The Bridal Vow and Collar

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; collar; heels; hobble; leash; wedding; public; toys; rom; cons; X

This is the day that the beautiful May-ling has been dreaming about, her wedding day. After two failed marriages and many wasteful relationships, she knows this is the one that will work. This one is different and her husband-to-be is different, he is confident, powerful, handsome, kinky, and dominant. She is madly in love with him and would do anything to please him. Together they planned their wedding, but he made the final decision on her wedding dress, a dress she has not seen yet. Her maid of honor Daphne will be bringing the wedding dress and a few other surprises. May-ling can not stand Daphne since she is her husband-to-be’s ex-girlfriend and he insisted that she should be the maid of honor.

Daphne arrives and presents the stunning bridal gown to May-ling and she gasps at the elegance and sexiness of the white satin lacy mermaid-style bridal gown. She realizes several things about the bridal gown as she puts it on...the v-neck that shows off her cleavage...the sexy mermaid tail that flare out past the knees with sexy layers of ruffles...the sexy beaded lace detail in front and how her breasts show through...and the special white lacy panties with the remote control vibrator. She stands in the bridal gown and finds difficulty walking in it since it's extremely tight and knows that it's a bridal hobble dress!

Next comes the heels, Daphne opens a box with the heels in it. May-ling is stunned "These heels are 6 inches! I can't walk in these and are those tiny padlocks?" Daphne helps May-ling with the heels, placing the padlocks on the heels "These are the heels Roberto wants you to wear and you will have to take slow steps when walking. No one will notice the padlocks since your heels will be covered by the layers of ruffles...unless someone asks to see your heels?" Daphne takes a look at the sexy bride "Do you love him?" May-ling thinks about his amazing body and his beautiful piercing brown eyes. "Of course I do and I can't wait to please and serve my man." Daphne holds another box "That's good because during the wedding ceremony you will have to pledge your love to him. What's in this box will be a surprise and part of the special ceremony."

As the guests, family members and friends enter the wedding ceremony hall, May-ling can only wonder what's in the box. As she walks down the aisle with her father by her side, the vibrator turns on instantly making her wet and causing her to moan softly as she slowly walks in those sexy 6 inch concealed heels. People notice how beautiful she looks and how strangely she's walking. She knows it's Roberto that is controlling the vibrator and it finally turns off before she has an embarrassing orgasm in front of her friends and family. She finally reaches her husband-to-be, the groomsmen and pretty bridesmaids dressed in pink satin and the ceremony begins.

The minister begins with the vows and he states something that is slightly odd and she freely repeats it because she loves her man " love, to cherish, to serve and obey..." This actually turns her on as the audience is whispering about the Obey part. The minister speaks "Before I continue with the final part of the ceremony, we will observe a new strange custom that will show their true love towards each other." He then motions for Daphne to present the special wedding ring. As the crowd watches with curiosity only the minister, Daphne and Roberto are aware of what's going to happen next.

Before Daphne approaches the wedding party, May-ling's orgasm hits her as she falls to her knees. " now..." As she looks at her father "...Ahhh...I'm cumming.." Then May-ling sees what's Daphne has on a white satin's a black metal slave collar and a leash! The orgasm is still sending shots of pleasure throughout her body as she stares at the collar and then her husband-to-be...her Man "Please collar me and Fuck me!" As the wedding crowd is stunned and applauds by the language and the slave collar. The orgasm finally is over and the minister continues with the strange ceremony.

"This collar is permanent, do you wish to continue?" May-ling looks at Roberto's bulge from her knees "Yes, I do...I love my man!." As Roberto grabs the collar, then places it around her neck, locking it forever, Daphne then presents the vows that May-ling will read "Master, I humbly accept your collar as a symbol of your ownership of me...I know as your property, I will be loved, taken care of...I offer you the gift of myself to you." The minister then says "I now pronounce you as Master and submissive wife, you may now leash your wife." Then Daphne hands the leash to Roberto as he clips it to her collar and then holds the other end of the leash.

As Master Roberto leads his new submissive bride down the aisle by the leash. She crawls on all fours as everyone now sees her sexy 6 inch heels with the tiny padlocks. A lot of the wedding crowd are saying rude comments about the collar and Roberto. May-ling's mother is also disgusted with the slave collar, the leash, the Master reference...but somehow her 65 year old pussy has begun to get wet. It continues to get more wet as she imagines her daughter on her knees pleasing her man...her Master! Her final naughty thought is herself also leashed forced to suck her son-in-laws cock side by side with her collared daughter! She then thinks to herself "Hmmm..I must visit my new son-in-law and get to know him...every inch of him."


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