The Cable Guy Solves a Problem

by Cynthia Trusscot

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© Copyright 2015 - Cynthia Trusscot - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; heels; bond; rope; gag; cloth; ballgag; chairtie; voy; X

Nick, the cable installer, was head-down in a cramped access door in the back of a kitchen cabinet, attempting to thread a connector onto an RT-6 cable. He almost had it when–

“How's it coming?” The voice, suddenly coming from above, so startled him that he dropped the connector and banged his head painfully on the back wall of the space.

Awkwardly, he worked his way backwards out of the cabinet, until he was lying on the kitchen floor at the feet of his questioner. Even annoyed as he was, he could appreciate the view of black leather high heels and smooth legs going up to a slim pencil skirt. A pretty, inquisitive face under a copious amount of blonde hair looked down at him from above cantilevered breasts.

“Wh-what?” he managed to say.

“I asked, 'how's it coming?'”

“Not all that well, and answering silly questions isn't helping at all,” he said sourly. He turned and worked his way back into the access space. Now, where had that connector fallen...

He was just reaching for the bit of shiny metal when the lady said, “Are you going to get a connection in the bedroom?” This time, he only banged his head a little bit.

“I'm trying to do that now,” he said after crawling out again. “and the questions are not helping.”

He grasped the fallen connection and was trying again to get it on the cable when “When do you think you'll be finished?” He crawled out again.

“Lady, if you don't stop bothering me with questions, I'll --” A hank of clothesline hanging on a hook across the room inspired him --”I'll tie you up and gag you!”

This threat did not have the intended effect. On the contrary. “You want to tie me up? Goody!” She clapped her hands, and bounced up and down on her high heels.

“You want me to tie you up?”

“Oh, Yes! Let's see, where? Probably in the other room, don't you think? She turned and headed into the house, unbuttoning her blouse as she walked, saying over her shoulder, “Get the rope, and one of those dish towels....”

In the dining room, she finished removing her blouse, revealing her well-filled bra. Pulling out one of the chairs, she seated herself. Nick cut a piece of clothesline, and secured her wrists together behind the chair back. Then he wrapped another piece around the chair and over the slope of her breasts.

“Be sure to tie my body to the chair, too--” she began.

“When I want your opinion, I'll take the gag out,” Nick replied good-naturedly. He cut a piece of toweling, stuffed it into her mouth, and tied it into place with a long strip. Then he roped her hips to the chair back and seat. More clothesline tied her knees together, and her ankles, with a bit of rope binding them to the chair rung.

Nick stood up, satisfied. The blonde with too many questions was now firmly bound to a sturdy chair, a nice thick gag between her red lips. She looked up at him shyly, and squirmed a little within the bindings. Happy in the knowledge that he wouldn't be pestered any more, he headed back to work.

He had just managed to thread a “T” connector on the cable when another voice said, “Excuse me--?” This time, at least, he did not bang his head, but he still had to worm his way back out. A different woman was standing in the kitchen.

“I'm sorry to interrupt,” she said politely, “But are you the person who tied up my wife?”

Nick paused. Wife?

“Oh. Oh? Oh! Wife! Right! Sorry. Actually, yes, I did. She kept bugging me with questions. She acted like she was OK with it, and...”

“Oh, don't worry about that,” said the new woman. “But I was wondering if you would, well, mind tying me up as well.”

“You want to be tied up – too?”

“Yes, please, if it wouldn't be too much trouble.”

“Ah. Would you bug me with silly questions if I didn't?” he smiled.

“I just might,” she replied, smiling in turn.

“Probably should be proactive, then,” he sighed. He followed her out into the dining room. There was plenty of clothesline left.

“This is my personal gag,” she said, holding up a red rubber ball on a leather strap. Deftly popping into her mouth, she seated herself in another chair. Althouth her breasts were not as prominent as her wife's they looked delicious with rope passing over their upper slope. The maxiskirt and high heeled boots she wore looked quite fetching encircled with white rope.

Satisfied that the two women were bound tightly enough that they would not interrupt his work again, Nick returned to the access space. He finished making up the connection, threaded the cables through the wall, and mounted the boxes. Occasionally, in the distance, he heard thumping noises and gag-muffled grunts of effort. Without interruptions or annoying questions, he was finished in under half an hour.

After packing his tools and cleaning up, he paused just outside the dining room. His two captives struggled against the ropes that bound them. The blonde twisted her bound hands behind her back, fingers fluttering. The maxi-skirted girl kicked her booted feet at the ropes binding her ankles to the chair rung, stamping her heels on the carpet. Nick sensed that they were not trying to escape, or angry at being tied up – they were getting off on the sensation of being bound and helpless.

“I'm done, ladies,” he said. The blonde looked disappointed when he untied the ropes securing her to her chair, but brightened when he did not untie her wrists or legs.

“My bill is here on the table. If you call in the next hour, I'll take 20% off. That gives you some incentive. Freeing yourselves won't be easy, but I put a pair of garden cutters on the floor across the room, or you can call for assistance with the cell phone over there. If there are any problems or you need additional work, please call. But—buy some more rope first.” With a wink and a smile, he let himself out.

Going to his truck, he accessed the little extra he had added to their cable package. The very discreet hidden camera gave him a clear picture of the dining room and its two occupants. As he watched, maxiskirt got up out of her chair, teetered briefly, then dropped clumsily to the carpet. She began working her way across the floor to where the cutters lay. She seemed the practical type – a girl who would rather save 20% on her cable installation than savor the pleasures of being tied up for an hour more. Nick wondered if she would release the blonde, or leave her to struggle free on her own. He settled back to watch.

The End

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