Call-In Sex

by Studbound

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; kidnap; drugs; duct tape; hogtie; ice; nc; X

Janice: This is the 'Sex Advice Show' and tonight we are going to feature sex toys, medical advice, and of course we will be answering your calls and helping with your questions and problems. Remember, we are going to be talking about sex, so this program is probably not appropriate for younger children. Now, on to our first caller. Hello, we have Sara from Chicago on the line.
Sara: Hello Janice. I love watching your program.
Janice: Thank you. Do you have a question?
Sara: Yes I do My question is about using ice.
Janice: What do you mean?
Sara: Well, when you have a man tied up, is it safe to cover his cock and balls with ice?
Janice: Do you like to tie up men?
Sara: Oh yes, all the time. It's really fun watching them squirm and having sex with them.
Janice: Are you married?
Sara: Oh no. I have an apartment where I live alone.
Janice: Well, what men do you tie up?
Sara: Oh, I go to a number of singles bars around town. Usually a man will eventually hit on me as I'm fairly good looking, and I know how to dress to attract a man. Well, if I find one I like, I slip him a Roofie.
Janice: A Roofie - you mean you give him Rohypnol?
Sara: If that's what it's called. It makes the man really mellow and quiet, and I can lead him to my car and drive him home. When we get there, I have him strip, and then I tie him up really good, and then he's my sex toy for as long as I want. It's really a lot of fun.
Janice: How long do you keep these men?
Sara: Oh, maybe over night, sometimes longer. I kept one for four days once.
Janice: And there was no complaint - they didn't claim you kidnapped them or raped them?
Sara: Oh, Janice, don't be silly. Men love sex. They never complain. Besides, what man would admit that a little woman made a sex slave out of him.
Janice: And now you want to use ice in some way on one of your sex slaves?
Sara: Yes. I found this guy last night, and I got him here, and now he's tied up.
Janice: He's right there now, all tied up?
Sara: Yes, sure.
Janice: Oh my - then he's been tied for - let me see, almost ten or eleven hours.
Sara: Something like that. But he isn't really complaining.
Janice: Well, I hope he isn't being hurt. I hope you don't tie him too tight.
Sara: Oh no, I make sure that I don't cut off the circulation anywhere. Like this time - I put his hands behind his back with the palm of each hand right at the elbow of the other arm. Then I wrapped his hands and arms with duct tape so it looks like there's a silver bar behind his back. Then I taped his legs all up and down. Then I took a little rope and pulled his legs up to his taped arms and tied his legs there.
Janice: You mean like a hog-tie?
Sara: Yes, a hog-tie - so he can hardly move his legs. Next I put this squishy rubber ball into his mouth, and then I wrapped all of his head below his nose with more duct tape.
Janice: Oh my, Sara, that's really strict. Are you sure he doesn't mind that at all. I seem to hear something in the background.
Sara: Oh, that's him. He's trying to pretend like he's in trouble and wants to be untied. It's part of the game I guess he's playing.
Janice: Well Sara, how long will you keep him this way?
Sara: Well, it's Friday, and I tied him up last night. I'll probably untie him Monday morning.
Janice: Sara, I think that you are keeping him tied up far too long.
Sara: Oh no, I've kept others longer than that.
Janice; Sara, I still hear those sounds, and they worry me. Are you sure he's happy?
Sara: Oh yes, he's having a good time. Sometimes, Janice, he's pretending that he doesn't want to be tied up up at all. But then like this morning, I put another roofie into his food, and he gets all sleepy and tired, and then I just re-gag him, and we're off for another fun adventure. By the time he wakes up, there's nothing he can do but have a great time.
Janice: Sara, how old is this man?
Sara: Well, he said he was twenty-one and he was in the tavern, but he looks kind of young.
Janice: Sara, ask him if he's really twenty-one.
Sara: You, are you really twenty-one. … He's shaking his head - no. Are you older? … He's shaking his head - no. … Are you twenty? … Well, how about that, he's shaking his head - no. … Are you eighteen? … Well that's a surprise - he's shaking his head - yes.
Janice: Sara, you are really looking for trouble kidnapping a man, even if he is sort of legal – and raping hiim. I really hear him in the background, Sara. I think you should untie him and let me talk to him.
Sara: No, I can't do that, Janice. It would spoil everything. Anyway, we have a question.
Janice: Okay, but I'm concerned about what you are doing. I think you're in potentially in a lot of legal trouble. What's your question.
Sara: I do the same thing all the time. I tie men up and play with them, and we have sex, and eventually I have to untie them and wait for the next time. So I was wondering - would it hurt him if I packed his little black thong with ice?
Janice: Now Sara, I can clearly hear this boy protesting in the background. I don't think he wants you to use ice on him. Am I right.
Sara: Well, I've never done it before and I don't know and he doesn't know how much fun it might be. He's been protesting ever since the roofie wore off. But I can tell from his big hard on that he had for a long time that he's loving it. Anyway, will the ice hurt him.
Janice: You need to be very careful - do not leave ice directly next to his skin for more than just a very few minutes. Rub it gently on his body, and on his penis, but don't leave it there. You can really hurt him badly - like frostbite.
Sara: I'll take it out right now, then.
Janice: You mean you've already put ice on him.
Sara: Well, just a few pieces that I put into his little jock pouch. He really liked it - I could tell the way he was jumping around and bucking and trying to get it out - but I put it in and added some tape so it would stay there. And his hard on went right away too and his prick got really little. But the ice has only been there for a few hours. I'll take it out now. It's almost all melted now anyway.
Janice: Sara, I think you're doing too much to this boy I think you should untie him now and see to it that he's not hurt. You may need to take him to a doctor.
Sara: No, he's fine. I think he's just playing our game. Anyway, thanks for the advice Janice. I just love your program.
Janice: Sara - do untie the boy, please. He's a really young. You could get into a lot of trouble. Sara? Sara, are you there? Well Sara, if you're still listening, I think you should release the boy I think you should do it immediately. Now, on to the next caller.

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