Business As Usual

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2006 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; drugged; bond; susp; mast; sex; toys; reluct/cons; X

“Ok, any questions?”

Jessica Graham glanced across the expanse of her huge desk toward the four men ranked on the other side. One shifted uncomfortably under her piercing gaze, but none spoke. Jessica smiled.

“Then let’s get this done. Understand, gentlemen, successful completion of this project can fetch huge dividends for this company. Failure will not be tolerated. The ball is now in your court. Don’t fumble. That will be all.”

Silently, the men rose and filed out of the room. Jessica rose from her desk and slipped silently to the now closed door. Pressing her ear to the door, she listened.

“Damn her,” muttered a male voice. “She knows damn good and well we’ll have to work our asses off to get this done by the deadline. And even then, there’s no guarantee.”

“And if we manage to pull it off,” added another voice, “she’ll get all the credit, and we’ll get nailed by Finance for the overtime expenses.”

“Domineering bitch,” a third voice growled softly.

Smiling, Jessica moved back to her desk. As usual, the men in the company resented her position over them. It didn’t seem to matter that she’d reached her present position the hard way, through hard work and the courage to never back down when she knew she was right. All they seemed to see was a woman in the chair each thought they should have. Jessica shrugged. She’d long since gotten used to the prejudice. Still, it never ceased to amuse her how easily some men could be intimidated by a strong woman. For now, though, she had other things to think about.

Moving quickly, she shut down her computer, then rose and left the office. Stopping at her secretary’s desk, she gave instructions in her usual terse sentences. Callers and visitors were to be informed that Miss Graham had left the office early, and would not return until Monday morning. Then, after checking to make sure her office was locked, she swept through the building and out into the warm afternoon sun. Jessica’s Jaguar was parked in the executive lot, and as she moved toward it, she was smiling, but for an entirely private reason. Walter, her current live in, had emailed her with a promise of a weekend she’d not soon forget. It was anticipation of what lay ahead that had caused her to leave work early, something she very rarely did. Still smiling, she slipped into the car and pulled smoothly into traffic.

As she drove, Jessica’s thoughts wandered. She thought about Walter, and how he had come to live in her home. Walter was a junior executive in Jessica’s department. Their relationship had started out as a quick fling, fueled by alcohol at a company party. That night, Walter had proven to be such a caring and giving lover, she had decided to extend the relationship. Eventually, she’d invited him to move into her large house with her. Walter was a caring, compassionate man, and a better than average lover. Still, he remained a subordinate, in bed as well as at work, a fact Jessica made clear whenever necessary.

The drive home was the same as it always was, but anticipation made it feel longer. Jessica sighed with relief when she was finally able to step into the coolness of her house. Walter wasn’t home yet, so she had plenty of time to prepare for whatever he had in mind.

Moving through the house, Jessica stopped in her bedroom long enough to collect her bathrobe, then stepped into the bathroom. Stripping off her smart business suit, she paused in front of the full-length mirror, smiling at what she saw. Not bad, she thought, for a woman approaching 40. Her long legs were still toned and firm, her hips and ass well proportioned, without the spread brought on by hours spent in a chair. Her waist remained slim, her large breasts firm and proud. Long, flowing blonde hair still cascaded around a face that combined strength and beauty. Deep, piercing blue eyes gazed back at her. Nodding her approval, she stepped into the shower.

When she finally stepped out of the shower, Jessica felt refreshed. She shrugged into her robe and wrapped her hair into a towel. Turning toward the door, she saw a glass of wine on the sink.

“Well,” she smiled, “Walter’s home. Time to see what he has in mind for this unforgettable weekend.” Sipping the wine, she slipped from the room.

Looking through the house, she saw no sign of Walter. Only the now empty wine glass suggested he’d arrived. Frustrated, she returned to the bedroom. As she slipped out of her robe, she decided Walter would require a reminder of just who was in charge here. He knew she disliked game playing, yet that seemed to be exactly what he was up to. That, she vowed silently, would stop immediately. Jessica turned to hang up her robe, halting when her knees buckled slightly. The room began to spin slowly, and she dropped to the bed, no longer able to hold herself upright. She was still trying to figure out what was happening when the world went black.

Jessica awoke slowly from a strange dream. In that dream, she’d found herself on her knees before a marble statue. She was, strangely, unable to move. Even stranger, her face was pressed to the crotch of the statue, its hard, stone cock filling her mouth. Rising slowly to wakefulness, she felt no remorse in leaving that dream behind. As consciousness returned, however, she began to realize that her reality was not far removed from the dream. True, she was on her back instead of her knees. And the cock filling her mouth felt like rubber instead of marble. Her apparent inability to move, however, was unchanged. Opening her eyes, she quickly took stock of her situation.

Naked, she lay on her bed, knees bent, feet flat on the mattress. Leather cuffs encircled each wrist and ankle, short chains connecting each wrist to the corresponding ankle. This kept her arms stretched down her sides, while her heels were held pressed against the curve of her ass. More rope stretched from each knee out of sight down the side of the bed, holding her knees spread almost uncomfortably wide. Finally, a large rubber penis had been placed in her mouth, held in place by straps around her head.

Angered, humiliated, and more than a little afraid, she looked around the room. Who had done this to her? Who had the nerve to enter her home and render her so helpless and vulnerable? Whoever it was, she vowed, would pay dearly. Her thoughts scattered as she watched Walter enter the room. At first, she thought he’d come to rescue her, but his appearance, and the look in his eyes, raised doubts. For one thing, he was naked. As he approached, she watched his engorged cock sway with each step. Normally, such a sight would have caused instant arousal. This time, however, it only served to remind her of the imitation cock filling her mouth.

“Comfy?” he asked, settling himself on the edge of the bed. Jessica growled and shook her head, her eyes commanding him to release her. “I’m sorry to hear that,” he said, smiling. “Especially considering the fact that you’re going to be there for a while.”

Jessica’s eyes widened, and muffled sounds that could only be curses leaked from behind the panel of her gag. Briefly, she struggled against her bonds, only to subside as the full extent of her helplessness sank in.

As her struggles subsided, Walter leaned forward and took her nipple between his lips, sucking gently. Jessica was shocked. It became increasingly clear that her current situation was his doing. And now he had the nerve to touch her? Did he expect her to turn into one of those writhing, mewling slaves from those movies he liked to watch? Once, he’d talked her into watching one with him. She’d been shocked at what she’d seen, and even more shocked at the arousal she’d felt. Their lovemaking that night had been memorable, but she had never again watched one of his movies.

Was that it? She thought in surprise. Was he trying to turn her into someone from one of those movies?   If so, he was in for a surprise. He would get nothing from her. Firmly, she willed herself not to respond. Her body, however, wasn’t listening. Under his lips, her nipple soon hardened, and she felt the first feelings of pleasure begin to radiate. When his lips moved to her other nipple, it quickly hardened as well, the feelings growing stronger despite her resolve. And the first faint doubts began to appear.

With both nipples hard, Walter began moving back and forth, sucking and nibbling each hard bud briefly before returning to the other. Jessica surprised herself by moaning softly. Her nipples had always been very sensitive. Still, as long as he didn’t expand the areas under his attention, she felt sure she could limit her responses.

Slowly, patiently, Walter continued his gentle assault on her nipples. And slowly, gradually, Jessica felt her arousal grow. Her soft moans grew to be almost continuous. As if of it’s own will, her body was responding, her chest pushing upwards as if offering her nipples to his continuing attention. When Walter finally raised his lips from her breasts, her moan became a groan of frustration, stopping only when he slipped a blindfold over her eyes.

When his lips returned to her nipples, Jessica jumped slightly. It was as if, by removing her sight, he had made the rest of her body even more sensitive. Though the rhythm of his assault on her nipples was no different than before, her body seemed to react ever more strongly. Slowly, helplessly, she sank into a spinning, pulsing sea of need and desire. Her moans grew stronger, her body began to thrust upward, and if silently begging for more.

Suddenly, the gentle assault on her nipple ceased. Fueled by a need stronger than she’d ever believed possible, Jessica moaned loudly, thrusting herself upwards as far as her bonds would allow. Gone were anger, fear, even coherent thought. All that remained was raw, aching need. All that mattered was fulfilling that need, whatever it took. The sense of a body poised over hers briefly focused her whirling mind. The sensation of a cock brushing the lips of her pussy drove her into renewed efforts to thrust upwards. She needed it, needed anything to relieve this unbearable need.

Suddenly, the cock thrust deep inside her. Strung unbelievably tight by what she had already experienced, her body exploded. An orgasm stronger than any she’d ever dreamed of smashed through her like a series of tidal waves, each peak higher than the one before. Again and again the waves surged, dragging her down until the world vanished.

Jessica woke to find herself still lying in her bed. Her bonds were gone, and a light blanket covered her still naked body. Her body felt as if all the muscles had been removed, leaving her unable to move. Sated as she had never been sated before, her body seemed unwilling to relinquish the afterglow. Slowly, reluctantly, she opened her eyes.

At the sight of Walter seated on the edge of the bed, the memory of what had happened rushed back to her. Anger warred with the sensations she had just felt, leaving her speechless.

“Are you ok?” he asked softly. At the sound of his voice, her thoughts coalesced.

“You bastard!” she snarled. “How dare you do this to me!”

“This?” he asked. “You mean binding you and making you helpless?”

“Of course that’s what I mean! What else could I mean?”

“Well,” Walter replied, “you could have meant making you cum like you’d never cum before.”

Jessica glared at him, and opened her mouth to curse him. The words stuck in her throat when he reached up and stroked one nipple. Even through the blanket, the touch was enough to take her breath away, so sensitive was her body in the afterglow. For long moment, she was unable to speak. When she gained control of her voice, she spoke more softly.

“You had no right to do what you did to me,” she declared.“You drugged me, bound me without my permission, and took advantage of my helplessness. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior. Do you understand me?”

Walter looked away.“I understand. I thought you would enjoy it. I promise, I’ll never do it again.”

“You most certainly will not,” Jessica replied in her sternest voice. “You will never again make the decision to tie and fuck me.” Her voice softened as a smile began to appear. “You will only do so when I want you to.”

Walter glanced up quickly, the stunned look on his face giving way to a matching smile.

“Now,” Jessica said, “I do hope you have more ideas in that devious head of yours. Next weekend, I fully expect you to exceed yourself.” She smiled again, a memory of the four men at work suddenly surfacing. “The ball is in your court, lover. Don’t fumble.”

= O =

“Hello? No, Miss Graham is not available for calls today. May I ask what this is regarding? Ah, Mr. Mullens. No, sir, Miss Graham does not discuss work on her days off. I’m afraid you’ll have to catch her at her office on Monday morning. This weekend, she prefers to just hang out and relax. Yes, sir, I will let her know you called. Thank you, sir. Good day.”

Walter ended the call with a smile, then turned to face the topic of the conversation.“ Mullens will be calling you Monday. OK?”


“I thought so. Now, I’m going to have breakfast. You just hang out here till I get back, ok?”

As the door closed, Jessica squirmed indignantly. Hang out, indeed! She would definitely have to have words with Walter about his sense of humor. When she was able to speak, whenever that turned out to be.

Jessica had wondered about Walter’s latest project. It had started several days before. Without warning, he had descended on her with a measuring tape and a length of string. As she lay naked on the bed, he had measured her in ways and places she’d never seen measured before. Her questions had been answered with a cryptic, “It’s a surprise.”

Next day, she’d returned home to find two sturdy hooks embedded in the ceiling of her living room. Again, Walter had refused to answer her questions. Jessica had been left totally in the dark as to what he had in mind. Until today. Last night, their lovemaking had been long and intense. Exhausted, Jessica had slept deeply. So deeply that she hadn’t even noticed when Walter began his preparations for the day.

Jessica woke to find herself gagged and blindfolded. Her arms were bent and tied forearm to forearm. Her knees were bent, with her ankles bound to her thighs. As she’d struggled in her newly discovered helplessness, she’d felt herself lifted and carried away. She knew Walter had carried her down the stairs, but beyond that, she had no idea where she was when he laid her gently onto a carpeted floor.

Next, she felt a broad strap buckled around her waist. A second strap went around her chest, a slot in the center allowing her breasts to hang freely. Walter had stepped away, and then she’d felt a tug on the straps. The tugging increased, lifting her from the floor and leaving her hanging in mid air. Squirming only caused her to sway, and soon she dangled quietly as Walter moved around her, softly stroking her body.

As the powerful feeling of helpless arousal began to fill her, she’d felt Walter move beneath her. A gasp escaped her gagged lips as he began to tease one nipple to hardness. The gasp turned to a muffled yelp as she felt something bite into her nipple. Her other nipple soon felt the same bite. Remembering the clamps she’d seen on the nipples of a girl in the one bondage movie she’d watched with him, she realized that she now wore a similar pair. The pain soon subsided, leaving a throbbing she could not ignore.

Next, she felt a thin strap going around her waist. Something was pressed against her now moist pussy, and more thin straps went around each upper thigh. Even as she wondered what it was that was touching her, it began to vibrate gently. Jessica moaned as she realized that the vibration was nowhere near enough to do more than drive her crazy with need.

Now alone, she tested her bonds. Walter had done a fine job, and there was no way she was going to get loose on her own. The straps supported her weight without cutting into her. Her knees dangled beneath her, but Walter had planned this so well that she felt no real discomfort. Of course, her only freedom was the ability to open and close her legs, an ability she felt sure would be put to use soon enough. For now, she kept her legs pressed together, trying to push the vibrator more tightly against her pussy. That slow vibration would, she was sure, drive her absolutely crazy very soon.

Time soon ceased to exist. Her world slowly shrank until only her helplessness and that maddening vibration mattered. Her body began undulating slowly as soft moans emerged from behind her gag. Unable to resist, she slipped slowly into a world of helpless need. Suddenly, the clamps on her nipples began vibrating, bringing a louder moan from her lips. Lost in her own world, she’d never noticed when Walter returned to the room. This newest sensation drove her to an even higher level of need. Her undulations redoubled, causing her body to sway slowly in the air. Muffled, pleading sounds leaked from behind her gag as she sank once more into her own world.

A hand on her ass focused her spinning senses. Almost desperately, she tried to thrust herself toward that touch, moaning with frustration when her bonds kept her from moving closer. The hand slipped down to her thighs, and she felt the vibrator being removed. Her moans grew louder. As maddening as the vibration had been, she desperately needed that feeling. Hands now slipped down the fronts of her thighs, drawing her legs apart. The fingers rested on her inner thighs, mere inches from her aching pussy. Almost desperate, she tried to thrust herself downward toward those fingers, but again her bonds held her helpless.

Suddenly, she felt something press against the lips of her pussy. Not knowing or caring what it might be, she arched her back, pushing downward with her hips. A sudden movement from behind her, and she found herself filled. Somewhere in her mind, she realized that Walter now stood behind her, and it was his cock thrusting into her. Lifting her legs parallel with her body, Walter began driving into her. Each thrust pushed her forward slightly, aided by a gentle push against her thighs. Each back swing met the next thrust. The combination of sensation drove her steadily higher until, without warning, her body exploded.

As her orgasm crashed through her in long, thunderous waves, Jessica surrendered herself to the sensations. Muscles quivering, her thighs clamped around Walter’s waist, holding him deep within her. At the peak of her orgasm, twin blooms of pain blossomed at her nipples, creating a final, huge wave that drove her into oblivion.

Jessica returned to herself slowly, to find herself still bound and swaying in the air. Her gag and blindfold had been removed, and she glanced around to find Walter standing beside her. Vaguely, she remembered arms holding her as aftershocks from her massive orgasm wracked her body. Licking her lips, she found her voice.

“Can you let me down now?”

“Of course.” Walter stepped away, and soon she felt herself being slowly lowered to the floor. Quickly, he removed the straps, then untied her arms and legs. Slowly, languorously, Jessica stretched herself, then rolled onto her back. Her eyes, as they met Walter’s, were smiling.

“Um, you may need to help me up. Someone seems to have stolen every bone from my body”

Smiling, Walter lifted her and carried her up the stairs. As he laid her on the bed, Jessica’s eyes closed. As sleep claimed her, she pondered what else her devious lover might hold in store for her. Whatever it might be, whatever new levels of helplessness and need he might take her to, Jessica knew she was ready. And in her dreams, she smiled.

= O =

“And what,” Jessica asked, “is that?”

Walter smiled. “This is my new project.”

Frowning, Jessica examined the shape before her. Basically, it was a sheet of inch and a quarter thick plywood. Four two by six boards ran its length, one on either side and one to each side of center, raising it from the floor. Each corner sported an eye bolt, while a hole had been cut slightly below center. Other than that, she saw nothing.

“This is it? This is the mysterious project you’ve been working on?” Jessica shook her head. “Walter, I am severely disappointed.”

Walter’s smile widened. “You might change your mind once you’ve tried it,” he said.

“Tried what?”

“Just trust me, please.”

“Oh, ok.” Jessica slipped off her robe. Underneath, she was nude, ready for the delicious helplessness she’d come to crave. “But this had better be worth it. Which I doubt, from what I’ve seen so far.”

“Oh, there’s more,” Walter promised as he wrapped leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Around her waist went a broad leather belt with a single ring attached to the back. “Now, lay on the board, please.”

Still disappointed, but determined to humor her lover, Jessica stretched out on the board. Her interest began to grow as she watched Walter draw a strange looking device from under the board. It consisted of a knob-style winch with a length of rope coming from each side. At the end of each rope was a snap ring. Walter snapped one ring to the D-ring on her left wrist cuff, then the other to the eye bolt at one corner of the board. Soon her other wrist, as well as her ankles, were connected with eye bolts.

“Interesting,” Jessica commented. “But a bit loose, don’t you think.

“For now,” was the reply. As she considered this remark, he rolled her slightly to one side, exposing the hole in the board. Reaching down, he drew from the hold another snap ring, this one with two cords attached to it. The cords vanished back through the hole. Walter snapped the ring to the D-ring on the back of Jessica’s belt, then rolled her to her back, taking care to ensure the ring on her belt lined up exactly with the hole in the board. Then he moved to the winches.

As Jessica watched, Walter moved around the board, tightening each winch one click, then moving to the next. Slowly, the ropes pulled taut, drawing her into a spread eagle position. When the last winch made its final click, Jessica lay stretched almost to the limit. She could wiggle her fingers and toes, and rock her hips. She could also raise and turn her head. This was the limit of her freedom, and she was now loving it.

Jessica’s exploration of her helplessness was interrupted as Walter slipped a penis gag into her mouth, strapping it snuggly into place. Then he took up a cordless drill and a leather strap. At this, Jessica’s eyes widened.

“Sorry,” he said with a smile, “but this part I couldn’t really do without you to measure proper placement. So saying, he attached one end of the strap to the board beside her head using wood screws. He then passed the strap across her forehead and attached the other end to the board. Her head was now held firmly in place.

“Now for the real surprise,” Walter said, smiling.

Real surprise? Jessica squirmed in her bonds, a questioning sound emerging from behind her gag. In answer, Walter pointed above her. Jessica glanced upward, and her eyes widened.

Dangling from the ceiling above her were two ropes. From the end of one dangled a vibrator, while the other was attached to the connecting chain on a pair of clover clamps. Above each was another of the knob-style winches. Eyes still wide, she glanced questioningly at Walter.

“Like it?” he asked. “The cords run through a series of pulleys. The other ends are attached to the back of your belt. Any move you make will be reflected by these toys.”

Helpless to stop him, Jessica watched as Walter lowered the clamps until they rested on her breasts. Her nipples, she was surprised to note, were already stiff and hard. A muffled grunt signaled the attaching of each clamp to its respective nipple. Slowly, Walter turned the handle of the winch until the cords were taut, the clamps tugging on her nipples. Then he moved to the other winch.

He wouldn’t, she thought, almost desperately. But he did. The vibrator was winched down until its tip lightly brushed the lips of her pussy. Walter stroked her softly, then turned the vibrator on and stepped away. Jessica’s eyes closed as the light vibrations teased her. For long moments, she lay still. Then almost as if of their own volition, her hips thrust upwards, seeking to increase the contact with the vibrator that so tormented her.

The results of her motion were dramatic. As her hips raised, the cords attached to her belt were pulled. Fed through a series of pulleys, the cord attached to the vibrator raised it the same distance, maintaining the maddeningly light contact. More noticeably, the second cord pulled on the clamps to the same degree. The sudden jerk to those sensitive buds drew a muffled scream. Jessica’s hips dropped quickly, easing the pull on the clamps. The vibrator dropped also, still maintaining the same level of contact.

As the reality of her situation sank in, Jessica moaned loudly. Any attempt by her to increase the level of contact with the vibrator would exact its price in pain to her nipples. How long, she wondered, before she would accept the pain, even welcome it, in her attempts to increase her pleasure? Attempts she knew were doomed to failure. Attempts she knew her body would be driven to regardless of the price.

Smiling at the pleading sounds emerging from behind her gag, Walter bent and slipped a blindfold over her eyes. Seating himself, he watched, anticipation lighting his eyes. Lost in her dark world, Jessica fought to resist the sensations flooding her. Knowing the pain that awaited, she struggled to hold herself motionless as her need slowly grew. She would not give in.

Watching, Walter could see the inner struggle reflected in the tenseness of her body. Her growing need combined with her fear of pain to hold her body board stiff. Suddenly, her hips bucked upwards, a muffled scream erupting from behind her gag as her nipples were painfully tugged by the clamps. Her hips dropped, only to buck upwards once again. Jessica’s mind whirled. Her helplessness, her need, the painful tugs on her nipples, all merged and became one, until the pain itself became somehow a part of her need. Her body fell into a rhythm, hips rising, then lowering as the clamps yanked at her nipples. Her world became an ocean of pain and need, the two merging, mixing, until pain and pleasure were indistinguishable.

Unnoticed by the writhing beauty, Walter once more approached the board. Moving carefully, tightened the cord attached to the vibrator, raising it well above her writhing form. Ignoring her pleading moans, he shut off the vibrator, then quickly removed his clothing.

For Jessica, the removal of the vibration barely registered. So lost in her need, she only noticed a change when she felt something slide into her, filling her with a single thrust. Electrified by this new sensation, she thrust her hips as high as she could, screaming with mixed pleasure and pain as her nipples were yanked harder than ever. The sensations crashed together, merged, and then exploded. Jessica felt as if her body had been blasted into pieces, unable to contain the force of the orgasm that now thundered through her. She screamed into her gag, straining against her bonds, and then her body went limp.

Slowly, her eyes opened. Slowly, she arched her back, then stiffened. Her hands stole to her nipples, seeking the clamps that no longer adorned them. Relaxing, she glanced around her bedroom, wondering how she’d gotten here. Seeing Walter standing by the bed, she smiled, her body going limp once more.

“How do you feel?” Walter asked.

Jessica considered the question. “Numb,” she decided. “Numb from head to toe, in a most delicious way.”

“Still disappointed?”

Jessica laughed softly. “No way. You’ve outdone yourself yet again, lover. I never thought I could be so helplessly tormented, or so completely fulfilled.”

Walter smiled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I hope you’ll want to try it again.”

“Oh, most definitely. But not too often.” She smiled again. “I’m not sure I could handle it very often.”

“No worries there,” Walter assured her. “I’ve got other things in mind for you.”

With that thought to hold her, Jessica drifted off to sweetest dreams.


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