Candy's Hobby

by [email protected]

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Dave Roberts fingered the dozen roses on the car seat next to him when traffic came to a stop on Northern Blvd. He had gotten off work early in New York City, and had decided to come home early as a surprise to his wife. They shared a home together in the wealthy section of Roslyn, and on the way he pulled over and bought a dozen red roses as a gift.Dave Roberts fingered the dozen roses on the car seat next to him when traffic came to a stop on Northern Blvd. He had gotten off work early in New York City, and had decided to come home early as a surprise to his wife. They shared a home together in the wealthy section of Roslyn, and on the way he pulled over and bought a dozen red roses as a gift.

Their marriage had been rocky in recent months, and Dave wondered if he could try to save it. They had started to fight, staying apart, often not talking for days on end. Dave strained to remember the last time that they had made love, and could not. His job as an engineer always kept him traveling, so they could not be together as a normal couple.

While riding home on the Long Island Rail Road, he came to the decision that to save his marriage how would have to find another job, one that kept him closer to home. He had a bitter fight with his boss at work, and it was plain that another job was the best idea.

Driving past a florist, he pulled over and bought the roses. He didn't even wince at the price (the North Shore where they lived was so chic) and selected a dozen of the best long stem roses that were in the shop.

It had been a long time since he had bought roses. They had been so close once, yet now it seemed as if they were two strangers sharing a house together. He looked at the keychain hanging from the car's ignition, and saw the medallion that they had engraved shortly after their wedding: David & Candy.

Stopped at yet another light, Dave looked out of the open window at two girls walking by. He strained to catch some of their conversation and failed. The noise of too much traffic drowned out anything that he might hear.

He fantasized about making love to one (or both) of them. They were in their twenties, about ten years younger than him. While not trying to bee too obvious, he watched as they stepped on high-heels, their long legs visible below the short skirt that they both wore.

"Damn!" swore Dave when the car behind him blew its horn.

While watching the two girls, the light had changed. Dave was suddenly a traffic menace, and he quickly stepped on the gas.

Pulling off Northern Boulevard, Dave was glad that they had bought a house off the main road. He took the long drive up to their secluded house. Here, there were fewer cars and a little privacy.

He drove up the country lane, passing few cars. Roslyn was an affluent suburb of New York City, so everybody had a car, sometimes several.

Finally, he found his driveway. They lived off of a minor road, and his house was at the end of a dirt road. He carefully maneuvered his car, watching for the holes that the last storm had produced. Their house was at the end of a long and treacherous road, isolated from the other houses nearby. At least they had a lot of privacy, even if Candy sometimes complained that she felt trapped during bad weather.

Parking his car, he noticed that Candy's car was still in the garage, and another was parked outside. Dave had not called, since he wanted this to be a surprise.

A chill went down his spine, suddenly freezing his blood. Was this a lover's car? While he was frequently off on business, did Candy have a lover? Was he here now, making love while Candy figured that he was stuck in the city at his job?

Dave grabbed the roses from the passenger seat and shut the door. He wasn't going to sneak up on Candy, but he wasn't going to conceal his return either.

With the roses in one hand, he draped his jacket over his arm and inserted the key into the front door lock. He turned the key and the door opened easily.

"Candy?" Dave called.

His heels clicked on the stone floor, and he threw his jacket over the first chair in the dining room. The sunlight was reflected on dust motes that were disturbed by his passage.

Dave put the roses down on the kitchen table, and wondered where Candy might be, and whose car was in the driveway. Perhaps he should sneak up on her after all, and find out what was going on.

He glanced outside, and saw no sign of his wife in the backyard. Bolting up the stairs two at a time, he almost ran into the bedroom. However, Candy wasn't there. The bed was made, and the covers were all in place.

Looking at the bed, Dave experienced a rush of passion. He hoped that they could get together again, to love as they once did.

"But where is she?" Dave asked aloud and to himself.

He walked downstairs, and made his way to the cellar door. There simply wasn't any other place that Candy could be, unless someone else had come with another car and driven away with Candy and another guest.

Dave opened the door, and walked silently down the cellar stairs. The roses he bought were lift on the table, since the mystery of Candy's location was now more important that the gift of flowers.

After descending down the passage, he opened the door. They had two cellars, one regular, and another that had been built by the owner long ago as a bomb shelter in the fifties. Candy had wanted the bomb shelter for herself, and Dave had agreed that would be her private space. He had no idea what she did down there, but resolved that now would be a good time to find out.

Walking past the usual clutter of house, he arrived at the hidden doorway. It was open, and Dave pushed his way through the entrance that was hidden behind some wood paneling.

When Dave opened the door, he heard a muffled cry of some sort. He rushed down the short passage that led to the two rooms that were buried under the house to see what was going on!

"What the hell?" he asked out loud.

In the room that he had last remembered as merely four bare walls was a sight that shocked Dave more than he could possibly imagine. The walls of the room were now covered in what looked like stonework, and steel chains hung from the four walls. Off in one corner was a set of stocks like he had seen in New England, on a vacation to Salem.

But in the center of the room, was a naked girl. She was suspended from a chain hanging from the ceiling, her wrists encased in black leather cuffs. Her feet were just touching the floor, and a bright red rubber ball was secured with her mouth by a leather strap.

It was Candy's appearance that shocked him even more. His trim, athletic wife was now wearing some kind of vinyl outfit, which covered her completely, along with a pair of thigh-high boots.

Candy appeared to be menacing the girl with a riding crop, running its tip over her naked breasts and underarms. She pushed the tip slightly into her skin, making the girl moan from behind her gag. But it was not the pain from the crop that made the girl moan the loudest, rather it was Dave's sudden appearance!

"Candy, what the hell's going on!" yelled Dave.

Dave could not have been more surprised than if he had found Candy in bed with another man. But this!

"Dave, what are you doing here?" Candy asked, "I thought you wouldn't be home for hours."

"I don't know what to say. I'll see you later when you're done with your sex games," Dave answered.

As quickly as he had entered the basement, he ran out, scared and shaking. He had been expecting something, perhaps a lover, anything normal. But to see his wife standing there in leather menacing a bound girl with a riding crop was beyond belief!

Candy, who never had much of a sex drive, whom he often had to cajole into making love, a sexual pervert?

Dave grabbed his jacket and keys and ran out of the house. He made it to his car, and opened the door. As he started the car and pulled out, he saw the front door open and Candy running after him, her black outfit reflecting the sun. He didn't stop, and left her in a cloud of dust.

Dave swirled his drink around, watching as the straight whiskey flowed over the half melted ice cubes. After fleeing in panic from his house, he had tried to drive around in anger to forget what he had seen. But that was clearly impossible! It was one thing to come home and discover that your wife was in bed with another man. But what does one do when you see your wife in some kinky outfit getup about to whip a naked girl?

Deep down, he knew what it really was that was disturbing him. Not an experience of his, no. Instead he remembered what had happened to his own brother in California. Larry had come home from work early one day also, and had found his wife in bed with another woman. How could he possibly compete sexually with that? The divorce had been quick, with the couple splitting as best as could be expected. It was a good thing that they lived on different coasts, else Dave was afraid that his brother might have come to live with them. Not that Dave would have been home, of course. His traveling had caused the rift in their marriage, and now he would be paying the price for it.

Standing up to leave, Dave realized that he had perhaps had too much to drink. He only had meant to have a couple, but instead drank more than enough to cloud his judgement. Dave had prepared to have a logical argument with Candy. But the way that he felt now, all he was capable of was maybe driving home and falling asleep.

Even though rush hour was over, the roads on the North Shore were still clogged. Traveling around the country, he had marveled at the way other areas didn't seem to have the traffic that cursed Long Island. He had never suggested moving, but now the idea seemed pretty good.

Parking outside the house once again, he noted that the stranger's car was missing. Presumably, it had belonged to the girl that he had seen in the basement. Opening the front door, he staggered inside and entered the house.


"In the kitchen," was the immediate reply.

Dave walked slowly and deliberately towards the kitchen, trying to compose himself. Was this how one set about breaking up a marriage and begin the process of a divorce? No, that had begun long before, when he had been out of the house so much.

Candy was sitting at the table, a magazine open in front of her. There was a half-full cup of coffee at her side, and a pot was on the range.

"You look like you could use some coffee," said Candy.


Dave poured himself a full cup, and dumped two spoonfuls of sugar into the cup. Then he sat down next to Candy.

"Had a few drinks?" asked Candy.


"Solve anything? You could have stuck around for an explanation."

"What sort of explanation? While I've been traveling around the country working, you've been at home doing sex games!"

"Is that all you think of, money? Just what did you think that I might do here all day by myself?" asked Candy.

"You could have worked," Dave protested.

"You were the one who said that we had enough money so that I didn't have to work! You said that I should take up something befitting my station, as I seem to recall. Like being a housewife and shopping. Well I got tired of the Miracle Mile pretty quickly!"

"But this!"

"You know, the funny part is that you're the cause of it all," stated Candy.

"How?" Dave demanded.

"I was in the city one day, with nothing to do. So I wandered, finding myself in the Village. There was a sudden downpour, and I fled into the first open doorway. It was an S&M shop! I found books of women in leather, plus plenty of unusual clothing that turned me on. It looked like fun, so I decided to try it."

"You must be joking?" questioned Dave.

"What else was I supposed to do, take up gardening? I need a hobby, so I found one."

"So you became what?"

"A Dominant. Oh, not at first. I started calling some numbers I found in a magazine. I got a Mistress to punish me one day, paying her to whip me a few times. Did you know about that? It hurt a lot less than being alone here every night. After that, I decided that I wanted to be on the other end of the whip."

"What did you do then?" Dave asked.

"I found another Mistress, that's what they're called, to see if she would take on an assistant. Sharna and I were partners for a while, and she taught me what to do. What I needed to set up shop."

"You could have been arrested as a prostitute," Dave pointed out.

"Not likely," Candy laughed, "You should have seen some of our clients. Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians, Businessmen! What a client list we had. If a cop even went near us, all one client had to do was make a phone call, and the heat vanished!"

"When did you set up shop here?" Dave asked.

"About a year ago, when you were on the road. Sharna went wild when she saw the house, that bomb shelter was just perfect for our little Dungeon. It didn't cost much to decorate, and I was finally in business for myself."


"But what?"

"To whip people for money?" Dave protested.

"I provide a service that some people are willing to pay quite well for," answered Candy.

"Won't some people blow the whistle?"

"I take on only very selected clients. Besides, they pay to be here! I provide a service that they can't get anywhere else."

"Who was that downstairs?" asked Dave.

"Cindy, one of my slave girls. You scared her half to death barging in like that!"

"I should have thought that your threatening her with a crop would have scared her more," Dave observed.

"She's been punished with a crop before, and I never leave marks that will really last."

"What would she want with your services?" Dave asked.

"She's one of the horsey rich set here, and her family has a large estate. Seems she gets wet every time she used a crop on a horse, and thought that it might be fun to get disciplined herself."

"You really have gotten into being a Mistress, haven't you? Nice outfit, by the way."

"Thanks. It's called a catsuit."

Dave drained the remains of his cold coffee in a single swallow, feeling nothing from the caffeine and sugar. He was tired and drunk, and nothing but a few hours of sleep would change that.

"What do you want, a divorce? Asked Candy, "Thanks for the flowers, by the way."

She pointed to a vase under the window, where she had placed the roses.

"What were they for?" asked Candy.

"A surprise, I wanted to tell you that I was thinking of getting another job so that I could stay home more."


"Looks like I was to late," he said, "You've already found a way to have sex without me."

"You're drunk. Go to bed," ordered Candy.

Dave staggered when he stood up, clutching the back of the kitchen chair. He swayed, uncertain of his steps. Still, he refused Candy's attempts to help him. He made it to their bedroom, and removed all of his clothes before collapsing into bed. The fog of sleep came thankfully fast.

When Dave next awakened, he found that he was on his stomach, where he usually slept. Moonlight entered the bedroom, giving the room a soft glow. Candy wasn't in bed next to him, and Dave wasn't surprised. She was probably in the guestroom, or on the couch. They had not slept together for so long, he realized that he didn't know her anymore. So it was no shock that she wouldn't share a bed together.

Dave suddenly felt his wrists drawn together behind his back by a pair of gloved hands. Next, he felt cold steel closing around his wrists and the click of handcuffs!

"Candy, what's going on?" Dave yelled.

His question was rewarded when he was suddenly turned over in bed onto his back. The steel cuffs dug into his back.

"What the hell?" he asked.

Candy slapped him across the face with a leather-gloved hand. In the moonlight, Dave finally had a good look at her. Before, she had been wearing a one-piece outfit of some kind. But now!

Candy was wearing a pair of shoulder length leather gloves, a black leather bra that displayed her breasts, a matching skirt, and thigh high boots. Dave sucked in his breath in wonder and shock.

"Mistress Candice, to you," she said.

"Candy, I," Dave began.

Dave was answered by another slap across his face. Stunned and helpless, all he could do was lay naked on the bed.

"Legs apart," Candice ordered.

Too stunned to resist, not knowing how he should react, Dave opened his legs slightly. Candice produced another set of cuffs that she locked around his ankles.

"Let me go!" cried Dave.

"Silence, slave," ordered Candice.

In desperation, Dave bounced uselessly on the bed a couple of times. With the steel restraining his limbs, he was totally helpless.

"You don't know how ridiculous you look, "said Candice, "Bouncing around like that with a hard-on."

Dave didn't have to look at himself to know that his penis was hard as a rock and standing erect. Still, he looked at himself and saw his organ, standing straight up and pointing at the ceiling.

"Let me go!"

Candice caressing his face with a gloved hand, feeling for those areas where she had struck. Then she slapped him once again on his face.

"That's better."

"Candy, I."

"Mistress Candice, if you please. Now we're going to talk, but on my terms," she said.

Candice stood up her heels, and grabbed a crop that had been resting on the night table. She displayed it to Dave, and she demonstrated it by bending the rod between her two hands.

"A riding cop can be used on a horse, but it can have such a nice effect on you. So obey."

Dave bounced once on the bed, helpless.

"My, this bed hasn't seen so much action for a long time. Not since the last time we had sex about two years ago. Longer maybe?"

Dave didn't answer. Whatever was going to happen, Candy, or Candice, was going to determine the next course of action in the bedroom. Candice teased him by running her gloved hands over his naked body, making him become even more sexually excited.

"So you like the way I dress. Good. I have a whole closet downstairs of things I wear when you're not at home."

Dave remained silent, and unmoving.

"But when someone's bad, I have to punish them. I have a lot of toys like this," she said, displaying the crop once again.

"Yes, Candice," answered Dave.

"Mistress Candice, to you," she answered, "Here is a little punishment for that."

Dave had never really known Candy to yell during their marriage, yet she now delivered a few strokes with the crop on his thighs. He thrashed when the leather sliced across his bare skin, and a small yell escaped from his lips.

"Was that painful, dear? As painful as being left alone in a failing marriage? You should be able to handle a lot more than that, given that you're so manly. After all, some of my slaves can endure quite a session with me, and don't leave until their skin is well striped," described Candice.

"Let me go, Mistress Candice, please?" begged Dave.

"Not just yet, first you have to learn a few things."

She began to caress him again with her gloved hands, and finally settled on his cock. Candice grabbed his organ, and pulled and stroked it again until it became hard once more.

"Don't you dare cum, not until I tell you to! Your entire body belongs to me, and I'll decide when you climax. Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Candice."

"That's better. You've got to learn how to address me properly. Now keep that cock erect! I've always been angry with men who get soft long before a woman properly cums. Now I'm the one in charge, and we're going to screw on my terms."

Candice straddled Dave like she was mounting a horse, resting on his thighs just below his erect cock. Dave noticed that she wasn't wearing anything under her skirt, and she began to stroke his hard cock again.

"Keep it hard! Put all of your mind, your very soul, into that cock! Men are often accused of acting like cocks. You're going to prove it."

Dave was speechless as Candice opened her thighs and slowly lowered herself onto Dave's erect cock. He knew that he was harder than he had ever been before, as he watched his leather clad Mistress (Wife?) impale herself on his rock hard shaft.

"Good, slave. Keep it that way," she ordered.

Dave strained to maintain his erection and avoid climaxing early as Candice rocked up and down on his cock, sending spasms of pleasure through his entire body. He enjoyed the new sensation whenever a leather clad part of her brushed against his body. Dave longer to grab her, but he was rendered helpless by the cuffs.

"Keep it hard until I tell you, men are such quick squirters," ordered Candice.

Dave kept his organ as hard as he could, and Candice continued to use him. She rode him like a horse, with his cock deep inside her. After some time, she became aroused also, and her breathing grew short and sweat formed on her body.

"Good, slave," she commented.

She continued to ride him, as he thrust upwards with his cock as she went down on him at the same time!

"Now!" she screamed.

Dave could no longer contain himself, and he climaxed with a huge surge of sexual tension. He felt his load shoot deep into Candice, making her moan with pleasure.

"Oooooooh!" she cried.

"Thank you, Mistress Candice," Dave said.

In spite of what had happened tonight, Dave knew that this was the best sexual experience that her ever had in his life. There was nothing to compare with the feeling of being a plaything in the hands of his leather clad wife, or was it Mistress?

Candice got a tissue from the box, and cleaned both herself and Dave. His cum and her fluids had mingled, and the room had a slight animal odor after their unusual lovemaking.

Then she removed first one glove, then the other. She folded them on a chair near the bed. Then she unhooked the bran and unzipped her skirt. Lastly, she removed her boots, and placed them on the floor. She stood before him, totally naked.

"Now then, should I leave you cuffed for the night? She asked, "I certainly wouldn't want you to try and cuff me. I'm your Dominant, and don't you forget it."

"Yes, Mistress," Dave meekly answered.

"Since this was your first time, I'll remove your cuffs. You have to be properly trained first, and steel handcuffs really aren't suitable to wear all night. Once you've been trained, you can wear leather cuffs with D rings. But that's for the future," said Candice.

Dave was soon unlocked, and he massaged his wrists to return the circulation. Looking at the clock, he found that it was very late. Sleepy, he soon dropped off to a pleasant contented rest.

The next morning, he was awakened to the smell of coffee and bacon sizzling in the kitchen. Candy was wearing an apron, and nothing else!

"I thought that you were my Mistress?" Dave asked.

"I can be both Candy and Candice, who do you want?" she asked.

"Both, honey. Both. And I promise that I'll be staying home a lot more in the future," smiled Dave as he sat down to breakfast.

"I'm sure you will," said Candy, "Or Candice will keep you in line."

Dave grinned in return. Their marriage was certainly going to be different from now on!



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