Captive of the Gold Wing

by Mike Silklover

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© Copyright 2005 - Mike Silklover - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; scarves; cons; X

Captive of the Gold Wing by Mike Silklover

Chapter 1
The royal blue Honda Gold Wing pulled up at the self service pump of the small garage just south of the Interstate. Fully equipped with all the accessories, including the shiny two wheeled trailer, the passengers looked dwarfed by the gleaming chrome machine. 

The man who had been driving the bike got off and started to fill the large gas tank while the lady pillion passenger remained seated on her own pillion seat. To the casual observer, all seemed normal, but on closer inspection, it was clear that whilst the male rider was suitably dressed for the hot day in shorts and a T-shirt, his passenger was dressed as for a bitterly cold day. 

Dressed from head to toe in black leathers with a pair of heavy black leather biker boots, she wore a black open face helmet with visor and a thick red silk bandanna pulled up over her nose and ears. This was tucked under the full size aviator style Raybans protecting her eyes from the sun and seemed to billow in the afternoon heat, despite the air being still and oppressive. She held on to the back of the pillion bar, even though the bike was now stationary and showed little interest in either her partner or the refuelling process.

Had the casual observer become a little more inquisitive he or she might have noticed a little more about the lady pillion passenger. Although her hands rested on the rear pillion bar, it became clear as one got closer that her wrists were securely clamped to the sides of the bar with wide leather cuffs which matched the black of her suit. The unnatural closeness of her arms behind her back were accounted for by identical cuffs which constrained her arms above the elbows and drew them together in what must have been a very uncomfortable position. 

Similar wide leather restraints were also evident, wrapped around her ankles and knees, binding her legs securely to the chrome metalwork of the slightly modified frame and effectively making her a part of the bike's frame. The billowing of the red silk bandanna concealed the most extensive and secure gag that the lady could possibly have imagined, and its thickness and many layers were the cause of the silk bandanna's apparent billowing in the wind. 

Her gagging had commenced earlier that day once she had been tied into a tight  and inescapable hogtie on her hotel bed. 

The owner of the Gold Wing had started with two wadded silk scarves, each one taken from a large pile of silk scarves on the adjacent table, shaken out and then crumpled in a ball before being prodded deep into each of her cheeks. When both scarves were fully packed into her mouth, a triple knot, tied into the centre of a large red Hermes silk shawl was pushed deep into the gap between the wadded scarves so that the end of the thick silken knot rested against the back of her throat. The ends of the shawl had been taken behind her neck where they were tied off tightly in a double knot before being brought back to the front and tied off again over the top of the gag knot, forcing it still deeper into her mouth. 

The rider had then unfurled a royal blue silk square and had packed the delicate silken material into the remaining free space in her mouth. Her cheeks now bulged like a chipmunk but the rider was not yet finished. A widely folded silk scarf was then run under the cold tap so that it was damp, and this was tied tightly over the fully gagged mouth. The damp silk formed an instant seal over her mouth and chin, and the ends of the scarf squeaked as they were drawn tight and knotted off behind her neck, sealing the wadded silk firmly behind the damp barrier. 

A final accessory was a widely folded blue paisley silk scarf which was tied over the bridge of her nose and under her chin so that when tightened and tied off it served to clamp her jaws more tightly on the silk filling her mouth. The road camouflage came next as the red silk bandanna was folded once on the diagonal and then tied across the bridge of her nose to hide the gagging. The rider unzipped the front of her leather jacket and admired her firmly clamped nipples before tucking in the ends of the bandanna and redoing the zip. 

The aviator Raybans were then placed on top of the narrowly folded black silk scarf which had blindfolded her since her abduction, and which covered the wax which filled her ears and rendered her completely deaf. The helmet was pulled carefully down onto her head so as not to displace the gagging scarves or the red bandanna and the thickly padded chin strap was buckled cruelly tightly to increase still further the pressur eon her gagged mouth and jaw.  

Apart from the bulge of her gag under the red silk bandanna there was now no external indication of the torment the gagged and blindfolded woman was going through. An observer would not have realised that the well padded pillion seat had been removed and replaced with a modified version comprising a thick, 6" dildo. This impaled the pillion passenger and provided one more very good reason reason why she could not dismount. The dildo was fixed to the chassis of the bike but had been deliberately left loose so that every vibration of the bike was felt through the dildo. 

Such was the efficiency of this modification that on all but the smoothest of roads, the vibrations would build up to give her the most intense of orgasms. 

Having paid for the fuel the rider climbed back on board the Gold Wing and looked at his routemap secured to the tank. The dotted red line showed a trans American route lasting 8 days. It was only the morning of Day 2 and he was in good spirits. His route took in a variety of highway and rough unmade backroads, perfect for keeping his passenger at a peak of arousal and filling his intercom headset with the sounds he loved to hear.

"What a great day for a bike ride", he thought to himself!

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