Camping Trip

by Tiffini

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© Copyright 2014 - Tiffini - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; chain; contacts; cuffs; collar; van; transport; outdoors; hogtie; tease; sex; climax; true; cons/reluct; X

(note – this is a true story of a camping trip I had a couple years ago.)

It was a win-win bet in my mind. I could care less about the CFL, or about football in general, so I just guessed a team to win. The bet – if I won, he’d cook dinner for a week. If I lost, I’d be restrained for between 24 and 48 hours, over a weekend. Like I said, a win-win.

Well it was a close game from what I was told. I didn’t watch it – I was too busy online chatting with some friends. But I lost the bet. (secretly, I was glad)

It’s summer, nice and hot. We make plans to go camping for the weekend, just the two of us. I head home from work, and pack my bags. I decide to dress to impress, and put on his favourite colourful bra and panty set, a white tank top, and a tight little skirt. He loves me dressing like this. A comfy pair of flats completed the look he loves so much.

He gets home from work, and almost falls over when he sees me. I can tell he likes what he’s looking at. He tells me that this is my weekend to fulfil the bet. He tells me he’s made plans for a very private campsite, where we shouldn’t be disturbed.

He goes upstairs, and comes down with our toy bag. Out of it he pulls a bunch of chains. “Your time starts now” he tells me, as he wraps the waist chain around me, locking it tightly around my waist. Then he pulls out a contact lens case. He sits me down, and tells me to put these contacts in. Looking at them, I realize they are blinding contacts. We’ve never used these before, but in they go. I’m completely blind at this point. Then he stands me up, and locks my hands in the cuffs. My hands are now trapped by my sides. He has me kneel on a chair, and locks leg irons on my feet. He takes a shock collar and locks it around my neck. He tells me that if I try to get away, or run away from him, he will shock me.

“I know you wanted to lose this bet. I know you made sure it was a win-win in your mind. I’m going to give you a weekend you’ll never forget gorgeous” he tells me. I’m not sure how far he’s going to go this weekend, but I trust him completely.

He leads me out to the van, and he sits me in the passenger seat. He must have really thought this out, because in addition to the seat belt that he strapped on me, I also feel a chain running around the seat that gets locked to my waist. He also locked the chain on my ankle cuffs to the seat anchor. No way was I going anywhere now. He leaves me as he loads the van up – he’s obviously got this weekend well planned out.

After what feels like an hour of him loading the van, he finally gets in and we get going. I have no clue where we’re headed, but we talk like things are normal. Meanwhile inside I’m freaking out, I can’t see a thing, and have no idea where we are or where we’re going. Hell, he even has the audacity to go through a drive through while I’m all chained up. I have no clue if the server saw me all chained up like a criminal…

We finally made it to the campsite. He gets out and tells me to stay put for a bit (like I have a choice in the matter). I hear him rustling around, and I guess getting set up.

He finally opens the van door, and unlocks the chain around the seat and the one that locked me to the seat anchor. He brings me out, and leads me, still chained, and sits me down at what feels like a picnic table. He removes one of the leg cuffs, and I hear it locked to something else.

Then he walks away, leaving me chained up, sitting on a hard wooden seat. I know better than to say anything when I’m like this, when he’s in the whole dom/sub mood, he believes that subs should be seen and not heard. Especially with this shock collar around my neck I’m not about to press my luck.

Eventually he comes back over, and releases my hands, and removes the waist chain. He tells me to remove the contacts.

After removing them, I see that we’re at a very remote campsite – no roads or anything around. (other than the path we drove in on). I look down at my feet, and see that the one leg iron is on my ankle still, the other end is attached to a long cable.

He tells me that I can get anywhere on the campsite while on the “line”. And then tells me he’s going to start a fire, and then I’ll cook dinner for us.

The fire’s going well, dinner is cooked, and we’ve both eaten. I’m still attached to the line.

“Sir”, I start, “I’ve been chained up like this for hours now, and I really need to pee”.

Without saying a word he points to a 5 gallon bucket in the corner of the site. I get the hint, go over, and take care of myself into the bucket.

We just relax for the rest of the evening by the campfire. He makes sure that I get bug spray to keep the buggers away as well.

Before we’re ready to call it a night, as the fire is dying down, he tells me that we need to clean up the dishes & the bucket. We walk over to the bucket, and he puts handcuffs on me in front, and cuffs me to the bucket. He undoes the leg cuff around the cable, and attaches it to my other ankle. He leads me to the edge of a lake, where he makes me wash the dishes and the bucket. We make it back to the campsite. We’re both ready for bed at this point. He undoes my skirt, and removes it – then undoes one of the leg cuffs, and pulls my panties off before locking it back on. He removes the handcuffs, and I put the bucket back in the corner of the site.

He removes my top and bra, and puts the cuffs back on in front. We climb in the tent, and he gives me one hell of an orgasm, and we fall asleep.

About 3am I wake up, desperately needing to go pee. Not wanting to wake him, I quietly get up, unzip the tent, and go to the bucket. Suddenly it feels like I’m getting a million bee stings on my neck. I scream out in pain and surprise! Next thing I know he’s outside with me.

“I told you not to leave me, not to try to get away – now you know why.”

“But Sir,” I pleaded, “I just didn’t want to wake you while I went pee. I’m still chained up, and have no idea where we are, so where would I go?”

“Doesn’t matter” he responded, “you left where you were supposed to be, now you will be punished!”

He goes back in the tent, and comes out with all the chains. He pulls my hands behind my back, and locks the handcuffs on. He lays me on the ground on my tummy. Then he takes another pair, and locks them between the leg cuffs and my wrists, pulling me into a hogtie. He makes sure to put the line in one of the cuffs as well.

“We’ll talk more about this when I get up. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you!”

He gets back in the tent, and within 10 minutes or so, I hear him start snoring.

I’m laying, naked, hogtied, attached to a line (that’s attached to a tree) outside, alone. I’m so scared at this point, that an animal, or worse, another person, will happen to come across where we are. Yet, I really don’t want to feel that shock collar again. I think I managed to fall asleep, because the next thing I know he’s kneeling beside me. It takes a few minutes to clue into what all’s going on, and I’m freaking out until I remember how I fell asleep..

He releases the cuffs holding me in the hog tie, and walks me slowly over to the bucket, where I do my business.

He brings me back to the tent, where he gets me a tank top and a pair of shorts to wear for the day. I spend the rest of the day cuffed in front of me, with the leg cuffs on – the loop in the “line” is in one of the leg cuffs, keeping me secured at the site.

Thankfully, I don’t see anyone around during the day. I make meals for him, and generally just have a quiet day around the site. That’s not saying I didn’t get used sexually regularly that weekend, but that’s another story ;)

At the end of the day, before the sun goes down, he goes in the tent and brings out the one bathing suit I absolutely HATE. It’s technically a one piece, but shows about as much as a 2 piece, and the parts it does show makes me feel fat. Anyways, he removes the shock collar and leg cuffs. He removes my shorts, and puts the bathing suit bunched up around my waist. He sits me down, and “makes” a pair of cuffs using some aircraft cable. Of course he makes the length between my ankles around half of a regular pair of leg cuffs. He removes the handcuffs and the tank top and lets me put it on the rest of the way. He makes another pair of cuffs using the same aircraft cable, and secures my wrists tightly behind my back.

We walk down to the lake, and I turn around, expecting him to release my hands at least. He doesn’t – he grabs my hair, and pulls me in the lake. I somehow managed to float while he splashes me and frankly, acts really annoying.

Finally he has enough, and we go up on the beach. He towels himself off, and then does a half-assed job of drying me off. He locks the shock collar around my neck again. He tells me to get back to the site to finish drying off – then he walks quickly away.

I slowly make my way back, my feet are so sore by then, and I’m really not a happy girl. He takes the cables off, and lets me dry off. He gives me the same bra/panties that I wore (his favourite), and then recuffs me to the line. I make hot dogs for dinner, then we just sit by the campfire and talk about the day.

When it comes time for bed, he reminds me that he doesn’t want another repeat of last night. He leaves me attached to the line, and we crawl in the tent, and after some adult activities, finally go to sleep.

We wake up the next morning, and he tells me it’s time to leave. He helps me put on the same mini skirt that I wore here, then releases the handcuffs. I see the top I wore, along with the contact case on the picnic table. I sigh, walk over, put the top on, then put the contacts in, blinding myself. He leaves me sitting there while he packs up. Then he comes gets me, releases me from the tree line, and then locks the cuffs on behind my back.

He picks me up, sets me in the back of the van on the floor, and somehow secures me to the rear seat. We don’t have an extended van, so there’s about a foot between the back seats and the door – he somehow squished me in there, and closed the door. I couldn’t move – between the chains restraining me, and squished between the seat and the door – I was truly stuck.

We finally make it home around 1PM on Sunday afternoon. He turned me loose, let me take out the contacts, and I had a nice long hot shower.

Coming out, I got dressed and reminded him – revenge is a bitch!!!


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