by Dilapsus

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© Copyright 2012 - Dilapsus - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; outdoors; naked; tease; oral; sex; climax; true; cons; X

The campsite was dark. Only a handful of tents were in this field and they were all dark and silent. I sit in the entrance to our tent with the lights out watching the stars in the clear sky with only a cigarette for company. The temperature had dropped from the highs of the day and now dew was forming on the grass and my breath was clouding before me.

The moonlight was bright enough to see the lake glinting on the other side of the field. During the day it was surrounded by fishermen but at night its glassy surface lay still and undisturbed. The trees surrounding it rustling in the breeze that had come up since nightfall.

I flick the butt away into the grass and quietly edge back into the tent. Working by feel within the dark confines I find my hand and leg cuffs and put them into my pocket, the keys already on my keyring in case this opportunity presented itself. Moving deeper into the tent I follow the sound of her soft breathing. Gently I open the sleeping bag and run my hands over her naked body, feeling its warmth. Something had changed in her over this weekend, never normally sleeping naked and spending most of her time barefoot. Its almost as if she is reading my thoughts and desires and now I shall see how willing she really is.

At the touch of my cool hand she stirs and as she opens her mouth to speak I place my fingers to her lips.

"Shhh, no words. Lets go for a walk"

She looks out of the tent opening at the dark night and shivers, whether through the cold or fear or excitement I will never know but she slowly moves onto all fours and crawls out of the tent and then kneels in the moonlight. Better and better I think.

I come out behind her and help her to stand. Holding her in my arms I pull her wrists behind her before cuffing them together. She tenses as the cold metal touches her flesh but does not make a sound, looking about her nervously for any signs of life other than us. Kneeling before her I place the second pair of cuffs around her ankles and rise to stand, slowly running my fingers along the inside of her legs to her pussy, surprised to find it very wet.

I move to close the tent and then we set of across the field. Her pale skin glowing gently in the moonlight as we walk following her just behind so I can watch her move.

We walk quickly, or rather she walks quickly and I follow her close behind and very soon we arrive at the lake, the trees surrounding it giving some shelter from the elements.

I help her to her knees into the cool grass, moving behind her I slip a padlock through the first links of the leg cuff chains cuffing her feet tight together. Taking the slack chain I pull it up between her buttocks and using another padlock fasten it to the chain between her wrists. The tightness of the bindings forcing her shoulders back and her chest out.

I move around my bound wood nymph my hands caressing her body, feeling the hardness of her nipples and the wetness at her groin, listening to her breathing shudder as I find all the right places to touch her, bringing her almost to the edge before letting her calm down.

I stand before her and free my dick, holding it just before her lips. She strains to touch me and I allow her lips to moisten the tip before I pull away, the pout on her face clearly visible in the moonlight. I move back allowing my length to fill her mouth, feeling her tongue fluttering along my shaft as I slowly rock between her lips, letting the tension build but not giving myself release.

Shortly, I pull away. Helping her to lie on her front. Releasing the padlock between her ankles so her legs could spread I positioned myself behind her, my dick finding its own way between her hot wet folds. Instantly her breathing becomes ragged as I thrust into her, listening to the cues as I feel her orgasm build, feeling her pussy clench as she goes over the edge, controlling my own orgasm as she coasts down before I pull from her and spray my load over her naked bound body before me.

I help her back to her knees and slip my now deflating member back between her lips so she can clean me before I put myself away.

I move around her body unlocking her from her bonds. Slowly she stretches to release the cramps, her fingers hunting out my now drying cum and bringing it to her lips.

I lean down to whisper in her ear. "The lake is all yours, I shall be waiting at the tent with a warm towel"

And maybe a torch to watch her wet naked body cross the field.


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