Bound in Silk

by Woodcomp

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© Copyright 2010 - Woodcomp - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; M/f; silk; bond; straitjacket; bodybag; breathplay; torment; cons/nc; XX

Chapter 1 - A Chance Meeting

It had been a long week, finished off with a six hour sales meeting. I longed to get home, remove this retched suit and take a long, relaxing bath. I smiled to myself, that is something I've really been looking forward to. I glanced in the rear mirror, nothing in sight, just total darkness. I stared forward, ignoring the hypnotic effect of the windscreen wipers and gave a loud yawn. My peaceful thoughts were suddenly shattered by a clanking noise coming from the front of the car. I came to a jerking hold by the side of the road. Great, this is all I need, looks like that bath might have to wait. I turned the key in the ignition in a vain attempt to restart the car. The engine turned but wouldn't start. I slamed my hands on the steering wheel in frustration. OK, how will I get home? Looks like I'll have to call for a mechanic. I reached into the back of the car for the mobile. Where is it? Shit, its in my trenchcoat, back at the office. Not only would I have to walk for help but get drenched in the process. I opened the door and stepped out into the torrent. The rain smashed against my skin, soon causing a cold, numb sensation as I fumbled to lock the door in the dark. I turned up the collar on my jacket to prevent rain trickling down my back and then stared left and right, looking for a sign of civilisation. Nothing. I know that the last town was eight miles behind me and walking that distance in this weather did not appeal so I set off following the road forward, hoping help would soon turn up.

I’d been walking for about half an hour, it seemed like an eternity with the wind and rain biting at my face and not a phone box or farm house in sight. I was wondering whether or not anyone lived out here or had I crossed into the frozen wastes of oblivion. It was then that I noticed a gleam off the wet road. I looked up but nothing. As I looked down the gleam had vanished and so had my hopes of being rescued. But then it reappeared, shimmering earily. What was it? It was then that I turned round and saw a pair of headlights approaching. Suddenly, I had an adrenaline rush and jumped up, joyful that my ordeal would soon be over. As the car approached, I stood in the middle of the road waving my arms above my head, there was no way this driver was going to leave me out here. As the car drew to an halt, I noticed the distinctive front grill and headlights. A BMW, hmm, doubtful this could be a farmer at this time. Anyway, I didn’t care who it was, so long as they could help. I walked over to the passenger side and stared through the window into the car. I could see nothing as I wiped the rain off the window. Suddenly there was a weire of an electric motor and the window started to come down. It stopped after coming down only an inch and then the interior light was switched on and I was able to see my rescuer.

I was welcomed by a brunette girl in her mid-twenties, well-dressed and probably quite rich. "Am I glad to see you", I said with a weak, pathetic smile. The girl stared at me. "My car broke down further back on the road and I decided to find help, I’m glad you came, your the first car that I have seen in hours."

"I noticed the car abandoned by the road side", she replied with a well spoken mid-english accent.

"I wonder if you could take me to the next town or to a phone box please," I said, half out of breath due to the ordeal and the adrenaline rush wearing off.

She pondered for a moment and I realised that she was a little apprehensive, not surprising, a beautiful girl on a dark lane picking up a stranger, it was the typical scenario. "I would appreciate it, you can have all the money in wallet if you’ll take me to the next town", I said with another pitiful smile. It was then that I realised what a fool I was being, she is probably ten times at rich as me, and certainly didn’t require financial assistance off me. This brought a positive response and she laughed, "okay, get in". I didn’t need to be asked again and jumped in as soon as she had unlocked the door.

"I must apologise for dripping on your seat".

"That’s all right given the circumstances". She leant over to the glove compartment and pulled out an handkerchief and passed it to me. I thanked her and then wiped the rain from my face and tried to dry my hair as water was trickling down my neck, annoying me profusely. "Looks like you’ve had quite a night", she said pleasantly. I sensed that she was more relaxed with me now.

"How far is it to the next town?" I enquired.

"You couldn’t have broken down in a worse place," she answered, "Tamdale, the next town is fifteen miles away". This astonished me, the prospect of trekking fifteen miles.

"In that case I’m really grateful that you stopped to assist me. By the way, my name is Peter Stales," I said.

"Angela Hollingworth", she replied, "shame that we couldn’t have met under better circumstances." She gave me a small but rather pleasant smile. This was the kind of girl I’d go for, no, better than that, the dream girl from my deepest fantasies. The faint detection of Chanel perfume confirmed that. "It is quite a drive to the next town, I live about another five minutes down the road. You can call from there if you’d like but I’d doubt that you’ll get a mechanic at this time, especially round here, and Tamdale is really only a glorified village, there aren’t any taxis either."

I know what she was going to say next but I didn’t want to get my hopes up, I hated disappointments so I said with a blank face, "Well, in that case, what do you suggest?"

"If you like, you could spend the night at my house, I live alone and its not like I don’t have the room or anything"

Yes, the response I wanted. I could not hide my excitement and replied, "yes, that’s awfully kind of you to put me up."

She smiled and said, "It’s no trouble at all, I could use the company." I sensed that she liked me and the feeling was more than mutual. This night might not turn out so bad after all.

Chapter 2 - Her Place

A few minutes down the road, the car began to slow down."Well, this is it, Ashburne Manor," said Angela with a degree of pride. I could not see the house but judging from the style and size of the wrought iron gates, this must be some place. I felt belittled and jealous, a girl younger than me living in a place like this. Curiosity got the better of me.

"How on earth can you afford to live here?" I indignantly burst out.

Angela was not offended. "It belonged to my father, he was a merchant banker. When he died, as his only child, I inherited his entire estate."

At this point I felt guilty for my envious behaviour. "Oh, I’m sorry, It must be difficult living out here on your own," I said.

"We were quite close, but I’ve learnt to adjust and don’t mind living here," she replied.

At this point the car had stopped outside the gates and Angela routed in her door compartment and pulled out a small black box. It was dark but I could some sort of keypad onto which she was typing. Suddenly the gates swung open and we drove though. I could see them close again as we passed through from the door mirror. As I looked forward, I could now see the full glory of Ashburne Manor. It was huge, Georgian in style but not original. I estimated that it must have at least seven bedrooms. I hoped it had a large bath or even better a jajosee, my muscles were aching.

We drew up outside by the side of a large porch. Angela turned to face me. "Unfortunately, the garage door mechanism has jammed so I’ll have to park here. It means a dash into the house in this rain."

I laughed, "I don’t mind, I can’t get any wetter than I am already."

Angela giggled, "Silly me, it had slipped my mind, its just that I like to make my guests as comfortable as possible."

I stared out of the passenger window, "Well, its looks like you could get a thorough soaking too."

"No, I’d come prepared," she said proudly reaching into the back of the car. I heard a rustle and saw her produce a vinyl trenchcoat. It brushed against my hand as she pulled it from between the front seats. It felt soft and smooth.

"WOW! I thought. She is going to look fucking gorgeous wearing this." I had a thing about girls in raincoats, it enhanced their appearance, making them look so sexy and turned me on. Don’t ask me why I think that way, I just love shiny raincoats and hearing Angela’s rustle as she put it on sent me into ecstasy and my manhood showed it. I tried to hide the fact by crossing my jacket over my trousers as Angela had her back to me, busy putting her coat on. She crossed the belt on her raincoat and pulled it tightly with a rustling, whipping sound and tied it with a double knot. Her waist was tight and her bosom now appeared quite pronounced. This event and her appearance clad in vinyl mesmerised me.

Angela turned to face me, "Are you ready?" I was a million miles away so she asked again, "Peter, are you coming?" I snapped out of it and hurriedly said "Er, yes, of course, let’s run for it." I did not want her to suspect my fetish but my embarrassed facial expression didn’t help. We simultaneously open the car doors and headed for the house.

Chapter 3 - The Guest

We arrived in the front lobby after a short dash, both out of breath from the exertion. Angela shook her umbrella and brushed her hair with her hand. "It must have been appalling out in that weather for such a length of time," Angela commented as she untied her raincoat and shook it before hanging it up in the lobby. I was busy staring at the raindrops, beaded up on her coat with wild fantasies running through my mind but still managed a disinterested "Yes, it was" response. It was only now in full light that I could see just how stunning she was. Her slightly curled, shoulder length hair was complemented with wide blue eyes. She had a fair complexion and as I quickly scanned, quite a figure to match. She wore a red, woollen, round-neck pullover and a long, flowery cotton skirt and black boots showing at the bottom. Her clothes revealed a great deal to me, a classy, intelligent girl but also some who did not believe in power-dressing and coming over as being dominant, just the type of girl I liked.

Angela locked the front door and put the key in her pocket. She then proceeded to open the oak interior doors that led into the main part of the house. She invited me to go through first which I obliged and stepped into the main hall. This room was decorated by various ornaments and vases, with a large picture of a man on the wall to the right of me which I suspected to be her father. The ceiling was quite tall and an impressive crystal chandelier was suspended from it. As I was admiring the light, Angela said, "Let’s go into the lounge" and opened the door on the left hand side. This too was an impressive room, dominated a large fireplace with a sheep skin rug lied out in front of it. She walked over to the fire and turned a dial on the right hand side of the fireplace. Suddenly, the fireplace burst into life with flames jumping well over a foot. It certainly looked like a real coal-fire.

"Please, come in front of the fire and try and get warm. I don’t want you catching cold. I’m just going to go upstairs to run a bath. I’ll call when its ready," said Angela.

"Boy, a bath, just what I wanted to ease my aching body," I thought. I thanked her and with that she made her way upstairs.

Despite still being soaked to the skin, I felt warm inside. Due probably to the excitement of Angela’s appearance and the thought of spending the night. Five minutes passed when Angela called out, "Peter, your bath is ready. Leave your wet clothes in the laundry basket, I’ll sort them out later."

"All right, but what will I wear?" I enquired with a frown.

"Come downstairs wrapped in a towel, I’ll find something for you so wear. Most of my clothes probably wouldn’t fit you and besides, I’m certain they’re not your style. There is however something I have in mind that is suitable and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with."

I proceeded out of the lounge, back into the hall and up the winding stairs. Angela was at the top, beckoning me into the bathroom. She smiled as I walked past. I locked the bathroom door before removing my wet clothes and putting them in the basket. I was feeling a little self-conscious and got the notation that Angela would burst in, seeing me stark naked. I turned to face the bath, it was round and made of marble. Hot steam was rising from it, making it look very tempting. I stepped in and almost immediately began to relax, helped by the herbal bath salts. As I laid there, I had time to think a little more about Angela. She had certainly being a blessing coming along when she had. I was full of gratitude but could not help but think that her helpfulness was more than common courtesy. She was extremely well-organised, almost as if she had expected this night would occur. I was almost convinced now that she fancied me and if I played my cards right, I could get lucky tonight. This prospect gave me an all over happy sensation and with that, I began to hum to myself as I started to scrub.

Ten minutes later, I decided I’d had enough as I was beginning to feel sleepy. I dried myself off and wrapped the largest towel around my groin, ensuring that none of my essentials were on show. I opened the door and proceeded downstairs. "Angela, where are you?" I called out.

"Go back in the lounge in front of the fire, I’ll be there in a minute," she responded. This I did as it was cold standing in the hallway. A minute later Angela walked in carrying a bundle of navy blue silk. "Can this be? Is this what I think it is?" Besides raincoats, silk was another of my fetishes. Silk is so smooth, lustrous and soft, it had a quite unique effect on me. I felt myself blushing and getting excited as my dick slowly starting to rise. I tried to compose myself, I didn’t want it protruding through the towel.

Angela walked slowly towards me, swaying her hips slightly with a small mischievous smile. "I thought you’d be pleased. I love silk, I wear it every night. Everyone should treat themselves to the luxury of silk, and that goes especially for my guests." She saw that I was in an aroused state and proceeded, "You don’t need the towel now." She then continued, "I promise I won’t look" with a grin on her face as she handed me the pyjamas. I was unprepared for how slippery they would be as they nearly ran through my fingers. My opinion of Angela was changing. I was now totally convinced that she had feelings for me and that the ‘girl next door’ image that I had constructed needed revising. She was something much more:- exciting and unpredictable.

Angela turned her back and I untied the towel and let it fall at my feet. I was now in a vulnerable position. I hurriedly tried to get pyjama bottoms on but the excitement at the prospect of having such fine silk against my skin started to cause my fingers to fumble. By the time I had managed to pull the trousers up past my thighs, the feeling of the silk against my skin and its extreme lustre with which I could almost see my reflection, had caused my penis to reach full erection. Soon my penis too was encased in soft silk. Not wanting Angela to see my revelation, I managed to gain enough self control to put the top on and let it hang over my erect cock, hopefully hiding it from view.

"Okay, you can turn round now," I said.

She eyed my from the feet up and even though her head didn’t stop, I sensed that her eyes had momentarily been transfixed on my groan. I’d given myself away. She then turned around and leant over the sofa, turning back round with another navy-blue garment, a dressing-robe. I expected her to hand it to me but instead, she went behind me and gestured that I should let her put the gown on me. I did not argue. The sensation of silk sliding against itself caused another burst of ecstasy. Keeping one hand on my shoulder, she turned round to face me. At this point I was trembling with excitement and fear of what came next. Staring me in the face, she let both hands slide down the gown to lower chest height. She then started to pull at the gown, wrapping it around my body. Once the gown felt snug, she slowly reached for the belt and brought both ends to the front. She now looked down at her hands. Slowly, she crossed the ends and pulled at the belt until it had gathered my waist about two inches. It felt just right, secure but not uncomfortable. She then tied the belt twice pulling the ends firmly to tighten the knot. She then ran her hands back up the gown to mid-chest height before tugging down on the gown.

"You must feel better now than being in those wet clothes?" I replied,

"Much better."

"Great" she whispered, her lips only being a couple of inches from my own. I considered making a move but then she stepped back, "I’ve made you a hot drink and a bite to eat. Stay right there."

Chapter 4 - A Pleasant Time

Angela turned round and walked out of the room leaving me in a state of utter shock. I could not believe what had just occurred, I thought that the event with the raincoat was fantastic but this was in a league of its own, I was at the centre of this. I scanned my pyjamas and gown. They glistened and reflected the light from the fire. I felt like a million bucks. I started to rub my hands all over the gown, the silk flowing under my hands. This sensation was too much and with Angela out of the room, I couldn’t help myself, I just had to wank off. I reached my hand down towards my penis and pulled the dressing gown back to reveal my groin. I looked for an opening slit in the front the pyjama bottoms but there wasn’t one. These were obviously not unisex in design. I couldn’t take the risk of pulling the bottoms down or putting my hand down the front in case Angela walked in on me so I just laid on the rug admiring the room.

A few minutes later Angela came back into the room carrying a tray. I had another shock as I looked up at her. She was now wearing pyjamas and a robe identical to mine except that hers were crimson red in colour. She looked absolutely astounding. I was laying on my stomach and felt my penis swell against the floor. "Here you go, this should make you feel better," she said as she placed the tray in front of me and laid down too. I noticed that her gown wasn’t as tight a fit as mine and her cleavage was clearly on view. She passed me a cup of hot drinking chocolate and a plate of cheese biscuits.

It was only now about an hour after we had first met that we had a chance to have a proper conversation and get to know each other a little better. "Well Peter, its been quite a night for you hasn’t it?" she smilingly enquired.

I put my head on one side and nodded, "Well I certainly can’t remember a night like this before."

"Tell me, what do you do for a job?" she said inquisitively.

"I am a sales manager for a large electrical wholesalers. I’ve completed a major contract today and I’m now looking forward to a richly deserved fortnights holiday."

"Do you enjoy your job?" she pressed on.

"I worked myself up the company ladder but I’ve now reached a point where my career no longer gives a sense of fulfilment. How about you, what do you do?"

"Oh, I’m a rep for a fashion catalogue. I do it because its interesting meeting different people. I don’t need the money but living out here would drive me crazy if I didn’t have an outlet."

"I see," I responded.

"A couple of years back I had the most exciting job imaginable I thought," she continued sensing I was not impressed with her career, "I worked for my cousin, ‘The Great Alpacino’, the greatest magician and escape artist in the world. I frowned and said, "The Great Alpacino, I’ve never heard of him," I indignantly burst out.

"You would have done by now, he was better than Harry Houdini and David Copperfield combined. His career was about to burst into the limelight but he wanted an act that would set him undisputedly as the best magician in the entire world. He performed his act in front of the largest audience he had ever faced. Unfortunately, he had exceeded his own boundaries and his act was a failure. This event broke his confidence and needless to say, his career dwindled into non-existence. He moved abroad shortly after that and I’ve not heard from him in six months."

Angela was looking quite sad and I felt that yet again my insensitive remarks had upset her. I rubbed Angela on the shoulder to comfort her but also to feel her silk. "I’m really sorry to hear that, I’ve no doubt that he was a great magician." I softly said.

"Yes, he was," she replied finishing her chocolate. She smiled in an attempt to feel better. "Anyway changing the subject, your visit has been quite unexpected as I’m sure you’ll understand. None of the guest bedrooms are ready."

I sighed, "Its okay, I’ll sleep on the sofa." I could not hide my disappointment.

"Well," she apprehensively said, "There is another possibility. You could sleep in my bedroom, it has a four-poster double bed. There’s plenty of room."

This invite took my back. "Sleep with you in your bed. You hardly know me," I said with raised eyebrows.

"I didn’t know you at all when I let you in my car. If you were going to do anything, I’m sure you would have done it by now." I realised that she was offended and I was going to blow my chances if I wasn’t careful.

"I’m sorry. You are the perfect hostess and I’ve been an idiot. A four-poster is better that a sofa," I said with a grin.

"Perfect, make your way up, its the third door on the left at the top of the stairs. I’ll clean up here and join you shortly."

I followed her directions and opened the door to the bedroom. I was confronted with the bed and more silk. Navy blue silk curtains were tied to the posts and a navy blue canopy hung suspended from the top of the bed. The bed itself had white silk pillows, deep maroon bed sheets and blankets. I was tempted to dive straight into the bed but I felt my bladder and realised I needed to relieve myself. I noticed the door leading to the en-suite bathroom. I needed to undo the robe before I could take a leak, I certainly didn’t want the silk to smell of urine. I tried undoing the belt but Angela had tied it really tight. The knot was small, my fingers too clumsy and besides, I couldn’t get enough friction on the belt. I looked around the room and see if anything could assist me out of this predicament. I eyed a box of cotton buds. "Ah, the plastic stalks on these might help," I thought. After breaking two, I was finally able to work the knot free and thus proceed to relieve myself.

I didn’t bother to put the robe back on. I left it hung over a chair near the bed, I was now more concerned about the bed itself. I threw back the covers with a swooshing noise. I held my breath with expectation as I dived into the bed. This silk was as smooth as my pyjamas, the combination was almost frictionless. I slid down into the bed stopping with my head on the pillows. I threw the covers over me and felt the silk slowly starting to caress every part of my body. I felt warm and secure under the covers. "Now would be the perfect opportunity to wank off before Angela came up. It might be my only chance in these silks," I thought. With that, I put my hand down the pyjama bottoms and started to masturbate.

"What do you think you are doing!!?" Shit, it was Angela. I quickly pulled my hand out of the trousers and sat up abruptly in bed, breathless and white with shock. "How can you do that in my bed," she shouted.

"I was only scratching," I lied with embarrassment.

"Don’t take me for a fool, I know what you were doing."

"Oh no, I’ve blown it," I thought. "Do you want me to leave?" I sullenly enquired.

"No, stay right there. I’ll be straight back," she responded as she stormed out of the room. I knew Angela was unpredictable and I could only guess as to what she would do next.

A minute latter she came back, her hands behind her back. "So, you get off on silk do you?" I didn’t get chance to reply. "I also saw the way you looked at me in the car whilst I was putting my raincoat on. I’m not blind or stupid you know." Angela had become very dominant. I put it down to the annoyance with my actions. I was too embarrassed to defend myself. She then said, "Well, here’s a little scenario for you. You get off on silk but suppose the silk wouldn’t let you." I was confused with this and frowned. She then revealed what was behind her back. Another silken bundle, at first it looked like another dressing gown but as it slowly unfolded itself in her hand, I spotted straps and buckles on it. It suddenly dawned upon me, this wasn’t a dressing gown, it was a Strait-jacket!

Chapter 5 - A Tight Predicament

A look of horror washed over my face. "What’s the matter?" she teasingly enquired, "I thought you loved silk."

I did only I’d always been in control but now I was decidedly uncomfortable with all this. Sure, this could be a wonderful experience but there would be one uncontrollable factor, Angela.

"I thought you were different but you are like all men, a real disappointment. How can I trust you in bed with me now?" she continued, strutting up and down the room ensuring that the straitjacket remained in full view.

"Listen, you’ve got me all wrong, I’m not like that! I’m a respectable business man, not a creep," I said with a weak, pleading sort of voice.

"Respectable!" she yelled, "Just how respectable is a man that gets off on raincoats and wanks in a stranger’s bed?"

There was no defence to this, I knew she didn’t trust me now but she was not completely put off or she’d have kicked me out by now.

"I am left with a dire predicament, I can’t trust you yet I don’t want you to leave, I meant what I said about looking after my guests. So, here is the solution," she rationally said as she held the jacket out in front of her.

"But a straitjacket is for insane people, I’m not mad!" I cried.

"It’s also used on violent criminals, moreover, anyone who could be prone to unpredictable physical actions. You’d fall into this category," she responded. I could tell that she was serious.

"Look," I nervously laughed, "I know that I’m sexually weak but I promise that I’ll behave. Isn’t the embarrassment of you seeing me enough?"

"No, I’m sick of your pathetic and empty promises. You are weak as you admit yourself, but by the morning you should have learnt a valuable lesson. Sexual acts are precious and should be cherished and certainly not to be taken lightly. Not being able to perform these acts when the thought enters your mind will make you realise this."

Angela was getting inpatient with my reluctance to wear the Straitjacket. "Well, it’s time to start your lesson then," she said inspecting the jacket.

My mind was in conflict now, part of me wanted to be laced up tightly, the other part scared about being vulnerable. Comfort came from the prospect that I might be able to escape from the jacket, but first I needed to know more about it. I probed Angela cautiously. "If I wanted to wank, I’d burst out of the jacket. It won’t teach me anything," I indignantly said.

"Oh really, there’s a few things you should now about this Straitjacket then," Angela said in an authoritarian voice. "You know that silk is soft and lustrous, but not many people know of its textile strength. It’s second only to nylon, you can’t break it. To give it extra strength, Nylon and carbon fibre has been woven into the fabric. As for the seams on this jacket, they have been specially reinforced. To test its strength, I performed a little experiment. I tied one sleeve to the railings at the side of the house, the other to the tow bar on my car. I tried to drive away in an attempt to break the jacket, but it even surprised me when it prevented the car from moving. There was a lot of force there, much more than what you could provide. So, you see, I’d reconsider that notation of bursting out of the jacket." She was grinning wildly as I looked more concerned.

"I could still try to escape from it though," I said.

She laughed, "I’ll describe the jacket’s special features first, then you can decide whether or not you can escape. Remember earlier when I told you about my cousin, the Great Alpacino, and how his career came to an end. Well, he wanted to perform an escape act never done before. Part of this was to escape from a Straitjacket. Now, this in itself wasn’t so spectacular. Lots of magicians have managed it. He wanted me to assist in designing a new type of straitjacket. I went to work, researching how all the great magicians had managed it. I designed features into the jacket that would have prevented them from using their techniques. My cousin was pleased with my work but was sure that it wasn’t escape proof so he didn’t try in on until his performance. Needless to say, the act was a disaster. After ten minutes of wiggling on stage not making any headway, it was apparent that he’d never escape. He was a laughing stock and it was all my fault, I’d designed the ultimate escape proof device. This jacket is of that design, his was made of canvas but yours is silk, they are however both totally escape proof."

I was curious. "Exactly what are these features?" I enquired.

She was pleased with that question, I could see pride across her face. She started, "Basically, there was three main ways to get out of a straitjacket. Firstly, you can pull the jacket over you head using brute force. Secondly, you can wriggle and make enough room to pull the sleeves over your head. Lastly, some people can contort themselves and pull their arms out of the sleeves and into the body of the jacket. I’ve addressed all three and more besides. The first is easy to remedy. The use of a strap going from the front of the jacket, between the legs and fastening at the back prevents the jacket from being pulled over the head. This is called the Crotch Strap. My cousin laughed at those escape artists who didn’t have this feature on their straitjackets. Without it, escape is easy, relatively speaking that is. It is essential for a regulation Straitjacket."

She sensed my apprehension. "Don’t worry," she reassured me, "I won’t do this strap up too tight," emphasising the word ‘too’.

She continued, "Now for the second feature, preventing the pulling of the sleeves over the head. This is achieved by having loops through which the arms are passed. It is a common feature on a lot of today’s Straitjackets. Most only have one loop, positioned centrally at the front. It makes escape very difficult, most magicians avoid having one. Notice I said difficult and not impossible. Some people can still manage to get one of their sleeves over their shoulder so I’ve incorporated an extra two loops, one at each side to stop this occurring. This leaves the last possible way of escape, pulling the arms out of the sleeves. This is my most ingenious addition, not found on any other type of Straitjacket, this makes escape impossible."

Angela held one of the sleeves towards me. "See these straps here, they will fasten around the wrists so the hands remain in place."

"Can’t you shrink your hands like magicians do when getting out of handcuffs?" I enquired.

"No, when your arms are tied in this position, you can’t relax the muscles in your hands. So you see, this is the ultimate Straitjacket. But wait, I wanted more. Suppose you did manage to get to free yours arms or pull them inside the jacket, you would not have fully escaped. I’ve made it as difficult as possible to remove the jacket. Firstly, take the case whereby you get an arm out of the sleeve and into the jacket. What would you do next?"

"Try and undo some of the straps at the back," I replied.

"Precisely, that’s why I’ve added some additional features. Firstly, to prevent access to the straps, there is an internal flap that covers them. This zips up and locks at the top of the jacket. In case you tried to get an hand out at the top, a strap goes around your neck. Access to the back straps has been prevented. A similar flap goes on the outside in case you get the sleeves free. Now for the straps themselves. I was concerned that straps alone didn’t make the jacket tight enough, there was room in between the straps so I thought about lace fastening. The problem with that is by pulling the laces in one place tighter, they could become looser in another. The solution is to have both, lace first and then the straps. All of the straps are lockable, requiring a key to by inserted first, and then each of the pins on either side to be pushed in. They are also self tightening, I don’t need to unlock them to make them tighter. Also, to make things really impossible, the sleeves are padded around the elbows and hands. The mitts would prevent tampering with the straps. Finally, as well as each sleeve tying to itself behind your back, they also fasten to the main part of the jacket. Well, that’s about it, still think you can escape?"

"No, I don’t think so now". She laughed.

Chapter 6 - All Tied Up and Nowhere to go.

Angela was now very insistent that I wear the jacket. "Okay, enough talk, its time to try it on," she said. I still didn’t consent. "What the matter now?" she sighed.

"I’m concerned. I’m sacrificing my freedom and I’ll be at your mercy," I replied.

"Ha, the truth finally comes out. Big brave Peter doesn’t like to feel vulnerable, how do think I felt in the car?"

"Even if I made a move, you still had a chance to defend yourself, I’ll have nothing," I answered.

She frowned and in a sweet reassuring voice said, "Peter, I’m not going to hurt you, you are my honoured guest, just try to relax and enjoy tonight as I tend to your every need. You’ll be perfectly safe with me." I was tired of arguing, I did want to try the jacket on. "I’ll trust her," I thought, "I just hope I don’t regret it."

"Okay, let’s get on with it," I reluctantly nodded.

"Excellent, I knew you’d see reason. Right then, sit on the edge of the bed." As I did, she walked towards me letting the straitjacket unfurl, straps and all. She turned the jacket round so that the sleeves were facing her. "Hold your arms out in front of you. It might be an idea to hold onto the sleeves of your pyjamas, you don’t want them sliding up your arms as I put the jacket on." This seemed like a good idea and I complied. She held the jacket up and guided my arms into the awaiting silken sleeves. The silk slid all the way up my arms until Angela’s hands had reached my shoulders. Despite the silk visually appearing to be the same as what my pyjamas and gown were made of, it felt heavier and certainly more substantial.

"Right, stand up and turn round," she commanded. I felt her fiddling at the bottom of the jacket. Suddenly I felt the silk close around my body as I heard a zip being pulled slowly up my back. "The inner anti-tamper flap," I thought. There was a sharp tug on my neck and I heard a small metallic clicking noise. The zip was locked. A look of horror came over my face, "I was trapped," I thought.

Angela stepped back and smiled, "There, that’s not been too bad so far has it?" It had, I looked down at my arms. It psychologically disturbed me not being able to see my hands, instead they were inside the mitts. Even at this stage it felt as if it would be difficult to escape. She then pulled out about a three foot piece of silk cord. "I am going to start feeding the lace through the holes now, this could take a while, there are thirty in total."

I felt nervous during the wait so I asked, "How tight are you going to strap me in?"

"Initially, just enough so that the jacket takes the shape of your body. This will allow me to fasten the crotch and wrist straps." She had not answered me. "Right, I’m about to start tightening. Try and relax." She held both ends of the lace in one hand, pulling slowly as she tugged at the threaded lace with the other. The process was entirely smooth and effortless as I felt the silk tighten around my body, caressing it softly. She tied the ends with a temporary bow knot.

"Now for the Crotch strap," she winked. I felt her hand go under my legs to grasp the front strap. The contact made my dick swell. "I’d try to keep that under control, we wouldn’t want it to get crushed, would we?"

I gulped and tried to compose myself. "How tight would she make it?"

She fastened the strap at the back and tugged down on the jacket before commencing tightening. The straps stopped just touching the bridge of my legs. "What a relief!" I thought.

"See, I told you it would be okay. Now for the wrist straps." She tugged down on each sleeve before fastening the straps. She did these up tightly and I protested. "These need to be tight or they’re not effective in restraining your arms in the sleeves. They aren’t uncomfortable though, are they?" I shook my head. At this point I needed to scratch my back so I attempted to reach round. Immediately, I felt the wrist and crotch straps tighten, I couldn’t reach.

"Í feel trapped already," I remarked.

"But there’s a long way to go yet," Angela remarked as she obligingly scratched the itch for me.

"Now to do up the back properly. I’ll do the back straps first, there are five in total. Take a normal breath and hold it until I say."

I suddenly realised that as well as restricting my arms, the Straitjacket could also restrict my breathing. She started with the two around my chest, pulling until she was satisfied. "Okay, you can breath normally now." I wanted to see how the jacket would hamper my breathing so I took a deep breath. The silk tightened and the straps dug in, crushing my chest. "I’d better control my breathing carefully," I thought.

Angela continued securing the bottom two straps before doing the lacing up properly. I wondered why she left the top strap around my neck. The answer came soon enough. I heard another zipping noise as she did up the outer flap, accompanied with the now familiar click as it was locked. The neck strap was different to the others, the outer flap didn’t encase the buckle. Instead, the strap was designed to prevent access to the zippers. I felt it tighten around my neck. Angela tested the tightness by trying to push her index finger down my neck. She tightened it further and tried again. It pressed firmly against my Adam’s Apple and swallowing was painful. At least she looked happy that it was tight enough now.

"Just the arms to do now," she said. This was my last chance, after this I knew I’d had it, I would be hers totally.

"I don’t know about this," I hesitated.

"Oh, stop being such a baby!" she replied.

Neglecting my whimpering, she reached for the sleeve straps and fed them through the central loop. Pulling on them, my arms followed. She then commenced to feed the straps and arms through the side loops.

"Here goes, I’m about to tie your arms up," she said.

This she did very slowly, savouring the moment as she robbed me of my male strength. I felt the straps closing in around my body and then the gentle tugging on my arms as they slid past each other with a rustling noise. It was a very reassuring sensation. I knew that I couldn’t escape now but I didn’t want her to fasten my arms too tightly so I decided to pull against the straps, hoping she would think my arms were tightly bound. Unfortunately, I could not derive strength from my muscles in this position, it was like in an arm wrestling match when your hand was a centimetre from the table. My arms kept sliding past each other and round to the back until I felt the buckle against my back. They weren’t too tight but nevertheless quite secure with my elbows pressing firmly against the sleeves. Angela finished by fastening each arm to the main body.

"There, all done. Turn around so I can see you." She was glassy eyed. "Well, aren’t you going to try to escape?" she teased.

I knew escape was impossible but like this, I didn’t want to upset her. First, I pulled against the sleeves at much as I could. All the buckles except the one on the crotch strap dug into my body. Despite my efforts, my arms hadn’t moved at all. It was hopeless, I was performing for Angela just like her cousin had. I continued, this time trying to pull the sleeves over my head. The crotch strap fiercely dug into my groin and I immediately gave up. I stared at her breathless.

"Very good, I’m sure you realise the pathetic situation you’re in now," she said before pushing me backwards onto the bed. She slid down besides me and commenced to rub her hands against my bound arms. "Your mine now!" she whispered as she gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. I had been worried about her first action after I was bound but this relaxed me until she climbed off the bed and stood towering over me, looking down. "Your lesson is about to start. Pay attention as I’m a very strict teacher."

Chapter 7 - A Lesson Never to Forget

I laid on the top of the bed waiting for instructions or Angela’s next move. "I’m going to get ready for bed. Behave yourself whilst I’m away," she said, turning away and heading for the en-suite bathroom. I was now alone, trapped and isolated, unable to perform even simple human tasks. I wriggled in the Straitjacket again, not in an attempt to escape, but to hear the silk rustle and slide against my body. It was a wonderful sensation, I wanted to wank but at that moment a voice in my head said, "You can’t! Try as you might, its impossible despite going through the biggest sexual experience of your life." If ever there was a time I wanted to get aroused, this was it. Angela was giving me a very cruel lesson.

I realised that I had been pre-occupied and hadn’t paid much attention to the room I would be sleeping in. I turned my head around but from the low position on the bed, it was difficult to see much so I decided I would try and sit up on the bed. It didn’t take long to realise that this wouldn’t be at all easy without assistance from my arms. I wriggled and pushed with my feet in an attempt to force my back against the pillows. After two minutes of exhaustive work, I’d managed it. I slowly turned my head around, anxious to see the wall behind me. I twisted my body round and leant to the left. This was to prove a big mistake. My body continued to tilt and it became apparent that I was about to topple off the bed. I instinctively tried to the put my hands out to stabilise myself but it was useless in this jacket, I landed on the floor with a loud thud.

Angela came running out of the bathroom. "What have you done?" she cried, "I told you to behave. Obviously you have trouble obeying even simple commands."

"I’m sorry," I replied with an innocent tone, "I only wanted to view the wall behind me."

"Only is a word that is used flippantly, to mask disobedience," she answered, "But it will take more than your infantile performances to convince me. You plainly can’t be trusted. Your actions require punishment." With that, she strolled out of the room. "Punishment?" I thought. This word had an ominous tone associated with it. Before, I had chance to refuse any punishment, now I was at her mercy, forced to have any sentence she deemed fit carried out upon me. "What will she do?" I pondered, "If she was going to physically hurt me, she’d have done it straight away." The door reopened and Angela stood there with yet more silk. "Can’t be too bad," I reassured myself.

"This is a little something I designed all on my own," she remarked, "It's what is known as a Body Bag." Angela rolled it up concentrically and placed it on the floor in front of me. Helping me to my feet she said, "Right, step into the bag." I obeyed, for a punishment I was certainly excited at the prospect of more silk. She then began to pull the silken bag up over my body. It became apparent that it was shaped to the outline of a person and would be quite a snug fit.

"Put your feet together, otherwise I can’t fit you in the bag properly," she commanded. I obeyed as she tugged hard at the bottom of the bag, feeling my ankles press against one another. She sealed the bag around my neck with a strap similar to the ones on the Straitjacket. Now, even my legs were immobilised.

"Okay. I’m going to push you onto the bed, the bag won’t stretch to allow you to sit down," she warned. With a push in the chest, I fell back onto the bed. Angela spun me around and positioned me centrally on the bed effortlessly assisted by the silk. "Right, now I’m going to attach these four straps to the pillars of the bed, I don’t want you falling out and hurting yourself."

As she secured the straps, it dawned upon me that there would be no room for Angela on the bed. "A question for you Angela," I inquisitively said.

"Go on," she replied.

"With me tied to the centre of the bed, How are you going to fit on?" I asked.

"Simple. I can’t," she replied, "Time and time again tonight, you have shown me your untrustworthiness. I’m not going to sleep with you."

"But…," I started.

"You didn’t think that your punishment was the body bag do you?" she jested, "After your confession about silk. No, your punishment is isolation tonight, away from me."

"Isolation! Isn’t being totally confined with my entire body cased in silk and Ah.." I was really annoyed and had started shouting at Angela, taking a deep breath in the process. The jacket punished me for my outburst as it robbed me of air. "You say you can’t trust me, what can I do? I can’t even breathe," I continued, quieter but still annoyed and totally frustrated.

"Really?" she responded," Your manners certainly need improving. It is obvious to me that you have learnt absolutely nothing tonight. I thought that I’d been kind up to now."

"Kind!" I mocked.

"Yes, you need to pay attention Peter. You’re not completely encased in silk and by your rude outbursts I can’t see that you have a problem breathing. However, your next punishment will have addressed these two points. Trust me, by the time it is over, I can guarantee your full obedience." She turned round and strutted to the door.

"More silk," I called out.

"Perhaps, hopefully for you," she laughed as she closed the bedroom door.

Chapter 8 - The Mask of Death

I laid on the bed unable now to see much of my surroundings. I was beginning to feel extremely concerned, especially after her remark about addressing my inability to breathe. I sensed that this next lesson was serious, perhaps even physically punishing. I heard the door open and tried to look up as Angela came in. She was carrying two silken bags, one in each hand. "What’s in the bags?" I called out.

"Nothing yet," she smiled walking over to the side of the bed. I was now starting to panic, feeling beads of sweat run down my forehead.

"Are you going to put those silk bags over my head?" I asked.

"Well firstly, you will be wearing only one of them. Secondly, only one is made of silk," she answered with a gleam in her eyes.

"What’s the other made of then?" I continued. Angela went on to describe my punishment.

"Up to now, you’ve not been very attentive. This will now change as we play a little game, you are going to choose which bag to wear. One of these bags is made of Taffeta Silk," she said twisting both bags in her hands so that they caught the light. "It has a draw-cord that will gather the bag around your neck. If you were to wear this bag, you would find it dark and stuffy."

"Okay," I hesitated, "What about the other?"

"They look almost identical, both extremely lustrous and soft, both constructed of two layers. However, the second bag is made of Nylon Taffeta."

"So?" I responded.

"Not just ordinary Nylon Taffeta but Nylon Taffeta with a Polyurethane coating," she smiled.

"I’m still perplexed," I replied with great curiosity.

"You surprise me. You are into raincoats and don’t know about P.U coated Nylon? Well then, its the fabric that a lot of lightweight rainwear is made of. It is one of the best non-breathable waterproof fabrics available. Notice I said non-breathable, as well as being totally waterproof it is also totally air-proof." She laughed as my face turned to horror. The bag has been constructed from a pair of single sheets so there are no seams. Forget the conventional polythene bag, this is the ultimate asphyxiation tool. It is known as the ‘Mask of Death’, my cousin was going to use it in his act, thankfully he decided against it. So Peter, seeming that’s got your full attention, its time to choose. There are subtle differences in the two bag’s textures, differentiate between them, your life depends on it."

Angela sat on the side of the bed, slowly waving both bags in front of my face. "This is absurd!" I exclaimed, "I’m not going to play your game, especially when my life is at stake."

Angela sternly stared at me and said, "If you do not choose, I’ll choose for you by tossing a coin. I am convinced that you wouldn’t want to gamble your life on a flip of a coin?" She was quite correct but there was still no way I’d comply.

"You are crazy! I came as your guest and I’m going to end up as your victim. There’s no way I’m letting you put anything over my head!" I yelled.

Angela raised her eyebrows, "And just exactly how are you going to stop me. Let’s make one thing clear, if you refuse I’ll ensure you wear the Mask of Death. The only choice you have here is between the two bags. Now choose!" she ordered.

I realised she was serious, I knew her too well by now to doubt anything she said. I stared at the two bags, I could discern a subtle difference in the texture of the two bags but there was no way I could tell which was Nylon and which was Silk. "Time’s up! Make your decision now," she pronounced.

I could not believe I was about to take a fifty-fifty gamble with my own life. "The one in your left hand," I unconvincingly said. She smiled at she dropped the one in her right hand on the floor. From her response I couldn’t tell if I’d made the correct choice. She leant across my body and slowly began to rub her right hand all the way over my silken body before placing her lips on mine, giving my a five second kiss. "A kiss goodbye," I thought. She then slowly rolled the bag up in both hands keeping her eyes transfixed on my terrified face. The rustle of the bag as it was rolled sounded different to that of all the silk garments I’d come across that night, I was fearful that I’d chosen the Mask of Death.

Angela then slowly leant above me and positioned the bag behind my head, still holding it in both hands. Then with assistance from one of her hands, she gestured my head up as she began to place the bag over my face. Gradually, she unrolled the bag over my head. The last thing I saw was her face, so beautiful but full of hidden dangers before the bag covered my eyes, immersing me into total darkness. The fabric was soft like silk but unnaturally smooth, I still was unsure. I now laid in wait for the moment of truth. "Goodbye my sweet," I heard Angela say as she gave me another kiss through the bag. I felt her get hold of the cords, my waiting was almost over.

As she pulled, I felt the cord press across the back of my neck. I then felt and heard the vibrations as the tassel which would hold the cord and gather the bag around my neck began to slide upwards towards my neck. I wanted to take a deep breath but the combination of the Straitjacket and my state of panic prevented it. The tassel pressed tightly against my neck and I heard Angela say, "There." I had managed to hold what breath I could and I now exhaled. Immediately the bag expanded and I felt the pressure on my ear-drums. I’d chosen the Mask of Death. I started to take deep breaths, the bag expanding and contracting in tandem. It started to feel hot and stuffy, my breathing accelerated as my body cried for Oxygen. Soon I was thrashing wildly against my bonds in shear panic as my heart raced faster and faster. I began to feel dizzy as I tried one last desperate attempt to burst out of the Straitjacket. That was the last thing I remembered before passing out.

Chapter 9 - A Broken Man

I awoke with a splitting headache, uncontrollably trembling with a cold sweat and blurred vision. "Was I dead?" I thought. As I began to focus on my surroundings, I saw Angela stood above me smiling. Realising that I had regained consciousness, she placed her head on my forehead and wiped away the sweat. I starred in terror, cringing inside the Straitjacket. "Its okay," she reassured me, " I’m not going to hurt you. I removed the bag at the moment you passed out. I wouldn’t have let you die, you just needed a strong lesson." What she had just done was more than a strong lesson. I felt hatred towards her combined with a sense of fear, she was a psychopath and I had to be careful what I said. She was right about one thing though, she had got my total attention.

My body continued to complain about the ordeal it was just put through. "I’ve got a really bad headache," I commented.

"That’s as I expected, here’s an Aspirin and a glass of water," she replied putting the tablet in my mouth and giving my a sip from the glass. "What have you learnt from your lesson?" she enquired.

"I’m not going to think of Nylon in quite the same way again," I answered.

Angela picked up the bag putting her hand inside and lifted the Mask of Death up. "Very good! You are learning well," she said twisting the bag around and rubbing it against her face. "So soft, so lustrous, so sensuous, so deadly. That’s what this Nylon is. Respect Peter, you need to treat these fabrics with respect else they could turn against up, do you understand?" I thought she had gone too far to make such a meaningless statement, but fearing I might have to repeat the lesson I nodded in agreement.

She frowned, "What do you think of me now Peter? I want the truth, no more lies."

I paused before answering, this question needed a great deal of thought. She would be expecting a sense of resentment from me but too negative a response might anger her. "To be honest, I really don’t know. You are either totally mad or the world’s best or worst sado-masochist depending upon your point of view".

"What would you have me be Peter?" she enquired.

"That's difficult to answer," I replied, "I cannot tell what your intentions have been concerning me."

"You have not answered me Peter," she said with a subtle threatening tone in her voice.

"I thought bondage was fun, a very intense sexual experience. Tonight has shown me another side, that to be so vulnerable is not such a pleasant feeling. I would however prefer you to be a sado-masochist rather than someone that is completely insane and I would hope you have feelings for me. Therefore I want to regard you as the world's best masochist."

"Hmm, A well thought out answer, I'm pleased with your progress, so much in fact that I'm prepared to trust you."

I was unprepared for what she said next. "All of my life I have been in control, able to do whatever I've pleased. I choose my own education, career path, whom to be friends with, its all come too easy for me and I'm sick of it. Even tonight I've controlled the entire situation, regardless of what you think I am tired of it all. I can’t get myself aroused. I need a change and that's why I have a proposition for you."

Chapter 10 - Sweet Revenge

She sat down on the bed and looked into my eyes. "This might surprise you after all that as happened here tonight. I want to experience what it is like to be on the receiving end, to have decisions made for me, not to be able to influence the slightest outcome." What she was saying sounded like mindless babble, a vain attempt to confess that she had insecurities in her life. I decided to make her get to the point. "What is it you want from me?"

Angela slowly stood up. "I want to be in your position. I'm giving you the opportunity to reverse roles. Peter, I want you to strap me up." I could not believe it, I might soon be free and have a chance of revenge. I thought that there must be a catch. It didn't seem right that she could almost kill me and then turn round and surrender herself completely. "There is one condition though, that you don't hurt me. I know that I've done wrong and I blame myself for the way you feel. I also know that in your present position you'd agree to just about anything but I hope that by expressing my feelings you will respect them, I do love you Peter. Do you accept?"

Of course I agreed but I had to confess that she did seem sincere and a felt sorry for her. Perhaps revenge was not the best policy although I did begin to construct wild fantasies in my mind about what I could do to her strapped up. "Okay Angela, that seems totally fair to me," I responded.

"All right then, let's start getting you free." She reached into her left pocket and produced a small brass key. "This will unlock the straps, I'll start with the one on the body bag." I heard a little click as the key was turned and was overcome with the sensation of freedom soon being mine again. "Now I'm going to pull the bag off from the bottom, wriggle about to assist me." I wriggled the best I could as she began to pull, the silk sliding slowly off me body. Soon I was out of the bag, able to freely move my legs. They felt hot and clammy after being pressed together, wrapped tightly in silk. "Now to return your freedom," she proclaimed as she started unlocking the straps that bound my arms. I wanted to thrash my arms about to celebrate their released but after being tied around my body for so long, all I managed to do was bring them to my side, enduring the pain and stiffness. There was no way I could have turned on Angela even if I'd wanted to.

She unlocked my wrists and crotch strap before turning her attention to the back straps and laces. As she undid the straps and loosened the laces, my chest expanded, free from the pressure of the jacket and I was able to take a deep satisfying breath. "Hold your arms in front of you please," she asked. I obliged as she performed the last act of my release, pulling the arm straps as the jacket slide off. I felt cold now only in my Pyjamas and I shuddered. "Here Peter, wear my gown tonight," she offered taking it off to prepare herself for the Straitjacket. I slid the crimson gown on, a sharp contrast to my navy blue Pyjamas. It smelt of her perfume making me feel warm inside as I inhaled it.

She stood up and offered the jacket to me. "Let's do it Peter!" I sensed that although she was trying to be calm, she had some regrets but it was to late now, she was going to wear the jacket even if I had to force her.

I felt superior as I took the jacket off her. "Hold out your arms," I ordered. She obeyed and I went to work on the straps and laces wasting no time, lacing her up tightly. "This will teach you," I thought, "I want you to experience everything you put me through."

"Now for your arms!" I triumphantly said.

Angela hesitated, "No Peter! This is a bad idea, I don't want this." I had already threaded the straps through the loops.

"Too late!" I laughed. She made an attempt to escape, pulling on the sleeves and thrashing about wildly but I held firmly onto the straps. She began trying to stamp on my feet so holding both straps in one hand, I pushed her face down onto the bed screaming.

"Let me go! Get off me you bastard!" she yelled. I was enjoying this now, "Temper, temper Angela. I thought this is what you wanted, it's not me fault if you don't like it," I replied. With one hand holding her arms together, I managed to thread one of the straps through the buckle on the other. The self- tightening feature of the buckle came in useful, every time I tugged her arms came closer together, I didn't need to be concern about the strap slipping out of the buckle. Satisfied they were as tight as possible with her on the bed, I dragged her to her feet. "I haven't finished yet!" I laughed. I put my right hand against her back and wrapped the strap that thread through the buckle around my left hand. I pulled hard from right to left as the straps tightened and the buckle dug into her back.

"Please, you're hurting me. No more Peter, please," she pleaded.

"Almost there," I replied with one last tug, "There, that should do it." I finished by fastening the remaining sleeve straps to the back of the jacket and inspected my work thoroughly. Content that she was secure, I spun her around.

She looked quite a sight, bound in the Straitjacket. She was pale and exasperated but now almost totally harmless. I had certainly made the jacket tight, there was hardly a crease in the taut silk that bound her.

"You promised that you wouldn't hurt me!" she cried out.

I pompously replied, "As I recall, you made that promise to me tonight and I ended up almost being suffocated to death." She looked worried. "Oh, don’t concern yourself. I won't put the Mask of Death on you unless its really called for. Now behave as I put you in the body bag." Two minutes later she was in a similar position to what I had been earlier in the evening, strapped to the bed and unable to move.

"What are you going to do now?" she asked.

"You'll find out soon enough. Remember, you wanted unpredictability and that's what you're going to get." I stood over her and laughed at her pathetic appearance. The woman whom had reduced me to a whimpering fool was no more than a defenceless kitten now. It felt wonderful to be in total control and a man once more.

Chapter 11 - The Final Twist

"Angela, what a sight you are, all strapped up. I can do whatever I please, even wank off and there's nothing you can do about it," I laughed relishing the new found power I had over her.

She scowled back, "How dare you! This is my house and no sexual activities occur without my consent."

I leaned over her laughing, "Consent! Why should I need your consent? I can do just about anything I please and there's not a thing you can do about it."

Her facial expression suddenly changed. "You think you are so clever. Good old Peter, got one over yet another female, that salesman's charm and deceit has worked its magic," she sneered sarcastically.

I was deeply offended by this, I had never regarded myself as a dominant person when it came to the opposite sex and certainly had always tried to be conscientious in my sales techniques.

"You've got me wrong Angela," I replied, "I am kind and considerate but how do you expect me to behave after the way you have treated me. It's only human to want re.." I decided to stop as what I was about to say contradicted the point I was trying to make.

"Go on, say it. Revenge, that's what you want," she shouted struggling against her bonds, "Well, you'd better make it quick, you haven't much time."

"What are you on about, not much time." A smile came to her face. "You fool, you aren't in control, you've never have been. Your lesson has been on going, I wanted to see what you had learnt from your experience. From the way you are treating me, I can see no change."

I was confused totally. "I don't follow, how is my lesson on going?"

"Simple, you think you are free to treat me in any way you choose but I hold the final ace. I wasn't prepared to submit myself freely to you, soon you'll have no choice but to release me. You see Peter, I never gave your freedom back, I still have control over you."

What a pompous bitch she was, to think she could still order me around. "You have no hold on me babe," I scoffed.

"Confident to the last Peter. This should change your mind. Remember after I released you from the mask of death and you complained of a headache. Remember that little pill, it contained more than simple Aspirin."

"What did it contain?" I enquired not able to hide the anxiety in my voice.

"Oh, a certain substance that will soon begin to attack your nervous system. Don't worry, it won't kill you but it will give you pain like you've never felt before. In twenty minutes you'll be contorted on the floor crying in agony."

"You are lying, you've just realised what a big mistake you've made and you'll try any pathetic lie to get free."

She responded, "Don't take my word for it but listen to your own body. You are already beginning to sweat."

I touched my left hand on my forehand and felt the sweat pouring from my brow. "Nice try, that's due to the exertion of securing you," I unconvincingly replied.

"We'll see soon enough, just remember to leave enough time to untie me and allow for me strapping you up again. Twenty minutes isn't that long." With that she turned her head away from me and starred towards the window.

I couldn't decide whether or not she was telling the truth, it seemed feasible and I knew she never said anything she never meant. I began to feel a sensation from my stomach. "A psychosomatic reaction," I convinced myself. As the minutes went by the sensation grew and by now I was sweating all over. I decided she was telling the truth and that there wasn't a moment to waste. "Okay, you win, just help me will you," I begged.

"Of course, once your are strapped up of course. Now, get the key and starting releasing me. Hurry, there isn't much time." Frantically, I undid the straps and laces that bound her but it still took several minutes. By the time she was free I was beginning to feel quite ill. "Excellent!" she said stretching her once bound arms. She then began to redress me in the Straitjacket this time pulling the straps tight. I was already in pain and the silk crushing my chest didn't help at all.

Angela was obviously used to the Straitjacket and had managed to secure me completely in the same time it had taken me to release her. Despite her speed, I was now in agony. "Please, the antidote," I pleaded. Angela went over to the bedside locker and removed a small medicine bottle and a plastic spoon. Dispensing a spoonful into my mouth she reassured me that everything would be okay. Almost immediately the medicine took effect and the pain receded. Angela stood over me triumphantly with a large satisfied grin. "Well, how the mighty have fallen. Back to square one Peter." I didn't reply, I felt foolish and humiliated that I could have let myself end up worse off than I had been.

"You are a stubborn man Peter, nothing I do will teach you anything. You are a menace to society and therefore I have decided that you are not fit to be a part of it any longer," she declared.

This statement worried me more than anything else she had said that night. Was she going to kill me using the Mask of Death?

"What do you mean?" I said pale faced.

"Don't worry yourself, I'm not going to hurt you if that's what you implied. I have something else in mind, you are going to be my permanent guest. Consider this bedroom to be the extent of your domain. You wanted the fantasy of being bound in silk and this is exactly what I'm giving you. You're mine forever, I'll never be lonely again."

"No way!" I shouted struggling desperately against my bounds. "You can't get away with this! People will be looking for me and when they find me, boy, aren't you going to be in hot water."

She frowned, "And tell me, how exactly are they going to find you? You told everyone you were taking a fortnights holiday, they won't start looking until then. As for your car, I phoned a friend to tow it away. Nobody knows you're here and nobody ever will."

It was true, if I couldn't escape nobody would ever find me, that was a chilling thought. Then I realised that she must free me at some point. "But I will need to go to the bathroom," I pointed out.

"Yes, you will," she replied, "I've considered that."

She crouched down onto the floor and lifted up the Mask of Death. I stared onwards horrified.

"This isn't quite the same as the one I made you wear earlier. Notice this strap going around it. The mask will fit over your head as before and the strap fastened securely around your neck but not too much that you won't be able to breathe. You will wear it before I free you. Because you will be blind with it on, I'll have to assist you perform your functions. Now, the strap has an electronic timer on it. After a predetermined time, the strap will commence tightening around your neck resulting in you being suffocated. This ensures that you will permit me to strap you up again. In case you think of attacking me, I have a small transmitter that will send a signal to the strap causing it to instantly tighten. Remember what it felt like to be deprived of air, I know it's enough to prevent you from doing anything stupid."

My nightmare was about to begin. My life was no longer my own, it belonged to some crazed woman, obsessed with being in control. I knew that as long as she kept me strapped up and used the mask as a deterrent, escape was impossible. My ultimate fantasy had turned against me. No longer was sex a voluntary act. She had taken everything from me, I belonged to her forever.



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