Caged for Freedom 3

by Spread Eagle

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(Previously posted as part two)

Part Three

I awoke slowly, reaching for that moment when waking and sleeping cross over and the waking part is the more prominent. It was very quiet throughout the neighbourhood and it seemed almost that I was the only one there. Not a sound.

I rolled over luxuriously and had a look at the clock. 9:15am. I had slept in again.

I rolled back onto my back and staring unfocussed at the ceiling, went over in my mind, all that had happened over the last few days. I could scarcely believe that I had been royally arse fucked twice in the last two days. Actually three times if you counted the fucking Gail had given me with the strapon!! Of course I had to believe it as even now, I could feel the dull ache in my arse where it had been used by Bob – or whatever his name was and was still being stretched by the huge butt plug that I had left in place when I got home last night.

And what’s more, it was all going to happen again tonight!!!!

My hand idly wandered down to feel the solid steel cock cage locking my man hood until Gail released me. But I knew only too well that for that to happen, I had to take Bobs hard cock up my arse for a third time. I couldn’t wait!!

I got out of bed and headed for the shower. It still felt strange showering with my penis locked up in its prison. Sort of distant as there were no direct feelings you normally get from the hard shower spray. I took the shower head off the wall and turned the pressure up, running the water hard and heavy across the cage and massaging my balls with the jets. It felt heavenly.

By the time I was dried and dressed it was closer to 10am and rather than prepare a full breakfast, I thought I’d just have a coffee and croissant. After all, I didn’t want to fill myself up as I wanted to be nice and clean inside for the final, the hat trick, the third fucking.

I was deep in thought drinking my last mouthful of coffee when the phone rang. It was Gail.

“How are you this morning”, she asked.

“Well I certainly know I have been thoroughly reamed over the last few days. My arse is a little sore but not too bad and I have noticed that the whip marks you left on my butt have all but gone so that is good”, I told her.

Gail laughed.

“I’m glad about the welts and the sore arse for that matter. No point in going to all this trouble and you not having anything to remember it by. So what about tonight? Up for more?”

I didn’t need to think at all to answer that.

“Absolutely! I’ve not been able to get it out of my mind since leaving your place last night”, I told her.

“Wow, you have certainly surprised me. I didn’t know that you would enjoy the first night and here we are talking about a THIRD night for you. Any  requests”, Gail asked.

Up to now, apart from a few minor surprises, what had happened had all been dictated by me, from the way I was immobilised to what had happened once I was. My mind went into overdrive with Gail’s request.

“How about this time you decide what’s happening to me, when and by whom. I feel totally safe in your hands and have enjoyed everything that has happened to me so far so I want to be under your total control”, I replied.

Gail was quiet for a long moment.

“OK”, she said, “but the deal is this. As you say, I am in control and you will just have to take whatever I decide you are going to get. Don’t worry, I will make sure there are no marks on you but it could be a long night for you and a very revealing one too. Deal?”

Again my mind went into overdrive. I had total faith in Gail and knew I would be totally safe but she also knew me and my sexuality better than anyone alive and had really enjoyed pushing my buttons in the past. Some I even didn’t know I had. I hesitated but a moment.

“Deal”, I told her.

“OK”, she said, “I want you here at 3pm on the dot. You are to be wearing the largest butt plug you have and a G String that has clips at the side to take it off with. Over that you will wear a pair of satin boxer shorts and a t-shirt. That’s all.”

“OK, I can do that. See you at 3”. And Gail hung up.

Well, I thought. That’s it, cast in concrete. I was going to be totally out of control today and the thought both frightened and excited me. All I had to do was get through the day, turn up at Gail’s at 3pm and do whatever I was told to do.

Like the day before, today crawled through the hours. I again invented things to do to keep me busy but try as I might I couldn’t get myself into anything of any substance. What kept racing through my mind was, what did Gail have in store for me tonight or rather, this afternoon!

Lunch time was a non event as I so wanted to stay clean inside for what was to follow. Fortunately I had some excess weight that I could well afford to lose so was happy to have a liquid lunch, just to keep me going. If Gail gave me any wine, I knew I’d be sloshed in no time!

By 1:45pm I was frantic. My mind had conjured up all sorts of scenarios that were both fanciful and kinky and I had no doubt that Gail would be working along similar lines herself. I so wanted to call her and discuss what she had in mind. To top from the bottom as it were but knew better than that. Gail was in her element.

Many years ago, we had played all sorts of kinky games where I would go to see her but before hand, she would drop a note in my letter box, instructing me to be dressed someway or locked somehow. The mind games were exquisite and she knew better than anyone else how to play them. When I was the target of those mind games, all I wanted to do was surrender to her.

I had determined that at about 2:00 I would start my enemas to ensure I was totally clean and free of any residual water. As before, I prepared the ensuite, removed the butt plug that was still in place and luxuriated in the process of cleansing. I had always loved the feeling of being full and this time was no exception though unlike other times, I made sure the long soft hose went way up inside of myself, filling me from within. Though feeling the pressure, I felt like I could take so much more enema than normally and silently hoped that I had given myself enough time to expel everything.

By 2:30 though I was all prepared, squeaky clean inside and ready to get dressed for the drive to Gail’s.

Gail had said for me to wear the largest butt plug I had but what she didn’t know was that I actually had bought a plug some time ago that I simply couldn’t get inside me. It was huge! So big in fact that I was too scared to measure it.

I guess it wasn’t that long, but the girth of it was impressive and I had wondered how anyone could get it in their butt. It was one of those that started bluntly on the tip and flared really quickly but stayed wide, not actually thinning down so much at the base. This meant that once in and seated, it continued to stretch almost as widely as it did at its widest.

I had tried to get it in a few times, sometimes wearing the largest I could comfortably get in for a considerable time first to stretch me out but still couldn’t. Still, Gail wanted the largest so I retrieved it from its hiding place and cast my eye over it.

Impressive wasn’t the word that came to mind just then. Scary yes, impressive no. I thought about things just then and realised that I had been wearing a butt plug for the best part of four days and the plug wasn’t a small one either so if I was ever going to get this monster in my arse, it was going to be now. Ever conscious of the time, I grabbed the plug and a bottle of lube and knelt down on the ensuite floor.

Remembering what Gail had done to me, I squirted a good dose of lube directly into my arse, then liberally coated the plug. Bending forward until my head was touching the floor, I grasped the plug by its base and pressed it against my eager but nervous butt hole.

I couldn’t believe it to start with, the monster just slid into me and I thought it would be a breeze when suddenly, my sphincter stretched to as far as it would go and that was that. I tentatively felt round the plug and realised that it was only about a half of the way in so I had lots to go.

Relaxing as much as I could and doing the bearing down trick, I managed to get the monster going again. I slid it out a bit then back in a bit, trying all the while to get it in just a wee bit further than I had taken it out. Time stood still for a moment as I concentrated on the amazing feeling of being stretched more and more round the massive plug. With all the lube I had squirted inside of me, the plug was very slippery and almost had a mind of its own as I worked it ever deeper into my quivering butt.

I had got to that point where I felt that regardless of how much I wanted this in me, it just wasn’t going to happen and that’s when it did. Imperceptibly, I felt the plug begin to move into me by its own accord and I realised that it was going all the way. I helped it into place, pushing it that last few millimetres until the base was sitting hard against my arse lips and let out a long, grateful sigh then wondered what it was going to be like getting it out!!!

I got gingerly to my feet, feeling the plug sit heavily inside of me. One thing I forgot to mention is that the plug was incredibly heavy. It was very slick and smooth and even soft to the touch but inside it must have been metal because the weight of it dragged hard on my butt and I knew it was going to niggle me constantly until it was out.

I went into the bedroom and glanced at the bedside clock and realised that I was now running late! I dressed hurriedly, making sure I was dressed exactly how Gail wanted me, grabbed my car keys and bolted out of the house.

As soon as I sat down in my car, I knew that the plug I had sitting inside of my over stretched butt was going to torment the hell out of me on the drive. Yes it was huge, yes it was sitting in as far as it could but if you’ve ever had a large plug in you, you know what it’s like sitting on it. It always gets pushed in just that little bit more and makes the experience just that more pleasurable or painful, depending upon how big it is. In my case, it was painful. I tried to sit lightly but within a few kilometres, I had to simply sit down and take the pain. Fortunately it was only a ten minute drive to Gail’s place as the traffic was light.

Like last time, Gail had left her garage door open so I drove my car straight in. As I carefully got out of my car, Gail appeared at her front door to let me in. I was obviously walking a bit gingerly because Gail laughed a bit as she saw me approach.

“Got a broom handle up your back side?”, she chortled

“Actually no, it’s the largest plug I have which you dictated I wear. I had never been able to get it in before today and believe me, it is enormous”, I told her.

“Oh”, was all Gail said as she visibly paled then led me inside.

We walked through the house into the lounge where Gail sat down and indicated for me to sit across from her on a facing couch. I lowered myself gingerly down and fortunately found that the softer cushioning on the couch didn’t push the plug in as hard as the car seat had.

“That must be a beauty plug judging by the care that you’re sitting on it”, Gail commented.

“Yep, I’ve had it for some time and had never got anywhere near to getting it in. I’m too scared to measure it and actually wonder how we will get it out but we will have to – won’t we?” I replied.

Gail nodded thoughtfully then picked up a small writing pad she had on the couch beside her.

“I thought I’d make some notes about what I want to do with you today. I am not going to discuss them with you because I want them to be surprises when things happen to you but I need you to know that in a few minutes we are going to start and once started, I will not stop until we get to the end of the scenario I have created which will be in about seven hours time. We have the safe word and safe noise sorted out so that will be all you need to remember. Once we start, you will be in some form or another of bondage. Do you want to proceed”, Gail asked.

I didn’t really need to think about that question and nodded as well as affirming by saying a definite Yes!

“Alright then, come with me”, Gail said as she stood and walked out of the lounge and down the hallway to the kitchen.

When we arrived in the kitchen, I could see the pillory and other gear all set up on the bench area and began to wonder if she was going to lock me up there already.

“Take off your boxer shorts and sit down on that bar stool”, Gail told me as she indicated one at the end of the bench. On that end of the bench lay several of the items I knew I would be wearing that included the hood, gag and collar.

I did as I was told and sat and waited patiently as Gail sorted out the various bits and pieces she wanted, then she turned to me and handed me some ear plugs.

“We are going to get you into your sense deprived state right at the outset and you will be in this state most of the time. That way, whatever happens to you, you will be feeling more than with your senses so please put these plugs in your ears and we will go from there.”

I dutifully applied the plugs to my ears, making sure I got them seated well inside. Once they were in and had grown out to their full size, I could hear almost nothing.

Gail put her mouth close to one of my ears so I could hear and told me to put my hands behind my back. As I did this, she secured my hands there with the hinged hand cuffs she had used on the previous nights and I knew it had well and truly begun.

She picked the blind fold mask up next and gently pulled it over my head and onto my eyes. It was one of those really fancy ones, made in leather, contoured to my face shape and with the hood over the top, would provide a perfect and unremovable blindfold.

Blind now and almost deaf, I needed some gentle prodding for Gail to get me to turn my back to her so she could go to work on the hood. Pulling it purposely down over my head, she was careful to ensure that the blindfold wasn’t displaced from my eyes before seating it solidly on.  She had done this before quite a few times now so was a real expert at it, lacing the hood as tightly as she could into place. When she did the buckle up at the neck, an involuntary shiver ran through me.

Up to now, Gail hadn’t put a posture collar on me as there was no way that I could wear that in the pillory but for now, I felt her tilt my chin up as she placed the collar in under my chin and wrapped the rest round my neck. With double Velcro bands holding it in place, it was going nowhere.

I was expecting that Gail would gag me next but instead, I heard her at my ear.

“I am going to leave you ungagged at this stage as I need your mouth but you are not to speak unless I need an answer to a question. Do you understand”, Gail asked.

“Yes”, was all I answered and with that I felt her move away.

I could do nothing but wait until she came to lead me to wherever she wanted me so I waited. Time seems to stand still when all your senses are blunted. I didn’t mind the waiting because I was in heaven! Being totally out of control like I was, had been a fantasy of mine for as long as I can remember so I revelled in the feeling of freedom I had.

A very slight noise came through my ear plugs and I realised I could very faintly hear high heels clicking on a hard floor. I could only begin to imagine the heals Gail was wearing and figured they could be the sky high ones she was wearing when she pegged me with her strapon. I’d love to see them!!

I then realised that I could hear two sets of foot falls and they were both wearing high heels. Oh what torture not being able to see them!!

I felt two sets of hands take my upper arms, one on each side, as they pulled me gently but firmly to my feet. I was lead carefully through the house and into a room that I could only imagine as my spatial awareness had failed me entirely.

I felt one set of hands let me go then very soon afterwards, I was pushed down into a kneeling position. I wasn’t sure why then smelt the unmistakable smell of a woman’s sex. A very turned on woman’s sex at that!

I felt a pressure on the back of my head pushing me forward and cuffed as I was, there was no way I could resist to leaned forward, obviously toward the very turned on woman. I felt what I could only imagine were thighs rubbing along each side of my head then I could feel very wet vagina lips on mine.

Suddenly I felt two hands on the back of my head, pulling me into what again I could only imagine was a very wet pussy – and I was right. I had no idea who this was nor did I care. She tasted fabulous and I wasted little time getting to work, licking and sucking on this very tasty banquet.

Because my head was well and truly held rigid within the posture collar, all I could do was lick what was placed in my mouth so I went to it like a man possessed. My tongue travelled slowly but deliberately up the slick slit I could feel before me, flicking the very aroused clit it found on the extreme of its upwards travel. At that, the hands on the back of my head pulled me tighter into the task, making me gasp for breath.

I imagined the joyous noises that were coming from the owner of this very fine and tasty pussy because from time to time I could detect faint tremors running through the thighs that were gripping my head in their vice like grip.

I was so enjoying myself that I hadn’t realised that there were another pair of hands working at taking off my G string. I had been asked to wear one that could be unclipped, which of course I had, so the deft fingers were now unclipping the sides and sliding the G string away from me. I idly wondered what was going to happen now considering that I had an enormous butt plug in my arse and my manhood was well and truly secured. I found out soon enough!

While I continued my ministrations to the luscious pussy I was servicing, I suddenly felt a high speed vibrator being touched to the base of the butt plug. The effect of the vibrations though my extended sphincter and onto my prostate was an immediate response to get an erection. Of course, with the steel cage well attached, the result was a very painful surge of blood into my penis as my body did all it could to make me hard.

Fortunately, I had other things on my mind at that point, and that was the obvious nearing of an orgasm for the lady with the tasty pussy. She pulled my head even harder into herself meaning that I could barely breath so I did the best that I could to make her come as quickly as possible. Abandoning the licking, I went to full on sucking and nibbling of this yummy clit which finally pushed her over the edge and into her oblivion. Even with plugged ears and a hood on, I could hear her gasping and crying out as she came.

She finally released my head and I was able to sit back on my heals, contemplating that the vibrations on my butt plug hadn’t lessened and the semi erect state of my penis was indeed beginning to hurt.

As quick as the vibrator had been employed, it was now taken away and I felt like I had been left, kneeling in the room awaiting whatever the two ladies wanted to do with me.

After what seemed like hours, I felt two sets of hands again on my upper arms, lifting me up onto my feet. Again I was led through the house to yet a different room and was manoeuvred into a particular place within the room. I felt someone working on the locks of the handcuffs and realised that I was being released from them.

As they fell away, I felt hands then lifted the bottom of my T shirt up and raised my arms almost automatically to allow my shirt to be taken off me. I was now totally naked.

As my arms were brought down to my sides again, I heard Gail’s voice in my ear telling me to put my hands behind my back, palm to palm and intertwined my fingers. I had no idea what was going on but happily complied.

Almost instantly, I felt something slide over my hands and up my arms, encasing them. Whatever was surrounding my arms was pulled higher up my arms until I felt my hands push into what I could only imagine was a bag that just accommodated my hands and that was all. By this point, I was almost sure that I was now wearing a mono glove arm binder which was confirmed in a very short time by the feeling of having straps wrapped round my shoulders and the sounds of clips being done up to ensure it didn’t slide down.

Whoever was putting it on obviously knew what they were doing because they now set about tightening the lacing that must be up the back of the binder, bringing my arms closer together and making sure that there was definitely no escape. I had never worn an arm binder before and pressure that was being put on my arms and shoulders was getting quite uncomfortable when the tightening stopped and I felt straps being buckled round where my wrists were.

With my arms now well and truly under their control, the girls went about getting my legs sorted. I felt a cuff being buckled round one of my ankles then my legs got nudged apart until another cuff was buckled round my remaining ankle. Testing the bonds, I realised I had been buckled into a spreader bar on my ankles

I felt that this stage that I was a little unsteady and wondered how I was going stay standing without falling over. I needn’t have worried though because they had that covered as well.

Without being told anything, I could now feel multiple fingers wrapping my head with straps of some sort, buckling them round, over and under my head. I felt like there was a web of straps being applied over the hood like a harness, a fact that all to quickly became a reality.

As the last buckle was being tightened, I felt and heard a loud click just above my head then felt a pressure, lifting my head up. Realisation dawned on me that I was now tied, strapped or chained to something above my head and held very erect by the harness. The only thing left was for them to attach a strap from the end of the arm binder to an eye bolt on the top of the spreader bar and there I was, very well secured, standing and waiting.

I could still speak at this point though knew only too well that that capability could be taken from me at any time and that time apparently was now. I felt and heard Gail put her mouth close to the hood and say “open up”.

I opened my mouth as wide open as I could get it given that my head was so well restricted by the hood, collar and harness, and felt a quite different gag being placed in my mouth. I had always had a large breathe through gag used on me but this time, there was no mistaking a ring gag that held my mouth very wide open and I knew I would be dribbling very quickly. Feeling the straps being placed and tightened round my hooded head, I was now lost in my own world of starved senses.

With the last strap tightened, I felt the girls step away from me.

“We are going to leave you for a wee while now to revel in your bondage but we aren’t far away and with the ring gag you can certainly call for help if you need to”, Gail said.

And with that I heard them leave me to my bondage.

Time seemed to stand still for me. The leather arm binder creaked and groaned as I flexed my arms within it and I felt my way through all the new sensations that a new bondage position gives.

As the house was very quiet and my brain was now used to the ear plugs, I could very faintly hear a hum of conversation which I expected was the girls having a break in the lounge, or somewhere close by. Try as I might, I wasn’t able to determine how many voices were involved but I knew there were at least two girls scheming their next moves.

Time after a while was dragging by and I was beginning to wonder just how long they were going to keep me bound like I was. Of course, time always seems to stand still when bound as tightly as I was, when I distinctly heard the doorbell ring. I listened very carefully and was certain I heard a male voice had now joined the females.

Within a very short time, the voices got softer as though they were now whispering so I couldn’t hear a thing.

I was startled a few moments later when I felt fingers running across my nipples. I had heard no one approach and the touch was as light as a feather but with the sensitive nipples that I have, it was like a bolt of lightning running through me. The touch got gradually heavier until I felt fingers grip my nipples and pull them gently away from my chest. I tried to follow but bound as I was, I could do nothing but arch my back which made the pulling that much more exquisite.

The fingers let one of my nipples go then suddenly I felt a nipple clip being attached to my right nipple. This elicited a sharp intake of breath as the jaws gripped my very aroused nipple. With no further warning, the hands then did the same to my left nipple, leaving me aroused, pained and loving it!

There was a chain running between the clips because I could feel it resting on my chest when my captor dropped it there. I now felt her take hold of the chain and start pulling on it. Again I arched my back to go with the pull but again, all I managed to do was make the skin of my chest taught and increase the sensation of the jaws gripping my nipples. Clover clips can be such a turn on when contemplating having them seize you but when they are properly attached, you are very bound and someone is pulling on them, the reality focusses your mind very quickly.

While my nipples were being assaulted, another pair of hands was removing the strap from the arm binder to the spreader bar and eventually the spreader bar itself and I suddenly realised I could move my feet. I shuffled forward a few inches but the head harness made that progress slow and very limited.

“I am going to release your head from the chain above it now but stay still and don’t go anywhere”, Gail breathed into my ear.

I felt and heard a clip release above me and immediately relaxed my head onto the posture collar I was still wearing.

Able to walk again, I was led slowly by the chain on the nipple clips, out of the room I had been in, to somewhere else in the house. After travelling some way, I felt a hard floor under my bare feet and could hear the clicking of high heels on the tiles so guessed that I may be in the kitchen or at least another service type room.

I felt hands working at the back of my neck and suddenly felt the posture collar being released.

“It’s time to get you into the pillory so bend over”, a very unfamiliar but gentle female voice said.

I wondered how this was going to happen with my arms still well and truly trapped within their leather sheath but then with Gail involved, I shouldn’t have had any such doubts.

I bent over as I was pushed slightly forward to contact the edge of the bench and immediately felt the nipple clips bite as they were bent under me against the bench. Unlike the previous times, I had no wrists to guide into the pillories cut outs but with Gail lifting my chin, she guided my neck into the middle cut out. The closing of the top part and the snicking of the lock, sealed my fate yet again.

As a pair of hands went about securing my ankles again into the spreader bar, another pair attached a strap or rope to the end of the arm binder and I felt my arms being lifted up into what was effectively a strappado. My arms were pulled higher and higher, pushing my torso down and grinding the nipple clips even harder into the bench top. Oh the pain, oh the joy, oh the experience!!

With me well and truly secured and open, I heard the click, click of high heels walking away and there I was, ready for another round – except for one thing, I still had that enormous butt plug in!!

I wasn’t left for long this time when I heard heels returning to the kitchen.

“Let’s get that plug out shall we?” Gail said.

I shuddered thinking about the effort that I had gone to to get it in and there was real fear in me that to get it out was going to be very painful.

I felt Gail grasp the flange round the end of the plug and give it an experimental pull. It did move but not a lot so she gave it a more solid pull. When she got a similar result, I heard her gasp, even through my ear plugs and hood.

I knew that I had to relax and do what I could to help so when I felt her grasp the base of the plug again, I bore down on it to try and push it out. With Gail pulling, the plug started to slowly but surely emerge from my butt. Just when I thought I couldn’t bear down any more, I suddenly felt the plug almost shoot out of my butt and swear I heard my sphincter snap shut again like a rubber band being twanged.

“Oh my God”, was all I could hear, as two voices almost simultaneously cried out.

“Impressive”, was what Gail said directly into my ear.

So there I was. Bound, unplugged, open and ready to be royally fucked again and I couldn’t wait. Strangely, I thought it was still early in the day though I must be mistaken as you can often be about time, when bound.

I heard soft voices conversing and wondered just what was coming next. That was answered very soon afterwards by the feeling of a nozzle being inserted into my butt and I realised that Gail was filling me with lube again. Bless you I thought.

As she removed the nozzle, I could feel a little lube dribble down the back of my leg and realised that my butt must still be gaping from the huge plug I had been accommodating there for the last how many hours.

No sooner had a felt that than a pair of obviously male hands landed lightly on each of my butt cheeks and I knew that Bob was there waiting.

He didn’t keep me waiting for long before I felt his turgid cock slide up along my butt crack, spreading the oozing lube all over his penis and my behind. He kept sliding himself up and down, dragging the head of his hard cock backwards and forwards over my eager opening. It felt amazing and yet teasing by the tantalising knowledge that he was going to bury himself in me at any moment.

With my mind firmly focussed on my butt, the feeling of someone attaching something to the head harness almost went unnoticed until my head was pulled up and back and held there as though I was now looking up, but of course being bent over the bench, I was being forced to point my head perpendicular to the floor. Somehow, the harness had been attached to the top of the pillory and that was where it stayed.

Bob had all the while being tempting my butt with his penis and was obviously getting himself rather worked up because I could feel his pole getting thicker and harder and his movement becoming faster and more urgent.

Suddenly, on one of his strokes up my crack, the tip of his penis plunged headlong into my welcoming butt. Instead of stopping or pulling out, Bob simply pushed his penis to the hilt in my butt. Oh what an amazing feeling being full again.

Bob didn’t move but rather kept a solid pressure on his penis and stayed buried as deeply as he could within me. What happened next stunned me to the core.

I didn’t hear anything or feel anything until, with the slightest of pressures, I felt a soft yet hard something, entering my mouth through the ring gag. I could do nothing to stop it with that sort of gag in place nor would I have. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling to start with then it dawned on me that I had a partially erect cock in my mouth.

I had never ever had a cock in my mouth. I had never even tasted my own cum yet here I was now with a penis up my butt and another in my mouth. Wow!!!

While this was happening, Bob had started to slowly pump himself in and out of my butt. It was hard for me to concentrate because I was being overrun by so many new feelings and sensations that were all fabulous!

I realised that the penis in my mouth was quite a small one thankfully, however, even that was now starting to grow in size and rigidness as the owner slowly and gently used my mouth to get themselves off.

I have always thought that I have a very well developed gag reflex so I was wondering what was going to happen when the penis eventually found its way to the back of my throat. I didn’t have long to wait.

The owner of the penis in my mouth was starting to get very worked up and like Bob in my rear, was thrusting with more lust and power as they climbed to their climax. When the penis finally did hit the back of my throat, the strangest thing happened. I am not sure if it was the position I was in, the fact that I couldn’t wait to be taken like this or that the gag reflex I thought I had was all a myth, but my throat opened and welcomed the intruder into it.

Of course, I had little choice in the matter anyway but it was working for me and I was loving every minute of it.

They say timing is everything and in this case, it certainly was great. Bob had been pounding my arse and shoving me hard into the bench at the same time as the penis in my mouth was being driven in from my front. The combination was that I felt I was being split in two.

I could taste the saltiness of the precome in my mouth and the feeling of the soft yet hard pole using my mouth was putting me in seventh heaven. I tried to suck on the penis but with the ring gag in, it was a little difficult so I concentrated on using my tongue to squeeze the penis as it was pulled out with each stroke.

The crescendo when it came was amazing. I felt Bob thrust with a particularly hard thrust and he gripped my hips hard as he drove into his orgasm, flooding my bowels with his cream. At the same time, I felt the penis in my mouth suddenly swell even more and with an extra shove into my throat, it spewed it’s cum into my mouth, coating the inside with its sticky but wonderfully tasting juice.

I almost coughed but managed to retain as much in my mouth as I could given the gag was holding my mouth open. Swallowing all I could, I revelled in crossing another line and experiencing something that I would never had imagined I would.

As both penises were gently pulled from my body, I slumped onto the bench, still very aware that the nipple clips were digging mercilessly into my very tender nipples.

I heard muted talk then all was silent as I was left lying on the bench, semen dripping from my mouth and my butt.

Eventually I felt hands working on freeing my ankles from the spreader bar and my head from the harness. It felt good to be able to drop my head down again and stretch my neck out. At the same time, the strap holding me in the unforgiving strappado was released and though the relief on my arms and shoulders was immediate, the extra pressure on my nipples brought tears to my eyes at last.

Quickly, I felt the top being lifted off the pillory and hands helping me to stand up. Relief flooded through me.

“I hope you enjoyed that but the day is definitely not yet over as we are only a little over half way through”, Gail told me.

I was amazed and was suddenly wondering what was to come….

I then felt two sets of hands take my upper arms and start walking me through the kitchen to yet another room. As I walked, I could feel Bobs semen running down my legs and realised that my butt was still gaping somewhat and wondered just how long it was going to take to return to normal – or would it? Did I want it too? Perhaps what I really wanted was to be taken again.

After several turns, I was stopped and told to sit. Being still very well sensory deprived, sitting was an act of faith knowing that there was a chair behind me. As I gingerly sat, I felt the edge of a chair touch the back of my legs and knew that I was again sitting in the plastic chair I had sat in a day ago. Is that all it was? A day ago? It felt like weeks considering all that had happened to me.

I wriggled back into the chair a little, taking care considering my arms were well and truly still heavily bound within the arm binder.

I sat for a few minutes, not knowing what was coming next when I felt hands begin to undo the buckle that held the ring gag in place. As the straps were released, the gag was gently taken from my mouth and for the first time in quite a while, I could close my mouth and properly swallow. The taste of semen washed over me anew and I realised that I liked that taste as well!

I was surprised when immediately after the gag was out, hands started work unlacing the hood I had on and getting it off me. It felt so amazing when the air hit my skin again. Skin that had more than a sheen of sweat on it that had soaked into the leather of the hood and gave off the most sexually arousing aromas. Almost immediately I felt deft fingers take the ear plugs and gently pull them from my ears. I could hear properly again.

Of course, I was still very well blindfolded and bound and of course, I still had that damned steel cock cage well and truly locked in place.

“So how do you feel so far?”, Gail asked.

I worked my mouth a bit first and considered my response carefully.

“To start with, WOW. That experience of a cock in both ends was absolutely amazing and something I had no idea I would enjoy as much. I have no idea how many of your friends you have mobilised to help you today but I will never be able to repay you for the journey you have taken me on”, I told her.

“Well I’m glad you are having fun because we all are too. It’s not often that we have such a willing guinea pig to play with. I promised you about seven hours of journey and it’s just gone 7:30 so you have a bit to go yet. I think though you should have a wee drink then perhaps a rest before we finish you off, so to speak”, Gail retorted with a laughing lilt to her voice.

“I could certainly use a drink right now”, I said.

“Coming up”, I heard from another female voice I hadn’t heard before, then heard foot falls walking out of the room we were in.

“Will I know who that is one day?”, I asked Gail.

“Oh yes, definitely!”

As I heard the foot falls re-enter the room, I heard the voice say to Gail that this could be tricky. What she was talking about I wasn’t sure then realised that with my arms bound behind my back, I would have to be fed.

Gail laughed and the other female also laughed – probably at my expense I thought but I didn’t care.

“Open up and suck on this”, the voice said.

I opened my mouth and suddenly realised why there had been a ripple of laughter between Gail and the other. What I felt in my mouth was definitely a teat on a baby’s bottle. The main difference being that the bottle was filled with wine and I was being fed like a baby. I realised that I was very  thirsty and regardless of the fact that I knew the alcohol would go straight to my head, I drank hungrily, sucking full and hard on the bottle.

“Wow”, I heard from the other person, “he’s finished it already”.

The two ladies laughed while I savoured the wine. It had been a really soft white wine I was sure and certainly felt good going down.

“Okay”, said Gail, “it’s our turn to have some fun now and you will have to provide it. You will be left blindfolded like you are for the next few hours but there will be no more gags or other senses dulled. Stand up and let us guide you to the next stage of your journey”.

I was helped to my feet and led carefully from that room into yet another. Being turned round, I was then pushed gently backwards until my legs hit what I gathered was the edge of a bed.

“That’s good, now sit down on the bed”, Gail ordered.

I did as I was told then felt two sets of hands go to work unlacing and unbuckling the arm binder. It took quite some time to get the whole thing off me but when it was finally removed, I gratefully flexed my shoulders and got the circulation going again in my hands and fingers. I hadn’t realised until then that my hands had been kept very tightly held in the glove and with them intertwined as they were, they had lost some of their circulation.

“Right now, lie back, then move upwards until I tell you to stop”.

I laid back and wriggled up the bed slowly, realising as I did so that the bed was covered in a latex sheet, probably the same as last time. I hadn’t moved that far when I heard Gail tell me to stop, just as my feet had got up and onto the bed.

“Put your hands up towards the top corners of the bed”, she instructed.

As I reached out to the corners, I felt each hand being taken by another and then leather cuffs being buckled firmly into place round each wrist. I heard then felt the slack being taken out of the bonds as my wrists were pulled tightly into the corners.

“OK, spread your legs apart a bit”, I was told by the other voice.

As I did this, I felt two sets of hands buckling what I imagined was the spreader bar, back onto my ankles. I figured it must be the bar as my legs weren’t held too far apart but were quite rigid. As with the wrist cuffs, I now felt the bar being pulled tightly toward the foot of the bed. I was now very well stretched out as I had been before, but this time I was lying down flat and very vulnerable.

“Comfy”, Gail asked.

“Yes, very thank you”, I replied.

“That’s good, we are going to leave you for a few minutes and will be back for some fun shortly”.

With that, I felt the chain between my nipple clips being lifted up and held there somehow then heard the two ladies leave the room and everything went very quiet.

Even with the ear plugs now removed, I could hear nothing. It was as if the two girls had vanished into thin air, leaving me to my fate.

I relaxed as much as I could then became aware that there was a pressure pulling my nipples upward. It wasn’t a hard pull, just a constant pull that tweaked my very sensitive and now slightly sore nipples so there was an awareness of the clips on them like I hadn’t felt before. Couple that with the fact that my skin was being pulled tight by having my arms outstretched and the combination was for very heightened feelings.

Again time seemed to stand still as I lay there enjoying my vulnerability. My mind was certainly playing tricks on me and the wine was definitely having an effect on my brain as I wondered what was still in store for me. I had been fucked, stuffed and used and try as I might, I was unable to think of what Gail could conjure up next.

Some while later, I heard voices in the distance and detected the sound of heels walking on the hard flooring of the kitchen. The voices, even though softly spoken, got louder until I realised the girls had now entered the bedroom where I was spread-eagled for their pleasure. Their voices fell silent and I waited for what was going to happen.

Without any further speaking, I felt the bed move as one of the girls obviously got up on it. I felt her move about on the bed then she lifted one leg over my torso to mean she was now straddling me.

“We don’t want you to speak and neither will we. Just enjoy”, Gail said.

I suddenly felt the constant pull at my nipples stop and the chain connecting the clips, fall to my chest. I felt the body that was astride me start to shimmy slowly up my body until I could definitely smell the scent of a very turned on lady, waft to my nostrils then without warning, I felt very smooth pussy lips, press onto my mouth.

Whoever it was on my chest started a slow, rhythmical back and forward motion over my mouth, sliding her very wet and fragrant pussy over and over my lips whilst at the same time, her buttocks were grinding the nipple clips harshly into my chest. I took the hint and started an equally slow licking and sucking of the magnificent meal that had been presented to me.

It was after several minutes of this action that I realised that there was a pair of hands playing with the cock cage. Now it must be realised that my cock had now been locked up for days and really wanted to be out and able to play so the erection that was trying to bust the cage off me was strong and given the circumstances, painful. Unable to hold it in, I groaned as the playing went on.

As I sucked and licked, the hands playing with my cage pulled and twisted, making me even more desperate to let my penis be free.

A sharp intake of breath from the lady astride my mouth dragged my consciousness back to the ministrations I was lathering on her clit. She was definitely getting close to orgasm so in way of teasing her, I backed off ever so slightly and held her just short of the release she wanted. To counter that, she ground her sex hard into my mouth, craving the explosion of coming she wanted.

As I worked to hold the pussy on my mouth just short of oblivion, the hands on my cage had stopped and with a huge sense of relief, I felt them unlocking the little padlock holding it all on. Try as I might, I couldn’t concentrate on the pussy above me anymore as my entire universe was centred on the sensation of having the cage taken off me.

As the cage slid away from the solid steel band encircling my balls and penis, I felt my penis come alive and my pole become almost painfully erect as the rest of the cage was removed from my sex. It felt amazing!

The movement of the pussy on my mouth demanded I re-centre my attention on it so as I revelled in the feeling of having a free penis, I got back to licking the tasty morsel still planted firmly on my lips. I heard a satisfied sigh as I got my mouth working again, this time trying to reach up with my tongue to flick the tender clit that was so tantalisingly out of reach for me.

Again, I got distracted by what the hands were doing to my own sex. I imagined I felt that someone was rolling a condom onto my penis but I couldn’t really be sure until I felt the hands stroking down my penis from its tip and knew very well that I now had a condom stretched over my turgid member.

I next felt a second body get up on the bed and this time, legs straddle my legs. The body shimmied up mine until our two crotches must be almost aligned then I felt fingers grasp my penis and bend it to point it upwards. Oh boy, here we go I thought as I felt my pole being aimed at the other body.

I had no way of knowing who it was nor where they were pointing my penis nor really did I care right at that moment as I felt a warm and very tight body embrace my penis and swallow it into their body.

I lay there unmoving for a moment as I cherished the feeling of having a very wet and turned on lady sitting on my mouth and another riding my almost steel hard cock that had been imprisoned for so long.

With as much movement as I could make being as tied as I was, I started gently rocking my hips to slide my penis in and out of the warm hole I had impaled on me. That, along with the fact that I was again sucking and licking with absolute abandon on the wet pussy, meant that in no time at all, I could hear gasps of joy from two very turned on ladies. And me, I was in seventh heaven!!

Now I have always felt that when I wear a condom, it insulates the penis from a lot of the sensations I normally get so I knew there was little chance of me coming at that point and that was great because I really didn’t want to right then. I was having way too much fun.

I gathered by the commotion above me that the lady sitting on my mouth was about to come at any moment so I relented and put in an extra effort to get her to that point. I was rewarded moments later when I heard Gail cry out in her moment of glory as she ground her clit hard into my teeth.

So it was Gail’s pussy on my mouth. Whose pussy was it that I was buried to the hilt in right now then?

The movement that I had been making with my penis then became the only movement there was as Gail came down off her orgasm and the other lady simply sat heavily on my shaft. I could feel her move slightly from time to time but generally she was simply enjoying the feeling of having my hardness inside of her.

I felt Gail move to her side and gently lift herself off me to the side of the bed where she stepped off onto the floor. That seemed to be the signal for the other lady to slowly lift herself up so my penis gradually slipped from her. I was left wondering why when she started shimmying her way up my body as though she was going to get into the same position as Gail had been in except she stopped short.

As I wondered why, I felt Gail get back onto the bed and straddle my legs, just like the other lady had done. It was like they were changing places.

Like before, I felt Gail slide her way up my legs and like before, I felt her take my hard shaft and bend it up to aim it at herself. All the while, the other lady had stayed sitting lightly on my upper chest as though waiting for something. Finally I felt Gail slide herself down on my cock and impale herself with abandon, letting out a satisfied sigh as she filled herself with my erection.

That seemed to be the signal that the other lady needed as I felt her start sliding gently and slowly further up my chest. I opened my mouth a little, ready to feel the wet, luscious lips of her pussy on mine when to my utter surprise, I felt something soft yet firm push between my lips. It was the same penis I had felt in my mouth when I had been held so firmly in the pillory and here it was again, growing in size and hardness as it was slid into my waiting mouth.

As it grew, I was able this time to suck it and taste it like I wasn’t able to with the ring gag in. What a joy – but how?

Suddenly I became aware of a pair of hands reaching underneath the person on my chest and quickly and cleanly take the nipple clips off me. Gail knew only too well that my nipples would be screaming at me right now and I could feel the persons whose penis I was sucking, gently rub my nipples with their buttock cheeks.

As I was gasping from the pain in my nipples, I felt soft hands reach down to the blindfold mask I was wearing and release the straps holding it in place. As the mask was taken away, I opened my eyes to stare up at the most amazingly beautiful person I could imagine. She, or he, had long brunet hair set upon a serene, almost Asian looking face. She wore a tightly cinched corset that held in what looked like a pair of small but perfect breasts. Looking lower, I could see she was wearing a pair of very sheer stay up stockings and had very high platform shoes still on.

“Hi, I’m Dana”, she said.

I was breathless.

Dana moved her penis slightly in my mouth and I realised I had frozen when she had been revealed so I started sucking gently on it again. She let her head fall back as she sighed and her shaft grew just a little more as I went to my task of being the plaything for the “girls”.

I felt Gail move on my shaft where she had been sitting very still while I had got over the shock of meeting Dana but now that was over, Gail went about using my shaft for her pleasure and started really bouncing up and down on it, wanting to get to that awesome second orgasm of the night.

Dana too had started working my mouth for her pleasure and I could feel her growing in size and confidence as she pushed herself into my hungry mouth.

As we all three thrust, sucked and rode, we pushed ourselves and each other to that inevitable climax before the two girls collapsed onto me and the bed.


After the girls had untied me and I had cleaned up and got dressed in my meagre belongings, the three of us sat together in the lounge and talked through the previous seven hours.

Dana it turned out, had been a friend of Gail’s for many years and had only in the last five or six been a real T-Girl. She had been contemplating having a sex change operation but after having experienced the fun of that night, wanted to stay just as she was.

Gail as always had that enigmatic smile on her face and told me yet again how much she enjoys our time together and that she would always be there to organise anything like that again if I wanted and the chance arose. Dana said most emphatically that she was in too – anytime, anyhow.

It was getting late and time to go so reluctantly I left them to head home with a steel cock cage in a small velvet bag, to an empty house and the thought that I was going to have to collect my ”vanilla” wife in the morning.

When I got home, I checked my emails and there was one from my wife. The training course had gone really well and she had learnt lots. She had also run in to a long lost “old flame” and they had really hit it off and she had fallen for him. She wasn’t coming home.

I text Gail to tell her I’d be calling her in the morning. I had some really important news and a favour to ask……..


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