by Lobo De La Sombra

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Storycodes: F/ff; D/s; club; bond; rope; hogtie; cupboard; cons/nc; X

Gazing out into the darkness of the room, Candice pondered her situation. And the irony of where she was, and how she got there.

As usual, her current situation had come about by accident, this time a literal one. A minor accident at work, barely enough to cause a couple bruises, but enough, evidently, to come to the attention of someone much higher on the company ladder than she would ever be.

The accident had happened on Monday. Wednesday, she found herself in her supervisor’s office. An offer had come down from on high, one she had a hard time believing.

A free, two week vacation, all expenses paid. And all she had to do in return was sign a waiver promising not to sue for any damages caused by the accident. Candice hadn’t even considered legal action, and, for a free vacation, she was more than happy to promise not to do something she hadn’t intended to do in the first place.

The company, naturally, had selected the location, a small town several hours from work. The motel was nice enough, but the town itself was so small and uninteresting, she found herself almost wishing she were back at work. Until she found the club.

Velvet Steel read the sign on the large building on the outskirts of town. Adults only. Curious, she had ventured inside that first night, delighted to discover the club catered to the BDSM lifestyle. Even better, a complimentary membership had been purchased in her name. Candice had no idea how anyone had managed to get this past the hawks in finance. Obviously, someone very high up was pulling the strings.

Inside, she had wandered in silent delight, marveling at the sights all around her. Gradually, her wandering began to center on one particular woman. Candice had never considered herself a lesbian, or by, for that matter, but, somehow, this woman had the power to draw her.

Mistress Karen, as she heard the woman called, was already being served. Even as Candice drew closer, a beautiful young woman scampered from the woman’s side, carrying an empty glass. Holding back, Candice had watched the woman, fascinated by her for some reason she couldn’t begin to understand. Suddenly, she saw the woman turn and look directly at her. Poised to run, she froze when one hand rose, a single finger crooking in obvious command. Unable to refuse, Candice approached, slipping to her knees before the seated woman.

“You were staring at me.” The voice, while soft, radiated a strength and confidence that sent a shiver through Candice.

“Yes, Mistress,” she managed to whisper in reply. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend.”

For a moment, the woman gazed silently at her. Candice could feel her body responding to that gaze, nipples hardening, warmth beginning to grow between her thighs.

“What is your name, girl?”

“Candice, Mistress.”

The woman frowned, then shook her head. “If you are to serve me,” she said, “you will be called Candy.”

“Serve you, Mistress?” Candice was stunned by this sudden, unexpected turn of events. At her words, though, the woman’s frown deepened.

“Do you not wish to serve me?” she asked, her voice growing stern. Candice winced at the obvious displeasure in her voice. Gazing up shyly from her place at the woman’s feet, Candice saw something in her eyes, something that gave her the strength to reply.

“Yes, Mistress,” she said, lowering her eyes. “I do wish to serve you. I have no training, though, so I don’t think I could serve you as you deserve.”

“You will learn,” the woman said, her frown giving way to a soft smile that nearly melted Candice where she knelt. “My name is Karen,” the woman continued, “but you will continue to address me as Mistress. Now take your place at my left side.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Candice replied, happily kneeling beside her new Mistress’ chair. No sooner had she settled herself when the other woman returned, now bearing a full glass.

“Dana,” Mistress said, “this is Candy. She will also be serving me. Candy, this is Dana, my usual slave when I am here.”

“Hello.” The word was friendly enough, but Candice heard something in Dana’s voice, saw something in her eyes, that she wasn’t sure she wanted to identify. Candice returned the greeting, then settled down, awaiting a chance to serve.

The second night, she had gone straight to Mistress’ chair. She had arrived earlier than on the previous night, and the chair was empty. Mistress had arrived shortly after, a soft smile gracing her lips as she beheld what awaited her. That night, it had been Candice who had served, fetching Mistress her drinks, while Dana knelt in silence.

Tonight was the third night. Again, Candice had arrived early, only to be met at the door by Dana. Dana had drawn her far into the depths of the club. She needed Candice’s help, she said, to prepare a surprise for Mistress Karen. Eager to please her new Mistress, Candice had followed Dana to a plain door near the back of the club. Opening the door, she had entered, her brief glimpse suddenly blocked by a flash of pain that quickly turned to blackness.

Candice awoke with a throbbing head. Glancing around, she found herself still in the storage room she’d glimpsed so briefly before. She was also, she discovered, completely naked, her body bound into a strict, but not unduly uncomfortable, hogtie. A wad of cloth, held in place by strips of tape, ensured her silence as she looked up at Dana, standing over her.

“Mistress doesn’t need you,” Dana said spitefully. “She has me. Tonight, she will see how well I can serve her, and then she won’t want you any more. I’ll let you out after Mistress leaves for the evening. If I don’t forget, that is.” With those words, Dana left the room, shutting off the light and closing the door firmly.

Left alone, Candice struggled briefly against her bonds, but soon slumped in defeat. Whatever else she might be, Dana definitely knew her rope work. The wrist and ankle ties were cinched firmly into place, while the connecting rope was taut enough that her fingers brushed the bottoms of her feet. Defeated, she lay helplessly in the dark, her mind racing as she thought about how she came here.

Candice had no idea how long she lay there. It seemed forever before a flash of light signaled the opening of the door. A pretty girl, wearing only a bikini and a collar, stepped inside, only to freeze at the sight of the woman lying helpless within. Dropping to her knees, the girl carefully peeled the tape from Candice’s mouth, then removed the cloth.

“What happened to you?” she asked, her hands moving toward the ropes. Thinking quickly, Candice twisted away, bringing a surprised stare from her rescuer.

“Please don’t,” Candice said softly. “Get some help. Take me to Mistress Karen just as I am.” Obviously shocked by the request, the girl nodded, then dashed away, only to return with two strong looking young men in tow. Together, the two men lifted Candice, carrying her helplessly naked body through a suddenly silent club, then lowering her to the floor at Karen’s feet.

“What is this?” Karen, eyes wide, stared at the helpless bundle that lay before her. “Dana told me you wouldn’t be here tonight.”

“I was here, Mistress,” Candice replied, “and I am sorry I haven’t been able to serve you.”

“Who did this to you?” Candice remained silent, not wanting to get Dana in trouble, but her eyes flicked toward the other woman involuntarily. Karen caught the quick glance, turning on Dana with a frown.

“Why, Dana?”

For a moment, Dana knelt in silence, then tears sprang from her eyes. “Because she was taking you from me, Mistress. You want her more than me, and I couldn’t stand the thought of losing you.”

“Release her.” Karen’s voice left no option of refusal. Tears still streaming, Dana quickly untied the ropes holding Candice helpless. “Now,” Karen continued, once the last knot was untied, “leave me. I no longer desire your service.”

“Mistress, please don’t.” The surprise in Karen’s eyes was no greater than Candice felt on hearing herself say those words. Slowly, she drew herself into a kneeling position, one hand grasping Dana’s arm as if to prevent her from leaving.

“And why not?” Karen’s voice was harsh in the silence surrounding them. Candice asked herself the same question. Then, looking into the scared, sad eyes beside her, she knew the answer.

“Mistress,” she said, her voice soft but firm, “what Dana did was wrong. She had no right to do what she did to me. But I think I can understand her reason.”

Karen remained silent, but now a slight curiosity tinged the anger in her eyes. Her slight nod was all the encouragement Candice needed to continue.

“She loves you, Mistress,” Candice said, feeling Dana’s eyes on her as she spoke. “It’s obvious in the way she serves you, the way she looks at you.” Ignoring the stare from the woman beside her, Candice pressed on.

“Mistress, I’m only going to be here for two weeks,” she said. “After that, I’ll be going home. But Dana will still be here, and she will still love you. If you send her away, who will serve you after I go home? Please, Mistress, punish her for what she’s done, but don’t send her away.” Surprised by her own words, Candice fell silent, only then realizing that she had become the center of attention for the entire club. Blushing, she ducked her head, staring fixedly at her own knees.

“I do not appreciate my authority being questioned.” At these words, both kneeling women winced. “However, there is truth in what you say. Take your place beside me.” Moving quickly, Candice knelt beside Karen’s chair.

“As for you,” she heard her Mistress continue, “you may thank Candy for the fact that you’re still here. For her sake, I’ll give you one chance to earn my forgiveness.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Karen glanced up at the two men who had carried Candice to her. “Bind her,” she commanded, “exactly as Candy was bound.” Obediently, the two quickly bound Dana into a hogtie, even fetching the cloth and tape to gag her. They then lay her helpless body beside Karen’s chair, opposite Candice. Rising, they melted into the watching crowd, which itself quickly dispersed under Karen’s pointed gaze.

“As you said,” Karen spoke softly, her hand coming to rest atop Candice’s head, “you lack training.. Otherwise, you would know better than to question me.” Softly, the hand began stroking her hair, bringing a contented purr from the kneeling woman.

“I look forward to teaching you obedience,” Karen went on, causing the breath to catch in Candice’s throat. “Both of you.”

More than a little nervous as to what her Mistress meant, Candice still found herself glad to know that, whatever awaited her, Dana would face it as well. Closing her eyes, luxuriating in the feel of Mistress’ touch, she eagerly awaited the next step in her newest adventure.


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