees in her bondage laden position for a nearly 20 minutes before he finally withdrew, still rock hard and ready for more. She was amazed his didn’t come, but hoped he was about to use his man-tool to screw her again.

“Amanda, it time for that encore you were asking about.” He said as he let her hands down and freed her from all of her ropes. “Call it a grand finale.” After a moment to stretch out her body, Shawn began to apply his ropes to her fine middle aged body.

When he was done, Amanda’s wrists were tied to her thighs, pinning her arms and hands against the sides of her body. Her legs were bent back at the knees and her ankles tied to her thighs as well. The black bandana was back in her mouth, her blond hair covering when he tied it around her head. Lying on her back, with her feet still strapped into her high heels, she could open or close her legs, but her knees remained up. She could squirm and roll around some, but always wound back up on her back. She could fold her legs back against her body if she wanted, but this exposed her fantastic ass to him.

Shawn let Amanda struggle for a while, rolling around on the carpet as he teased her pussy with the vibrator again, making her moan and groan when he pressed it against her clit and toyed with her nipples. Amanda squirmed hard in her fetters, groaning into her gag as another orgasm built up agonizingly slow. But before she could come, Shawn pulled the vibrator away and inserted his cock into Amanda’s pussy. Amanda wrapped her tied legs around Shawn as best she could while he drove into her over and over. Her orgasm exploded, making her whole body shudder with waves of intense pleasures while she screamed into her gag.

When it was over, Shawn pulled out and attacker her clit with his tongue while manhandling her tits. Another orgasm quickly built up and she came again when he plunged his cock into her pussy again, crying out as he licked her clit through another orgasm.

Using the vibrator again, Shawn toyed and teased Amanda till she was getting close to another orgasm. Before she could come, Shawn pushed the vibrator into Amanda’s pussy, pulled the gag from her mouth, straddled her face and slid his cock between her lips while his own mouth attacked her clit. Amanda thrilled in her forced 69, the bondage holding her in place and making her suck his cock while he and the dildo ravished her pussy to make her come as he pumped his prick into her mouth. She cried out again as she came once more, his firm cock serving as a gag to keep the noise down.

Taking pillows from the couch once the orgasm had faded, Shawn rolled Amanda over with her hips resting on the pillow. This forced Amanda to keep her legs spread wide as she squirmed hard. He slowly pushed the vibrator deep into Amanda’s hot pussy running full blast. Sitting on the floor with his legs spread wide, he made Amanda suck on his dick while the vibrator tormented and slowly made her come once more. He watched her high heels wiggle around as she wormed in the tight hogtie, her head bobbing up and down his shaft. Eventually Amanda trembled in her restraints and moaned around his cock gag buried in her mouth as the orgasm flooded over her body.

Finally, the vibrator was removed and Shawn moved between her spread legs. He took hold of her ankles and pushed his cock into her from behind. Grabbing her ass, he rode her hard, driving his prick into her over and over. In her tied and ass elevated state, he had her in the perfect position to bury the entire length of his cock into her while reaching the deepest part of her still burning hot pussy. The sounds of flesh slapping into flesh mixing with their groans and moans filed the room as he pumped her hard till his orgasm reached a peek and he exploded into her in an overwhelming orgasm, filling her once more as his cock squirted another load of sticky come into her soaking wet pussy.

When his orgasm ended, Shawn collapsed onto Amanda, finally spent for the day. Both were breathing hard and coated in perspiration. His cock was finally going limp and Amanda admitted she was sore and couldn’t take any more, but neither moved to disconnect from the sexual link of his prick and her pussy.

At last he pulled out of Amanda but left her resting on the floor, whimpering and cooing from all the amazing sex. He slid his shots back on and gather up unused sex and bondage items before he untied Amanda from her prone position. When the last rope was free, Amanda lazily rolled over and smiled at the young man.

“Mmm, what an amazing performance.” She said, making no effort to cover her naked self up. “Makes me wish I’d started teasing you sooner.”

Shawn put the last of the ropes away and zipped up the bag. “Just wanted to show you what you’ve been missing the last few weeks.” He replied.

“Definitely my loss. So when do you leave for school?”

“Week from Saturday. Camp opens the following Monday.”

“Then you’re still around for a little while longer.” Amanda smiled seductively. “So the question is did you use up all your creative ideas in one day, or are there other clever little fantasies you’d like to play out with me before you leave?”

“Plenty more from where those came from.”

Amanda smiled broadly. “Well then, why don’t you come by Friday evening and show me some more of your creative rope tricks.” She said as she knelt before him. “I have a black satin corset, some black stockings and a new pair of 5 inch heeled stilettos that I’ve been dying to wear for a special occasion. Would you like to see me dressed up like that while you wrap me up in ropes and play with me again?” Her finger lightly circled his crotch.

Shawn could only imagine what she would look like, dressed in a tight satin corset that accented her amazing figure, with stockings and high heels on those long luscious legs, with white ropes tightly encircling her fabulous body. His cock was swelling at the idea already. From Amanda’s view, she could tell he liked the idea.

“I’ll be by at 7:00.” He replied.

“I’ll be waiting.” She purred softly before she kissed his crotch though his shorts, giving him one more tease for the road.

Shawn left several minutes later, after Amanda showed him out the patio door again. She had some work to do yet, but needed a shower first. Shawn was already excited and dreaming of what he would do on Friday evening once he got his ropes wrapped around his captive cougar.


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