Call My Bluff

by Jezziebelle

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© Copyright 2006 - Jezziebelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; bond; susp; cons; X

So here they were, fifth or was it sixth date, standing outside her front door after a long evening of really quite serious flirting, and he took hold of her wrists and held them quite firmly against her sides as he kissed her. This time, she let loose an almost imperceptible moan, and when he stood back her eyes were gleaming.

All of sudden, Jamey couldn't feel the cold. She left her hands where he'd placed them and gazed at him with a smile on her lips, calling silently for more, wondering deep inside if he might be just that little bit dominant. It was about bloody time one of the men in this damn town showed he could treat her like the proverbial princess in the street, and like a rope-loving slave girl in the bedroom.

Matt's body curled around her again, confident of not being overlooked on the quiet street. A watershed had been reached. He kissed her arched neck as she pressed into him, snaking her arms around him, gasping as he snuck a cold hand underneath her top and sought her nipple through her bra, squeezing it with a confidence that made her hope even harder. She stared up at the night sky, breathing hard, desperate to urge him on but not quite knowing what his reaction to her little secret might be.

As his fingers slipped underneath her waistband and inched towards her knickers, she couldn't help but giggle. He paused, and caught her eye with an enquiring glance.

"What?" he asked, not angrily, but concerned he was not entertaining her sufficiently.

She bit her lip and responded cryptically. "Nothing. Just be careful of what you might find."

For an instant, Matt imagined the worst, but his fingertips were already moist with her juices. He moved even closer towards her, whispering in her ear.

"Well, I can tell you're a woman," he said, caressing her soaking clitoris with his finger till her knees buckled. "So what else might I find down there?"

She just gazed back at him with a nervously amused expression, and opened her legs a little further so he could slide his fingers further down.

After a moment, his eyes widened and he looked at her with new-found lust and respect.

"Do you have the key?" he asked, as if it were a commonplace occurrence to find one's date pierced through each side of her labia, with a tiny padlock securing the two rings together.

She shook her head.


He dropped her firmly onto one of her kitchen chairs and strapped her arms behind her with his belt, just above her elbows. She squirmed on the hard seat and gazed at him in unabashed arousal.

Matt sauntered round her kitchen, divesting himself of his coat and opening a bottle of wine. He could feel, and she could see, the swelling erection in his trousers. He had to admit he'd never had a date quite like this, but he liked it. It had been a bit daring to start tying her up so soon, but she seemed so up for it he couldn't help it. And the chastity padlock between her thighs held so many possibilities...

Eventually, he sat down on a chair opposite Jamey and poured himself a glass of wine.

"You might want to explain now," he said casually. Jamey crossed her legs, uncrossed them, and recrossed them again, trying to calm the fire inside. Oh god, she needed to fuck him right now... and the fact he'd tied her arms so quickly, without prompting, without even asking permission, was making her even hotter.

"OK, I'll explain, but you might not like it," she said finally. The way her arms were strapped made her breasts swell out against the material of her shirt. He liked the way she followed his eyes as he gazed at her erect nipples, and sighed.

"I, um, have a friend," she began, realising there was no easy way to break the news, "a female friend, called Kia, who indulges me in certain, err, tastes."

"Like piercing and padlocking you?" he asked, matter-of-factly. She swallowed and nodded. He was taking this so well... he must be as kinky as she was.

"And, um, tying me, and making me do " well, things." She was hesitant still, embarrassed to be confessing her deepest secret. He was silent, waiting for her to continue, so with a deep breath she did. "She dominates me. I go to her because I need to be tied up and made to serve." She watched his face carefully, though it betrayed nothing but perhaps the slightest flicker of excitement.

"What I want is a man to do these things to me. But I haven't had the best luck. In fact I've had a couple of evil bastards who just wanted to abuse me. So Kia helps me out by keeping me sane till I meet the right guy. One day, she decided she wanted to lock me up like this. For my own protection, she said." Jamey smiled ruefully. "To stop me making bad decisions. She won't unlock me till I find a man she approves of."

Matt put down his wine glass and walked towards her, running his hands through her hair and kissing her forehead.

"Has anyone else found out about your metal friend down there?" he asked.

"No," she moaned, as he knelt and tied each ankle to the corresponding chair leg with his tie and her scarf.

"Do you think Kia will approve of me?" he asked, calmly unzipping his trousers and presenting his very erect cock to her lips. With one hand in her hair, he held her head back and guided himself into her hot mouth, feeling her tongue swirl round him with desperate enthusiasm. Reluctantly, he withdrew to let her answer.

"Oh god, I hope so..." she whispered back.

"Glad to hear it," he said, slowly unbuttoning her shirt, "because you have no idea how much I want to fuck you right now."

"Oh, I think I do," Jamey replied, in a tone that made Matt pay attention.

"How long have you been locked up?" he asked, suddenly curious.

Jamey pulled a little at her bonds, gave a sweet sigh of submissive frustration, and hung her head.

"Six months," she replied huskily.


Matt spreadeagled Jamey on her bed, the one she'd bought for its solid metal frame but had never had chance to use with a decent guy. He'd ransacked her drawers as she protested, and discovered the rope and gag she'd bought online but again, had never had used on her. The soft black rope was now very securely knotted round each of her limbs and tied off out of reach to the four corners of the bed. The fat leather gag filled her mouth and silenced her effectively. It was just as well. The moans and screams that had been muffled by the gag for the past hour might have woken the neighbours.

He lay comfortably between her legs, her vibrator in his hand, and his hot tongue licking languorously over and around the little silver padlock that prevented him from entering her fully. Every now and then, he spread her as wide as he could and tickled her clitoris, or slipped a finger inside her, but it wasn't enough. Five times she'd shuddered into pre-orgasm but had never quite managed a whole one. She was almost in tears. Her bonds had held, despite her frantic writhings. He was, quite literally, driving her crazy, and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.

Six months. Six whole months since Kia had persuaded Jamey to let her pierce her labia and lock her into enforced chastity. In her more philosophical moments, Jamey had to admit it was probably a good idea. It stopped her craving for tight bondage and domination driving her into the arms of deeply unsuitable men. And that night, when Kia had strapped her down to the table, gagged her, calmed and soothed her, oh man, what an experience... She'd never been so deep into submission. Ready to do anything she wanted, ready to offer up her body for her pleasure. Kia had used an anaesthetic, of course " she abhorred inflicting gratuitous pain " so Jamey had lain there feeling nothing but the soft touch of Kia's hands, watching her concentrate on her work, drifting slowly away.

And no sex since then. Not even a proper orgasm. Jamey had to feel something inside her to come fully, and nothing but the thinnest objects would now fit. She'd only managed thin orgasms to match, which were not really worth the effort.

Matt now slid up beside her on the bed, looking with amusement at her sweat-drenched face, her unfocused eyes.

"I think we should go visit this Kia as soon as possible, don't you think?" he said. Jamey nodded vehemently and moaned into her gag.


The man who walked into her room strode in like he owned the place. Kia sat back in her chair and fixed him with an enquiring gaze.

He grinned back. "I've come to collect something," he said, then glanced back towards the open door.

In the doorway stood Jamey, wearing a long coat and high heels and a very confused expression. She didn't say anything. As Kia watched, more than a little confused herself, Matt stepped towards Jamey and undid the buttons of her coat, sliding it from her shoulders to the floor.

Underneath, she wore nothing but rope.

Soft black rope encircled her waist, fifteen or twenty turns forming a corset that had been pulled very tight, as had the linked crotch rope that ran between her legs and disappeared into the folds of her labia. Her breasts were bound simply but effectively, four turns about the base of each making them stand out, taut and red. Her arms were pulled behind her, hand to opposite elbow, and solidly roped into place. Round her neck she wore a soft, black leather collar locked with a small silver padlock.

"Oh, Jamey," breathed Kia, hurrying to usher her in and close the door behind her.

"You, out there," she commanded an instant later, gesturing Matt towards the balcony. He sauntered off with good grace, closing the french doors behind him.

Kia was caught between admiring the ropework that trapped her friend, and fearing for her safety.

"Jamey, what's going on?" she asked urgently, seeing both the nervous expression in her eyes and the wetness of the ropes between her legs. Jamey didn't answer, but mutely opened her mouth. Kia had to fish out the large, red sponge ball that had gagged her invisibly before she could speak.

"Oh Kia," she gulped, "don't be angry."

Kia sat her down on the sofa and sat beside her, holding her bound arms, holding her gaze.

"Tell me," she said very seriously. "Did you consent to this? Has he done anything you didn't want him to do?"

Jamey's face was suffused with aroused excitement. "No, Kia, no... not at all. He's wonderful. He's perfect for me." She gave a satisfied wriggle against her bonds. "Oh god, Kia, you have to give him the key. I can't take it any more."

Kia smiled to herself, wondering if indeed Jamey had found herself a decent guy. "Well, I might give him the key, but he has to pass the test first," she said, giving Jamey's right nipple a hard squeeze to make her squirm even more. "You know I can't give up my little slave to anyone who isn't good enough."

Jamey nodded. She'd already told Matt he'd have to impress Kia to get the key out of her. She didn't know what the test would be, but she was sure he'd pass.

Kia held out the red sponge ball and Jamey obediently opened her mouth to accept it again. Kia had no compunction about taping over her lips with the duct tape she always kept handy. Matt had wanted her to look normal as he walked her into the office, so he hadn't done it himself. Kia also bent to tape Jamey's ankles and knees together, her stockings providing protection against the adhesive. Then she slid her off the sofa to wait, bound helplessly on the floor, as a proper rope slave should.

As Matt re-entered the room, Kia gave him a long, appraising glance, then ushered him to a corner where they could speak quietly without Jamey hearing.

Matt wouldn't have minded tying Kia up a little. Her statuesque figure, glossy black hair and supremely confident demeanour was a temptation and a challenge. The way she looked back at him made him think she was thinking the same about him. But Jamey was the girl for him. He could see her out of the corner of his eye, writhing on the floor in her bonds, moaning almost imperceptibly. The fact he had to win her from another just aroused his competitive edge.

"You're serious," asked Kia, "about Jamey?"

"Hell yes," grinned Matt, his eyes sliding back to gaze at her bound form.

"When did she tell you she was submissive? Was it before or after you fell for her? Don't lie, because I can spot a liar at a hundred paces and you don't want to get on my wrong side where Jamey is concerned." Kia stepped in front of Matt's vision, forcing him to pay attention, and waited for his response with tapping foot.

Matt gave her his full attention, knowing he had to work to persuade her. "I was falling for her before. But then she gave me such a horny look when I held her hands to her sides as I kissed her, just to see how she would react... and then I found the lock, and she told me about you, and the rest is history. Kia, I need this as much as she does. I want to treat her right in every respect, and tie her as tightly as she needs to be tied."

Kia gave a humph, impressed by his sincerity and intelligent demeanour more than she had intended to be.

"What experience do you have?"

"Not a lot, but enough to begin with " and most importantly I know how to keep her safe."

Jamey was watching the whispered conversation, wondering what they were plotting. She was in an agony of anticipation, waiting to see how Kia would react. She continued to struggle in her bonds, more because she liked the feeling than because she thought she could escape. Finally, they both turned to look at her.

"My car's out back, bring her down the fire escape and look for the blue car," Kia was saying. She made a quick call on her desk phone, telling her assistant that she was leaving for the day. Then she pulled on her long, fine leather coat and swished out of the balcony doors.

Matt squatted beside Jamey, his expression unreadable. "Hope you're ready for this," he said ominously, and swung her over his shoulder.

Heart racing, Jamey kicked and shouted for a moment or two, but as she saw the metal fire escape stairs looming " upside down " she lay still in his grip, not wanting to cause him to drop her or plunge down the stairs himself. And then he was striding across the car park and she froze in panic, wondering how many people could see her.

It was all happening intoxicatingly fast. Jamey was on overdrive as she felt both of them lift her into the boot of Kia's car, and Kia slipped a cloth hood over her head to cut off her vision. The boot closed with a thunk, and then the suspension dipped as Kia and Matt got in by the driver's and passenger's doors, and Jamey, curled up in her dark prison, started trying to pull on her crotch rope, groaning with frustrated arousal. And it had barely started...

Thankfully Kia only lived a few minutes away from her office. Jamey was already disorientated by the time they pulled up. They pulled her unceremoniously from the car, one taking her legs and the other her upper body as she was carried bodily, and fighting every inch of the way, into the house and down into the cellar. Still hooded, she drifted into fantasy, half imagining and half believing this was a real kidnap.

They laid her on a wooden surface that was too high to be the floor, and she didn't dare move in case she fell off whatever it was. She lay still, breathing hard, skin sensitised to feel their next touch.

"Close your eyes," growled Matt, and Jamey screwed them tightly shut as he peeled the hood off. "And don't make a sound," he continued, as he ripped off the tape that held the ball inside her mouth, and ease the ball out too. Her freedom was short lived. Her eyesight was soon made redundant by what felt like bondage tape wrapped over and over again around her head, and a leather bit gag was pushed between her teeth. Matt buckled it one notch on the wrong side of discomfort behind her head.

This was getting serious. Jamey started to get nervous, wondering what Kia's test might be. After all, she didn't really know Matt all that well. They'd never discussed her limits. Kia knew what they were, and she would protect her today " surely?

"Show me what you can do," came Kia's voice, and it had a hard edge like she was expecting something big.

Jamey could hear various noises, like bondage equipment being prepared, and her own breath coming fast and low through the gag. After a few minutes she felt her legs being cut free from tape, and her shoes and stockings removed. She lay still, apprehensively, feeling her insides contract with both nerves and intense arousal. The rope round her arms, waist, breasts and crotch was also swiftly released.

"Kneel on the floor," she heard Matt say, and with trembling fingers she sought the edge of whatever she was lying on, and climbed tentatively down. She knelt, facing the direction his voice had come from, arms behind her back, head down as Kia had taught her.

He was already behind her. His arm went round her elbows, pulling them together, and Kia's rough hemp rope soon secured them, eight turns holding her elbows pressed together. Jamey grunted into her gag as he eased her into the strenuous position. He must have been taking tips from Kia, who knew she could do this, even though she hated it. Her wrists were also bound with what must have been twelve turns or more, sealing her arms together behind her back.

Jamey could make out Matt's scent over her shoulder, and leant into him, but it wasn't that kind of scene. He firmly pushed her down till she lay on her stomach on the floor, and started to spread her legs.

Jamey was flexible, all the more so since Kia had got her hands on her two years ago. Matt spread her legs in an exploratory way. As he discovered she could do the splits with a little encouragement " her legs spread out sideways from her body, in a straight line with each other " Jamey swore she could hear a grunt of satisfaction.

She knew what was coming when she felt and heard Kia's thick wooden bar being lowered to the ground beside her, and she started to fight back.

"Be good and it will hurt less," came Matt's voice as he caught her legs and spread them again till she was doing the splits along the wooden bar, so widely she could feel her wet labia touching the wood. Many feet of rope were used to secure her legs to it, till her skin was covered from ankle to the top of her thigh with rope. Jamey flexed her feet and moaned with discomfort and deeply satisfied need. When he was done, he stood back and Jamey lay on the floor, all her limbs strained, with only her head free to move. Her pussy and its padlock were pressed against the bar.

Jamey rose from delicious fear to panic as she heard the sound of chains rattling. She knew what it meant " Kia had used the pulley on her before, in her crueller moments. Kia was suddenly kneeling beside her, stroking her sweat-drenched hair, murmuring words of comfort, as Matt hauled on the chain and up she went, split legs first, as the bar was lifted upwards, parallel to the floor.

This was too much, way too much... Jamey shouted and screamed as she was lifted but she was soon hanging in mid air, slowly realising it wasn't as bad as she feared. Her legs had been tied so securely, the strain was minimised as far as it could be. Her hair dangled to the floor, and her bound arms leant helplessly out from her body.

"Is that it?" she heard Kia ask, in an unimpressed tone. Yes, that's it, that's enough, she thought over and over again, trying to project the words telepathically. But it was no use. She shook her head violently as she felt Matt take hold of her bound hands and start to wrap more rope around her wrists. He ignored her protestations.

Jamey felt tension along her arms, and soon her body was slowly pulled upwards. Her bound arms were being raised towards the ceiling. Gradually, her body swung out from where it had hung vertically upside down to an angle of 45 degrees, her breasts pointing towards the floor, her arms pulled directly up above her. Pain immediately registered in her strained shoulders, and her hands started to tingle with the pressure placed on her wrist ropes.

Once Matt had tied her hair into a ponytail and pulled her head back, tying it off to a rope running to her raised wrists, there wasn't an inch of movement available to Jamey. Her brain wasn't functioning much either. Overloaded with coping with the position, she was vaguely aware of the intense moans coming from her gagged mouth.

Let me down, let me down, let me down, she begged silently. Kia, why don't you stop this? You know my limits. Make him stop...

"I have to concede you've done very well," Kia was saying in the background, as Matt gently stroked her flanks and made her wimper with kindness shown after such severe bondage. "I think you've earned the key. But it seems only fair to let you make a similar mark on her body, to demonstrate your ownership."

"You mean another piercing?" Matt's voice was deadly serious.

"I've been planning to pierce her nipples, but she always safeworded first," replied Kia.

Their conversation continued, but Jamey had tuned out. Fear had gripped her. She started to fight her bonds but every movement only made the position hurt more. The gag swallowed her shouts. As Matt knelt beneath her, wiping her very erect nipples with cold anaesthetic fluid, she felt herself drifting away from reality. How could it have gone so wrong? Why didn't Kia stop him? She didn't want another piercing, not now, not when she was just about to get rid of the one between her legs. And after knowing him for only a few weeks...

As hot pain bit into her right nipple, her orgasm crashed long and hard through her bound body. She swung in her suspended bondage, seeing stars beneath the blindfold, her constricted breathing only heightening the sensation through lack of oxygen. She couldn't feel her body any more. All she could feel was the second orgasm building as Matt took hold of her left nipple. After that, everything was black.


She came round on the floor, lying on her side now that her legs had been freed from the fiendish wooden bar. Her arms were still lashed behind her. Dull pain in her nipples reminded her of what had happened, and she started to sob. She could feel the invasive metal of the piercings inside her flesh, could see in her mind's eye the redness of her nipples, and the evil glint of the rings.

Her body still quivered from the biggest orgasm she'd ever had, and the first real one in six months. It was no excuse, though, no excuse, for transgressing her limits so badly...

Swift hands now removed her gag and sat her up on the floor. Matt was on one side of her, Kia the other. Still blindfolded, she managed to force out some words through her dry mouth and aching jaw.

"How could you?" she cried, "Kia, why didn't you stop him? I didn't want to do that, I didn't..."

"Hush, baby," came Kia's consoling voice. "You came so hard I thought you wouldn't mind." She held her in her arms and Matt, who was silent for now, started to release her arms.

"It's not worth it," Jamey sobbed, though her body said otherwise, and tried to lift her freed arms to touch her abused nipples. They'd been tied behind her so long, and so strictly, though, that she couldn't lift them in front of her for several minutes. As Matt started to unwind the bondage tape from her eyes, she kept yelping in pain as she slowly managed to move her arms enough to gently, tentatively touch her nipples.

There was nothing there but her own flesh.

"But..." she murmured, slowly investigating with her fingers. Nothing. No metal, no piercing, not even a cut. Only a dull pain that, now she thought about it, was no worse than the aftershock of a tight pair of crocodile teeth nipple clamps.

Her eyes finally blinking free of the tape, she stared speechlessly down at her breasts. Her intact, unharmed breasts.

"What did you do?" she whispered, rapidly reassessing the past half hour. "What did you do?"

Kia's face was smiling in front of her, dangling a pair of shiny metal nipple clamps. "Power of suggestion, darling, and all his idea. He's more than worthy of you. He's going to push every one of your limits, but he'll treat you well while he's doing it. Just what you need, my little slave."

Jamey staggered to her feet, and turned to see Matt hovering almost nervously behind her.

"My god," she whispered, staring at him. "You planned all that?"

He nodded. Jamey started to smile. Her every wish had just come true. Tight ropes, harsh position, enforced piercing " taking more control of her body than even she was willing to give " and half of it an illusion. All her dangerous desires, in an safe environment. She rushed into his arms and he picked her up, laughing, kissing her warmly.

"I think this is yours," said Kia, slipping the key to Jamey's chastity padlock into Matt's pocket. "You will come and visit, won"t you?" she said to Jamey, before leaving them alone.

"If you're very good," whispered Matt in Jamey's ear, "I'll leave you locked up another six months." And as Jamey's knees buckled with submissive desire, he wrapped his coat around her shoulders and led her out to the car.

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