Captured and Tortured

by gopi

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© Copyright 2002 - gopi - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; bondage; slave; n/c; XX

Captured and Tortured
by gopi

There are some things that everyone thinks will never happen to them... Things like accidents, earthquakes, being struck by lightning, being  burgled, and so on... ... until one of these things does happen, and then they are very surprised, even upset, that it should happen to them. 

Gopi was like everyone else, but in his case what he thought would never happen to him was... being abducted. Naturally, living as he did in a large populous country like India, he had heard of abductions.  But they always seemed to happen in other 
places, and to other kinds of people - like young girls, or children of rich people - and not to perfectly ordinary people like him.

Until the day it happened to him.  And when it did, it happened so suddenly and so quickly that he really had no time at all even to feel surprised, much less upset or angry.

He was simply walking along a street, in broad daylight, not even in a disreputable part of town;  the street wasn't crowded, but it was by no means deserted, either.  He went to walk between a parked van and a building when, with no warning at all, a door in the side of the van swung open, blocking his way, and a body lunged against him from behind, shoving him into the van.  The door immediately closed and he found himself in pitch darkness.

But he was not alone in the darkness.  At least two pairs of hands grabbed his arms and a knee in his back forced him to the floor, face down.  It all happened so quickly that he had no chance at all to put up a struggle, and he was so stunned that he didn't even think of shouting for help.  And then even that possibility was taken from him, as he felt something being pressed over his mouth and nose, something that had a strange smell... and before long he slipped into unconsciousness.


When he next became aware of his surroundings, he found himself lying on a hard surface with the sun shining directly down on him.  Blinking and shading his eyes from the glare, he realised that he was on some kind of paving and, a few yards away and encircling him at three equal points of the compass, three women were sitting in comfortable chairs in the shade of parasols, with drinks on tables beside them, just watching him.

Gopi  had been taught from childhood to treat women with respect and courtesy;  feeling it was not quite proper for him to be lying there as he was, he began to get to his feet to apologise.  As he did so, he became aware, simultaneously, of two things:  one, he would not be able to apologise because his mouth was filled with a large ball which he could feel was held there by a strap around his head;  and two, there was something around his neck that seemed almost to be pulling him up, first to his knees and then onto his feet.

He put his hands up to find out what it was, and found what felt like a heavy metal band encircling his neck, with - he could hardly believe it, but it was true - a large padlock fastening it at the back!  Exploring further with his hands, he learned how the band - or "collar", he now knew - was lifting him up:  looped through the hasp of the padlock was a thick rope, which stretched up behind his head to somewhere beyond his reach.  He also found that the strap holding the ball - the gag - in 
his mouth was also padlocked, so he knew he would not be able to speak until it was unlocked.  By now he was on his feet, and the pull on his neck eased off, but only a little, and he knew he would have to stand right there or risk strangling himself.

Now, for the first time, one of the women spoke, and he instinctively turned to face her.  "Yes," she said, "you are beginning to understand what has happened to you, but I will explain it exactly so that you will have no doubts.  I and the two ladies here have captured you to be our prisoner and to use you for our amusement and enjoyment.  We have driven many miles since we trapped you yesterday afternoon, so nobody will come looking for you here.  If there are friends or relatives who will miss you, that is sad, but people lose friends and family members for many reasons;  that is the way things are."

"We have brought you here, to my house.  I am quite wealthy, so I can afford to indulge myself;  and one of the ways I choose to indulge myself and my friends is what has happened to you:  we enjoy making prisoners - slaves, if you like - of young men like you, to humiliate you, to treat you in many ways that you may not like but that we find amusing, and to force you to serve us... in ways that you may find you enjoy more than you might expect.  It is not that we hate men;  it is just that we consider men to be inferior to us women, and that the proper place for you men is kneeling at our feet, serving us and entertaining us... by force, if necessary.  And the first rule I enforce in my house is that no male person ever enters it unless he is completely naked... so you will now remove all your clothing."

Gopi  stared at her, his brain spinning with surprise and near shock at what she was saying.  She had spoken in such calm, matter-of-fact tones, as if what she said was perfectly normal, that he had to wonder if this was some kind of practical joke;  after all, how could she really expect him to obey such an outrageous demand as to strip naked in front of three fully-dressed and quite attractive women?  But her next words, spoken after a short pause in exactly the same tones, made him think again....

"That was not a request, young man," she said firmly.  "It was an order, an order that we expect you to obey, whether now or later.  I am sure you are aware of the position you are in:  standing in the hot sun, with no chance to escape or even to sit down unless you wish to choke. We, on the other hand, are quite comfortable, and we are patient, too;  but our patience will run out eventually, and I warn you that, the longer you take to obey my order, the more you will suffer afterwards in punishment.  So I advise you to obey sooner rather than later."

For perhaps ten minutes Gopi  stood thinking, still wondering if this was a joke or if he could out-wait his captors.  After the leader's last words, the three women ignored him, sipping their drinks and chatting past him as if he wasn't there.  Finally Gopi had to admit to himself that he really had no choice at all, and he began to undo the buttons on his shirt....

Instantly the women stopped their chat and began to watch him intently. Slowly and reluctantly, he removed first his shirt, then his trousers and underpants, stepping out of them and slipping his sandals off his feet before pushing the small pile of clothing to one side.  He was left wearing only his undershirt, which would only come off over his head, and then it would still be around the rope from his collar.  He looked pleadingly at the woman in front of him, trying to communicate this to her, but she only smiled... and then he felt one of the others come up beside him and insert the blade of a scissors under the shoulder straps of the undershirt, and a moment later it simply slid down his body to lie around his feet, and his whole body was exposed to the gaze of these women.

Instinctively, his hands went to his groin to cover his private parts, but the woman moved from his side to behind him and reached around him to grasp his wrists;  with surprising strength, she forced his wrists up and behind his head.  At the same time, the third woman did something that caused an awning of some kind to move over the whole area to shade it - and Gopi - from the hot sun... and he realised with some gratitude that he was being "rewarded" for obeying the order to strip.

Now the woman who had given the order stood up and came to stand a few feet in front of Gopi .  Smiling, she allowed her eyes to run slowly up and down his naked body a few times in a way that made him feel deeply humiliated, utterly ashamed... and, to his shock, sexually excited, as his penis began to erect!  Her smile grew wider at this, and then she looked directly into his eyes.  "The second rule in my house," she said, "is that even naked males may not enter unless they are securely and inescapably shackled.  Ladies, please see to it."

A moment later Gopi  felt the hands of both the other women fit things around both his wrists;  he couldn't see what they were, but they felt like some kind of sleeve, made of heavy metal, that extended from just under the heel of each hand to halfway up each forearm, then they were fastened together in some way, and he found his hands crossed just above his head.  Next, the rope was freed from the collar around his neck and re-attached to the wrist cuffs, and his arms were pulled just a little higher, and then the collar itself was unlocked and removed.  Finally, the women knelt and fitted metal cuffs on his ankles, which they 
then pulled wide apart by means of chains to iron rings in the paving.

He was now even more shamingly exposed than before:  his stark naked body was slightly stretched by his spread legs and the strain of the rope on his arms;  he had no way at all of protecting his modesty, and he felt the warmth of a deep blush on his face and neck;  it was all very very humiliating, and most humiliating of all was the fact that his penis had by now come to full hardness, and was standing up at a 45-degree angle as if it was pointing at the face of the woman who was still standing - and smiling - right in front of him!  She waited until his ankles were firmly anchored to the rings and the other women stood up again, each to one side of and slightly behind him, then she said, "Now, ladies, let us inspect our new prisoner.  He seems to have all the necessary 'equipment' to amuse and entertain us, but we do all want to be quite sure of his suitability, do we not?" 

With that - and with murmured responses of "Yes, indeed!" from the other women - she moved closer to him.  Her first touch was with the sharp nail of one finger under his chin, forcing his head up slightly so that she looked straight into his eyes from only inches away for a minute or so, then her fingernail moved slowly, pressing just hard enough to cause him a little pain, down his throat, down the centre of his chest and across his belly... until some part of her hand touched the tip of his penis.  At that moment, her other hand suddenly reached down and took hold of his testicles as they hung freely between his spread thighs;  she moved back a bit and, in time with giving them two firm squeezes (enough to bring muffled grunts of pain from behind his gag), she used her free hand to deliver two very hard slaps - one forehanded and one backhanded - to his rock-hard erection!

Gopi  never forgot that moment.  Later he thought of it as the real moment his slavery to these three women began... the beginning of his 'inspection', which it truly was.  It must have lasted more than an hour, and during that time there was not a single moment when at least one hand - usually three or four, sometimes all six - was not touching his helpless naked body in some way or other... whether simply running over his skin to feel its texture or his shape, or prodding his muscles - now quite gently, now painfully hard - to assess their strength and firmness, or pinching or slapping his flesh to watch his reactions or merely because they enjoyed doing so!  The three women slowly circled around him, so that they all had an opportunity to 'inspect' every tiniest part of his so conveniently displayed body.

Naturally, this also allowed him a good look at all three of them.  They were all very good-looking, with typical Indian facial features and long deep-black hair;  they were similarly dressed, in long skirts wrapped around their hips and with several inches of their midriffs showing between the skirts and the tops that covered their breasts, and their figures were all well-shaped.  The one who had spoken was the eldest - in her early forties - and Gopi  would have described her as 'handsome' rather than 'beautiful', with dark skin, a strong, almost hawk-like nose, a firm chin, and a mouth that sometimes looked quite cruel but could also curve into a bright and cheerful smile.  The second - in her thirties - was quite small and slim, with rather light skin, delicate features, and lips and eyes that seemed to sparkle constantly with sheer delight as her small hands explored his body.  The third, in Gopi's eyes, was the most attractive, but that may have been partly due to her age being similar to his, perhaps even a little younger than his 26;  she was tall, with a superb figure that was neither too slim nor too voluptuous, long legs, and a face that was not classical in its features - mouth a touch too wide, cheekbones not quite high enough, eyes a trace too close together, nose the tiniest bit too upturned - but that 'came together' in what everyone would recognise as real beauty.

For Gopi , this 'inspection' was the strangest experience of his life.  It was all so different from anything that had happened before:  being stark naked, in broad daylight, in the presence of three women, all attractive and one very much so, was strange enough as well as embarrassing;  being bound the way he was - with every bit of his naked body available to their gaze and touch - and gagged so that he could not even protest, was strange too, and not a little scary;  the way they talked as they 'inspected' him, commenting on his body and his reactions to their touches as if he was nothing more than an animal being valued for farm work or breeding, was stranger yet and intensely humiliating;  but strangest of all was the sexual excitement this caused in him!  All of it, the nakedness, the exposure to the opposite sex, the bondage, the helplessness, the touch of their hands, the things they said, their amusement and enjoyment, and most of all the way they handled his genitals - casually, almost scornfully, quite roughly and often fairly painfully - kept his penis as hard as it had ever been... and yet his arousal never approached that critical 'point of no return'.

At long last the women moved back to their chairs and their cool drinks.  (Even Gopi  was given a drink, poured with a funnel into a hole that could be plugged and unplugged through the gag in his mouth.)  During their 'refreshment break', they chatted some more about Gopi and agreed that he was suitable for their purposes.  After a while the oldest woman stood up and faced him again.  "We have decided to keep you," she said with a smile (Gopi  couldn't decide if it looked more menacing or welcoming), "and we now consider you our slave, rather than merely our prisoner.  We have spent some time getting to know a lot about you, and it is time for you to learn something about us... as well as about what your life as our slave will be like.  Ready, ladies?" 

Turning his head from side to side, Gopi  saw both younger women stand up and move closer to him.  One of them tossed something to the woman in front of him, and he suddenly realised that they now each held a thin flexible whip about three feet long!  His eyes widened in fear and a thin whine came through his nose, but that only seemed to make the woman's smile grow wider... and more menacing.  "You earned some punishment for not instantly obeying my order to undress," she said, "and you 
may accept what we are about to do to you as that punishment if you wish.  Actually, you did not hesitate very long - much less than some others have, who earned a severe penalty.  The real truth is that we simply enjoy whipping naked, helpless male bodies, and this will be only a small sample of what you will have to endure as our slave.  Shall we begin, ladies?"

And so Gopi  received his first whipping.  It lasted a long time, well into the late afternoon, because his captors took their time over it, sometimes stopping for ten minutes or more;  it was very thorough, because they left almost no part of his naked flesh unmarked, except for his head, the soles of his feet, and the circles around his ankles and wrists that were covered by the metal cuffs;  it was at times not much worse than a series of fairly light stinging blows, and at other times - like when all three women were striking different parts at the same time with considerable strength - very painful indeed;  and, to his amazement and deep shame, it was also enormously sexually arousing!  Not only because the women, between blows with the whips, frequently handled his penis and testicles like they had done while 'inspecting' him, but he also discovered that the whipping itself - even the pain itself - exciting in a way he couldn't quite understand... until it began slowly to penetrate his mind that what they were doing - namely, whipping him and at the same time stimulating him sexually - was probably quite deliberate, to force his mind and body to associate pain with pleasure.

Dusk was falling when they finally stopped.  They used a hose to cool down his heated body, and gave him as much to drink as he wanted, but nothing to eat.  They neither removed the gag nor the metal shackles on his wrists and ankles, but they did rearrange them:  one ankle was released from its widely-spread position and joined to the other by a short chain;  the rope holding his wrists up was lowered, allowing him first to sit on a bucket and relieve himself - he needed that badly! - and then to lie down on the hard paving;  finally, his wrist shackles were chained separately to another iron ring in such a way that he could move a little, but not bring either hand lower than his shoulders.  Then the three women simply walked away without a word and left him there.

The evening was warm - as was the whole night that Gopi  spent there - so he was in no danger of suffering from exposure.  But the paving was hard, his muscles ached from the bondage he had endured, the skin all over his body stung or burned from the whipping he had suffered, and the way he was shackled made it quite impossible to get even a small degree of comfort.  He was hungry, sore, afraid and exhausted... and it was exhaustion that overwhelmed the other discomforts and eventually 
allowed him to sleep, although only in patches. 

He spent the waking moments wondering what would happen to him the next day, and the days after that....

                                                                 be continued

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