But it Started as a Hogtie

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2003 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; hogtie; susp; cons; X

WARNING: This is a work of fiction and should be treated as such.  The bondage situation described should NEVER be attempted in real life as it could cause severe and permanent injury.  The author appreciates the input from TENGEW who reviewed the draft.

Well, maybe I had gone a bit too far!  She certainly looked uncomfortable and the whines coming from behind the gag were somewhat plaintive.

However, the pulley wheel only needed a few more turns to complete the exercise and she was not exactly in a position to stop me; so I continued.

When we started she was in her crotchless skintight kid leather cat suit.   As soon as I had added the very stringent single arm glove that locked her elbows and forearms touching behind her back, I forced her jaws wide apart around an open ring gag.  Usually the next step was the boned corset and she seemed surprised when that didn’t happen.

Instead what I did was get her standing next to a waist height table while I guided her toes into the knee high ballet boots.  Once she used her own weight to settle her feet in agonizing arcs I helped her sit up on the table and slide to the middle so her legs were straight out and the boots were readily available for me to lace.

And lace them I did, up to her knees.  I used a pair of long handled pliers to hook into each set of eyelets about three above the ones I was feeding the laces through.  That pulled the edges together so the laces were as tight as possible.  It caused a few groans during the process but when I was finished the seams were – well – seamless!

I added a pair of metal ankle bracelets and joined them with a 1” diameter bar that was 8” long to hold her ankles just that far apart.

Now she rolled on to her stomach and I put a small soft cushion under her face so she could rest her cheek on it.  Probably the last time she would have any comfort in the foreseeable future but she didn’t know that.

I tied a strong cord to the middle of the ankle bar and ran it along her back and over her head to a heavy ringbolt in the wall in front of her.  Feeding it down through the ring I attached the end to a hole in the wheel disk of the pulley that was anchored to the floor.  The pulley worked by putting weight on a foot pedal that turned a ratchet gear.

Now, making sure the wide shoulder straps for the arm binder were snug, the wrist straps around the arm binder got pulled in the other direction to take up the initial slack.  I bent her legs up at the knee and fed the strap between them, under the ankle bar and straight out to another heavy metal ring that was at the top end of a strong bar rising about 1’ from the other end of the table.

I adjusted her body, the strap and the cord from the ankle bar until she was positioned more towards the current foot end of the table.  I was wearing a pair of my leather slacks, a silk blouse under a matching leather vest and a pair of practical knee boots.  Well, they were practical for this exercise because even though they had a 6” heel, they had a flat platform sole that was perfect to work the pedal of the pulley.

I put my right foot on the pedal and added weight until the wheel turned, a couple of teeth clicked past the ratchet, and the cord from the ankle bar tightened putting pressure on her feet to move up over her back.  A few more pumps on the apparatus and the hogtie began to seriously develop.

At this point I added a stretcher bar between her knees to spread them further apart and guess what was now completely available for my attention?

She had got away without the corset because I needed all the flexibility in her spine that I could get but that didn’t stop a 3” wide waist belt that I worked on her now.  It was needed because after I jammed a large lubricated butt plug in the appropriate orifice and an equally, if not bigger, dildo in the other one, I needed the waist belt to anchor the crotch strap.  It did. 

Very slowly I used my foot to activate the pulley again.  I stopped every few moments to allow her muscles to adjust and, when the toe points and heels of the ballet boots were approaching the level of her shoulder blades, I left her alone for nearly half an hour to adapt to the strain.

As I came back in the room I was viewing her from the side and I stopped to study the position she was in.  It certainly was not the regulation hogtie.  For that I would have tied the wrist strap to the ankle bar and called it a day but the more I looked at her as her body was curving in a reverse loop; her shoulders pulled backwards and her legs arching towards them, the more the idea of taking it a few steps further had taken hold.

Before I could change my mind I headed for the tool room for some more supplies.  She groaned through the ring gag as she saw me put the supplies on a side table.  Actually it was not a groan; it was more like – “pleath, pleath leth ma outh”.  As usual, I ignored her!

First I attached a strong D ring on each of the armbinder straps where they crossed her shoulders then I drilled a 3/8” hole through each heel of the ballet boots; about 1” from the end.

That done I stepped on the pulley pedal a few more times until the arc in her back became even more pronounced and the ankle bar moved closer towards the back of her neck.

Allowing her body to rest again I started on her head.  To make it more available I, temporarily, tied a cord around a handful of her hair and, pulling her head back, knotted it around the ankle bar.  Now she had no choice but to look straight at me as I sat on a stool in front of her and reached for the needle nosed pliers.

Poking them through the ring gag I got a hold of her stud and pulled her tongue gently out of her mouth.  With my other hand I fitted the spring loaded clam shaped clamp around her tongue behind the stud, tightened it until it took hold then released the pliers and pushed the whole assembly in until it locked behind her teeth.

As I stood to pick up the tight rubber cap that would cover her hair and the kid leather discipline helmet I stepped on the foot pedal a couple more times.  Releasing the hair cord I pulled the cap over her head, tucked in the rest of her hair and started to fit the helmet.

There were short metal nostril tubes attached to the inside of the helmet; eye holes and a hole at the mouth that matched the way the ring gag still spread her lips.  Lacing it tightly down the back of her head I then had to listen to more groans as I worked the pulley until I felt I was as far as I could safely go with her spine.

Moving around to her back I left the wrist strap alone for a few minutes while I attached the finger ring at the tip of the binder to the crotch strap and made sure it would take the strain.

The rest of the gag was a combination ball and bit.  The ball fitted inside the ring gag filling the rest of the space in her mouth and the bit extended about 2” on either side.  The whole thing strapped securely behind her head.

Now – would it work?

I lifted on her chin with one hand and slowly the ends of the bit lined up, on either side of her leather encased face, with the holes in the boot heels.  Just a little struggle and a carriage bolt was through each heel and screwed in to the ends of the bit. 

Tightening them with a wrench made things nearly complete – but not quite!  Short chains clipped to the D rings on each shoulder and then up to the ankle bar.  These were to make sure that when I released the cord from the pulley her legs could not snap back and do serious damage to her neck.  They worked.

I released the tension from the pulley and everything stayed just the way it was with the bit gag being settled just a fraction deeper into her mouth.  I unhooked the wrist strap from the bar at the end of the table.

There was very little sound apart from the whining coming from deep in her throat but as I looked into her tearful eyes, if they could have, they would have been screaming at me.

From the top of her head to the back of her knees she curved in a 270-degree arc and then there was the almost straight line of the boots from her knees to her head.  There was something incredibly erotic about seeing the leather covered head held by the heels of the boots and the toe points acting almost like a pair of blinders.

A couple of more things before my scenario would be complete.  The canvass webbing harness settled under her as I rocked her torso to allow it between her stomach and the table.  I lowered a chain with a large hook on the end down from the ceiling directly over her form. 

From the central point under her the webbing straps came up each side of her waist and legs to the hook, another came through her crotch and two more between her breasts and then over each shoulder.  Making sure they were all the same length took a moment but then – I pulled the table out from under her.

As her looped form swung gently around on the end of the chain there was absolutely no further movement – her limbs had no place they could go – they were locked so completely in the restraints I had imposed on them.

I raised the ceiling chain until her head was at a level where I could again look into her eyes.  It was strange to see the tips of the ballet boots pointing at me from beside her eyes.  I dabbed at them to clear the tears and then showed her what I held in my other hand.  If she could have shaken her head to say she had enough, she would have, but she couldn’t so I reached down and attached the nipple clamps.

On the rings in the clamps I dropped a couple of fishing weights, just to keep them swinging and the sensations interesting.  Stepping back I admired my creation and there was something missing; suddenly I knew what it was.

I went and showered and changed into a fresh blouse and skirt.  I added my favorite stiletto knee boots and, picking up my full length leather trench coat carried it back in the room.

Her eyes were open and her body had stopped swinging so she was facing the door as I entered.  Very slowly I started to put on my coat.  I watched her eyes and saw what had been missing.

Anytime before when we had done a scene as soon as I was satisfied with her bondage, I had photographed the set up and released her. 

Now she saw me buttoning and belting my coat; I was going to go out with her in the most stringent position my imagination had ever come up with.  I was leaving her and what had been missing was now in her eyes – fear – it should add some spice to her situation.  So I waved at her, snapped a blindfold to the helmet, and left.

Not being a complete idiot all I really did was make sure my heels clicked as I moved away from her and closed the door so it could be heard.   Then it was into the next room, take off my coat and have a very welcome drink while I kept an eye and my ears on her through a video camera hidden high in the corner of the playroom.

I left her to stew for just under an hour and afterwards she said it had seemed like 10 - mission accomplished!


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