Brigit Takes Bondage 101

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2009 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; drug; leather; bond; gag; hood; kidnap; captive; transport; toys; nc; X


Brigit could not believe it.  What started as a seemingly huge piece of white cloth was gradually disappearing inside her mouth.  The palms and fingers of two hands, covered in skintight kid leather gloves, rested on her cheeks as the thumbs gathered the last few inches of the torn bed sheet and forced it past her teeth.

Tears filled her eyes as she wondered if her jaw was going to be dislocated but the experienced thumbs stopped after one last push and the hands of the blurred form in front of her left her face only to reappear with a big roll of tensor bandage in one and a couple of tissues in the other.

As the intruder mopped the tears away and Brigit could focus again she saw just the bluest pair of eyes studying her through a loose black leather facemask.  She had seen that before, just momentarily, when she came home and walked through her door to see this obviously feminine form completely covered in black leather.  Before she could react there had been a faint hissing sound from a spray can held in front of her face and the world went away.

There was not the slightest give in the cords binding her wrists and elbows to the back of the kitchen chair and she could feel her ankles held tightly against the front legs with more cord.

“Yes, you do have lovely brown eyes don’t you?”  As she spoke the figure placed the moist tissues neatly on the table and started to unwind the bandage.  Holding the end under Brigit’s right ear she pulled it firmly across the packed mouth and started winding it around her captive’s head.

After three turns she picked up a piece of duct tape, previously cut from a roll and stuck on the edge of the table, and used it to hold the end of the bandage in place.  The tensor fabric covered Brigit’s face from just under her nose to her chin and she could feel the elastic in the bandage tightening itself over her mouth.

“You know that I’m being kind to you Brigit?  Normally I would just have gone straight to this duct tape but then it is a bitch to get out of hair without cutting it off.  So here we go over the bandage, I call it an anti-drool gag.”

Three or four very tight turns of the duct tape now covered the bandage and then the figure reached down to unbutton Brigit’s winter jacket.  Opening it wide she did the same to the silk blouse and looked at the bra underneath for a moment.  “It would be so much easier with a front clasp Brigit; you had better stay very still.”

A small knife appeared in her right hand and she slid the blade up under the centre of the offending bra.  A quick stroke and the elastic separated.  The knife disappeared and the hands peeled the cups from Brigit’s breasts.

“Well now don’t those make nice handfuls?  Let’s just test the gag shall we?”

She moved her right hand from its grasp around the left breast and took the nipple between her gloved fingers.  With a little twist the bound woman screamed; but only a faint moan came out.

“Now that is a proper gag Brigit.”  The leather-clad hand again gripped her chin and the blue eyes studied her gagged face and tear filled eyes.

“Maybe I should explain what’s happening to you.  I am always looking for new subjects on whom to practice my profession and the best place to go ‘fishing’ for them is in the fetish stores.  I do a regular tour of the bigger stores in several cities.  Do you remember buying that red ball gag a few weeks ago?  You looked so nervous that I knew you were an amateur so I followed you home.  Once I knew where you lived it was just a matter of some research to find out all about you.” 

“You really should get better locks on your doors you know.  When I looked around your house the first time I found the stash of pictures you have of yourself and in one of them you were supposedly gagged.  It was pathetic because all there was in your mouth was a thin strip of cloth that made a mockery of proper gags.  Some of the others are not so bad but you still have so much to learn.”

“But it did turn out well because I have a contract for a mother daughter pair and you fit the bill.  I was looking for the right opportunity and when I checked your house again a few days ago, while you were at school, I saw on the fridge calendar you use as a day timer that Amber is going to do your hair this evening when she comes home from the salon before the two of you go on vacation.  Yes, I know all about your daughter; she’s a very pretty young lady and will be joining our little party.”

“The school is out now for the holidays so you and Amber have a nice two week holiday planned before you start in the office again and she is due back at work. That means I get two new friends to play with and it won’t be until after the beginning of next month for you to be missed.  By that time it will be too late.”

“By playing I mean I am about to teach you that the little tie up games you mess around with are nothing like real, professional, bondage.”

“I have a dungeon in a town some way from here that is full of lovely toys and costumes for you to try.  As they say in restaurants Brigit, my name is Anne and I will be looking after you.  Somehow I don’t think you will enjoy the experience.”

“Now let me get you wrapped up for travelling before Amber arrives.”

Brigit could only watch as the black clad form in tight leather and knee boots with 3” block heels lifted a big bag up on the kitchen table and started rummaging through it.

“Do you like my outfit Brigit?  It really is very comfortable and does set the mood don’t you think?  It’s only in the comics that Dommes like me prance around in sky high stiletto heels, they are really not that practical until the work is done and I can relax.”

As she talked her fingers were pulling the laces out of a piece of leather that Brigit recognised, from her Internet travels to bondage sites, as a discipline helmet.  The tears started again as she realised she would soon be wearing it.

True, she had played around with some mild self-bondage and found it exciting.  But mostly she just looked at bondage sites and read stories; never in her wildest dreams had she expected to experience the real thing.

“Your first lesson Brigit is that, once a victim is properly gagged, you can handle them very easily if you take away the rest of their senses.  So, until I get you to the dungeon, here is a piece of advice, don’t panic just breathe slowly and evenly what ever happens to you.  I’m a professional and know exactly what I’m doing; who knows you might just start enjoying yourself.”

Brigit didn’t think so and started shaking her head; not that it did any good as one leather covered hand grabbed her chin and the other worked rubber plugs in first one of her ears and then the other.  Her tormentor started by fitting the leather helmet under her chin before pulling it up over her face.  There were metal ringed holes under each nostril and larger ones at the eyes so she could still see.

Working swiftly Anne laced the helmet tightly down the back of Brigit’s head then pulled the throat strap snug.  The gag strap was pulled much more tightly and locked behind her head and then, with a surprisingly gently touch; one finger closed her left eyelid while a wad of soft cotton wool was tucked in place.  Brigit’s world went black again as the other eye got the same treatment and another strap was buckled over them and around her head.

She felt herself being released from the chair, even though her wrists were still tied behind her back, and then being half led, half pulled through to the bedroom.  A hard push in her back and she fell on her stomach across the bed and was helpless to do anything as she was very efficiently undressed.  During the whole process there was never more than one of her arms or legs free and even then it was in the firm grasp of a leather gloved hand.
Naked, with her wrists and hands bound palm to palm behind her, she felt her shoulders strain as more cord pulled her elbows together and then some sort of leather bag was pulled up her arms.

Anne had figured that with Brigit in her very early forties, even though she seemed to be in excellent shape, she would not be supple enough for a reverse prayer position although that would be fun to try with Amber, so instead she laced up the single arm binder she had chosen.  With the shoulder straps buckled Anne rolled the figure over and, kneeling on her right leg knotted some cord just above the left knee running the end through a D ring on the left shoulder strap.

Several quick pulls and a few pushes on the leg and Brigit’s knee nearly touched her shoulder.  The right one got the same treatment and the helpless woman was completely exposed.

Checking her watch Anne found that she still had more than an hour before Amber was due to arrive home so she took her time buckling a wide belt around Brigit’s waist and then, pulling a pair of latex gloves over her leather ones, she opened the tube of KY and lubed the two toys attached to a crotch strap.

Kneeling between Brigit’s feet to keep them apart she slowly worked the butt plug in place while making a bet with herself that this was the first time anything went in that orifice instead of out.  It took a fair amount of work but finally the plug slid home with a final push.  The dildo was no problem at all and, to Anne’s amusement, Brigit seemed to be making plenty of her own lubrication.

With the plugs in place she buckled the crotch strap tightly to the front and back of the waist belt and then went to look through the closets.

In the front closet she found a pair of knee high leather boots with at least a 5” heel but was not surprised; since her victim was around 5’3” tall the heels were understandable.

Returning to the bedroom she got the boots on Brigit then used cord to tie her right ankle to the left knee and her left ankle to the right one.  More cord from the ring at the end of the arm binder was pulled forwards through her crotch and around the crossed legs then out to the rings at each shoulder.

Pulling the woman to the edge of the bed Anne easily lifted the bound form down to the floor where she rested Buddha like on the carpet in a nice, completely helpless, package ready for the back of Anne’s SUV.

When Amber arrived home she received almost the same treatment except that, by the time she woke up from the first puff of anaesthetic spray, she was already gagged, deaf and blind with another leather helmet laced tightly on her head and absolutely no idea what had, or was, happening.

Anne had packaged Amber exactly the same way as Brigit, but without the conversation, now she transferred the two tightly bound females to her vehicle which she had pulled into their empty garage.  At nearly 5’ 10”, without the heels, she had hardly any trouble moving the two who, she guessed, weighed between 120 and 130 pounds each.

In each of their bedrooms she found partially packed suitcases they had been getting ready for their vacation trip.  Checking both closets in the bedrooms and the one in the front hall Anne selected several more items of clothing that took her fancy; packed those then searched around to find Brigit’s stash of self- bondage equipment.  She threw those, including the red ball gag, in a suitcase with the collection of photographs she had found a few weeks ago.  No need to advertise the kinky side of things for whoever started looking for the two missing women.

Very deliberately she moved through the house checking for anything out of place or signs she had been there and turning off the lights.  Carrying her bag she removed the mask, shook out her hair then pulled on a long cloth coat to cover the leather outfit.   She locked the door with Brigit’s keys, threw the purses of her two new playthings along with Amber’s hairdressing kit on the front seat before she drove away.

The dungeon she had was built under a drive-in garage and had a hidden elevator down to the rooms.  Anne had a luggage carrier like those used by hotel bellhops and it made moving Brigit and Amber very simple.

Leaving them on the floor with the only thing that could move, their leather encased heads, turning back and forth as they searched for some sign of their nightmare ending; she studied the room full of equipment.

Thoughtfully she moved upstairs to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of chilled white wine before making her decision.  She would let Brigit spend the first night almost restfully; strapped to one of the padded leather covered dungeon tables.  Her legs out straight but everything else left in place.

Now Amber had to be treated differently.  Yes indeed.  Anne had a ribbed rubber butt plug attached to a stainless steel ass hook.  A nice tight hogtie and the ass hook properly installed with an equally large dildo in front would make the daughter very uncomfortable over night and that much easier to handle in the morning.

Anne took the last sip of her wine and went back down to finish her day’s work!


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