Buying Handcuffs

by Rupes

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© Copyright 2014 - Rupes - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; FM; F/m; leather; boots; clothing; handcuffs; collar; bond; shackles; stuck; cons; X

As some of the readers will know I am an avid fan of Ebay! God only knows what the hell will turn up on there! Living in the UK there is a strong fetish scene, but a lot of the equipment is cheap mass market junk, made for teenagers to play bondage or dress up, not really up to anything more serious than that.

However from time to time something turns up on Ebay that is of good quality. It is these finds that I love. This story is an example of this and turned out to be a lot more! I found an advert on Ebay for “3 Pairs of Handcuffs 1 Key” I was about to go back to the search when the picture caught my eye, it was quite fuzzy but the key to these handcuffs was clearly a proper Smith and Wesson Type, with the pin at the top to engage the double lock.

It was being sold by someone who obviously had an ID that sounded more like it would be a woman than a man, the actual crux of the advert read simply “3 Pairs of Handcuffs, quite heavy, one key, I want these gone” Seeing that there was a few days left and only a few meagre bids on them, I added them to my watch list and then sent a message:

RE: There is a story there

I figure these are worth xx and as you said you want them gone, and I am local’ish I can collect tomorrow for that price?

Within 2 minutes I had first an automated item no longer available ping, and then a message.

RE: Yes there is

That would be perfect my address is …. Kettle will be on ….

Great I thought. So that day slowly turns in to the next as it does when you realise that you’re going to meet someone new and get something exciting. It took me just over 45 minutes to drive to the house that was in the middle of nowhere. I knocked firmly on the door, but in a friendly way, some dogs inside went crazy, great I thought. Then a young lady answered the door. I would have said she was about 5 years my junior, but it was hard to tell as I could just see her head. “I’ll just stick the dogs in the garden, be right with you”.

The door closed and all went quiet. The door re-opened again just a head, “Kinky?” she said sweetly.

“erm…” I stammered, I am always flummoxed when people are so upfront so quickly, “sort of, well that is to say erm…” I was floundering here.

She cut me off, “Great, that’s ok then” and opened the door fully, I noticed her from the floor up, Boots, Thigh Boots, Short Leather Skirt, Studded Belt, quite thin, bare midriff and belly button, leather crop top, nice boobs, studded collar, pretty face, long purple hair. “Come in” she beamed at me, “Go through, into the kitchen.”

She followed me and immediately filled the kettle, she motioned towards a small leather handbag on the table, “They're in there” she said.

“I’ll wait for you, it’s very rude to go into a lady’s bag, even if you know her, and we don’t know her, I mean I don’t know you, well not that I don’t want to know erm” I stammered, completely thrown by her casual attitude, good looks and outfit.

She was laughing at me, “God calm down, I don’t bite, well actually I do but you know what I mean,” she said.

“Ok”, I said while taking a seat.

She asked me how I like my tea, and then brought over two steaming cups and sat next to me. She reached towards her bag unzipped the main compartment and pulled out three pairs of Hiatt 2010 handcuffs. “There you go”. She handed them to me, I reached for my pocket and pulled out the money and gave it to her. I was now a little more relaxed, everything was out in the open, and the money had been paid. We chatted for about ten minutes and she was every bit as engaging as she was sexy, her name was Anna Maria.

“So Anna Maria, is there a story with these, as you are obviously in the scene, how come you want rid of them so quickly”.

She thought for a second or two, as if deciding if she should tell me or not. “They were my self-bondage cuffs for the last three years, but one day last week I was engaged in a solo scene, everything worked perfectly, the ice melted and the key dropped, however as I was about to undo the first cuff, I had put the key in the lock there was a knock at the door, it startled me, I jumped, the end of the key snapped off. I could not get enough grip on the remaining part to undo the cuffs. My now, ex boyfriend came home and found me dressed like this and chained to the bed, he had no idea I liked this stuff. He told me I was a dirty bitch, and he never wanted to see me again. He did thankfully before he left, throw me the spare key!”

“He left you because you’re were, excuse my phrase here, dressed like a horny little slut and chained to the bed, seriously was he mentally ill? Some guys don’t know when they are onto a good thing! Your stunning, and your into kink, hello life does not get any better!” I said without thinking.

“You think I’m stunning?” she said.

“erm …. Yes, you're beautiful, sexy, articulate and you like all the same things I do”, she blushed.

“Ok, tell you what, stand up, hands behind,” click click click, I heard the ratchets of the cuffs as she put them on me. “Now Sit there and don’t move” she ordered. I sat down.

She went over and made a fresh pot of tea, all the while looking back at me. Once she was done she came back, “Stand” she ordered, I stood up. She laughed, “Sorry I am not a bossy bitch but I wanted to feel what it felt like to be the captor instead of the one captured” she said still chuckling.

“and…” I said.

“I like it, but let’s get those cuffs off you.” She said, motioning for me to turn around.

“They are quite comfortable”

“OK, in that case,” she said ruffling around in her bag, she pulled out a set of leg irons, and proceeded to put them around my ankles, next out was a metal collar. “Excuse me for being up front, but recent experiences have taught me to grab life and not waste time. So, would you consider us being an item?” she asked softly.

“Seriously?” I exclaimed in a rather abrupt manner as the question took me completely by surprise!

“Yes, seriously, would you consider us being officially boyfriend and girlfriend, or rather horny slut and horny slut” she said with a smile.

“So let me think about this mmmm..” I had by now managed to moderate the tone in my voice, “A younger sexy leather clad beautiful girl chains me up and then asks me if I would like her to be my full time kink friend girlfriend, presumably so she can do all sorts of kinky sex experiments on me? Erm hell yes!”

She chuckled as she closed the collar around my neck. “We are going to get on so well”.

“I always wanted a collar, but they can be so expensive for a good one,” I said.

“Well I am glad you like quality, I am quite well off that’s how I can afford to live out here in this big old house, I had a distant relative die and leave me more than enough to get by. I must confess that collar I did buy for my ex, as I had dreams that one day he would find me and he would also like these things, alas, never mind, onto bigger and better things...” she said looking at my crotch, there was a pause, “But it is a good quality one, thin enough to pass as jewellery, but thick enough to be sturdy, it’s made from a special titanium, apparently it’s virtually indestructible” she mused, she had obviously done her research.

“Well I love it, would you allow me to wear it for a bit, now we are official? You can keep the key that way you know you can trust me to come back,” I said, half joking, but the collar did feel good.

“Collar, shit” she said.

“Sorry if you’re not ready for that, that’s fine,” I thought I had spooked her.

“No it’s not that at all, but I have been really stupid, when I ordered it, I realised there was probably no way he would ever wear it, so I ordered the one I liked the most, the best one, the erm …..” there was a long pause, “permanent one”.

“You mean I am now locked in this collar forever?” I pretended to shout, trying to appear angry.

“Yes,” she said timidly in almost a whisper.

“Cool” I said with a smile, “I have always dreamed about being collared permanently, and you just made my first dream come true.” I smiled at her and she smiled a huge smile back, we both laughed, “however…” I continued, “I think it is only fair that as we will be equal, we have another one made for you”, I did not think it would be possible but her smile grew, she came over threw her arms around me and simply said, “Deal!”


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