The Break In

by Tom Smith

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© Copyright 2013 - Tom Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/fm; strip; naked; bond; rope; cuffs; gag; straps; bfold; hum; toys; oral; climax; reluct/nc; X

**Author's note. This story is based on an image on the scenario that can be found on site called 'A Game For 2'.**
This story follows on from "I Need Help".


It had been some months since my neighbour, Andrea, had come to my help when I had got pathetically stuck at my first attempt at self bondage, following my discovery that Andrea was an experienced practitioner at the art. We had since become bondage partners, helping to tie up and photograph each other. Andrea showed me different and safe techniques of how to tie myself up and release mechanisms. I had even uploaded photos to self bondage websites, with the user name of 'envirotied'. I had grown in confidence practising bondage.

Andrea and I visited each other a few times a week. Sometimes we tied each other up, on other occasions we composed stories together and other times we studied the web looking for different tie up scenarios. This was one occasion. We were both researching the web looking for a technique for us both to be tied together. It was a weekday so both of us had work the next day, and didn't fancy having any tell-tale marks around our wrists. Some of the images we found and discussed further.

"I like that one.", said Andrea, pointing to one image.

"It's okay, but I much prefer this one.", I said highlighting another image.

"That's good, but..."

"But what...", I said inquisitively
"We will need someone else to tie us together and I certainly don't know or really trust anyone. Can't really ask any friends to help. Just image, 'oh hello, fancy popping round and tying me and my neighbour together tightly. We'll be naked or at least in our underwear, but don't worry you don't have to be naked. And can you take photos as well', Can't see that going down well, especially at my school!!".

"You could always tell them that it's a science experiment that we're conducting. Albeit a kinky one!!", I laughed.

Andrea laughed as well, "Be a bit tricky to explain that one as a science experiment!!"

We kept on looking at the web, laughing at some scenarios, which were clearly impossible or inescapable from a self bondage point of view. Just then a loud noise came from the back garden. We both stopped looking at the web and looked up. I stood up and went into the kitchen and looked out of the window. As it was dark, I couldn't see anything.

"Probably the local bloody cat from across the road. I'm always chasing the damn thing out of my garden,", sighed Andrea.

I went back into the living room and sat back down on the sofa next to Andrea.

"I'm sure I've got something at work what may help,", I said.

We continued studying the images. Frequently we could still hear the banging in the garden and what sounded like scraping at the back door.

"Bloody thing,", said Andrea, becoming more annoyed.

"Do you want me to go and throw some water over it?", I asked.

Andrea replied that she didn't. I stood up and closed the kitchen door to block out the noise, and went back to the web. We eventually settled on an image that we both liked and wanted to try. Andrea and I agreed on a tie up date for Saturday, a day off from work for both of us. I finished my coffee and stood up to take my cup into the kitchen.

Suddenly and without warning, the kitchen door flew open, surprising both of us. Two figures wearing black hooded tops and black masks burst into the living room. One of the figures was holding a large kitchen knife, which appeared to have been taken from Andrea's kitchen. The one without the knife pushed me hard, causing me to fall back onto the sofa next to Andrea. I glanced over at Andrea, who looked shocked and scared. I took hold of her left hand to offer her some comfort, and could feel that she was shaking.

"Don't do anything stupid and no-one will get hurt", said the one with the knife, aggressively and waving the knife in our faces menacingly. "We just want want money and jewellery. Where do you keep 'em?".

"I, I, I, don't have any money here, and what little jewellery is upstairs in my wardrobe. Please don't hurt us, we've done nothing to harm you.", stammered Andrea with fear in her voice.

The one without the knife went upstairs. We could hear him opening cupboards and wardrobes, throwing things onto the floor. I held Andrea's hand tight and whispered that they would soon be gone and that the nightmare would be over. The man with the knife grabbed my face with his hand and placed the point of the knife to my throat.

"Shut the fuck up, who said you could talk?". The threat was said as an aggressive order. "You, bitch, where's your purse, I want your credit cards and bankcard".

Andrea motioned to the table, where her bag was. The man went over and removed her purse from the bag. He then shouted angrily to the other man who was upstairs:

"Come on, fucking hurry up, we didn't expect these two to be here.".

It was obvious who was in charge. It was also clear to me and Andrea, that this man wouldn't hesitate to use the knife against one of us if he had to. We then heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Into the living room came the second male, carrying a blue holdall. Andrea's eyes widened as she recognised the blue holdall. It was her 'toy' bag which contained all her bondage toys and ropes.

"Well, what have you got? Anything of value?", said the first man.

"Some rings and necklaces. But it would appear that these two are a pair of perverts. They like tying each other up and taking photos!!", laughed the second man.

"Well if that's what these perverts like, it would be a shame to disappoint them.", said the first man sadistically.

"Please you've got what you wanted, just leave us alone and go,", I pleaded to the pair.

The second man had put the bag down and had turned his attention to the laptop we had been viewing. He opened it up and saw one of the images we were looking at for a tied together scenario. It was one we had rejected as it would have needed another person to do the tying. The second man laughed an evil laugh and showed the image to the first man. The first man laughed and nodded his head.

"Oh this is good, too good. NOW STRIP!!", he said threateningly, putting the point of the blade to both of our necks, "OR ELSE!!". We were left in no doubt as to what would happen.

Andrea and I started to undress. I unbuttoned my shirt and placed it on the floor. I removed my jeans and socks, again throwing them on the floor. I kept my black briefs on. Andrea removed her white blouse and black skirt, but kept on her white lace bra and matching g-string panties. On her slender legs were black hold up stockings. I moved in front of Andrea to protect her. However the first man seemed unhappy.

"All of your clothes, come on. I won't tell you again.", he shouted, again thrusting the knife in our faces to make his point.

I removed my briefs. My shaved cock exposed for the two robbers to see. I placed my hands in front of my cock to cover it up. Andrea rolled the stockings off of her legs. She removed her bra, showing off her pert breasts, a vision of beauty for a women in her fifties. She then quickly removed her panties, letting them fall to the floor. She then placed an arm across her breasts and a hand to cover her pussy which had a small strip of hair covering it. She then moved behind me to try to protect her modesty. An attempt which was in vain. We were both naked and vulnerable and at the mercy of the unpredictable robbers.

"Please, please, you've had your fun now, please go, please leave us alone.", both Andrea and I pleaded, a sound of fear and mercy in our voice. The man with the knife went over to where the second man was stood with the bag. He started removing items from the bag, looking at some of the items strangely, trying to figure out what they were and how they fitted.

"Please, ple...", I was about to plead again to the robbers, when the first one came over to me. He picked up Andrea's lace g-string panties off the floor. He grabbed me by the throat and forced the panties into my mouth. The enjoyable sweet smell and taste of Andrea's panties in my mouth was a contradiction to the aggressive and threatening situation we were currently facing.

"I've had enough of your begging shit, ", said the first robber. He threw a harness ball gag at Andrea. "Put that on him, that'll fucking shut him up!".

Andrea came over and gently stroked my face. She mouthed a 'sorry'. I could see that she had tears in her eyes. Normally the putting of a gag on me would be one of sexual excitement and would have the result of me becoming hard at the oncoming pleasure. This time, the fear stopped the excitement. Andrea placed the ball gag in my mouth, securing the panties in my mouth in place. She then buckled up the harness. I was firmly gagged. No pleas would be coming from me. The robber smiled at Andrea's handiwork. He then threw a ring gag at me.

"Now her turn.", sneered the robber.

I stroked Andrea tenderly on the shoulders as some form of reassurance for her. She opened her mouth and I placed the ring gag into her mouth. I fastened up the buckle at the back of her head. Both of us were now gagged. The robbers looked at the image on the laptop to work out what to do next. The first robber grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the bag. He moved behind me and forced my arms behind my back. I then felt the cold steel of the bracelets snapping closed on my wrists, securing me from behind. The second robber passed a spreader bar to Andrea.

"Fasten that to his legs. I'm not going down there whilst he's naked. The pervert may get excited,".

No chance of that!

Andrea took the bar and fastened one side to my right ankle. I parted my legs wide enough to allow her to fasten the other side of the bar to my left ankle. I was totally immobilised and vulnerable.

"Right what's next?", said the first robber. "Oh that!! Get him hard, now. I don't care how". He placed the blade of the knife at Andrea's neck to reiterate his demand. He took Andrea's round breast and squeezed it, causing Andrea to flinch and pull away. She took my shaved, flaccid cock in her right hand and started to slowly stroke it, running her nails around my shaved balls. The gentle stroking and caressing soon caused my flaccid cock to become stiff and hard.

"Good girl.", said the robber sarcastically. He grabbed Andrea's head by her hair, pushed her to her knees and forced her head onto my stiif cock, forcing it through the tight metal ring gag and into her mouth up to the base, causing her to gag. He then placed his knee against her head to stop it moving back.  At the same time, the second robber grabbed her arms and roughly forced them behind her, and quickly securing her with a pair of handcuffs. The first robber grabbed a belt and put it around her neck and my ass, buckling it up on my thigh, preventing Andrea from trying to remove my cock from her ring gagged mouth.

The second robber grabbed a set of ankle chains and fastened them to Andrea's ankles. He then grabbed one of the discarded stockings and fastened it around Andrea's back and my thighs, causing Andrea to be pulled in closer to me, her round breasts pressed tight against my legs.

"Are we done?" asked the second robber.

"Almost", replied the first, "just a couple of more things to add".

The first robber went back to the bag. Selecting a pink 6" vibrator, he switched it on to see if it worked. Satisfied that it did, he came behind Andrea and placed it into her soft, pussy and switched it on. The vibrations caused Andrea to gently squirm.

"Just a bit of enjoyment for you perverts.", laughed the first robber. "And to show you that we do care, I'll place a handcuff key in the middle of the table and one on the floor". With that he threw a key on the dining table and one key on the floor.

"Oh, one last thing before we go.", said the second robber. And with that he placed a soft leather blindfold over Andrea's eyes, who was in no position to resist. A blindfold covered my eyes next. From the smell of leather, I guessed it was similar to the one that Andrea was wearing. Darkness encompassed me.

"Smile for the camera, pervs. We're off now, have fun, as I'm sure you will as you like this kind of pervy fun. Bye.".

I then heard a click, which sounded like the living room light being switched off. With that I heard the kitchen door open and close. The robbers were gone. Andrea and I were firmly bound and gagged. I was stood up, Andrea was on her knees, a ring gag and my cock keeping her gagged. I couldn't fall to the floor as that might have caused Andrea injury.

Andrea kept on twitching and rubbing her breasts against my legs due to the enforced pleasure the vibrator was giving to her pussy, which was now becoming most. Her mouth could move slightly, causing the metal ring to rub up and down my cock, keeping it stimulated. With her panties firmly in place in my mouth, I could taste her juices which caused me to become harder. The more the vibrator stimulated her, the more she could feel an orgasm building inside her, the more she rubbed my cock with the ring.

Although this was an enforced and unplanned scenario, pleasure  and excitement replaced the fear of being harmed by the robbers. The thrill of being bound and gagged together, apparently unable to escape added to this now sexual thrill.

Andrea started breathing deeper and started making moans of pleasure as an orgasm was reaching a peak. I could also the ensuing waves of an orgasm building up in my cock. Andrea's enforced orgasm exploded inside her, her body twitched and jerked violently with pleasure, her breasts rubbing up and down my legs. My own orgasm reached its climax, cuming inside Andrea's sealed mouth, her swallowing my juices and licking my wet cock.

We had another three orgasms that night, bound and gagged together in that position before we managed to somehow free ourselves.

As for the robbers, well they are yet to be caught!!


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