The Bounding Main

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2009 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; rope; transport; toys; cons; X

Spring fever had hit Gina hard. Nights in Las Vegas were still on the cool side and the prospect of spending some time at Lake Mead on their 25 foot Catalina sailboat was intoxicating. Stephen had sprung the idea on her a few days ago and they decided a weekend on the water was just the thing to prep for the coming summer. For days that was all that Gina focused on.

At 4:00 in the morning, both Gina and Stephen rolled out of bed and after a quick shower and breakfast, they started to get ready for the short trip out to the Lake Mead Marina.

Gina was a sun worshiper bar none and she found herself trying on a few of her swimsuits to get into the mood. The one she had on now was a daring bright blue string bikini that covered very little and that suited Gina just fine. She was a slender five-foot nothing with natural ash blonde hair that she kept in a pageboy cut. Gina posed in front of the mirror not noticing her husband of eleven years had stepped into the bedroom.

“You look stunning,” her husband said as he locked his large arms around her and gave her a warm hug.

“Good, that was the look I was hoping for,” she smiled as she turned and looked up into her husband’s crystal blue eyes and grinning freckled face.

“Got everything packed?” he asked after giving her a peck on her forehead.

“Almost, and you?”

Stephen smiled, “Just one or two more things then we are on the road.”

“Well, you better get started. You know how crowded the ramp gets Fridays. That’s why we woke up at this ungodly hour so we can beat that crowd.”

“You’re right, honey,” he said as he scooped her up and threw her onto their bed and climbed on top of her.

“Hey, cut it out! We don’t have time for this!” Gina screamed as her six-foot, two-hundred pound all-muscle husband pinned her to the bed.

Stephen grinned his metal-melting grin, “I am just finishing the packing.”

Gina’s dark brown eyes widened, “Oh no. . . no you don’t.”

But it was too late. Stephan had already hidden some ropes beside their bed and quickly grabbed a couple of coils before rolling his wife onto her front. Pinning her wrists as she bucked and squirmed, Stephen quickly crossed them and lashed them together.

“Come on, Stephen, stop it,” she pleaded as she laughed, “really!”

Stephen did not ‘stop it’. Gina hadn’t given their safe word yet which meant she was enjoying this as much as he. Stephen knew deep down inside that Gina probably expected some sort of play during their weekend trip, but probably not so soon. Besides, she had it coming by wearing that tiny little blue bikini.

Gina’s ankles were next as he lashed them together, tickling the soles of her feet when she struggled too much. Squeals of laughter filled their bedroom as tied more rope around her knees, cinching them tightly together. When he was done, he rolled his wife back over and positioned himself over her, looking into her dark-brown eyes.

“Are you going to behave or am I going to have to gag you?” Stephen asked.

The petite blonde smiled back, “What do you think, my love?”

For the most part, Gina loved being gagged. It was like she was a bottle of Pepsi being shaken up and the gag was the lid; keeping all that fizzy goodness inside. Her husband opened their nightstand drawer and dangled a black leather penis gag above her.

“Open wide,” Stephen said.

Gina smiled, locked her mouth shut and shook her head no.

“You are going to make this hard, aren’t you?”

Gina nodded.

That was all it took. Stephen dug is fingers in and tickled her ribs, causing another scream of laughter to erupt out of his wife.

Quickly, he pushed the gag into her mouth before she recovered and buckled it snugly behind her neck. The leather part of the gag covered her mouth completely and the penis portion of the gag made sure the best she could muster was a whinny grunt.

“Now we are packed. Is that the bag you were planning on taking?” Stephen asked about the large athletic bag at the end of the bed.

Gina nodded. For the most part, she had all of her essentials packed. All she really had left was the swimsuits she was trying to decide upon. They were always the hardest for Gina to decide upon as her collection of swimsuits rivaled anything else in her closet, including their bondage gear.

“Let me get this stowed on the boat and then we’ll get you comfortable for the drive out to the lake.”

With that, Stephen zipped-up her bag and carried it out of the room.

Gina writhed a bit on her bonds, testing their effectiveness. As usual, her husband did a remarkable job of making her helpless. There was no slack in any of the ropes and the gag was buckled solidly over her mouth. . . it was a delicious feeling. The more the blonde squirmed the hornier she got. She closed her eyes and imagined what Stephen would do to her after they got on the boat.

“Did you remember your suntan lotion?”

Stephen's question interrupted her lascivious thoughts and she looked at him with her bedroom eyes. Right now she didn’t give a damn about being late or where the suntan lotion was. All she really needed from her husband was for him to take her now.

He sat down on the bed beside her and to her delight, began playing with her pierced nipples through the swimsuit fabric, sending a spray of pleasure through her entire body.

“Did you?” he asked, stopping his attentions and looking her in the eye.

Gina moaned her displeasure and then nodded. Her suntan lotion was in her bag.

“Did you remember to bring any toys?” Stephen smiled, running his warm hand over the flat of her stomach.

The bound blonde did indeed remember some of her toys, including a vibrator that she was particularly fond of; a neon purple one with a smaller egg vibrator that would rest against her clit. It would drive her into orgasm again and again. A pair of leather cuffs, padlocks, a leather collar and a ballgag finished up the list. She had never been a scout, but she was always was prepared on their little trips.

“Good girl. I knew there was a reason why I married you. Now it’s time to get you settled so we can get on our way.”

With very little effort, Stephen picked his wife up and put her over his shoulder. At a solid six foot, there was really very little Gina could do anyway. She was the one who showed him what ropes were really for and he took to tying her up like a duck to water. He carried her squirming bikini-clad form through the house and outside to the driveway.

The sun was just starting to brighten the night and Gina felt a cool breeze caress her as her husband carried her to the boat outside. The Catalina was a large sailboat that could sleep four comfortably and had a small kitchen and a head. The boat on its trailer towered above her as he set her down. An a-frame ladder was beside it so Stephen could get the boat prepped and their stuff stowed aboard. Making sure the ladder was steady, Stephen picked up his bound wife and carried her carefully up the ladder, carefully setting her on the stern and swinging her legs over into the cockpit. As soon as he saw that she was steady, he climbed aboard himself and started to carry her down into the cabin.


Stephen cussed as he hit his head on the cabin door. The trouble with being a well-built six foot man was that sailboats weren’t designed with him in mind. Every trip he banged his head at least once. Stephen continued to cuss as Gina laughed behind her gag.

Awkwardly, Stephen maneuvered her into the cabin and onto one of the two padded settees along the side. Carefully, he laid her down.

“Don’t go anywhere,” he smiled.

The joke was an ancient one for her but one that she never was tired of hearing. It was nearly as good as ‘I love you’ For Gina. The cabin was dark save for what little light came in from the open cabin door and the small portholes lining the top of the cabin. Gina and her husband had just refurbished the cabin a couple years ago, redoing the woodwork and brightware throughout. A small electric refrigerator replaced the space for the cooler and they had installed many small cleats even to places that would normally not have them.

It didn’t take long for Gina’s husband to reappear, this time with a small bag of his own as well as several coils of rope.

“Now, I don’t want you to get hurt,” Stephan said as he uncoiled one of the pieces of rope, “So get comfortable.”

Gina nestled the best she could into the padded bench. Stephen then gradually wove a web of rope around her, practically welding her to the bench. With every rope pressing against her skin and with every brief touch of her husband’s fingers as he cocooned her to the bench, she could feel the familiar erotic warmth spreading inside of her and she couldn’t do anything about it.

Stephen sat back and admired his handiwork and his wife, whose lithe body was writhing and whose eyes pleaded to release her in the way no knife could.

Once again, he played with Gina’s nipples through her top, sending more whorls of pleasure into her seething Eros. She closed her eyes and let the passion swirl over her, moaning into her gag.

Then he stopped.

Gina opened her eyes and looked into those of her husband.

“No, not yet, not until we get onto the water,” he grinned, “but I have something to keep you occupied until we get there.”

From his bag her husband pulled out a small egg vibrator with a cord and small clip-on box. She recognized it as one of their remote-controlled ones that he enjoyed tormenting her with. She shook her head no and pleaded into her gag, but she knew what she wanted made little difference now.

Slowly he pulled down the bottom of her bikini until her cleanly shaven puss was exposed. Slowly, he eased his finger between her swollen lips and began to caress her moistened slit, massaging her desire until her hips began to buck up to meet his touch, wanting him to go deeper.

Stephen then eased the vibrator inside her, stopping when it was fully inside and nothing but the thin black cord showed. He quickly pulled her bikini back up and gently caressed her hair.

“It’s okay, honey, I promise I won’t turn it on too much. I wouldn’t want to spoil what is to come.”

Gina mewled into her gag as her husband got up and climbed out of the cabin, shutting the door behind him. She both loathed and loved this kind of torment. Sometimes he would keep her on edge for hours, taunting her with his fingers, tongue and toys until she thought she would go insane with lust. But finally he would let her cum and cum she did, again and again until she drained every last ounce of energy out of herself and she lay in an angelic comatose state; awaiting to be freed on her bonds.

The movement of the boat awoke her from her lascivious daydream as Stephan pulled out of their driveway and out onto the open road. The trailer on which the sailboat was cradled didn’t have much in terms of shock absorbers, so she felt as if every pothole and crack was aimed at her discomfort to the point where she couldn’t get into her sub-space.

Then her vibrator turned on.

It was like a high-pressure jet of pure bliss shooting through her entire being. Gina bucked against the ropes as the vibe hummed, moaning into her gag and feeling the rushing tide of an orgasm seething within her. Pinned to the bench, she could only enjoy the vibrators caress, not help it. She knew she was on the brink waiting to be swallowed in ecstasy.

Then the vibe stopped.
Gina screamed her frustration into her gag. So close. Stephen wasn’t even beside her and he seemed to know just when to stop. She opened her eyes and looked about the cabin. There it was; a battery operated baby monitor. She was sure that Stephen was listening at the other end.

Well two could play at this little game.

Gina tried to focus on something else, like what they were going to have for lunch. They had stocked the boat well and the bound blonde started to mentally go down the grocery list of stuff crammed into the small pantry and fridge.

The vibe started up again.

Gina tried to keep her moans to a minimum as the pleasure washed through her again. This time she would try to be silent and fool him into keeping the vibrator going until it was too late to prevent her from cumming.

It was going to be hard. Gina had always been a noisy lover and Stephen enjoyed that. Even gagged, she could still make herself heard, but not intelligibly. As the buzz of the vibrator continued inside her, she continued thrusting herself against the ropes and kept her moans to soft mewls. Gina was rushing to her climax as the bliss crashed inside her; threatening to engulf her. Closer. . .closer. . .

The vibe stopped.

Again Gina screamed her irritation through her gag. She knew that her bikini was now wet and the incense of her desire filled the small cabin and there was nothing to stop her husband from continuing to torture her.

Stephen smiled while listening to her frustrated whimpers. The baby monitor was more sensitive then Gina knew. From years of marriage, he knew all of her signs of a coming orgasm, including her rapid pants then suddenly holding her breath. When the panting started, that’s when you stopped your attentions.

Although the trip was a short one, Gina thought it was hours. The slowing of the trailer and then the several stops meant that they had arrived at the marina’s ramp.

Slowly Stephen backed the boat into the water until he couldn’t back the Durango back any further. The sun was just beginning to spread it’s golden fingers over the lake, burning everything to the color of molten bronze. Stephen climbed aboard and started to throw over the mooring lines.

“Need some help,” a man that was prepping his powerboat called out.

“Sure,” Stephen replied.

“Sort of a big boat for one person,” the man said as Stephen threw him the line and draped over the foam fenders.

“She’s designed to be handled by one man. The Catalina is a wonderful boat to just go out and relax or to race around the lake.”

Gina continued to hear the men maneuver the boat out of its trailer and into the lake. The sounds of slapping water and the creaks of its hull were welcome as she felt the boat finally drift away from the trailer.

“Do you mind watching her while I park the truck?” Gina heard Stephen ask.

“No, I don’t mind at all,” the stranger replied.

Gina froze as she heard the stranger climb aboard. She was a hatchway or porthole away from being discovered, tied up and wearing practically nothing.

Then the vibrator turned on.

The blonde fought down a moan as her humming phallus continued to tease a wave of pleasure through her. The fear of being seen like this only added to the churning bliss spreading through her. She fought against her climax as hard as she fought against her ropes, but she was rapidly losing her battle. She knew how hard she would cry out once she came and she knew the stranger would hear her.

“Thanks, I can rig her up from here. Don’t want to keep you from your weekend,” Stephen said.

“Don’t mention it.”

With that, the stranger left. Then Stephen turned off the vibrator and began getting the mast up and the sails rigged. He could hear his wife pleading to do something with her but he concentrated on getting the sailboat ready. Finally everything was set other than hoisting the sail and jib, Stephen undid the lines and turned on the outboard motor to get them away from the slip and past the breakers to the open water of the lake.

It was a beautiful and alien landscape of burnt browns, reds and tans. Lake Mead was pretty much just rock and water with little in the way of foliage. The sky was beginning to burn a bright blue and Stephen knew it was time to bring up his wife to enjoy it as well.

The morning sun poured through the cabin door as Stephen climbed down. Gina was now hornier than ever and as Stephen began to untie the ropes holding her to the bench, she tried to press herself against him, writhing in hopes of getting him to finish what he had started within her.

“Do you want to cum?” her husband asked as he pulled away the last of her bench restraints.

Gina nodded, moaning into her gag and twisting her bound body enticingly.

“Okay, I am going to untie you briefly until we can get you to the foredeck. After that, you must let me tie you again or I will not play with you at all for the rest of the weekend and your favorite vibe will be deep sixed. Understood?”

Gina nodded again.

“Oh, the gag stays in.”

Gina nodded with agreement.

Stephen quickly untied both her knees and ankles, carefully coiling up the pieces of rope as he undid them. Then, sitting Gina up, he undid her wrists. Gina rubbed them a bit, bringing back some of the circulation lost laying on them during the trip to here.

“I suggest you use the head before we go out on deck. When you are ready, come on out and bring a beach towel. I’ll be waiting on you.”

Stephen went back out and Gina took his advice and relieved herself before going up. She broke one rule though, she undid her gag just long enough to take several gulps of cool bottled water before fastening the gag back on as tightly as Stephen had it before.

Gina could tell as she stepped out of the cabin that it was going to be a gorgeous, cloudless day. There was just a slight breeze as Stephen let the boat drift a bit. He hadn’t put up the sails yet, he had other things to rig first. He set the rudder and dropped the keel board as Gina gingerly made her way forward, sitting down in front of the cabin. Stephen joined her with several ropes in hand.

Stephen took the blanket from her and spread it across the foredeck and helped his wife onto it, facing the bow. Taking her hands, he tied her wrists together in front of her, making sure to cinch them tight before pulling her arms above her head and anchoring them to the mast. When he was sure that she couldn’t reach the knots, he tied her ankles together similarly and stretched her out towards the bow and tied her ankles off on the stanchion there.

“Comfy,” her husband asked.

Gina smiled, her whole face lighting up.

“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

When her husband returned, he had her suntan lotion in hand. Gina squealed as he poured the cold oil onto the flat of her stomach. Slowly, Stephen massaged the oil in, covering every bit of her, from head to toes until she glistened like a bronze statue.

“You know, honey, you’re going to have some interesting tan lines,” Stephen pointed out with a smile.

Gina laughed through her gag.

The last thing Stephen did was put Gina’s straw sunhat on her and placed a pair of sunglasses over her eyes. They looked ordinary enough but her husband had painted them black, making a blindfold out of them. Gina writhed, luxuriating in the suns warm touch and the ropes that held her prisoner there. She felt his fingers flick at her nipple rings, send another spurt of bliss shooting through her.

The blonde’s moans began anew as his fingers worked their magic on her body. Slowly his fingertips traced down until they reached the hem of her bikini panties. He eased his fingers inside and began to caress her moistened slit, slowly working up and down; careful not to touch her swollen pearl.

Then he turned on the vibe.

Gina arched her body as her husband tickled at her clit. Her denied climax roared through her, engulfing her in a crashing wave of white hot pleasure. She bucked and thrashed in her bonds as wave after erotic wave drowned her until she collapsed, drained.

She heard the sails being hoisted and the boat beginning to move briskly over the lake. The vibe was quiet now but Gina knew all too well that it could awaken at any time and the cycle of torment would begin again, and this evening she would repay him for this by being his willing slave.


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