Candice Part 3

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2012 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; F/f; D/s; bond; rope; toys; strapon; bdsm; slaves; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part Three


Squirming slightly in anticipation, Candice nodded, watching as Mistress Karen made final adjustments to her bondage. Lying spread eagle in the center of the bed, her wrists and ankles held by ropes attached to the corner posts, Candice smiled into her gag, eagerly awaiting whatever Mistress had in mind for her naked body.

To her surprise, Mistress Karen rose from the bed and turned toward the door. “Have fun,” she said lightly, before leaving the room. Puzzled, Candice watched as Dana slipped through the door closing it behind her.

“Mistress says,” Dana began, slipping onto the bed, “that I have done very well this week. Mistress says I have learned a lot about being a proper slave, and that I’ve learned that I can ask questions without questioning her authority. Mistress says I have done so well, I deserve a reward.”

Casually, Dana reached down and began lightly pinching one of Candice’s nipples, causing the bound girl to squirm slightly. Smiling, she coaxed the sensitive bud to full hardness, then turned her attention to its mate.

“Mistress says,” she continued, “that I may choose any reward I wish. I chose you.” Leaning down, Dana placed a soft kiss on the gag covering Candice’s mouth. “You showed me the way, after all. You showed me how to truly serve Mistress, how to truly please her.” Dana’s hand moved down Candice’s helpless body, fingers slipping between her spread thighs. “Now, thanks to Mistress, I get to show my appreciation.”

Candice moaned softly as Dana’s fingers stroked between her thighs. Her moan deepened as Dana leaned forward, fastening her lips on one nipple and sucking gently. Slowly, carefully, Dana worked the helpless girl’s body, lighting and then feeding the fires of her arousal.

As her arousal slowly grew, Candice felt a warmth that had nothing to do with the physical need she felt growing. Carefully, she watched Dana’s every move. Gone were the anger, resentment, the barely concealed hostility from when they’d met. Dana’s touch was gentle, loving, soft kisses and caresses that soon had Candice moaning as she writhed in her bonds. When Dana drew back, Candice’s moan of disappointment was long and heartfelt.

“Want to know a secret?” Curious, Candice watched as Dana began strapping a dildo around her waist. “Mistress said I could use this, by the way,” she pointed out, adjusting the straps. “Well, want to know what the secret is?”

Still curious, Candice nodded. “Mistress loves me,” Dana said proudly. “She told me so, and I know it’s true. She loves you, too. She says we make the perfect team, and she wouldn’t dream of giving either of us up. But that’s not the secret.”

Carefully, Dana positioned herself over Candice’s helplessly bound body, lowering her hips until the tip of the dildo brushed against the soft fur between the bound girl’s thighs. With a slow, smooth thrust, she drove the dildo deep, drawing a loud moan from behind Candice’s gag. Slowly, teasingly, she worked the dildo in and out, until Candice writhed helplessly beneath her, hips driving upwards to meet each thrust. Suddenly, Dana paused. Trapped on the brink of orgasm, Candice could only moan pleadingly.

“The secret is simple,” Dana panted. “I love you too.” With that, she thrust downward strongly, sending Candice’s helpless body careening over the edge into a powerful orgasm. Dimly, Candice felt Dana’s body pressed to hers, writhing as the other girl experience her own orgasm. Slowly, the waves passed, leaving her limp in her bonds. Still feeling the weight of the girl lying atop her, Candice couldn’t decide which, at the moment, felt better; her body or her heart.

* * * *

“Don’t start that.”

“Sir?” It was Monday morning, her first day back at work, and Candice had been reaching for her machine’s start button when her supervisor’s words stopped her. Puzzled, she glanced over at his frowning face.

“You’re wanted in Human Resources,” he told her. “Something about your ability to do this job, and a possible transfer.” Frowning, he shook his head. “I hate to lose such a good worker,” he went on, “but it sounds like someone’s not sure you can operate this equipment safely. Anyway, you best get over there.”

Now more than a little concerned, Candice moved slowly toward the office area. Transfer? She’d been here since the day she started, working her way up until, now, she was one of the senior people in her department. What would happen to that if she were moved somewhere else?

As usual, Candice felt a bit uncomfortable in the plush surroundings of the office area. Entering the Human Resources area, she hesitantly told the receptionist that she thought she was expected.

“Of course,” the receptionist replied. “Have a seat. Miss Whitworth will be right with you.”

Candice dropped into a chair, mind whirling. Miss Whitworth was the head of Human Resources, with the final say on hiring and firing. People who went to see her rarely came back. Seeing her world crash around her, Candice barely noticed when the receptionist called her name.

“Miss Whitworth will see you now.” With a nod, the woman indicated the correct door. Numbly, Candice entered the office, closing the door behind her. Across the room, behind the large desk, a chair was slowly revolving to face her.

“You wanted to see me, Miss…..Miss…..”

“Miss what?”

“Mistress?” Stunned, Candice rushed forward, dropping to her knees beside the chair. “But how…..? Why…..?”

Karen Whitworth laughed softly. “Calm yourself,” she said gently. Rolling her chair back a bit, she reached down and drew Candice toward her. Gratefully, Candice slipped into her Mistress’ lap, curling into the soft embrace.

“I’ve wanted you,” she heard, “since your first day here. For years, I’ve wanted to approach you, but I never knew how you’d respond. When you had that little accident, I saw a chance and I grabbed it.”

“I was the one who ordered your time off,” she continued. “I paid your travel expenses and lodging out of my own pocket. The club you went to is half mine. I set the whole thing up to see how you would react to that kind of environment.”

Karen laughed again. “Imagine my surprise,” she said, “when, your first night there, you came straight to me. It was more than I could have dreamed.”

Snuggled in her Mistress’ arms, Candice glanced up. “But what about Dana?”

“Dana served me well, in her way,” Karen replied, frowning slightly. “But she was never really any more than a temporary thing. Once I had you, I intended to let her go.”

Candice moaned softly as she felt a hand cupping one breast. “I never counted on you being what you are,” she heard. “I allowed Dana to stay because of you, but I never really believed she would turn out as she did. Now, she’s precious to me.” The hand on her breast squeezed softly. “Nearly as precious as you.”

Candice felt her whole body flush with pleasure. “Thank you, Mistress. You are precious to me, too. But what happens now?”

Instead of replying, Karen slipped Candice from her lap, gesturing toward a chair facing the desk. As Candice seated herself, she watched Karen take a file from her desk.

“My assistant,” she said, all business now, “received a better job offer. I need a replacement. You’re it.”

“Mistress?” Candice was stunned. “But….. but…… I’m not trained for this kind of work.”

“You will be,” she heard. “My current assistant just turned in her notice, which means you have two weeks to learn the job.” Smiling, Karen reached into a drawer, laying a paddle and a dildo on the desk. “I’m sure, with my personal training methods, you’ll learn fast.”

Gulping as she stared at the two objects, Candice nodded. “Yes, Mistress,” she whispered.

“You will, of course, be getting a raise, as well as new accommodations more suitable to your new position.”


Karen smiled. “After work today,” she said sternly, “you will go home and begin packing. I fully expect you to be moved into my house by the end of the week. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Dana is already there,” Karen said, rising and moving around the desk, “and quite happy with her new job as my housekeeper. She asked me to tell you she misses you already, and that you are to ‘get your sweet ass in gear and come home’.”

Candice laughed. “Yes Mistress. Um, Mistress, may I spank her for giving me a command?”

Karen laughed. “Now,” she said, “who are you?”

“I am your Candy.” A sudden thought made Candice grin. “Your Cotton Candy.”

“Cotton Candy?”

Candice’s grin widened. “Yes, Mistress. I’m sweet, sticky, and I melt in your mouth.”

Karen laughed. “So,” she asked, “what does that make Dana?”

Candice thought for a second. “Salt water taffy,” she replied. “Just as sweet, but she likes to be chewed on a bit.”

Karen laughed again at the reference to Dana’s recently revealed love for mild pain. Lifting her skirt, she said softly, “Now, come here and show me what you remember.”

“Yes, Mistress.” As she slipped to her knees and eagerly thrust her head between her Mistress’ spread thighs, Candice realized that life, for her, had become everything she could ever dream.


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