Camping Out

by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2015 - Zephyr - Used by permission

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She was beautiful, no doubt.

I was in the middle of the campground deep in the woods when I first saw her. I was taking my girls to the bathroom and walked past her campsite on the way. It was mid-afternoon, and there were about six men there, everyone looking 30s to 40s, drinking beers and generally enjoying the camp, the forest, and the distinct lack of city and there was her. She was sitting in a camp chair with the others. She was in short denim shorts, nearly cutoffs, and a yellow sleeveless tee, tight and form-fitting, about a 36 or 38C. Long honey-blonde hair. Her legs looked perfect from where I walked. She saw me and we locked eyes for a second. I smiled, she smiled back, I held her gaze for too long a long moment, then one of my kids started complaining about something, and turning back to my daughters I lost her eyes.

While we were waiting for everyone to take their turn at the port-a-potty, I looked up and there she was. Smiling. At me. She said she was waiting for her turn, so we made small talk for a moment. I could see deep in her eyes, she could see deep in mine. I knew what she wanted, she could see I wanted to give it to her. "Hi, I'm Marcie, what's your name?" She had a deep, sultry voice.

Both girls were in the bathroom, so I had a few seconds. This was the only chance I'd get. "Don. Ever been tied up and ravished wildly on a campout?" I asked.

She blushed, but kept my eyes and widened her grin. "Wild!" She gave me a "you-don't-waste-words" look, then continued. "Maybe 'wild' would be a nice change." She paused for a second. "To answer your question, no, never on a campout, but since you asked, yes I've been tied up for sex before. I've had some good times that way." She gave a little laugh at some internal joke. "I've done a lot of other things when out camping. Certainly being naked out here is, well, natural to me." She paused again, seemed like she straightened up enough to push her breasts a little harder against her tee and a smile creased her lips. "I guess I wouldn't know unless I tried it. Why do you ask?"

"We're in the first campsite across the river. Fifteen minutes after you see the lantern go out, come by. You'll be able to figure out what to do."

"Oh!" She looked at me quizzically, then hmmph'd. "Maybe..." She licked her lips with a huge smile. Then a lot more quietly she added, "If I did, would you be able to handle me? I can be a wildcat when -- aroused."

I just smiled back. Big confident grin. Teeth. That was when my daughters came out of the bathroom and Marcie went in. The kids and I walked back to our camp.

Our campsite was across a small stream from the main camping area, a little extra privacy I had wanted, especially with myself and two young daughters. The campsite was in a heavily wooded area forty miles from the nearest town by dirt road. It was moderately occupied this weekend. You could hear the people in the main campground, only a few hundred yards away, but there was plenty of trees and branches where we were and unless you were in just the right spot, you really couldn't see the main campground from here or our campsite from the main campground. It was perfect, quiet, a nice place to get away with my girls. We came up here two or three times a year, fished, hiked, roasted marshmallows, and spent time with each other.

It was almost ten before I finally got the kids to sleep. We'd sung songs and made s'mores and had a good time. I knew they'd sleep like rocks, they always did when we went camping.

I went out to the stream side of our campsite and looked across it to Marcie's camp. The lantern was still on over there and there was a little noise, but not a whole bunch of sound, quiet talking, a very occasional clink of a bottle. I wondered if she would really come over here when I turned down the lantern. I wondered if I had scared her off with my forthrightness. I wondered if this all was a bit too high-school for a divorced single male, in his late thirties, to think about.

But I set up the camp for her anyway. I pulled four cloth strips, about eight feet long from a case I normally kept locked n the bed of the truck, I tied slipknot loops, the kind that tighten down when you put a wrist or ankle into them and pull, into two and tied the other ends to a large branch about seven feet off the ground, about four feet apart. That was what I wanted, for her to come into the camp, slip her wrists into the loops and tighten them, and be waiting for me. I placed the other two strips at foot level underneath the wrist straps, one tied to the picnic table just off to the side (which was solid wood and must have weighed about 500 pounds), the other tied to a branch off the trunk at ground level. This would stretch her ankles about three feet apart. I left a roll of duct tape sitting plainly on the picnic table.

Looking once more across the stream, I wondered just how foolish I was being. I moved to the bed of my truck, only a few feet away, and arranged straps there for another four-point spread-eagle tie. The truck bed was comfortably padded; I'd slept there on many an occasion myself. I arranged the pillows and blanket in the bed. As far as the straps, I really didn't expect or really want to use them, what might be going on out there by the camp fire would be plenty in that department, but wanted the option if the mood struck Marcie and I. Tucking these straps out of sight, I closed the tailgate and looked around.

I double-checked the camp, then double-checked the girls. The camp was all cleared off for the night, the girls were snoring softly. I reached up and cranked off the lantern. The gas trailed off over a few seconds, plunging the campsite into moonlight. I looked at my watch - 10:08 -- and sauntered off to the tent.

The girls were still sleeping soundly and didn't stir as I climbed in. I didn't zip the tent but I did close the flaps, and waited.

Ten minutes passed. I peeked out the flap at where the wrist straps hung. Nothing, nobody moving in the campsite or anywhere I could see.

Another five minutes passed and again I scanned my campsite with no results. It's ok, the fifteen minutes is only over now. If she didn't see the lantern go out right away, she might have waited fifteen minutes from when she did notice. And even then, it'd take her five or six minutes to walk over here. Maybe even more time if she had to slip out of her own camp unobserved. I settled back in to wait longer.

Twenty-five minutes, and after another equally fruitless check of the camp from out the tent flap, I settled back down on my sleeping bag, and gave up. I wondered if she had been delayed, or fallen asleep waiting for the lantern to go down, or for some reason hadn't noticed. Then again, maybe she couldn't get out of the camp after all for some reason. I wondered if she was still at her camp, had seen the lantern go out, but couldn't sneak away unnoticed. Then again, perhaps I had scared her away with the conversation. Then the final thought, that she had just been polite this afternoon and wouldn't come over here in a million years.

Then I heard it, a crack as a branch on the ground snapped under somebody's foot near the road. I listened as the steps walked quietly, almost inperceptibly, to the campfire area.

I listened, frozen in place, afraid to move. I heard more quiet crackling and the slight crunch of footsteps compacting the pine needles and leaves on the ground. The sounds moved over to the campfire area, then silence. About a minute later there was a ripping sound that only could have been the roll of duct tape, then more quiet sounds. After a minute or two even those stopped.

I waited about three more minutes, but there was only silence. One last check on the girls, who were still z'ing away, then I stepped outside into the dim moonlight.

My heart stopped and my cock grew hard. There was someone now standing at the campfire, wrists in the straps, facing me. The moonlight showed me the person was wearing a yellow sleeveless tee and denim shorts, from the bullet points on the tee wasn't wearing a bra. I smiled as I walked down to Marcie, but what I found as I moved closer stunned me more and left me even harder.

As I approached, she could see me, and I could see she'd tightened the loops around her wrists. Once I got close, I found she had indeed taken some of the duct tape and placed it across her mouth. She had unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts as far as they would go, and pulled her tee out of her shorts' waistband. Her shorts were far enough open to show brown pubic hair and no panties, either. The last suprise was that she was barefoot and she had found the ropes for her ankles and put those on too. I smiled as I walked up to her, then stood behind her.

"Nice of you to come by, Marcie!" I whispered in her ear. My hands ran onto her hips, then up inside her shirt to cup her breasts. She struggled a little as my hands moved under her shirt and gave a "mmph" of complaint, which I ignored as I continued my caressing inspection of her body.

As I started nibbling on her neck my hands slid down to her shorts and inside them as far as I could. She gave a warm feminine sigh as she felt my kisses and touch, relaxing into it.

After a few more moments inside her shorts, my hands returned to run over her chest and back, to which she seemed to enjoy. After a few minutes, it became time to move on.

My plan was to remove all of her clothes while she was still tied, by untying one limb at a time. I would caress her tied and naked body for a while, then remove the gag and continue while kissing her on the lips. Then I would let her go and the two of us would repair to the truck's bed for more conventional activities. I walked around to the front of her, and reached up to her left wrist, to which she gave a strong and definite no "mmmph-uh" with a negative shake of her head. I wondered if she realized what I wanted to do and was saying no, or just wasn't ready to be untied yet.

I stopped and looked at her. "I want to take your clothes off. Do you object?" Her response was a shrug, both verbally and physically.

Ok. "I need to untie your hands one at a time to take your shirt off." To this I got the negative response I had received the first time.

Hmm. "I want to take your shirt off." Her response was a nodded yes and a sound through the gag that sounded like "ok".

"But I've got to free each arm to do that." Her response was again the "uh-uh" both physically and verbally.

I looked at her quizzically for a moment, then decided to take off the gag now instead of in a few minutes. I grabbed it and pulled it out gently. She worked her jaws for a few seconds to get them back working.

"You don't need to untie me. Just cut it off me while I'm still tied." I looked at her and she nodded to the picnic table, where I noticed she had laid a white t-shirt that she must have brought, as well as a sheathed camping knife. "I can wear that one back to my tent, if you let me. I do need the shorts intact, though, so please just pull them off me and put them on the table."

"What if I don't want you to wear the shorts back either?"

"Well, I suppose I could pick them up somehow in the morning if I had to. I don't think anyone in the morning would care about the tee being different, but to not have the shorts might raise some questions I don't want to have to answer." She shrugged again in the straps. "Though it's up to you -- not like I can stop you." She didn't sound worried.

I took her knife out of the sheath, grabbed the front of her shirt, and sliced slowly straight up the front middle. The knife was quite sharp and cut easily through the fabric. I put the knife down and handled her now-freely available breasts for a while, then took the knife back up and sliced the shoulders of the top in two. It fell to the ground underneath her with a sigh. I picked it up and threw it in the fire behind her. There was a slight crackle as it hit the still-living coals and slowly started burning, giving little light. I reached over to the table and picked up her spare shirt and threw it toward the fire I enjoyed the shocked look on her face as I told her that I liked the idea of her being completely topless and if that meant she had to walk back to her camp that way, it didn't bother me. What I didn't tell her is that I threw it on the far side of the fire ring. It certainly didn't catch fire or get ashes on it, probably didn't even get dirty. As her back was to the fire ring, she had no way of knowing. She did sigh, a little melodramatically.

I untied her left ankle, and she obediently moved it toward the middle, at which point I shucked her shorts over her hips and it fell to the ground. She stepped out of it with her free leg, which I then stretched and put back into the strap. Then off came the other ankle strap for a second and the shorts went on the picnic table. Marcie looked relieved.

I tightened her wrist straps until there wasn't any slack left, and then widened her stance until she was on tip-toes, naked and in a standing spread-eagle for me. I stripped down to just my shorts and then walked to stand behind her. Again I reached up to fondle and rough-handle her breasts from behind, to which she seemed to be pressing into my hands, then my hands slid down to her pubic region, over which they could now roam with no restrictions. She sighed heavily as my fingers crossed over her snatch, then seemed to grind into my hands.

"What sort of captive do you like?" She asked me. "The fight-until-hell freezes-over bitch, the woman who struggles a while then gives up, the enjoying partner or the scared victim? Who should I be?"

"Whichever. For right now, how 'bout either the enjoying partner or scared but willing to cooperate?"

She smiled. "I can do that."

I walked up in front of her, stood right in front of her, then put my arms around her head and pulled her to me in a brutal, hard kiss. After a second, I was pleased to feel her kissing back and undulating as much as she could in her current condition back. After about two minutes I broke the kiss and let her lean back in my arms.

"I'll be good. I'll be very good." She said to me in a pleading tone. "Just do what you want and don't hurt me, then let me go, ok?"

"And what if I do want to hurt you?"

She managed to put a scared look in her eyes. "Please don't. I can't stop you, but I don't want to be hurt. Please don't pinch my nipples and especially don't spank me."

"Enough!" I told her and we both rolled our eyes and laughed. I kissed her a bit longer. I loosened her ankle ropes so she could stand easier, then we had a conversation between kissing sessions (sometimes kissing sessions, sometimes mashing sessions), fondling of her naked and presented body, or just gentle caressing.

"How long can you be over here? Won't they miss you at your camp?"

"Nah. Gene, my husband, and his buddies are so drunk right now they didn't even notice me leave. That's generally how our campouts go, Stacy and I help with the meals and generally hang out, but the boys, once dinner is over, talk and drink themselves into a stupor. Fall asleep in their chairs ninety percent of the time."

"What if your husband comes looking for a little release, as drunk people sometimes do?"

"Oh, that won't happen. We have a strict rule that if he and the boys get drunk, he sleeps out there or with someone else but he does not come inside the tent to me. He tried it, once a couple of years ago. I nearly handled him his balls in a sandwich bag for that, and fast learner that he is, he hasn't tried it since. We have an understanding. Besides, Stacy would cover for me, she has in the past."

"Oh. This isn't your first time?"

"Heck no, but it normally doesn't get quite this... involved." She nodded her head towards the straps. "It's not like Gene is going to pay any attention to me, the type that I want to be paid. Sometimes I do sneak off, if I see someone like you that looks... comfortable. Most of the time, like Stacy, I stay in the tent and read a book and fall asleep."

"What would Gene do if he found you like this?"

"Gene?" She snorted. "Well, he's drunk, so it wouldn't be fun. He'd probably do what he did to me one time on a campout when we were out alone - gag me and tie my arms up high behind me to bend me over, then ram into me until he came. Then he fall asleep, leaving me tied up that way until morning. He did that to me once -- once -- and never again. It took 3 days for my shoulders to stop aching."

"Sounds like fun. Maybe I should do that."

She just glared at me with a don't-you-dare-even-think-about-it look. "If I wanted that, all I would have had to do was look halfway available over on the other side of the river."

I reached up and began squeezing and caressing her breasts. She sighed, leaned into my hands, and closed her eyes. "We'd have missed out on so much fun, though." I reminded her.

"True. I noticed your truck bed. I take it I can expect to be there before we're through, and I just want you to know I'm looking forward to it. There's only so much you can do to a girl when she's in this position, and certain things you cannot do to a girl in this position. I've been promised a ravaging and I will be very, very pissed if I don't collect."

I moved in front of her and started deep french-kissing her. In our first breathing break, she added, "Not that I really expect to have a bunch of say in that." She was right. We went back to kissing.

I took her down and we repaired to the bed of the truck. It had a custom liner, a pad on it, actually was pretty comfortable. We climbed in, her on the bottom, me on the top. Once in my shorts came down. She was warm and she was willing and she was all woman and at the moment all mine. I was hard as a rock, I could smell she was wet and waiting. I climbed on top of her and started working around to get into position to start things. She stopped me, grabbing one of the wrist ropes. "Not going to use these?"

"Wasn't sure how you'd feel about it."

She fixed me with a stare. "Look me in the eyes and tell me that you wouldn't fuck me harder if I were tied up here. I don't mind tied if it means hard."

I gave a little crooked grin, and a moment or two later her wrists and ankles were secured toward the corners of the truck bed. She tried her bindings, confirming she was indeed a captive again she settled back to await her much wanted reward. Seeing that she wanted to be played with, I kissed her for a few minutes, licked her nipples, even though my cock was killing me to be plunged into her, and finally, enough, found the right spot, as smooth as oil, and drove full depth into her.

I had forgotten how good it felt to be sunk full length into a beautiful woman. How it felt to be gripped and wet and sliding in and out. We both gasped, maybe a little louder than we should have. I started moving in and out of her, smoother than silk, warm as a summer breeze. She rose up to stay with me as I pulled out, and I drove her hard back down when I returned. Her breathing slowly became heavier. How does a man live without this? How have I lived without this?

Then we heard the sound every parent dreads at a time like this. "Daddy?"

It was Jeannie, my 6-year old. Awake, and from the sound of it, already outside the tent. Marcie stopped dead. I could hardly hear her breathing, and my cock was at that moment deep inside her. I popped my head up as I grabbed my shorts from the bottom of the truck bed and pulled them on. The truck bed was deep enough that she coould probably see and hear that I was there but not see anything. "Daddy, whatcha doin?"

"Just laying here looking up at the stars, honey." I told her. She looked back at me like she wasn't sure, but didn't know what to say. "What woke you up, sweetie?" I asked.

"I gotta go to the bathroom. I'm sorry Daddy. I didn't have to go when we went to bed."

I looked down at Marcie who had a wild look in her eyes. Jeannie started walking toward the truck, so I quickly hopped out of it, unable to even make eye contact with Marcie, who still hadn't moved or made a sound. I pulled on the rest of my clothes, then taking Jennie's hand, we trudged out of the camp and toward the bathroom, leaving Marcie wet, tied, helpless, and spread-eagle naked in the bed of my truck. What else could I do?

At least it was a warm night, I reflected as we closed on the bathroom. And the stars really were beautiful tonight, at least Marcie had something to look at while she waited. But damn, I had spent so long playing with her that I'd only gotten about eight strokes into Marcie, it felt so really, really fantastic, and I'd be lucky if she didn't attack me physically when I was finally able to get back to her. I didn't think I would blame her. I figured the fun part was sure as hell over. I resolved in future camping trips to take the girls to the bathroom before bedtime would be MANDITORY. Assuming I survived to have another camping trip with them. Then again, Marcie's screaming at me would wake up both girls, then they'd mention to their mother that "daddy had a naked lady in the bed of the truck who was yelling at him after we went to bed" while they were out camping. If Marcie didn't end my life, my ex would with relish and enjoyment. Didn't look good at all.

I tried to check on Marcie when we came back. I was trying to get a look at her face so I could gauge how she was doing, but the angle was wrong and all I got a glimpse of was from her navel on down. Which looked damn fine, and looked to be still tied up tight spread-eagle in the bed of the truck.

It took about a half hour sitting by the campfire, and two silly stories, but finally Jeannie was beside her sister in the tent softly snoring, me unable to even come near Marcie the whole time. And I climbed back into the truck bed and reached for the strap on Marcie's left wrist.

"No, no, no, no! Don't untie me!" she shout-whispered to me. I stopped. My heart almost stopped. Probably part of the reason was blood rushing back into a certain part of my lower anatomy. She was still quite naked, beautiful, long brown hair a halo around her face, and maybe, maybe...

She smiled at me and I knew the blood flow was precognitive. "You know, you are the sweetest daddy I've heard in a long time. It was nice hearing the two of you. The stars are beautiful tonight. And after listening to you talk with your little girl, I want you even more."

I just nodded. She looked down and could see through my shorts that I was hard again. She looked up at me, a big grin on her face. "So you are not finished! I'm still in the mood, and you were tickling all the right spots before. Bring that up here so I can lick it a bit first, then get back to work. You promised me a ravishing, and I'm damn sure still going to collect!"


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