Break In Queen

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: F/m; break-in; robber; rope; bond; femdom; spank; reward; breasts; breathplay; tease; captive; transport; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Have you ever been robbed? It's not the fact that your stuff's gone that gets ya no it's the knowing that someone got into your house, your home. It's the knowing your home isn't safe anymore that it never even was to begin with. That's frightening. I'll never get to know that feeling. My experience was different from the norm - very different.

It began on a cold dreary night in December. I was still living at home to save on boarding costs at my college. That night was the first I had been alone in quite awhile and I intended to make the most of it. And by 'make the most of it' I mean watch the television living room in my underwear eating pizza. Yeah, I know, I led an exciting life.

Around 3 am I fell asleep watching a channel that ... let's just say my mother wouldn't approve of. Suddenly I heard a loud crash like the shattering of glass. Jumping up I ran into the kitchen wide eyed and now fully awake. The window had been broken wide open glass scattered all over the floor. In the middle sat a brick.

"Stupid kids," I muttered.

I turned and started heading out of the room when a sudden force hit me square in the back sending me crashing onto my face.

"What was tha ... humph!"

As I tried to push my self up the same force sent me back down again.

"Stay down."

I was surprised to find the voice very husky but still distinctly feminine. I was being robbed by a woman. I had mixed feelings about that, which my underwear would surly giveaway if I stood up. Which of course was just what she had me do.

"Get up here," she said grabbing me by my shoulders and pulling me to my feet, roughly.

She spun me just as harshly saying, "let's get a good look at you."

It was also my first chance to look at my tormentor. If I had to guess at that moment I would have said she was probably a good five years older than me but the same height. Her long blond hair flowed down to her shoulders framing an absolutely gorgeous face. She wore cute little kitten heeled shoes that accented her stunning attire. Namely a shapely black leather little number with a wide neckline to show off her ... ah assets.

"You weren't supposed to be home, boy"

"Just my lucky night."

That made her laugh.

"I like you. I'll tell ya what just for that I won't hurt ya."

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you."

I would have kept going but she put a finger over my lips.

"Enough of that. Now like I was sayin' I won't hurt you but on three conditions."


"OK four conditions: 1) stop interrupting me. 2) You help me steal anything of value in this place. 3) You have to stay in those underwear and nothing more; and 4) before we get started you have to kiss me on the lips."


"I haven't been having too much luck in the romance department lately so humor me OK? Do you agree or what?"

What choice did I have? She had threatened me with violence after all or worse. Besides her demands weren't that bad and hey she wanted to kiss me and she's hot. I could live with that.


"Perfect, then pucker up cutie."

She grabbed me by the chest and pulled me close to her smiling the whole time. She forcibly grabbed my head and pulled me in for a kiss. Oh and what as kiss it was. She forced her tongue deep into my mouth as if to assert her dominance even there. It felt as though she were trying to suck the very air out of my lounges. My mind erupted in unadulterated pleasure. When she released me I fell to my knees.

"That was ..."

"I know," was all she said.

A bright light suddenly filled the kitchen. It was the unmistakable light of a car's headlight. It was shining through the front window.

"Are they home already?" I asked.

"Quiet!" she snapped pulling me to her, "Don't make a sound."

I couldn't if I had wanted to as I was still on my knees she had pulled my face right into her breasts. The sensation was one I have struggled to describe for years to come. The skin was smooth like a tub of freshly opened butter. It was soft like two well used memory foam pillows yet firm like two steel plates. They seemed to rise up out of her top as if to eat my head whole. There was a musky scent that sent my mind reeling. Well that and the lack of oxygen.

The light faded away after a minute but she held on anyway for another few minutes.

"Just someone turning around," she said letting go of my head.

With a loud pop my face came free and I could breathe again. So I sat there gasping.

"Aw," she teased, "I've been told I take men's breath away."

She leaned down and looked me in the eyes.

"Come on, it's time to work on that second condition."

She grabbed me by the band of my underwear and pulled me after her out of the room.

"Before we take this any further tell me your name kid."


"Well nice to meet you Sam. Just call me Ginger."

"OK Ginger."

"Ooh I like it when you say my name. Say it again."


"God I love that. I could do this all night but we've got a schedule to keep."

We walked into the living room first. She took in the sights and then turned back to me.

“OK let’s get started. First however I have to make sure you can’t make a break for it if the urge hits you.”

Before I could respond she reached into her bag and produced a length of rope. She looped it around my waist tying off a knot behind my back and tied the other end to the loops on her pants.

“There, that should do it.”

I really could think of nothing to say. I mean what does one say when a sexy woman literally ties you to her pants? Things like that tend to leave you speechless.

“Chop, chop Sammy. Chop, chop.”

I quickly went around my half of the room filling my arms with anything it looked like could be pawned. At first I felt bad about robbing my own family but I reminded myself I had no choice she was making me do this. But deep down I knew I liked it. Finally we were done. I deposited my haul into the bag.

“Good job Sammy,” she said a little too patronizing for my tastes as she patted me on the cheek, “I think such a good job deserves a little reward. Kiss my shirt.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me Mister, kiss my shirt.”


“Right here,” she said pointing to the spot where her breasts touched.

I just shrugged. She told me to, right? So I leaned in and gave it a big kiss. She gave a lustful moan.

“Perfect, keep doing good and your rewards get better. Mess up and you will be punished.”

She walked on and I was forced to follow. We went into the den and our work began anew. When the room was cleared she grabbed the rope and pulled me close.

“I’m getting sweaty. Clean it up.”

I was confused at first but when she shoved my head into her breasts I understood and started licking. After about a minute later she pulled me back out.

“That’s enough … for now.”

Our next stop was the dining room.

“Go over there and get me the fine china. The whole set.”

I started pulling the plates out of the cabinet stacking them in my arms. As I turned back to her I got tangled in the rope. As I fought to free myself one of the plates fell and shattered.

“Well guess kid you just messed up. Time to find out about your punishment.”

She walked over to one of the nearby dining room chairs and sat down.

“Come here,” she said, gesturing with her finger.

I just stood there, too afraid of what she might do.

“Come …” she said pulling on the rope dragging me over, “here!”

She grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me down over her leg. Oh god she wasn’t gonna do what I thought she was … was she? I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt her fingers slip under the band of my boxers. She was! She pulled them down to my knees.

“This is for your own good,” she told me.

I squeezed my eyes closed and waited for what was to come. Whack! I felt a sharp sting on my butt. That wasn’t so bad. Whack! The second sting caught me off guard causing me to gasp out. My butt felt like it was starting to blister. Whack! The third hit left me raw and on the verge of tears.

“There that should do it.”

She sat me up and pulled up my boxers. She gently wiped away my tears and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

“Trust me I much rather reward than punish.”

She stood up and led me into another room.

“Now let’s try to finish up these last two rooms without incident shall we?”

Ginger and I went to work on my dad’s office. By the time we were done he had been cleaned out.

“Such a good boy,” she purred rubbing my cheek, “you deserve a special reward.”

She led me down to the kitchen where she pulled out a can of whipped cream. She shook it and then proceeded to spray a ton of it between her ample bosoms.

“Get eating,” she said smiling sinfully.

“How do I?” I asked trying to vain to find something appropriate to grab on to.

“No hands,” she playfully scolded taking them in her own and refusing to let go.

With no other choice I did what she wanted. I leaned in and began to lap the cream from her cleavage. My tongue probed its way around in there hunting out any drop of cream it could find. I made sure to take my time so I could enjoy the feel and taste of her wondrous breasts while I was there.

Soon there was none left and I was out of breath.

“Only one room left,” she told me on the way upstairs.

Through one of the doors on the left she dragged me before throwing me down on something firm yet soft. It was a bed. It was … wait.

“This is my room,” I said, more than a little confused.

Sam sat there utterly confused.

“Why are we in my room?”

“Did you really think you’d be getting out of this, did you?”

“You want me to help you rob myself?”

“No, of course not, there’s too much temptation for you to hold out on me.”

“I won’t …”

She placed her finger on his mouth again.

“This is for your own good.”

Ginger untied the rope from her waist before pushing him onto his back. Before he knew what happened she had used it to tie his hands to the headboard. She then grabbed the bag and set about looting his room. He struggled to look but couldn’t see what she was taking. She came to his bedside table and opened the drawer dumping his collection of vintage baseball cards into the bag.

“Hey, do you know how long it took me to collect those?”


Then she threw in his videogame console and all his games.

“Oh come on, I use those.”

“Be quiet, I won’t warn you again.”

Her next stop was his closet and began to throw all of his clothes into the bag. Why would she take those? He didn’t have any designer clothes or anything like that. He heard his sock drawer open. His head shot up. She was dumping the money he’d been saving into the bag.

“No,” he whined.

She sighed disappointedly then climbed onto the bed with him.

“Remember I did warn you.”


Before he could finish his inquiry she bent down and wrapped her arms around his head shoving his face into her breasts. She held on with all her might forming a seal around his mouth and nose. He found it impossible to breath. His head and chest started to hurt. He struggled with all his might but to no avail.

Finally she pulled him free with an audible pop. He lay there gasping for breath, too weak to even lift his head.

“There,” Ginger said.

By the time he finally caught his breath she was untying his hand and reattaching his lead to her waist. He sat up and saw his room had been cleaned out.

“Come on I’ve got to load this stuff in my van.”

He grabbed the bag and followed her down the stairs. Out the back door and down an alley they reached her old white van. She opened the back door and he set the bag inside before she closed the door.

“Alright that should be everything we need.”


She climbed into the passenger’s side door and over into the driver’s seat. The pull of the rope on his waist was intense so he climbed in after her taking a seat as co-pilot. She started up the van and turned to face him.

“Now all I need to do is make sure you have no idea where we’re going, less likely to try and escape that way.”

“What do you mean where we’re going?”

“Oh Sammy,” she said climbing into his lap, “I’m taking everything I want from your house and there’s nothing in there I want more than you.”

To emphasis this last part she squeezed his balls through his underwear making him jump. Then she wrapped her legs around him and the seat pinning his arms down. She grabbed his head and forced as deeply into her cleavage as she could. All air, all light was gone. His world had been replaced by feel of warm flesh on his face. Terror welled up inside him. She really wasn’t going to let him breath. Panic kicked in and he started trashing about. Soon he used up all the air he had and passed out.

Ginger climbed off, buckled him up, hopped back into the driver’s seat and took off. The whole way home she had to fight the urge to finger herself thinking about the young stud she was stealing. They had reached the secluded old two storey home and pulled into the garage when he awoke.

“Good morning Sammy,” she said kissing him on the lips, “welcome home.”

They unloaded the van before she marched him into the house.

“Just leave the bag on the couch. We’ll deal with it tomorrow. Right now, it’s time for bed.”

She grabbed the rope and dragged him upstairs to the master bedroom. She shoved him onto the bed and retied his hands to the headboard. She ripped off his underwear destroying it.

“I’ve been waiting for this all night.”

She pulled off her own outfit as quickly as she could and roughly mounted him. The sudden sensation of her dripping pussy engulfing his erect member made him buck. He had certainly never expected his first time to be like this. She then began pounding away on him as hard and as fast as she could. He became lost in the sensations. She wrapped herself around him holding his face to her breasts again. Both came in a screaming orgasm unlike either had ever imagined.

They collapsed panting. A moment later Ginger was out, still holding his head to her bosom. As he fell asleep too he comforted himself by saying he was going to spend the rest of his life in the arms of the most beautiful and the most dynamic woman he had ever met. All was right with the world.

The End

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