by JayCee

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; bond; rope; gag; pantygag; hogtie; home; bedroom; burglar; reluct; X

Sarah had completely lost all track of time by now. She had absolutely no idea how long she'd been tied up. She had seen lots of images of people (usually women) bound and gagged, on TV and in the movies and so on. To be honest, the sight had sent a delicious shiver down her spine a time or two, and she had idly wondered what it might feel like, to be bound and gagged and helpless. But she had never imagined that it might actually happen to her, in her own home.

She had come home from her job as a medical transcriptionist in a doctor's office a little early. She had worn an outfit that day that she actually considered a little provocative. But she wanted to get the attention of the new (single!) doctor and she thought she'd succeeded. Her white blouse was rather low-cut, showing just enough cleavage. Her denim skirt was around 2" above her knees. She wore tan pantyhose and her ankle-strap taupe sandals with the 4" stiletto heels. And the new doc couldn't keep his eyes off her! It may have been her imagination, but he seemed to have an unusual number of questions on dictations today, that required him to personally come and see her.

But she had more immediate concerns now. When she first got home, she had a fleeting impression that something was wrong. Some magazines on the coffee table had been moved. "Just the cat", she thought to herself. Then she saw her bedroom door standing open. "That's funny", she thought, "I know I pulled that all the way shut this morning." As she walked over to check it out, she was grabbed from behind! Her captor seemed immensely strong. A hand clamped over her mouth before she had a chance to scream, and she felt a small, cold circle press into her temple. She immediately recognized this to be a gun. A cold, deep fear overwhelmed her, and she almost passed out. But she was instantly alert when the intruder hissed into her ear, "Don't make a fucking sound, bitch, or I'll kill you right here." It was a woman's voice. "We're going right into your bedroom."

Sarah stumbled as her assailant propelled her awkwardly into her bedroom. "Do exactly as I say, and you won't be hurt. I'm just here to take some things. I don't want to hurt you, but I will if I have to. Understand?"

Sarah nodded, her heart racing. A small whimper escaped her lips, earning her a jab in the neck from the weapon. "Shut the fuck up! Kneel down here, real slow. And stay quiet!" The stranger removed her hand from Sarah's mouth. Sarah slowly dropped to her knees, thankful the hand was no longer crushing her lips.

Sarah saw the burglar pick up a pair of pantyhose that was draped over the arm of her bedside chair. She folded them in half repeatedly until they were in a rectangle. The crotch panel was on the outside. "Open up," she said, pointing the awful gun at Sarah's head. The weapon looked enormous.

Sarah reluctantly opened her mouth, thinking "Oh, God! I'm going to be gagged! Gagged!"

The robber stuffed the folded pantyhose deep into Sarah's mouth, then worked them around with her fingers, to be sure Sarah's cheeks were also stuffed with the nylons. This was a pair of hose Sarah had worn 3 days in a row. She hadn't gotten around to washing them yet. She was now inhaling her own scent deeply with every breath. She had never had a gag stuffed in her mouth before.

"Don't move a muscle," her captor commanded. Sarah complied and watched with a strange sort of detached fascination as the burglar took a length of hemp rope from the bag beside her. "Put your hands behind your back, palms together." As Sarah did, she felt the hemp roughly circling her wrists. The burglar worked quickly, with efficiency and authority; she had clearly done this sort of thing before. After a half-dozen tight loops, the robber wrapped the ends back between Sarah's bound wrists, around the coils already in place. She then pulled, as tightly as she could, to cinch the rope securely. Sarah felt the ropes tighten by a factor of at least 3 or 4. But oddly enough, it didn't hurt, really. It just felt... secure.

The intruder snugly cinched Sarah's wrist bonds twice more, then tied the knot tightly, out of reach of her fingers. As an afterthought, she took the scissors lying on Sarah's nightstand and trimmed each end of the knot so closely that, even if Sarah could reach the knot, she'd have nothing to work with should she get a chance to try and untie it.

Next Sarah felt cord wrapping around her upper arms, just above the elbows. After enduring the robber's clinical, coldly efficient wrapping and cinching, Sarah's elbows were firmly lashed together. She then had more cord tied around her wrists & waist, pinning her hands into the small of her back. Yet more rope was bound tightly around her upper body and cinched. This, combined with the elbow tie, effectively eliminated any leverage she might have generated with her arms to work her hands loose.

Her captor moved down to tie her feet. Sarah noticed for the first time that the burglar was actually dressed very nicely. She was wearing a gray, short-skirted business suit and a cream top, with nude pantyhose and black velvet heels. The burglar noticed Sarah checking her out. "I don't look the part of a burglar, huh?" She had just a touch of a Southern drawl. "I dress like this, nobody suspects me if I'm tryin' to get in somewhere."

Then she went back to work. She tied Sarah's legs up as tightly as her arms, leaving tight bands of cinched rope around her ankles and below her knees. The rough hemp snagged her pantyhose in several places. Sarah watched the whole process. It felt unreal like she was floating there watching this happen to someone else. But then the robber gently tipped Sarah to her side. She fell all the way to the floor, bumping her head. She was, of course, completely unable to exercise her natural instinct to throw her arms out to break her fall. This made her feel unbearably helpless.

She looked up and saw herself in the full-length mirror on the wall. A frightened woman stared back, brutally tied up with coarse hemp rope, her mouth stuffed with some of her own pantyhose, at the mercy of an apparent sociopath. Then the burglar said, "Now I'll show you what a hogtie is."

She took a fairly short length of rope and threaded it around the cinch of Sarah's ankle bonds. Pulling it tight, she brought the ends up through the wrist bonds, then back to Sarah's feet. She pulled hard, and Sarah felt her heels get pulled right up against her wrists. Her back was arched. The woman then tied the knot off in front of her bound ankles, so she had no chance of reaching it. She trimmed the ends of this knot as well.

Next, she tied Sarah's legs tightly above the knees. The burglar said, "I like to tie this rope after I do the hogtie. If I do it before, it gets too tight when I pull the hogtie tight. When I do it this way, you can stay tied up a long, long time. Hey, we're almost done!"

Sarah didn't particularly want a lesson in the finer points of bondage technique. Regardless, she was hoping the burglar would leave her gagged this way - she was sure she'd be able to work the pantyhose out of her mouth, eventually. But her hopes were dashed when the burglar ripped a pillowcase into long strips and knotted two of the strips together. She said, "I just have to finish gagging your mouth, and that's it!"

She put the knot between Sarah's teeth, then wrapped the ends around behind her head. There was enough cloth to wrap completely around her head, so the strips were crossed over her mouth again. The burglar then pulled the ends very tight and finished by tying three hard, tight knots at the back of her neck.

Sarah was truly scared. She was afraid she would choke! The pantyhose were now at the back half of her tongue. The robber noticed her panic. She said, "You have to force yourself to relax and get used to the gag. Breathe through your nose. You'll be fine." Sarah couldn't believe how indifferent the intruder seemed to her plight. She then left Sarah alone, saying, "I wouldn't struggle much if I were you. It just makes everything tighter. I've been tied up a few times before, and I know."

As she left, Sarah naturally tried to move, to get up. But all she could do was wiggle her hands and feet ineffectually. The ropes were like steel bands around her limbs, and relentlessly tight. Her gag was very subduing. And it was such an invasion of her personal space - her boundaries - to have her mouth gagged. And with a pair of her own pantyhose! It was so...undignified, to be forcibly gagged by someone else, to have her power of speech taken away. And to be left tied up on the floor! She almost panicked again as the true extent of her helplessness sank in. There would be no getting loose. She was completely incapable of getting herself untied or getting the gag out of her mouth.

She could hear the burglar rummaging through her things in the living room, and beyond. After what seemed like hours (but was really only about a half-hour), she heard the "click-click" of high heels coming back toward her. The burglar stood in front of Sarah's face, so close Sarah could see the texture of her pantyhose. Then the robber started going through Sarah's jewelry box. Unable to help herself, Sarah tried to struggle against her bonds and scream against her gag. The burglar smiled amusedly at her captive. "Guess you should scream louder! Or are you trying to tell me you're not tied up tight enough? Things can get a lot worse, you know." With tears of frustration in her eyes, Sarah settled down. It was so humiliating, to only be able to make heavily muffled "mews." But the burglar wasn't interested in anything Sarah might have to say, anyway. She just wanted to be sure her victim laid there, nice and quiet until she was far, far away.

Sarah noticed that almost every muscle in her body was tensed. She made a conscious decision to finally just relax, admit defeat, and submit to her bondage. The burglar sensed this. She said, "That's it. Just relax. You're not going anywhere. I'm leaving now. I'll call the police in a few hours and tell them you're here. You were a lot of fun to tie up! Bye!" Sarah moaned into her tight gag as heard the heels click away again. She heard her front door open, then shut. All she could do was lie there, brutally gagged and hogtied, praying someone would come to her rescue.

Two hours later, someone did come to her rescue. It was the burglar. She said, "Did you enjoy that?"

Sarah smiled and replied, "Yes I did… It was… very realistic! Now I know what being tied up feels like. We must do this again."

"Bondage is much more fun when you think that you're in real peril," her best friend observed.


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