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“What do you mean you can’t make it?”

This was not what she needed to hear right now. The contest was due to start in thirty minutes. She and her friends worked at the local zoo which held an annual Halloween party for the kids in town. During the party the zoo was divided into themed areas run by teams made up of four employees each. Whoever made the best themed area won a cash prize.

This year her team had made a land based on their favorite childhood board game Candyville. They had it all: Birthday Cake Castle, Pudding Pop Swamp, The Candy Cane Rainforest, and of course Ice Cream Mountain. Each of the three women on the team were modelled after the characters in Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” music video.

Since she looked the most like Katy: tan, leggy, chesty, brunette; she would dress as the character with the shiny blue jean short shorts, teal bikini top with the plastic cupcakes on the front and the electric blue wig with the fuzzy blue heart candy shaped piece on the attached headband. Eleanor was the black girl with the cotton candy wig and popped bubblegum dress. Lauren was the girl in the Jell-o block with the green dress and wrapper in the hair.

They were a shoe in to win save for one tiny problem. All four members of the team had to be present to compete. If not, they were disqualified. Now Bert was sick and couldn’t make it. Hung over again was more like it. All that work for nothing.

“Caleb, you home?”

Maybe not. Her little brother was out with his girlfriend, a last-minute change of plans. It appeared he forgot to tell his friend Adam. All the better. This let her kill two birds with one stone. She could still win the contest and do something she’d been planning for years. She opened a drawer on her bedside table and took out a rag and bottle of chloroform. Emptying just enough into the rag she crept down stairs.

Adam was waiting in the living room. He was a cute boy with short brown hair, a baby face and a lean build. Having just turned eighteen two weeks earlier he was a prime target for the lusty college girl. That would have to wait though. They had work to do first. She crept up behind him and clamped the moist rag over his nose and mouth. He struggled at first but it did no good. He simply took in more of the chemical and was soon out.

Smiling she drug him upstairs to her room. The sleeping boy was soon spread out on her bed awaiting her wanton touch. She quickly peeled off his clothes leaving him only his boxers as compensation for being an unknowing accessory. She would make sure he was awake when she stripped him of these too. Her hands began to run all over his body boldly plotting sins to come. No, no time for that now.

She grabbed the costume Bert was supposed to wear. It was a bright red bondage body suit she’d had special ordered. Grabbing rope she bound Adam in a kneeling position with his arms crossed behind his head. Then she grabbed a large red ballgag and strapped it into his mouth. Then she began to force him into the suit.

His knees became the little knob legs sticking straight out in the front. His elbows became the similar looking arms. His hands were slipped into bondage mitts attached to the hood to look like little round ears. The little muzzle like extension on the face completed the look. He was now her helpless little gummy bear. She playfully bit and chewed on his nose before dragging him out to her car.

Loading him in the trunk she headed out to the zoo. By the time she unloaded him he was beginning to stir. Naturally he was making a terrible noise. Luckily she had used the employee entrance and there was no one else around to hear.

“Listen,” she commanded quietly, “play along and you get money and sex with me. Not a bad deal is it?”

He grunts seemed to say it was. Well she had time to work him over. After all the judging wasn’t until midnight. Borrowing a rolling cart she hauled him to their section. She sat him up against the camouflaged board that Bert had set up for him to lay against and sleep the whole time. Now it would provide Adam with a little comfort instead. Not that she was going too much of that. After all she’d rearranged the board to face her all night.

The carnival style music they’d chosen for their land covered his muffled screams well. With no one to help him he had no choice but to stay there and take in the show. She made sure to bend over as much as possible to give him a great view of her ass. Suffering from a false exhaustion she would occasionally need to share his board. Of course, this just happened to mean rubbing herself up against him when no kiddies were near.

“You know when I ordered that suit for Bert I had no idea how sexy it would be. Let alone that I would get to put you in it. Now that I have I don’t know if I’ll ever let you back out. I may just leave you on my bed all day like a stuffed animal.”

He moaned and pleaded with her.

“No, you’re right. If I do that then I can’t fuck you and I really want to screw you senseless later.”

The night carried on and so did she. When midnight finally came, she was sure he was ready to do that same in his suit. The judges came and left. A short time later they announced the winning area: Candyville! Everyone cheered and jumped for joy. Everyone but poor Adam that was. Instead he got pulled into a powerful hug shoving his face right into her breasts.

Everyone cleaned up their areas and headed home. Once again except for Adam. He was loaded into her trunk and taken back to her house. She sat him on her bed and pulled the hood off. He took a deep breath of freedom. Then she shoved the cloth over his face again. Once she was sure he was out she removed the suit and his bindings but not his gag. Then she ripped off his boxers. God, he was gorgeous and all hers. It was a dream come true. Suddenly she had a wicked idea.

She ran out to her car and grabbed some supplies they had used to build Candyville. She returned to her room to find her prize still sleeping. Smiling happily (and perhaps a little crazily) she locked them in. She then went for the roll of cellophane paper they had used to make the fake hard candies in their wrappers. She then began to wind it up and down his prone body sealing him into his own personal wrapper. When she was finished only his head remained free. Cutting away a small section with scissors his penis soon joined it.

Now she waited for him to wake. As she did she began stroking herself through her costume. Finally, he stirred.

“God it’s about time,” she told him.

He looked down at his new bindings and began to plead with her again.

“Don’t bother. All you’re doing is making this whole thing hotter for me. You see for me the fact that you’ve been kidnapped and are about to be used all night long is best part. What’s the point of being with someone if you don’t conquer them? Love should always be won and I will win yours. There’s no escaping that … or me.”

With that she slowly, cruelly even, removed her top letting her beautiful breasts spill out so slowly it almost drove her prisoner mad with lust. She knew he lusted for her almost as much as she wanted him, almost. Then she wiggled out of her shorts with the same sadistic sloth. He was panting under his gag now. Smiling like the cat that had finally cornered the canary she took him inside of her. With that same evil resolve, she began to ride.

She made it last. Slowly at first, picking up speed only when she felt she needed to. Up and down she went enjoying her power over him. Then her own lustful needs overtook her. She began to pound away now fully lost in the sensations of dominating her suddenly very complaint lover. She felt him come inside her then exploded herself. It was the best orgasm she’d ever had. As she lay there on top of him, kissing his face and licking his ballgag like it was a jaw breaker candy she felt the first rays of November’ sun kiss her skin.

Sliding off him she went under her bed and pulled free the long wooden quilt box she kept under there. Opening it up she rearranged the spare blankets she kept inside. Then she added a pillow at the top. Before Adam understood what was happening she had slid him off the bed and into the waiting box.

“We’ll play more later, Baby,” she reassured him.

Then she lowered the lid and padlocked it shut. Without another word, she shoved the box back under her bed which she then climbed into and fell asleep. She slept wonderfully for hours dreaming of her new Halloween treat and the wonderful trick that had given him to her for many Halloweens to come.

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