Bungee Bet

by Maxxster

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Today was not unlike any other day except that for today it was going to be unique and special. It had started off like any other morning, waking up in bed laying next to the man who had over time became very dear to me. Dear in ways to which I would have ever dreamed were possible. I had often thought about living such a life and I am grateful for those memories which brought them all to reality.

My Life was ordinary, except for my thoughts, which were always there drawing me to places in my mind that most people would never know I had by looking at me. I had secrets, like we all do, except my secrets fought to become reality. Time was not making them easier to accept, don’t get me wrong, when I was distracted by Day to Day living, it was  easy, I didn’t think about them, yet when alone or relaxing, I could not avoid them, them took on a life of there own.

These thoughts were always perplexing to me, I didn’t know where they came from, why I had them and how they could motivate the darker side of my own sexuality.  I didn’t act out on them or know why I felt the way about the thoughts I had and never shared before I had met my most loving and wonderful partner.

Our first contact was immediate, we both knew we had found something special in each other and although it took us a few months to really begin to take the time for each other, it was there from the beginning.

You see, I always like the thoughts of being Handcuffed and or controlled. These were scary thoughts at first, yet the feeling I had when thinking about it could not be avoided. I embraced my thoughts and had wanted to experience these feeling for real.

Our conversations started out casual, yet, flirty and being as cheeky as I can be when feeling comfortable, we spoke about many things. I am not sure when it was yet was pleasantly surprised when It was suggested that I be careful, or I would end up Handcuffed. I instantly knew that I had found a kindred spirit in him and watched enthusiastically as things evolved between us to where we are at now.

I would have gotten out of bed and had made coffee for us both, except somewhere in the middle of the night I found my hands being pulled behind my back and locked in Handcuffs. I was laying there beside him knowing that I couldn’t get free without him. It wasn’t long before he stirred and I wasn’t surprised considering I was kissing his face and neck, LOL no wonder why he woke up.

As usual, he smiled at me instantly and pulled me forward to him and gave me a great hug and I could feel the warmth of his skin next to mine. He then pushed me back and instantly began licking and nibbling on my nipples, taking them lightly into his mouth. Yet today he didn’t continue, he stopped, smiled again and stated, Not today my Dear, it is your Day to go Bungee Jumping……. And we have allot to do to get you ready…….

I wasn’t sure what he meant by getting me ready, I was ready already, excited both mentally to going Bungee Jumping and sexually from having slept handcuffed next to my man. I don’t think it was very fair that he licked my nipples and then left me all aroused. I know that wasn’t very nice……….

He got out of bed and went to the kitchen leaving me as I was, handcuffed and I followed him protesting my circumstances to which he just smiled, poured me a coffee and placed a straw into the cup so I could drink it easily. Instructed me to stop complaining and sit down and enjoy the start of our day.

We casually talked as I struggled against the handcuffs in my chair yet finished my coffee. He got up and told me to meet him in the bathroom. After I went to the bathroom, he started the shower and asked me to join him, not that I minded it was just that I knew that I couldn’t do anything. I stepped into the shower and was pulled close and we stood for several minutes under the warm water and he brushed my hair away from my face before kissing me deeply. This was truly blissful and felt wonderful to be held, touched and loved this way.

My hair was washed and rinsed, and my body was also washed, albeit very slowly as he took time over my hardened nipples and cupping my breasts and then holding my ass in his hands and kissing me again. My body was rinsed clean and he spread my legs wide, knelt before me and started to lick my flower as I put my head under the flowing water, I was so very close now to having an awesome orgasm when he stopped, stood up, smiled and turned off the water.

I again protested to not being allowed to orgasm and he smiled and told me to just enjoy my day. I had experienced this before, his teasing me to the brink many times before allowing me to cum, it was frustrating for me and he knew it, yet relished in his control over me which he also knew I needed and enjoyed both through teasing and frustration.

My body was dried by him with a towel and I was instructed to wait in the bathroom while he went to get the keys for the Handcuffs. When he returned, one handcuff was unlocked and then relocked in front and I was told to dry my hair and get ready and absolutely do not touch yourself.

My experiences to date have shown me that it was important to listen and I knew the consequences of touching myself without permission, he teases me longer and leaves me handcuffed and unable to touch myself, so it was far worse than todays beginning.

I dried my hair and put on a little make up, he likes my natural beauty which allows me the ability of getting ready in the mornings rather quickly. I walked into the bedroom and pulled out some clothes which I was going to wear when I heard him walk in behind me.

He told me to hang on for he had something special to add for todays events. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about and turned to him with my hands still handcuffed in front of me. He walked over to me and placed the key into the cuffs and open one before pulling my arms behind my back and locking them once again behind me. I asked what he was doing and he smiled and told me to be patient, that today was going to be extra special for me.

In our bedroom there was an I bolt in the wall which he walked me over to and placed a padlock through the Handcuffs to the eye bolt holding my hands very rigidly behind my back in one place. I stood there not knowing what was going to happen next and could see his smile. I knew too that this was going to be a special day.

A blindfold was placed over my eyes as he said it would help me focus and not get distracted. I then was told to lift my chin and he placed a large Posture collar around my neck and buckled it, I could not look down now and could only look straight forward. I was told to open up and a ball gag was added so that I wouldn’t distract him so he said and that too was buckled behind my head.

I now stood there Handcuffed, collared and gagged and unable to get free. I felt him push my legs apart and start licking my nipples again, which always resulted in me getting instantly aroused. I could feel his hands caressing my body lightly as he took the time to touch me gently and lovingly.

He stopped touching my body and I could then feel his lips in my thighs as he started to lick them as well, it was becoming very difficult to stand and I bent my knees a little so that I could attempt to have him place his tongue deeper into me. This was truly wonderful and felt so good, maybe he was going to let me cum now before I go Bungee Jumping? To help relax me before I take the plunge off the bridge, this would be a great reward for having agreed to embrace my fears and JUMP!!!!

I should have known better, for as quickly as the thought came bringing me closer to an orgasm, he stopped. I immediately began pulling on the handcuffs and trying my best at expressing my frustration at being denied again that orgasm which was building in me and not being released.

There was some rustling of paper after what sounded like a box being torn open and I didn’t have a clue what was happening. I stood there stoic in stance and posture waiting for what ever was going to happen next. I could hear the sound of metal, you know that clanging sound which only metal can make and I couldn’t identify it or what it was. It didn’t take long to learn my fate.

I could sense his presence in front of me and then I felt something being placed around my waist which connected in the front making it feel like a solid piece of metal, it wasn’t uncomfortable yet a different feeling. I then felt him fiddling with something which appeared connected to the waist hanging between my legs. It was then I could feel something at the entrance of my flower and being pushed inside me. It felt good, yet I didn’t know what it was, it felt that it was getting deeper which it was and then I could feel coldness on my lips and belly. There was movement in the waist belt and it appeared that the intruder inside me was being forced deeper into me before stopping and being connected to the waist band.

It wasn’t hard to hear that Loud Click of a Lock being closed and I knew something was locked on my body, forcing a dildo deep inside me and not sliding out after his hands were removed. I grunted into the gag and lowered and bent my legs which only caused the intruder to go deeper which caused me to pause and squeal into my gag.

It was then that I was told that I was now locked in a Stainless-Steel Chastity Belt which didn’t have to be removed for me to wear under normal street clothes or go to the bathroom in. It was custom made especially for me and had an attachment which could not be removed without the key. I was going to wear it until it was decided that I had earned the privilege of having it taken off or the plug removed.

I couldn’t believe my ears; I was locked in a chastity belt. A stainless-steel belt which didn’t rust and have to be removed with a plug deep inside my flower, My God, this was erotic and would have allowed me to orgasm except I was now absolutely unable to until this belt came off.

There was only a momentary pause before I felt my ankles being brought together and then a pair of short chained ankle cuffs were locked onto my ankles, not allowing me to open my legs and or spread my feet apart. I could feel the intruder inside me and when I moved my hips around I could feel it too moving inside me. It was warm and there was nothing I could do to avoid it.

I then felt both my nipples being played with between his fingers and this almost sent me over the edge, except, I couldn’t go over that edge. I was on the edge of it, yet could not orgasm, I was horny and aroused yet could not find that orgasm. It was bad enough that 3 times today I was brought to the brink and denied, yet now, every movement I make I can feel myself close, and yet unable to cum. This was the ultimate frustration, handcuffed and locked in a chastity belt.

This was completely ironic metaphorically speaking, I was scheduled to go Bungee Jumping and Jumping off a Bridge Today, yet as I am now, I am physically, emotionally and sexually on that edge and yet, cannot get off.

I then was asked how I was feeling and grunted into the gag, this was responded with “Good Girl” you have been somewhat Cheeky and a bit of a Tease Yourself lately. I hope this helps you understand that you best learn to behave, yet I wouldn’t expect anything less of you than as you are. I do so love you and you know that you have earned this. I am going to leave you for a little while and wouldn’t want you to think that I cannot go an hour out of my day without being by your side. We both know, you don’t like a clingy insecure man. LOL

With those words I was then left alone, for how long? I don’t know, yet I can share in that position time seemed to stand still. I was so aroused and so stuck, there was nothing that I could say or do which would allow me to get free from the Handcuffs which kept me to the wall and or the intruder which was placed inside me without any consent given. I was stuck and starting to feel that I am going to have to misbehave more in the future. This truly felt so wonderful.

Time had given me the opportunity to reflect on my position and although I didn’t anticipate this, I clearly enjoyed it. It was enjoyable on many levels and equally frustrating as well, I couldn’t find any way of getting an orgasm, yet came close, I couldn’t quite get there. I knew that we had moved together into something unchartered by me and my wonderful partner was capable of many surprises, for he did have far more experience than I did, and I was grateful for this experience, even now as I was.

He returned some time later and again began playing with my nipples. He then stopped and I could feel his body embrace mine and give me a great big Hug. I couldn’t hug him back, yet knew I was loved as I was, even in the position I was in.

The gag and collar were removed after the ankle cuffs and then the lock holding the Handcuffs to the wall. He removed one handcuff and then relocked it in front allowing me to look down and for the first time feel the steel chastity belt locked onto me. I could see the lock and tugged on it, he told me it was not coming off and that I was going to wear the belt Bungee Jumping or if not, I would noose the bet.

I then instantly knew and remembered our bet, I wanted to go Bungee Jumping and he told me I would chicken out, I stated emphatically that I would not chicken out and nothing would stop me from fulfilling that quest of finally Bungee Jumping. He agreed that I sounded confident in my determination yet was sceptical about if I would actually do it. It was then that I stated, “I bet you that if I don’t jump, you can keep me Handcuffed all day, everyday and I will give you a blowjob every day for a month without getting any sex from you”. I remember he had a funny look on his face and smiled and then said, “Your on!!!!”

He smiled that same funny smile at me now and asked me if I still wanted to go Bungee Jumping today? or would I like to give him the first installment of Daily Handcuffed Blowjobs for a month??????

I knew I had been tricked, he was smart, calculating and determined. He knew from the beginning exactly what he was going to do. I knew at that moment I was not going to give in so easily and other than a locked Chastity Belt with a plug locked deep inside me, nothing had changed, I could do this, I can still go Bungee Jumping and win the bet.

We smiled at each other, and I stated, I am going Bungee Jumping Today……..

He too smiled at me and then said, we best get going soon, you have an important day in front of you and with that he removed the Handcuffs and I got dressed. It was odd at first to feel the Chastity Belt as one thing, yet with a plug inside me, made bending over somewhat challenging, yet not completely uncomfortable, just challenging at first to learn how to move with the belt locked on.

My thoughts went to getting dressed and I was now ready to go, I had my hair pulled back into a pony tail with a scrunchy and touched up my make up after the blindfold, a woman has to look and feel her best you know, LOL, Even if I am now wearing a chastity belt under my clothes. My outfit took some time to find the perfect comfortable jeans and sweatshirt to wear it with. I was going to do this and nothing, not even being tricked and locked into this belt would stop me.

Standing in the Kitchen was my Man with a grin that even made me blush as he looked at me walking a little light footed knowing full well the real reason why. He stated I looked great and asked if I was ready? I answered that I was, and he said great!!!!!! He walked over to me took my left hand and locked a Handcuff onto it and then turned me around and locked the other one to my wrist behind my back.

I stated this was unfair….. He stopped and gave me a kiss and said, let’s go while pulling my arm and walking towards to door. We walked through the house to the door which accessed our garage and he opened it and I walked through. When we got to the car, he opened the door for me and I sat down and he placed the seat belt over my lap, pressing my waist into the seat and holding my shoulders back with my hands still cuffed behind me. He then leant into the car and placed the same short chained ankle cuffs onto my ankles, forcing me to keep my legs closed and together, forcing the intruder deeper into me.

He walked around the car, opened the door, sat down and put on his seat belt. When I looked over to him, he smiled and placed a small remote in the centre console, I asked him what that was for and he said, all in due time my dear, all in due time……

He hit another remote and the garage door opened, it was a beautiful day outside, I could instantly smell the air and fragrance of the flowers. It was a nice moment. We pulled the car out and stopped and waited until the garage door closed before pulling down our driveway to the main road. I shifted in my seat as best I could, handcuffed and with a dildo locked deep inside me until I found a comfortable position.

The ride was interesting for sure, each and every bump in the road caused me to feel the locked intruder go a little deeper inside me, I started wanting him to hit all the bumps, LOL, yet knew that I doubted I would be able to get off from that, so I resigned myself to just enjoy the ride.

On the way to where I would be making the plunge off the bridge, he stopped at a rest stop and pulled over and turned the car off. He undid his seat belt and leaned over to me and began to kiss me deeply which I reciprocated enthusiastically wanting him more and more with each minute. I felt his hand go under my sweatshirt and find my breasts, he began to touch them, and I could feel his fingers playing with my Nipples. He then lifted my shirt to fully expose my breasts, lifting them right out of my Bra and played with both nipples until they became very hard and protruding outwards. He then stopped and he then reached into his pocket and brought out 2 Nipple clamps which he then took the time to tighten on each nipple until they we held firmly in place and would not come off. They were very tight, and I could feel then clearly as he licked  around them with his tongue which only caused me greater sensations, he gave them one final turn/twist and then pulled my bra back up and maneuvered my breasts back into there holding position within the Bra. He then asked if I still wanted to go Bungee Jumping? I squealed with frustration and arousal and stated absolutely I am going to go Bungee Jumping….. With that he started the car and we continued to the Site for me to Jump.

I struggled against the Handcuffs even more now, pulling my wrists as best I could which only caused me to grind myself deeper onto the intruder locked inside me and making my Nipples rub themselves within the bra, I was getting frustrated from more than one distraction now and this was beginning to be extremely difficult to focus on anything. I sighed into the air and looked out the window.

We arrived about 30 minutes later and I was glad that we were there, this day was becoming long already and I hadn’t even jumped yet, I really need to get this over with so that I could win the bet and get this belt off for some great sex that was beyond well earned and now totally deserving after what I have been through so far.

The ankle cuffs were removed as was my seat belt, I leaned forward, and the handcuffs were taken off my wrists, this was now the first time that I could stretch in what felt a very long time and it truly felt good. I opened my door and said, lets get this over with, I am so ready to get home and get you inside me. With that I got out and closed the door. We walked together and he gave me a little loving nudge with his shoulder causing me to catch my step and then take a little hop, he laughed and said, hey there wobbly girl, you OK????? And I laughed and replied and said “I am so going to Win this Bet”……..

We walked up and got registered, then proceeded to the staging area where two guys came forward and informed me that they were going to help get all the safety equipment on me properly. They held up a harness and asked me to step into the foot portion of it. I suddenly became very self conscious of wearing the belt and wondered if they would be able to know that I was wearing it under my clothes.

I was quickly relieved when they instructed me to pull it up as high as I could feeling the thigh strap right on the edge of Chastity Belt front shield. The waist portion was just below where the waist band of the Chastity belt was so there was no pinching or any feeling that this was going to be uncomfortable in any way.

I then sat down on a bench and the ankle/leg portion of the safety gear was then applied. My legs were held very closely together and sitting on this bench which only forced the plug deeper inside me, yet I had to keep my composure and try and not let anyone see my face when the plug went deeper in me. I was now ready, and it only took about 10 minutes after getting out of the car. So, if I calculate things properly, I could be having passionate sex in about 45 minutes, LOL I was eager to get this over with now for sure, I wanted this plug out of me and replaced with something else.

It was almost humiliating for me when I was asked to jump/hop the few steps to the platform, I reluctantly did this all the while feeling the plug inside me and my nipples inside the bra, I am sure my face was completely flushed red as a large group of onlookers cheered me on.

I stood there feeling completely overwhelmed that I was plugged and my nipples were screaming and I had just hopped in front of a group of people, my legs were strapped together and in a few minutes after the person in front of me, I would finally be able to jump and get this over with. I had so many thoughts going on in my head right now, I wanted to jump, yet it was nothing more than a mere distraction and means to an end to win a bet and not have to give a blowjob everyday for a month.

I tried to calm myself and just feel the moment as I stood there with one person in front of me ready to jump and another behind me also ready to jump after I was done. My Ankles bound together forcing the plug deep inside me knowing that I was going to Jump wearing a chastity Belt and nipple clamps. It was then I heard my name and I turned to see my man smiling, holding that small remote in his hand and then the locked intruder turned on, sending waves of pulsation through my already over aroused flower.

My legs began to give out immediately from underneath me and as I began to sit down right where I was, I was caught by the assistants assigned to me and they pulled me back about 2 feet to a seat that was being pulled up and I then took a moment trying to catch my breath. My Man came over to me and asked me if I was ok while smiling and then asked me another question, if I was sure I still wanted to go ahead and Jump? He then claimed I looked a little flushed………. He then turned the Vibrator inside the belt off.

I was far more self conscious of wondering if anyone could hear the intruder vibrating inside me and was comforted when told that I was going to be ok, and that it was normal for high emotions and adrenaline to occur just before Jumping, they were most definitely ready for that in some cases and would help me to the platform if I still wanted to go ahead. I was determined to win this bet and answered that nothing was going to stop me from jumping and I was helped up and the few hops to the platform.

Everything was connected, I spread my arms, embraced the fear of the unknown, Felt the Vibrator turn itself back on at a higher setting than before and I willfully and gracefully fell forward off the platform being totally vibrated inside the Locked Chastity Belt as I went over the edge. I screamed at the top of my lungs, not knowing if it was from the jump, or the mind-blowing orgasm I just had without even touching myself. It was by far the most intense experience to date.

I swung up and down for a few minutes all the while feeling the intruder inside me, giving me pleasure that I had never experienced before, before I was pulled up to the platform to receive the biggest hug and congratulations for my personal accomplishment. The plug was shut off just before I was helped onto the platform and that whole experience lasted about 10 minutes. I sat in a chair and everything was removed, and I was presented with a photo of the moment I jumped, and you could clearly see my eyes were saying something far greater than that of the experience of jumping. I was told that it looked like I hit a place of Nirvana at my first jump. Everyone was so ecstatic for me and I was asked if the company could post my photo on there web site to promote the benefits and enjoyment of Bungee Jumping. I declined the offer and shared that I was shy yet embraced every challenge I could to have over come this experience.

We walked back to the car casually holding each others’ arms and laughing together at what had just happened. When we got to the car, I was again Handcuffed behind my back and with the ankle cuffs on keeping my legs together. Except this time the remote was turned on and I could again feel the very powerful vibrations inside the locked intruder, and we drove home with me anticipating a good quality shagging from my man.

When we got home, I was helped out of the car after the ankles cuffs were removed, yet I was left wearing the handcuffs and we walked into the house. I was told that I was going to receive some good news and some bad news and asked what I wanted first. I replied good news of course and was told that the Chastity Belt would be coming off me. I then walked over and said thank you, thank you, thank you and received a big hug. I then asked what was the bad news and was told that the company never put the key to the lock in the box and the lock was open when it arrived and that he didn’t have the keys to take it off me, but that it would arrive on Tuesday after the long weekend and that he was very sorry, yet it would give me time to get used to wearing it.

I screamed and stated that was totally unfair, I won the bet and wanted sex, NOW!!!!! I was comforted by being gagged and told that it was only three days. He then stated that he did feel bad that the batteries were going to run out very soon and then I would fully experience not being able to have an orgasm, yet he was going to help me out as best he could until then and with that he then lifted my shirt and began to play with my nipples.

What could I do except just try and endure another 3 days of torment, with maybe him letting me have another orgasm before I wont be able to.

I truly have a man who Loves me.




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